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Dad, Husband. Engineering Manager with @healthline. Previously a tech lead & top contributor for @ionicframework. @angular contributor

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@wycats Definitely some assumptions! Anecdotally, I just don't see any candidate outside of those two having a shot… @reckless It’s like a will-they, won’t they thing. They don’t realize they’re each others lobsters and destined to be on the same ticket.But really, the two sensible grown-ups that aren’t basically fossil’s at this point are fighting against each other…’s ready for Klobuchar to just say “Fuck toy, Pete” and drop the mic.Mayor Pete and Klobuchar need to stop fighting and start working together to win this thing and give the Dems a chance.
@AdamRackis @IAmTrySound @dan_abramov @Rich_Harris Really you should be detecting any size changes, etc on the host… authors: if you care about its size, take 30 seconds and install this Github action to run on PRs:…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @AdamRackis @Rich_Harris But either way, if you really need to, shadow roots can pretty easily be penetrated. Just… @AdamRackis @Rich_Harris Generally the web component itself would monitor that and dispatch a `NodeChangedSize` eve… @AdamRackis @Rich_Harris Having used Shadow DOM in apps for about ~6 months now on a daily basis, I actually love i… @AdamRackis @Rich_Harris Well, the point of a shadow root is for external code to NOT be aware or coupled to the in…
@sawtoothsamo I guess unit tests. Not sure. This aspect can be painful for sure. Let me know what you find out, we… @sawtoothsamo Yep. Make it configurable whether a microservice should call another service. Unit tests also. @adamdbradley We start with border-box, fonts css variable, display block and then contain: content on every host e…
@jlengstorf I for sure have friends that I'm close with and care a lot about, but I don't get to see them often tho… @ken_wheeler @Madisonkanna @tracietwitty Wanna feel old? That reference is _16_ years old ugh 😩Engineering Managers & Directors all around the world prepping for comp discussions on Monday after the weekend tha…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @jeffbcross I have serious yard envy right now 😍
@jaredpalmer Cool man, fair enough. Get it while it’s good 🙌 @sergeybedritsky @jaredpalmer Yes.Seeing all these tech tweets have me convinced working for Citadel as an engineer is the best job in America. Yet p… @jaredpalmer yeah but your 90th percentile tech lead at a creative agency in NYC doesn’t make anywhere near that. I… @jthoms1 An interesting idea to me is pre-defining stares up front and simply transitioning from one to another. So… @jaredpalmer Don’t you think this one is a little disingenuous when the comp is almost certainly out of whack with… Harlan is a national treasure.Aaron Gordon robbed
@JulienDelRio @julienrenaux Link? I’m not familiar with Jeff B. @AdamRackis I mean let’s not just ignore the 600K in equity and 20% bonus. Was a little lower than I’d have guessed though.
#askJF What are three things you really enjoy outside of work? @JLCarv @julienrenaux Happy to do so! @julienrenaux @JLCarv Yeah I'm not super opposed. I am keenly aware as a country we need to do better. But I have n… @julienrenaux @JLCarv There are plenty of options for that, sure. In Wisconsin, where I live, there is state subsid… Bill Simmons tribute to Kobe is 😭 @julienrenaux @JLCarv I think the "Mark Cuban proposal" is really interesting and would work at scale. Government o… @julienrenaux @JLCarv I feel strongly it's a misconception that in America you'd be left hanging out to dry. That's… @julienrenaux @JLCarv No. Social security is the answer here. Doctors have to give you care no matter what. It's th… @JLCarv @julienrenaux The idea of not being able to pay for treatment for my kids terrifies me. We have room for im… @JLCarv @julienrenaux Nah, that's not true. I just think everyone should pay for their own stuff. Capitalism unques… @julienrenaux I mean what percentage of people do you think are going bankrupt from healthcare? It is certainly an… @julienrenaux But the reality is most people don't go bankrupt from healthcare. A few do, and more than likely they… @julienrenaux Trump will win 40 of the 50 states if Bernie gets the nomination. The cynic in me thinks powerful peo… @julienrenaux Those things have a cost though, and thus they're not free. Nothing in the world is free. They're jus… wrote 5,000 words about the miserably bad decision letting T-Mobile buy Sprint. I regret to inform you that I am…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @julienrenaux That would be a nightmare to most Americans tbh. We like the way of life here. There is a zero percen… Bernie: “On which planet is an avowed ‘socialist’—who wants to take away the private insurance of 150M & replac…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @RogerMitchell @profgalloway @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar Yes, 100% this.Dems: At all costs, Trump must be defeated Also Dems: Let's nominate Crazy Bernie 😳 Let's hope a Klobuchar/Mayor…
Ionic Framework 5 is now available! 🔥 I'm so proud of our entire team. Everyone was involved in making this our mos…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @brandyscarney Great job Brandy and team, it looks awesome!It's heartbreaking when we get messages like this. What kind of school staff would dislike it when their students…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @Runspired @matthewcp Yeah it’s a really interesting thought. I’ll have to dive in more but my initial thought was… @TheJakeWeight @speechboy71 Right? There’s no chance Trump is losing unless an an actual real scandal happens 😭 @dalmaer That is truly incredible and something we should all strive for when revisiting code. Make it 1% better, 1% faster. @matthewcp Not so sure I agree but it’s an interesting take I hadn’t really considered. @_ericelliott Project debt. Technical debt is a bad term. Project debt implies it’s making a project trade-off for short term gain.
@sawtoothsamo Hi, sorry, I ended up having an insanely busy weekend. I am going to dive into this ASAP. Thank you s… @manucorporat Back on your feet I gather? 🚶 @mhartington XCode SDKs.
@treshugart lol, unfortunately trueTime heals most wounds. All? I can't speak for that, but certainly most.I think a clear sign of me getting old and uncool is how insanely excited I am for the slate of new minivans coming… @sawtoothsamo Thanks for posting. I’ll review it once my kids go to sleep and give you some feedback.
@sawtoothsamo Do you have a repo that you can share for this article? I'd love to see what the actual tests look li… much you get paid in this industry has nothing to do with you good you are. How much you get paid in this indu…
Retweeted by Dan Bucholtz @JustJake @dabit3 What sort of company? Faang? Finance? I'd love to hear more. Great job, by the way. #GetPaid
@jbaruch @ladyleet @ZChapple @NgAtlanta I don't assume he could negotiate one. He has no place handling that aspect… @jbaruch @ladyleet @ZChapple @NgAtlanta He didn't do everything he could. He didn't get insurance or proper contrac… @jbaruch @ladyleet @ZChapple @NgAtlanta That's a pretty rosie take about a dude that essentially stole the money of… @ladyleet @ZChapple @NgAtlanta It’s pretty black and white. People paid for a service that was not rendered and the… @JonasKuske @slightlylate Sweet! Love it. Thanks for the info. That’s the first I’ve heard that name.
@slightlylate Legit question, I have never heard of it. Maybe I'm in the dark? @slightlylate What is Project Fish? @Runspired For example, AAPL increased revenue by like 10% this year but the stock has doubled and climbing 2-3% pe… @Runspired Seriously, what's going on here? I don't get it. They had a good quarter, yes, and obvious long term pot… @clearlyapirate @Rich_Harris lol at nice one fella 😆I have no idea what's going on with the stock market these days, but I have to believe forces that want to keep Tru… those government subsidies are gonna go away (holy anti-competitive batman), but if the cars and softwar… all the #TSLA bulls, TSLA is gonna hit 200 before it hits 2000 (probably 😬) but if you truly believe in the comp… @BenLesh lol, this genuinely made me laugh.
Niners are the better team but came in with a funky game plan. Why put the game in Jimmy G’s hands? Pound that rock.Lol I feel seen
The Social Network soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥 for codingDon’t ghost on interviews after you took another position. Call and cancel formally. @jeffbcross @wesgrimes @samjulien @angular @nrwl_io Pretty nice business you've built then. Congrats!I believe StencilJS with it's component decorator and build time magic could, if interested, be the first tool to h… @_developit @AdamRackis @devongovett This. I feel like we’re on the verge of a big shift here. It’s time for everyo… @Runspired @tomdale Ultimately I think this could be achieved with a compiler. I think for many sites it’d work great! @Runspired Uggghhh Chris my mentions lol 😭😩 I’ll read through this all and get back to you
@kgoedecke @devongovett @gatsbyjs AFAIK, no problem solves this today. You always get the content twice.This. With SSR, in most cases most of the page should remain static and never get pulled down as JS. @saniyusuf Yep. @mikelbring LOL, one that pays the big bucks? I really thought there were a lot of them, but it seems like there’s…
The $AAPL stock I bought in 2010 has 10x'd now 🎉 That was a good decision that will hopefully enable my kids to hav…$AAPL is gonna be a two trillion dollar company before you know it. How does the biggest company in the world nearl… are my favorite day because I get to take my 4 year old to swim lessons and observe him in a learning en… @brianleroux Wow, time to buy some more MSFT stock. That's a big co to be growing at 14%!! @javebratt I don't but I gotta do something. Gettin' way too chonky.Is it just the proliferation of younger developers (the average SE has less than 5 years of exp these days), small… it just me, or are the salaries always (very) low when googling and looking for comps for a given role/title? @javebratt Lose 50 lbs. Maybe I can get on the Jorge delicious meat diet!