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@mattdelia @mike_pence LolooololololllllI hate when people talk about climate change and there’s someone who is like “oh who cares if humans die out?” ME.…
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)Dad wine Twitter is wild
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)I posted this on ig and my mom made me delete it lololol
I go back in time to kill baby hitler but he’s wearing a ‘Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell Tour” onesie so I let him live @mattdelia @mike_pence lollll @cottoncandaddy different subject but I think hitler would have loved the cheesecake factory @thankyoubrenda tell the complete story I'll retweet it pleaseMexican Telenovelas are a fucking blessing. I watched 100 hours of this one and wrote about it. long live Thalia.'m going to the Cheesecake Factory with my parents tonight and I haven't been this excited about a Friday night pl… @KDonhoops Lololol @mattdelia I’m the most beautiful woman on earthWish my name was Vidal. The fucking world is not fair. I didn’t sign up for this game that I’ve been forced to play…
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)
20009/20190 @pixelatedboat They extinguish the ghosts with peepeeHIM: what are your kinks? ME: @JonRyanisdead Wow
@mattdelia I want kAREN pence to teach me to draw her husband eating a calzone fully nude but with those gorgeous b… want Karen Pence to teach me how to draw a penis with a rose sticking out of the hole @Merman_Melville I googled "young Ronald Reagan" at 4 am the other night and I can't remember it @Merman_Melville lol @BoosahdaC Yesssss @ClickHole Lol @mattdelia @flea333 I haven’t thought of baby corns in years!! Why r they like that?Creamed corn how I love thee. Creamy soup with corns in it. So yummy Inside an empanada. Creamed corn, my friend. S… @HelloCullen OkI just bought a Gillette razor & shaved my pussy with it!
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)After a lunch break, Manafort began hiking up his pAnt leg, revealing a sexy and delicate stocking that was attache… @Merman_Melville LolThis is the government that we deserve
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)Wow what a week.
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)I held in a fart for too long today and I need Congress to vote on itmodern proverb
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)many people in this office attempting to see my lunch. don’t EVER see my lunch
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)Just got in a fight with a cashier at Joann Fabrics and screamed “I NEED TO SPEAK TO JOANN.”
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@MattMattMayer @jamieloftusHELP OMG HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA @AndyRichter Oh my god @mattdelia Fuuccccckkkkk forgot about thatMcDonald's grilled chicken mcwrap at 250 calories is both a dollar and pound bargain
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)IMAGINE THE SMELL IN THAT ROOM
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @ben_rosen Lol plain bunpence is in the corner just eating a plain bun
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)Take a box of each thing some condiments and get the fuck outI would pounce on that White House burger meal right now
@miragonz listening to blue rnmy weakness is that I wholeheartedly believe any alien encounter story anyone ever tells me @SirEviscerate Lol @goldengateblond @AndyRichter I still shit standing up but I also still smoke @mattdelia My neck is a bit thickercan never seem to describe a career goal but i know the ideal endgame is to put on a floor length fake fur coat and…
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @themfi This was just a phase2009-2019 writing out a to do list for today has released the brain chemicals that give me the impression that I’ve already done enough
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @mattdelia @MaskedSingerFOX This is a lie he couldn’t get enough of this show. Was clapping along to the songsThe most intelligent thing I’ve been able to utter today was “that’s cool”Puking on a dog turd brings people together
Vigo Mortison you are a good looking fella. I’d love to talk.
@DancesWithTamis Made you this.
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @andyiwarren OmgfgggggggJoe Lieberman is one of those names you forget in order to make room in your brain for more important information @sarahlindish I like this @egg_dog @tarashoe LolI puked on a dog turd last night @tarashoe Behhhhh behhhh behhhh beeeeeehPlease use this photo at your next brow appointment
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @piersmorgan Mickey one has ever given less of a fuck than this guy.
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @tigersgoroooar ❤️ @_ericcurtin @GALDYTRON Ian u should manager us lolI’m releasing an EP later this year and the first single is out. It’s on Spotify and all that.… stoned listening to porcelain by moby contemplating my youth and past mistakes
Open for a surprise from my mother @sarahlindish @entrauge I ate an eggAny remedies?! Help!!!!
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @Randazzoj I clickedThe Favourite is goodourite
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @Randazzoj Lol @Randazzoj I hate what you just wrote @YugeTweeter Last nightI have erect
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)Lindsay Graham looks like the lovechild between a ghost and a fart @Randazzoj Same and I don’t have balls
I’ve done yoga.
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @karamashi <3 one coming out next week. @mattdelia I'm Germanmy idea for adding cum to vending machines never took off because cum needs to be served hot and the other beverages should be cold
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @1followernodad I was talking about an ass glance I couldn’t handle the hole I have a hemorrhoid id go into a depression if I saw itEver since I started looking at my ass in the mirror instead of my face, I’ve been less sad
@pixelatedboat @_ericcurtin @juliadavidovich The pantsI did something wacky the other day and just said “sorry I’m a Scorpio” and people accepted it even though I’m not
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @gregoreverb DoneThe wall will pay for itself because it’s a strong independent woman @mattdelia Country needs me and u 2020And Abe vigodaI’m an immigrant. If I hadn’t been let in you wouldn’t get to witness my refined baudelarian like prose About clits and weed.Jason Momoa how are you baby? I'm well. How's your pecks? Good? That's feeling strong? Jason Momoa jason Mimoa
Retweeted by Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda) @chrismacho lmfao
Kinky motherfucker licking a metal clit hell yeah @mollymcnearney Lololol