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i dont recommend shrooming and listening to Phil Collins no matter how big a fan you are. Just Stay Away. @j_gunselman @bastardspod chorizooooo luckkkkkk
Just got my ass ate while a mighty mighty bosstones song played in the background.
Retweeted by Tam Yajia @KatieMowgli i didn’t even realize that but yesI know i’m two days late on this but James Corden as a cat makes me want to do a harakirirate us or whatever so that we become the number one podecaat in the worldI started a podcast and i’m leaving my husband for gloria estefan. I feel alive. @InfamusElGuapo @TFerrandino @ManlnTheHoody best gif i’ve ever seenall jokes aside if you raid area 51 i feel like you’ll find the guy from crash test dummies still singing mmmm mmm… @nataliayajia like obvio frío ass wpild hey froze and explode
Retweeted by Tam YajiaKids be like “Watch this” then do a jump and spin wasting my fucking time
Retweeted by Tam YajiaI want to become an astronaut just so i can expose my nude ass in space
@DancesWithTamis If you put this text on a picture it could be on Pinterest
Retweeted by Tam YajiaI think i put my tampon in my butthole by mistake @FrolicJones grandpa skaddadled
i took shrooms and went to see’s what happened
Retweeted by Tam YajiaPetition to never turn James Corden back from a cat into a human
Retweeted by Tam Yajia @mattdelia we’re bob @mattdelia inspired by youexorcisms are abortions but for demons
Retweeted by Tam YajiaExhausting all of your apps so you open Waze just for fun from bed.
Retweeted by Tam YajiaI just farted and it felt like my entire body got electrocutedI hope one day there’s a comedy central Sesame Street roast where all the characters get to shit on The Count @mannyelk ❤️CHORIZO TALK: a podcast by me and my sister. The first two episodes are out everywhere and they are disgusting.
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@cottoncandaddy lollllll they even aged your tongue I'm gonna puke @om_visuals @nataliayajia lol @bubbiemoms @nataliayajia this made my day 🥰the theme song is worth the download alone
Retweeted by Tam Yajia @cottoncandaddy oh my god kinda hot thoThis podcast should win a Peabody.
Retweeted by Tam Yajia @chrismacho pee @RealBenLombardo @nataliayajia headphones on @mattPez @nataliayajia here’s all the avail places TALK: a podcast by me and my sister. The first two episodes are out everywhere and they are disgusting. @thankyoubrenda joel same but my mom i yelled @1followernodad this is beautiful @chad_luibl i owe you 50 pagesMe and my sister discuss that Jesus had a mangina on this oneEp 2 of Chorizo Talk is out. Here’s a clip and a link.
@cottoncandaddy @funnyordie mirror yell
I’m having that problem today where my underwear feels loose like there’s a poopie weighing it down except there’s no poopie it’s just loose
@thankyoubrenda u have no idea how lucky you are to be in lafingerbanging myself in the back of an uber listening to cher’s life after love
Executioner - “any last words?” Guy who went traveling once - “dude you have to visit Bali”
Retweeted by Tam YajiaHakuna Potato 18k retweets 100k likes @LeftAtLondon i xelebrityI will never understand what aesthetic Chihuahuas are going for
Peppa Pig’s meat could produce approximately 48 salamisblue whales have the largest penises on earth (4-6 inches)
Retweeted by Tam YajiaShowed up to the hair salon with a picture of Charlize Theron in monster @thankyoubrenda a true professional I miss her I need a daily sessionI’m getting a mullet today. I’ve talked to my therapist about it and she says i’m mentally stable enough to do it. @CunningVisions walterthis one is from my “fortune teller phase.” i’m never having kids.
@Randazzoj loli play the demogorgon @pixelatedboat i mean bagels @pixelatedboat he ate 45 donuts and his mouth got dry @Kappa_Kappa oh my god motherfucker’s arms look like anal beads @1followernodad i think i’m going to @dearjhonletter they went bankrupt @karengeier it’s ten years old i look like shit now lolMy podcast Chorizo Talk is available in various platforms including Spotify and Choadio
lololol hipsters are acting like peasants from the 1800’s planting cabbage and trying to buy a strong horse @pixelatedboat Me 2020: LOlTam Yajia 2020 no one is writing their actual last texts here cause they’re boring @flea333 it gives me hope
Goths make me happy
Horny for Gus the overweight rat from cinderella @SaraJBenincasa mommy
@dearjhonletter he’s doing “ a quick poo” it’s been 4 hours since i’ve been ready to go @Vanity_Sexx lé pezonèle porongue y le conche
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ICYMI: A 66-pound hot dog makes a tasty attempt at world record
Retweeted by Tam Yajia @jasonflowerz thank you for listening and now you know that I lcup farts
@griffilmmaker I just bleached them @JessPuffy @nataliayajia that was my sister. i said “my pussy hurts” @GraceSpelman you’re too kind @sensual_dad @nataliayajia absolutelythis week’s guest is my sister @nataliayajia who thinks her dating life will be over after this podcast is releasedi have done a podcast. subscribe to join the sausage link. @NotUrplePingo i printed out all your tweets and put them on the drum heads which inspires me to hit with force @dearjhonletter so incredibly sadFeel free to roast me @SusannaHoffs this is a masterpiecek everyone replying to this saying that i rewarded him didn’t see his face of absolute horror. anyone who would own… @flea333 i want a fart to enter meA douchebag in an orange lamborghini just cat called me and i happened to have a box of pizza on my passenger seat…
This thing happens during mercury retrograde where farts enter my ass instead of exit it @juliadavidovich godwhat the fuck am i even talking about lolI feel a very healthy sadness right now
Midsommar (2019) I wrote an episode of Frasier where he and Niles dabble in cannibalism. I talked to Kelsey Grammer and it’s cano…
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