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We love to call people "heroes" instead of just giving them the tools and environment they need to do their jobs safely.
Retweeted by Dancin JulesGood lord, even doing the work and having decided to opt-out some 20 years ago, diet culture is just...fucking ever…
@OverlordMarie We thought the love scene was the. Hottest. Thing. Ever. In junior high. Rewatching as an adult, it's just like...ew.
@mightymarce Same. But I don't think it would have gotten quite this bad if they did. :(Does anyone else have concerns/worries about the social distancing working, and a slow return to normal, and then -…
@UrsulaV Yesterday was rough. Also, there was an earthquake. (Idaho. So far it looks like probably not much damage/… usually superstitious, but also worried that if I take my optimistic "it's my birthday month!" pinned tweet and… @jessphoenix2018 I think a lot of us who have spent most of our life living near a supervolcano affectionately joke… any concerns on any impacts of the #IdahoEarthquake on Yellowstone please refer to the Yellowstone Volcano Obse…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesEarthquake in Idaho. Lift a glass to my geologist/vulcanologist friends who will now probably spend the next three…
@SirRealtooreal @ParkerMolloy Four of the major companies here addressed a letter to the legislature against these… anyone that might need reminding Trans rights = human rights. Trans rights = human rights. Trans rights = huma…
Retweeted by Dancin Jules @ChuckWendig @jessphoenix2018 One prevents trans girls from participating in girls athletics. One makes it so that…, Idaho. You break my heart again and again.
Imagine spending your life as someone who worries about taking care of people *too* much. Most people I know are sa… people are just fucking monsters. @almazhmom It's all just terribly difficult, and the fact that we have no real way of making it better for them is… do not order from Instacart on Monday. Never cross a picket line. Never.
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@annehelen "The Crafsman" videos on YouTube. (How-to, DIY stuff, also his voice is very soothing.) @BeTheMagpie I'll do it when I'm back on the computer- phone doesn't want to cooperate.Sun Valley is about 3 hours from me. I have never been one of those people who says insular/unwelcoming stuff like… @nkjemisin Funnily enough, I had two substitutions on our grocery order this week that were things I would have got… on #Idaho's #COVID19 stay-at-home order in Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Swahili, translated by The Inte…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesNever give a saga an even break!
I will not get secret backyard chickens, I will not get secret backyard chickens, I will not get secret backyard ch…
This is so cute! @herong Just...going to the coffee shop, hanging out a table, and talking to friends and random strangers. Also dancing with other people.Hey, I fully support you if you've thrown calendars out the window for the moment, BUT if you would like a half pag…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesI want nothing but good things for Brittney Spears. Good things far away from the public's eye, if that what she wants. @druidDUDE I knew as soon as I typed it in...
This is the news we needed today. But a question remains: is he wearing pants?
Retweeted by Dancin JulesYup. I also keep thinking about how I kept wishing that the onslaught of the 24-7 news cycle would slow down just a… @tooaquarius @gnewfry @penguintrax I think we were lulled into a false sense of security because we were the one of…
@penguintrax @tooaquarius We had a mix of bars/restaurants staying open for dine-in, and ones just doing curbside/t… work that creates something, that helps other people, that accomplishes something is awesome. I enjoy having d… @tooaquarius @penguintrax Our governor *finally* issued a stay-at-home order, so everything feels weird (even thoug… @Jenny_Trout It's different when it is a *choice* to be a homebody. @OnBradstreet I told a friend "welcome to unschooling!" After she posted pictures of her kids making salt dough scu…
For those following the veto watch for #HB500 and #HB509 in Idaho, @GovernorLittle has until 3/31 now that the legi…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesI am trying really hard to notice and focus on the people who are doing the best they can to be smart, kind, and co… @kateleth *being* offered. @kateleth I feel kind of guilty, because there's allthesedance classes wing offered online right now, and I just...… lives of immigrants in detention are important. The lives of incarcerated people are important. The lives o…
Retweeted by Dancin Jules @mjs_DC @LOLGOP Yup.Oh. I can't stand to listen to the creep in the White House's voice, so I missed entirely that I now live in the great country of...Idaho.So during a pandemic people really get loud about who they consider a real person and who they think is disposable, huh
Retweeted by Dancin JulesI cannot believe we are actually *debating* whether to protect ourselves from a pandemic, or let millions die "for…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesThought about engaging with someone who posted a transphobia joke on fb, but I just don't have the energy right now, so unfriended it is.People's lives > rich people getting richer It's not a question.
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@introvertedwife Same.Every child deserves the right to play sports. Idaho’s ⁦@GovernorLittle⁩ can sign #HB500 into law at any point, w…
Retweeted by Dancin Jules @MavenOfMayhem I'm glaring *real hard* at my state's legislature here. (Idaho. AND contacting the governor to urge… @thetrudz Every time I have gotten even the smallest smattering of savings built up, it's been wiped out by...some form of emergency. @annehelen Instead of taking action before it gets bad, it feels like we're waiting for it to get bad before we tak… @annehelen The lack of strong response from our leaders and people still not taking it seriously stresses me out! I…
@neversremedy @stucam7771 And the insurance company doesn't actually pay for anything until you hit an arbitrary nu… earth isn’t “cleansing itself.” That’s eco-fascist garbage dressed in New Age clothes. There is nothing “natura…
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For the first time in my life I actually understand the people who stress clean/bake/cook.
@ChuckWendig We watched Jupiter Ascending last night. It is ridiculous and over the top in the absolute best way. I adored it.Now take a deep breath and drink some water. :)I mean, the world is always a bit scary (And more so for some people) But like a lot of us have been noticing, this feels different somehow.I just keep circling back to the fact that when all the creep in the White House needed to do was spew some meaning… @ErynnBrook I used this tutorial, and while I recall there being some weirdness on the bottom, it actually turned o… @shannonrwatts I'm an Idahoan, and it makes me just so very angry.I am mostly trying to stay as calm and hopeful as I can. Most of the time I'm doing okay with it. But I was hugging… the desire to amplify racist death-cultists like T*cker or war-mongering neocons, simply because they say so…
Retweeted by Dancin Jules @diannaeanderson The county in Idaho with the highest number of confirmed cases so far is the one that has the city… @mostlybree I can not listen to his voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard. I read transcripts.Of all the companies and organizations that have reached out to let me know they "care deeply about me at this time…
In normal times, I would have been using this week/next to rest and recuperate after getting a show up at a local t… @My_Lo Yup. Too easy for people to fall through the cracks otherwise. If people don't need them, they could donate… coloring pages uploaded for you to download, print, and color on Make Messes! (All of my coloring pages come wi…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesAll the pandemic talk was starting to really affect my oldest's mental health, so I made an effort to focus on othe… @Pixelfish @pervocracy @AYOArielleGrace @pronounced_ing @courtneymilan I kind of hope her and Talulah are still friends... @Pixelfish I find myself getting super uncomfortable with any scenes of crowds!
@WeAreDisabled @IsaacOfTheArts @paperstainedink Yup. @angry_enby @KillerMartinis @LibyaLiberty @ThePurpleDrazi My husband and I (not Mormon, raised in areas that very m… @austinkleon That looks so cozy and cheerful! @christafuzz89 We have had 1. a cat come in through an open window and have her kittens under our bookshelf. 2. a… to Idzie! @sextoyspolitics @kdrum Nope, just like it's not gonna help me, a self-employed artist and performer who is gonna h… @FoldableHuman I'm self employed, and it's too early to tell, but even if our local farmer's market is on starting… @theleilaraven I mean...what's the point of cancelling schools if then they just start gathering in child care? (I… @brigidkeely @NeolithicSheep @celeloriel I am way better at (appearing to) stay calm and collected when I need to do it for someone else. @jmresist And I'm headed to bed now, but what about you? @jmresist Taught for a while, went back to finish my degree in dance after kids, broke up with academia for good. :… @jmresist I haven't taught for a while, is like there is a whole complete recognizable style that has grow… @jennifurret I mean, you're human and you get to have emotions about the stuff that affects you personally even whi… @jmresist Have I mentioned how much I adore that you seem to share my loathing for those things? @NeolithicSheep There has been NO point in my life in which a $1000 check would be useless. @Leighbra As jeez, I'm sorry.All my self-employed artist and performer friends who have lost so so SO many jobs would like a word... Help "throu… @Quiara I just said that she looks *just* like I remember her when she was on Loveboat when I was like...12. @SurlyAmy @starstryder I did as well!Fuck every single republican in the Idaho state legislature. Hateful, bigoted assholes who apparently have nothing… feel like I have to add that I have been impressed by all the people who want to do what they can to help each ot…
I can not believe that at this time, when it has become more clear than ever how very much we are interdependent up… @duncanwrites @prisonculture I don't give a shit if millionaires get checks, as long as people who need them do as… folks! While most of us are either bunkering down or hard at work helping each other to deal with #COVID19,…
Retweeted by Dancin JulesHaving nebulous thoughts this morning about how we value "hard work" just for...being able to say we worked hard, a…