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🚨 #WORLDSERIES CONTEST 🚨 PRIZE: Your choice of MLB jersey. TO ENTER: Retweet this tweet and answer these question…
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaWho is your tip for #Game1 tonight? I'm going with the #Dodgers. My preview with all the best bets and markets c…'s Go #Dodgers!Why didn't I know Nick Markakis and Ryan Flaherty were brothers-in-law?Almost four years ago...🚨 #WORLDSERIES CONTEST 🚨 PRIZE: Your choice of MLB jersey. TO ENTER: Retweet this tweet and answer these question…
Here's a tip... Worry about your damn disastrous coverage and boring ass broadcasters, before throwing insults at… will finally get the World Series success they crave this year.Congratulations #Dodgers fans - enjoy the success and another chance at a World Series win. To #ForTheA fans, wow,… fans are shaking. Butts clenched. Finger nails bitten. Voices trembling. #ForTheA fans likewise. @Travis_Blackley Yep, looks like the bats may save his ass!This is the 47th game of the postseason and quite incredibly, just one has gone extra-innings (NLWCS, Braves 1 Reds 0 in 13).While his bat has been relatively quiet of late, Mookie Betts’ defense has been OUTSTANDING. #DodgersDidn’t you stop watching MLB in July? And August? And September? Nightengale. 1-for-7 with RISP.If this game doesn't end in a #Dodgers win, questions are going to be asked of Dave Roberts yet again...I'd have left May out there. Struggled early in the 1st, but regain composure and limited the damage.
Who knew your boy had the take? Just saying, I called it and Charlie came through like I knew he would! #RaysUp
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaBest of luck #Dodgers and #ForTheA fans - I'm sure you're feeling incredibly nervous right now! May the best team win!Wild scenes in Tampa Bay last night, with fans celebrating the Rays’ first #WorldSeries berth since 2008!
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaIMO, yes. @paulmynott Yep. Agreed. Context is everything. Clutch kick!Wild scenes in Tampa Bay last night, with fans celebrating the Rays’ first #WorldSeries berth since 2008! @paulmynott Sick of it mate!Ok, so now what @AsteriskTour?Good time to be a salt miner in Houston!Up 3-0, stumble, trip, fall... But bounce back when it matters. Ballsy, Rays. Well done! Morton brilliant in the cl… it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaHappy Astros Elimination Day.
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaFUCK OFF ASTROS!!#RaysUp need to stress. 3 outs to go until MLB collectively celebrates!I'm watching with a smile on my face. 6 outs to go.9 outs until we celebrate.Ok... Who will win Game 7?
Buehler - stud. Dodgers - momentum. Braves - nervous. Game 7 - exciting.How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaThis Orioles fan does. wasting FAR too many chances.How it started: How it’s going: dear. Bases loaded, none out. An opportunity to get back all (or more) of the three runs just allowed. Came up e…👀 @Orioles. aren't messing around. Astros might become the first sub .500 team (regular season) in history to reach the World Series tonight. What a crazy season.This. Is. Savage. @DanClarkSports Seager > Anyone else on the Dodgers! Haha. Been saying it since before the season. Dude is a weapo…
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaBaseball. So fucking good.They did. excuses. Stop. Different one each game. Each year. Nobody cares anymore. On paper, the Dodgers look great. Tim…, Smith, Bellinger, Pollock, Taylor... all hitting sub .200 this #NLCS. Stand up now or it'll be too late and end in heartbreak.Mookie Betts needs to stand up and be the guy the #Dodgers expected. Great regular season, horrendous #NLCS (so far… Because a guy currently 10,000+ miles away can influence a game of baseball... to the #Astros. Regardless of 2017, their success this year is legit. Can they close it out in Game 7? I think so.#RaysUp defense has been atrocious and he's had some brain-farts on the base paths, but there's no denying Altuve has b…
Name the biggest draft bust in history.#RaysUp have gotten make this lead hold. Won't win a Game 7.Just one new case today among the 6.4 million people who live in this state. We are incredibly close to beating thi… want to see Nick Markakis win a ring.
Retweeted by DJC Sports Media👀 ⚾️ 🎥 #Postseason @Pickswise @APutneyThompson All good!!! :)Hey, random thought, how fucking cool is it that they'll finish the 2020 MLB season? Remember our worries and doubt… want to see Nick Markakis win a ring.⚾️ Today’s MLB ⚾️ Astros vs Rays - 6.07pm EST Dodgers vs Braves - 9.08pm EST 🗣 Who’s ready for more playoff base…
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaI'm sure the pending ring and MVP trophy will make it worthwhile. @RileysRakes Weird wins World Series'...👀 @RileysRakes @iamsheabutta Ok. @iamsheabutta There are pro sports where women generate more income than men. Always a correlation between income and expense.I'm all for equality and I'm a huge supporter of the continually impressive women's sport. But until the day arrive… photo was on the first baseball card I ever owned. Still have it. I bet you miss those pre-Twitter days when p… Roberts is ______________. #DodgersI like Kershaw, I really do. But stop making excuses for him. Huge game, need your ace to deliver. Countless times…
Retweeted by DJC Sports MediaThe #Braves are 8-1 this postseason. They've outscored opponents 50-30, with 22 of those 30 runs allowed coming in two games. Incredible.Nah mate, it's not political. I just think you're a fucking rude prick who Twitter hates. hope for 'quality starts' from your number five, guys like Ubaldo Jimenez, Wade Miley, etc. You don't hope for…'s just something about this #Braves team. I've said it all season. If they get past the Dodgers, they'll win… know I have a soft spot for the Dodgers. The fans have always been lovely to me when in LA. I'm not here to ups… don't hang their hats on a "quality start". You could have a quality start 30 times in a season and finish wit… like Kershaw, I really do. But stop making excuses for him. Huge game, need your ace to deliver. Countless times…, it does. And it always has each time he trots out there and doesn't deliver an outing a true ace should.'s postseason failures will forever sour his record.Maybe tomorrow. love dog videos. Probably more than anything. This one, is my all-time favorite!
Best resurrection since Jesus. #TwitterTwitter dead.Jacoby Ellsbury and an ambulance. be a perfect fit for the Angels, who have a wonderful lineup, but desperately need pitching strength. Also, w… Senator absolutely goes OFF, launching into the miserable, cheating Astros! need a huge outing from Kershaw tonight. No playoff Kershaw, need the ace to step up. If they can level th… things come to those who wait. Bring on tomorrow!
Kyle Wright rocking that 94.50 ERA. Grant Dayton says, hold by damn fucking beer... 108.00 ERA.The Yankees are one of the most powerful sports teams in the world. They don't care for winning seasons, they care… Payroll 01 - $128M 02 - $141M 03 - $176M 04 - $197M 05 - $223M 06 - $219M 07 - $253M 08 - $236M 09 - $24… it started: How it’s going: Astros Elimination Day.The show-stopper in the garden has bloomed.