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Pan African cultural institution dedicated to appreciating and celebrating African film and music || IG:

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Once limited to palaces, festivals and ceremonies, griots, poets and praise singers in northern Nigeria have found…
Retweeted by DandanoHas Charley met her match? #QUEENSUGAR
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Retweeted by DandanoI need season 5 to start tomorrow. This twist right HERE!!! #QueenSugar
Retweeted by DandanoForever and always. #QUEENSUGAR
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Hier @AppStore Champs-Elysées, derniere séquence #inspirationsafricaines X #maisonchateaurouge pr une Keynote sur m…
Retweeted by DandanoSEPTEMBER 24, 2019: NAA GBEWA Legend has it that Naa Gbewa, a prince and cavalry man, came and established one of…
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See you soon for SEASON 5! #QUEENSUGAR
Retweeted by DandanoSalut les amis Ivoiriens! Je cherche quelqu’un qui parle #Gouro et qui pourrait m’aider à traduire des paroles de chanson 🇨🇮 #cotedivoire
Retweeted by DandanoHey friends from Ivory Coast! I’m looking for someone who speaks #Gouro and could help me translate some 🇨🇮 music l…
Retweeted by DandanoBantu Biko day - My hero. A man who worked and spoke from a place of love, Love for self and as a consequence love…
Retweeted by DandanoOur new film @DancerThieves is coming to @AJWitness on 18th September! A world famous Burkinabé cheorographer prepa…
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Very soon!
Encounters AR Festival, is a showcase of 7 South African shorts over 7 days, 1 film per day from Saturday 7 - Frida…
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BOYS NO DEY CRY - Tragedy and dysfunction colour this affecting portrait of modern Ghana
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New EP coming soon featuring @GuiltyBeatz @jakhalgh @bryte_music @chefbanku
Retweeted by Dandano18 mois après notre tournage #africariding à Kampala, retour au skatepark de l’asso « Uganda Skateboard Union », à…
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In the meantime @Harvard Film Archive.
Retweeted by Dandano"Your film is like your child. You might want a child with certain qualities, but you are never going to get the ex…
Retweeted by DandanoBest New Music: @Tulenkey’s “Yard” comes packed with all the stylistic elements of grit, storytelling and bright co…
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Album Review: Blick Bassy Spins History into Sonic Gold on "1958" via @Dandano__Two men in a bar make a bet. But are the stakes higher than they appear? O.I. is an international short fiction fi…
Retweeted by Dandanoyour remedy is your solution. we went into the streets to know what keeps them going. i realised everyone has a rem…
Retweeted by DandanoSo happy to meet my friends of @kampalacycling again. Last year we shot a short doc “Africa Riding” about that spec…
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Album Review: Gafacci Engineers Lofi & Asorkpor Portal on "Tash BNM" via @Dandano__hi all, do you consider ‘The Sound of Music’ a classic™️ must-watch etc etc musical? It’s for science 😂
Retweeted by DandanoI got a signed vinyl of my first album ‘The Return’ with your name on it👆🏾😬 Looking forward to giving you beautifu…
Retweeted by DandanoYaaaaaassssss!!!
Retweeted by DandanoFlaming flames! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Dandano @AfroNationGhana this guy gats to work with y'all this december
Retweeted by DandanoYou all haven't seen half of @_abdularafat work... I don't know if I can share the exclusive's 😢 but if he isn't co…
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NO CAP @_abdularafat 💫
Retweeted by Dandano🐐 🐐 🐐 @_abdularafat
Retweeted by Dandano.@AfroNationGhana @AfroNation have you seen this yet ? 🇬🇭
Retweeted by DandanoNew EP coming soon but first , i gotta to talk to mother nature
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Retweeted by Dandano.@AfroNationGhana @AfroNation don’t sleep!!!!! is touching @_abdularafat when it comes to concert photography in Ghana. His work will forever reflect the r… ... Sorry guys I'm stuck in time 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
Retweeted by Dandano🔸 La brasserie by #WOOD which is located on our premises offers you a great moment of relaxation during the week. J…
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Retweeted by Dandanofeatured in #TheCUTS: @JEANFEIER - star baby @MagnomBeats - bounce your titty @Gyidi_ - dawn ep @Tulenkey - yard
Retweeted by DandanoWe're at @fakugesi!! Stop by the #SOUTHERNVR exhibition and check out incredible VR films by some of our artists:…
Retweeted by DandanoThis Saturday, we’ll be rocking on the beach right in our backyard! Strictly fun and good times!…
Retweeted by DandanoAbout to hit 100k 🎯 with Tash BNM EP No Label, No Music Video. Just music and real-good people who support this release. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by DandanoNoumoucounda Cissoko @sautizabusara #SzB2014 #LoveLiveMusic #Zanzibar #Tanzania
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Finally, our debut LP is dropping this Friday. Let’s spread the word. Cover art by @ArtsDot
Retweeted by DandanoThe forgotten cinemas – Ghana's timeless heritage
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Lavapies to Labadi
Retweeted by DandanoFor us the, the value is in connecting with fellow artists, encouraging self-expression, practice and the therapeut…
Retweeted by Dandano• Set Design Team || SounDCheck • Shibuya, Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵 • #Steloolive #SoundDesign #ShibuyaTokyo #Tokyo
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For the next 45 minutes, @tarwa_n, 6 musicians that originate from Ouarzazate, nicknamed “door of the desert” will…
Retweeted by Dandano'Best BR Debut' ft the sounds of @Gafacci 's Gypsy Woman remix which turned into an impromptu live performance of M…
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I did some cool shit with an orchestra #trapsymphony @audiomack
Retweeted by DandanoThat Rosalia album is bomb. It's all in Spanish. She could be saying she hates niggas and fags, and I'd be like: "G…
Retweeted by Dandanobelieve in your ideas , it’s all you really have. if you get the concept of life , you understand that none of this…
Retweeted by DandanoMeet the Artists! Hakeem Adam — Ghana: Hakeem is a Ghanaian artist-in-learning and freelance arts and culture writ…
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Been immersed in an alternate universe for a minute and created a new label project called @oooqqi in the process.…
Retweeted by DandanoI am dropping an Asokpor EP before year ends. “FACE THE WALL EP” coming soon
Retweeted by Dandano"Nigeria's Lost Generation" captures the deep revelations of an ex-Boko Baram, a former kidnapped girl and a relent…
Retweeted by Dandano#ChaleWote2019 🎨 Nana Yaw Ananse. #PidginImaginarium #Ghana
Retweeted by DandanoThe Lack of funding insitutions in Ghana scares me.A Ghanaian musician navigates the industry without grants.This i…
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Album Review: Gafacci Engineers Lofi & Asorkpor Portal on “Tash BNM”
Retweeted by Dandano.@NakomFilm , The Forgotten Kingdom: Chronicles of the North, Azali , @LuckyTheMovieGh enthusiasts: what are essential old Ghanaian films to watch/directors whose work resonates with you?
Retweeted by Dandano @233eames @EDWVN @incrediblyeyram @intermediume @Onlychristine__ Six Lovers of Melody! (Ramesh’s film). Kukuratumi:…
Retweeted by Dandano @EDWVN @incrediblyeyram @DavidEdem_ @intermediume @Onlychristine__ Heritage Africa. Love brewed in an African Pot.…
Retweeted by DandanoRT tchindasfilm: Feature trans Cape Verdean documentary TCHINDAS finally available worldwide online. Watch it at th…
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Another day, another opportunity to share #Colorgrading knowledge at the @chalewotefest DaVinci Resolve 101 trainin…
Retweeted by DandanoDay 6!!! We are ready. #ChaleWote2019 #pidginimaginarium
Retweeted by DandanoAfrican Electronic Music & Live acoustic sets with Ghanaian/Intl acts @chalewotefest Ghost Mushroom Party Thursday…
Retweeted by Dandano“There's definitely an emphasis on booty shaking,” Inside @NyegeNyegeFest
Retweeted by DandanoCHALE WOTE 2019 DAY 1 & 2 - Film Labs via @accradotalt
Retweeted by DandanoWe r excited to *Premiere* our short film, " Azumah the Ghanaian Hero" under our "I Believe in Ghana Project at de…
Retweeted by DandanoWatching "Brenda Fassie, Not a bad girl" for the 100th time and I can't get over how you still look and sound like…
Retweeted by DandanoASOKPOR CORNER 24th and 25th August 🇬🇭🇳🇬🇬🇧
Retweeted by Dandano"Please don't give up on me." All-new #QUEENSUGAR, Wednesday 9|8c.
Retweeted by DandanoDagara dance group performing in front of Brazil House. #ChaleWote2019 #pidginimaginarium
Retweeted by DandanoWith @sensei_lo as a headliner! We're bringing charged energy to Accra this weekend! #HappySquad ⚡⚡⚡
Retweeted by DandanoMy guys💕💿
Retweeted by DandanoDance and chants inviting everyone to come join the festival. #ChaleWote2019 #pidginimaginarium
Retweeted by DandanoWe are excited to announce our Opening Night Film for #ClassicsInThePark 2019 will be @TheBurialOfKojo with Directo…
Retweeted by DandanoOur Headliners and Heads of State of #JowaaAsokporCorner @chalewotefest 2019 🔥🔥🗣 @TMSKD_dj 🇬🇭 @sensei_lo 🇳🇬…
Retweeted by DandanoOn Akwele Suma and Twin Spirits, #ChaleWote2019 Day 3 recap
Retweeted by DandanoThis Ghana @swayekidd @Dandano__ no go carry last 🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by DandanoThis review is so on point
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It was a pleasure sharing knowledge on Day 1 at the #ChaleWote Salon with participants who truly wanted to learn Da…
Retweeted by DandanoLagos - Accra - Abidjan - Bamako - Ouagadougou - Dakar - One Mission ✈️ #AfroElectroinca
Retweeted by DandanoDay 4. John Cena has hit half a million views. It’s trending at #1 on South African YouTube and #4 in Kenya. I ju…
Retweeted by DandanoSir @eltonofficial ! ✊🏽
Retweeted by Dandanodo they still make black family sitcoms? Just realised all the black people sitcoms I know are from the 90s/early 2000s.
Retweeted by DandanoDay 5 is here!!!! Day of Re-Membering, which is a procession with African diaspora at the Brazil house. 4pm to 8pm…
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@ShoMadjozi headlined last year's @NyegeNyegeFest & suffice to say it was an epic 4 days but hey listen to her shar…
Retweeted by DandanoNina Simone letting y’all know you do not want the smoke. I’m cryingg
Retweeted by Dandano🖤
Retweeted by Dandano"In early August this year, the Mail & Guardian again told staff members that owing to challenges created by the mi…
Retweeted by DandanoSouth Africans are Lit🔥🔥
Retweeted by DandanoThe once slave trade post and later a political prison is transformed into a gallery dat host works of art at least…
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