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Your ancestors are proud of you Writer of Stories and Novels Learn'n how social media works Iñupiaq with German descent he to the him White coded

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@ShiningComic The belt is everything! @Im_KElling_It It was so amazing! I second this decree! @FeiKhal Cops are just "rent a security" @CopWithAttitude Someone should make some kind of nonlethal equipment that could like shock or incapacitate a perso… @DeLesslin It's upsetting that 1 was so amazing and 2 was just bad stacked on worse filed under upsetting and highl… @uyarakq Refusing to watch this with sound, I'm gonna assume it only makes it worseToday I am changing my llc from Our Orchard to OIA. O.I.A. "Outlawed Inuit Awesomeness" @MoreOrLessAMess Capaldi was fabulous. I think the companions really took center stage with Smith, and I won't lie… @taliladd Tennant is attractive in his own way. Now tom baker! @TaylorEenaHoe Then I'd do whatever you feel is right and that you want to do. You deserve the perks of your hard work. @MoreOrLessAMess Haha, glad you caught that
@troutgirl Tis is a vital question @TaylorEenaHoe Is there a trade off? Are you agreeing to anything? @Kevaclysm Look the carrot isn't even real cake so idk why you'd come for velvet @LammaticHama The mental gymnastics they have to do just too have healthy feelings. @Landonis3 Got um @SarahTaber_bww Lol, that's a lot of Prince William thoughtI mean don't get me wrong he is in my top 13 Doctors, just not #1 and not a heartthrob. @Pandabbadon No lies
@DGerowPR Having only seen his picture does he scream "heart throb?" @TaylorEenaHoe I think it's too separate the colonialism of say England making the world a Commonwealth vs US/Russi… world didn't move beyond european beauty standards, because they were never the standard, except in the delusions of europeans.If europeans were so hot they wouldn't fetishize everyone else.Centuries of trying to convince the world that european beauty standards are it, is exactly how you get Dr. Who tel… @GGhosteyes I've heard it said that way, is it wrong?
@ANeonGreenCity That sounds so cool! @Rightturn_only I think this is how I say it, idk though @ANeonGreenCity I started it and had to stop @BAHHNGA325 I'm sorry dude @KirosAuld Like i can trust a language that can't tell that w is not just a long v!Die ass per ra Or Die spore ah Or Dio spore ah @Balikhato Oh no let them write in Jesus, I think it's for the best their vote goes to mythological creatures @Maryamhasnaa The dream @gingela The hits keep coming @Vkpwatchdog Everyone needs a good shovelWhat is this! All these Native tv shows coming around? Freaking awesome to see it! @taliladd A good old fashion recipe is easy when drunk :) If you have the whiskey @taliladd Hmmm cooking drunk always sounds like a good idea. You may have wisdom I'm sitting it asideSo the poll is up, and I googled it. Shirtless, jeans, belt buckle and his hat
@taliladd Do you have everything you need? @leonicka I think in the language of moments, feelings, scenes, and some images @allanngorartoq I miss the lights @thetrudz I am so unsure about trying that show. @leonicka And thinking in language seems so wild, but it appears to be the norm? @Nuraar @raccorns The shapes of their faces as well, how sad @korranews That's just.... I guess colorism is alive and well. @leonicka I have always wondered what it's like to have words in thoughts @geolinguistics It was a real gift :) @TheCommuNish I have fulfilled my purposeThanks @geolinguistics for the relay!Be jealous, everyone be jealous. Inuit roasted coffee for the win!! Kaapittiaq! @uyarakq Oh so much happiness! @agnauraqtweets You did good, sorry I didn't participate more, I guess I got shy lol. The kimchi fried rice was great, enjoy the ramen @taliladd This is why I got a titanium glass. I am sorry for the pain and suffering of losing a whiskey glass. @neoduen Love that kerchief @sandraruttan Lol sorry that was my bad joke :) @Gluonsrule Yes @KatieKodes It's all the rivers and their tributaries mapped in different colors @taliladd You look bad ass! @isitohbi I didn't even think of shoes! @TheCommuNish @uyarakq I love it, ever time I see it I giggle @PernellThomas Looks good! @TheCommuNish Don't you forget my man's hat @raccorns I am only sure of the hat and jeans and belt buckle. If the jeans are overalls I'm not sure. I'll Google… love that Igloominati is a thing @uyarakq was this you that blessed us? ❄This @alt_noods Oh sure, its a big part of the partyTo note, America hasn't come close to growing beyond it when it's still the official legal label for everything tribal.The irony of folks commenting not to use Indian because "America has grown beyond that" should probably call the BI… @FeiKhal Wow ya, geezus @LammaticHama And I'll be honest I was more excited about teasing @DeLesslin about those Carolina tribes love for T… @allanngorartoq Thank you @LammaticHama I mean he's the government, its the official government title of a tribe. @baashkaapi The Bay of Green, its nice so farAs Inuit I just am ________.As Inuit I have the duty to ________.As Inuit I have the right to ________.Consider this a thread filled with all the great food east of the Rockies:Please I need help, moved to the midwest, and nobody east of the Rockies seems to be able to make food with any spice.Please comment on Good Spicy Food in the midwest: @ManitokThompson Oh very pretty!Where are the book contracts for indie Black women writers? Publishers will allow 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+ authors to…
Retweeted by 🍙 Pisukkaaq the Transient ❄ @AbbyFann There is a modern debate among tribes on removing BQ, and many tribes have, but the feds still track it,… @AbbyFann I don't understand what exactly you are trying to explain. I know BQ, I know how the math works, it isn'… @FeiKhal Middle @Vkpwatchdog It seems likely @Mari42B No blood/dna test can determine blood quantum, its not a genetic thing, its a records thing. The fraction… @unsuperjay Any suggestions? @thetrudz No matter what else, he has a responsibility to repair her damaged property, period.The irony of it is "blood" isn't even used, just records and paper work and rolls. @uyarakq @izzmythoughts They don't look clean even after, @UrbanInuk That's.... Disgusting @jeffreyboadi_ Honestly vegans, vegans keep me from even considering joining the space. The violent racism and con… @thetrudz I have three times in the wild, and the way they look at you, its obvious they don't playBe alive @thetrudz The times I've seen cougar in my life I just walked away, it is the wayIt's fascinating to read through these threads and think of my Indigenous parents and grandparents living through a… @DEADLINE This is so awesome