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Probably listening to music from the 90's right now. Engineer at @Simple.

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I’ve returned to social media to say that I made my own yoghurt from scratch over the weekend and it is amazing.
If you haven't noticed me around on here lately, this is why:
I just donated to Beto's campaign. Watch this, and you'll want to, too.
Retweeted by Dan Dean @BrettHamil Sometimes I stand in the wrong place or give him the light blue plate instead of the dark blue plate an… have yet to experience how the negative potentials could play out – people like Sarah know much more about these… now Mastodon is still young, it has a small community, it hasn't been overloaded with trolls, there are no br… *love* that people like Sarah are detailing the real implications of how we do all of this. On a personal level I… @_kris 👋
@NoSpandexReq @raludwick @StumpToEmerald @tonyaricks This really is exhausting. The selfishly uncompromising world… @StumpToEmerald That neighborhood is a few block from me and I can not relate to their angst at all.How many people aren't outside operating in the economy right now because of this? How many will develop respirator… it clear yet that we must engage in a radically different approach? The old arguments are invalid. We can't loo… Software Engineer (Frontend) - Terraform Enterprise This role (along w/ #3 and one existing eng) will be foundi…
Retweeted by Dan DeanHey all-- I may be on vacation this week but I have three (three!) open roles to hire for, and will be setting up s…
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The absence of brands is seriously a huge one, and I hope that sticks. Brands work strategically to capture eyeball… I like about Mastodon: * No brands in my feed * No "fave" retweets * Chronological timeline * Liberal use o… truth about Medicare for All won't be found in the disingenuous reports of a bought and paid for right-wing thi…
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Do you get a kick out of fighting entropy? Do you dream of ensuring the delivery of bits in various encodings? Do y…
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@thereisnonesuch We need to radical rethink our approach if we want to get out of this.Refactoring an application's boot logic and how it operates in dev vs production while learning docker-compose AMA… @estoner I remember learning about negative feedback loops like this in college. It is going to get harder and harder to correct. @estoner The amount of co2 being released by these fires must be astronomical.Before 3 years ago I don’t ever remember wildfire smoke in Seattle. Now it’s just part of summer.
@davidcelis Just got it again! @oscargodson Most interactions I have with you on here these days feels characterized by dismissive flippancy. Mayb… @techwraith @lang @oscargodson There may be nuance in terms of success vs failure. Twitter may continue to be the p… @imkmf I may be wrong, but this is my understanding – it's safe for you but not necessarily for your team. @imkmf I think this can still mess with others. For example: Say you and a coworker branch after commits A,B,C. Y… for an easy way to stick it to @jack? Block & subscribe:
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@andharris Damn! @andharris Do you have any amazing pictures of it? Maybe I can just steal your ideas!Who sells twin-size kid beds which aren't garbage? #lazyparentwitterYa got 2,623 people in front of ya, bub. ... 2,624Sometimes people think "Oh I know, I'll send Dan an email" and I feel bad for them. @oscargodson @sarahesterman My son is 7 and he’s been stung twice just this summer. @imkmf The left hand of darkness.What are these?
The alt-right, the neo-nazis, their currency is attention, they need it to thrive and for their ideas to spread. Yo…
Retweeted by Dan DeanSurprised to find out Signal's desktop app is built on Backbone.js: was also, apparently, a racist (or he at least fell for the white grievance framing of why his life is hard): is Election Day. We can have healthcare, education, housing, and a livable climate, BUT ONLY IF WE VOTE. P…
Retweeted by Dan DeanThe SeaTac thing sounds kind of hilarious at first, but it's probably someone suffering a mental health crisis and… @kevinbowling @KanielaIng ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ keeeeeeviiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn @emilyst Hopefully they’ll be consistent and hand that list to infowars on the side👇 Jack is a cop @b_sted Also - ignore the federated timeline. The local timeline is better. may have a more… @b_sted Randomly! A lot of the people on here are over there to some degree. They’re hardened to find because of ho…"If Ing pulls off a stunning upset on Saturday, it will be one of the most significant moments in the Democratic Pa…
Retweeted by Dan DeanThis morning while taking the kids to school a cat casually emerged from the bushes with a giant rat dangling from…
I haven't seen a single asshole on Mastodon yet, and there's even a better native iOS client:, the machine like efficiency of global capitalism, it just ‘makes sense’
Retweeted by Dan DeanI need sugarMastodon right now feels like Twitter in those early days—and that gives me hope. It doesn't have millions in VC. I…
Retweeted by Dan Dean @reedlauber Not sure if it’s what you are looking for but I love @Monodraw @mde @mikeal @mikeal what are the primitives you're talking about, and what is the path to making that viable?Another thing I'm trying out: Let me know if you want an invite.Preferences question: If a service uses Docker/Kubernetes in production, should you use those locally during devel… @NPR I hope they arrested that car. @NPR uhhhh @krubasaur That post came off way grumpier than I actually felt!
Loved to be told about what threatens minorities by a guy named Conor Friedersdorf
Retweeted by Dan DeanY’all. See you in November.
Retweeted by Dan Dean* tries to use Sketch but the license expired * tries to get a new license but IT wants it approved * tries to open… enough of the people I interact with are over there I plan to stop using Twitter.Twitter will not change on its own, and my use of this platform helps that be the case. A viable alternative doesn… obvious benefit is that this makes CSS something we can statically analyze, enabling better refactoring and maki… only way this would have been better is if she used the chance to tell Chris Cuomo that his brother sucks
Retweeted by Dan Dean @imkmf The clear coupling makes so much sense. feels so much better to treat CSS as imports rather than global side effects: @bentarnoff @washingtonpost ah yeah, let's look at what the author and former meme funder and oculus rift creator h…
Retweeted by Dan DeanWe all really need to watch this.
Retweeted by Dan DeanWhen you find yourself in a caging fighting with someone you don't actually want to fight with--I want music venues…
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I don’t even know why is like, “how about we don’t kill everything on the planet?” And capitalists respond, “maybe, but is that…
Retweeted by Dan Dean @TheCityWolf @JordanUhl @People4Bernie @mdc_dsa @DemSocialists @EmmaVigeland @kansascitydsa @Wichita_DSA Robby this isn’t googleA whole buncha people are calling me cowardly for doing this. Maybe I am. You know what's really cowardly? Refusin…
Retweeted by Dan Deanhelllllll yeah missurra
Retweeted by Dan Dean @simeonberns @seldo In the very least it says your thoughts on how to build and manage an online community aren’t worth listening to. @simeonberns @seldo Imagine conflating “ban whoever disagrees with us” with “ban the person harassing the father of…"…we’ll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment…" Hard to pick just one, but that's some weapons-g…
Retweeted by Dan DeanIs there an element of libertarian or closet conservatives within @twitter pretending to “avoid politics” with the… people confront Jack internally within the Twitter organization? I know a bunch of good people work there - is t… @jack is just an asshole. Twitter is toxic because his standards are toxic.“a healthy conversational environment” What on earth other day my 4 year old yelled “I’M SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT”.
I’m ok with this @steckel This is good contentI will never understand getting upset that some coworkers are talking to each other in the general channel (or anyw… @seldo Partially I think many have fallen for the long and methodical campaign to normalize abusive behavior. There… @mike_sheridan @mikeal Platform: “you can’t harass the parents of a murdered child on here.” You: “censorship is bad”Voting in local elections matters. If you can do it today, go do it! Look what happened in normally ruby reed Tenne…
Retweeted by Dan DeanWASHINGTON VOTERS: Ballots are due today. You no longer need a stamp/to be smug about how you never use a stamp any…
Retweeted by Dan DeanIt’s 5am and insomnia is not coolThis ad is so powerful. ❤️
Retweeted by Dan Dean @mike_sheridan @mikeal InfoWars is free to publish their own garbage all they want - they shouldn’t be able to take… @mike_sheridan @mikeal “Ban” is falling for their framing where they pretend it’s a freedom of speech issue. Nobody… @bessington And when it's obvious, a bunch of uncertainty and stress is removed when modifying UI code. @bessington Another thing is how it helps prevent bit-rot. I'm noticing quite a few styles which aren't used anywhe… @bessington It's mostly the encapsulation of concerns by colocating the styles with the structures it applies to. I…