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Dan Fessler @DanFessler Foster City, CA

CVO at Manticore Games working on / Pixel Artist on / Admin at / Developing #IndexPainter

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Mini-Tutorial : Muzzle Flashes I'm iterating on video formats to make those quick recaps if they can inspire anyon…
Retweeted by Dan Fesslerusually, abstractions are the trade-off between performance and stability, and that kinda drives me nuts.cacomelon #doom
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I’ve posted these before, but not when we were trying to make hashtag #AbandonedArt happen! These are all abandone…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerReally love this idea. Wonder if anything like it has been implemented before? @ENDESGA Absolutely love this idea @ambivorous GorgeousSo much unnecessary rendering... #pixelart #dotpict #ドット絵
Retweeted by Dan FesslerEasily draw perspective-correct structures with perfect corners without lifting the pen, using Lazy Nezumi Pro's Bo…
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@Powerhoof Super effective! It’s brilliantWasted the whole day yesterday getting nowhere on an active effect for this void gate... but today I realized I alr…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerI lost myself in Unreal this last week. Learning lot's of stuffs! But didnt forgot to make the Breakdown of the two…
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @ENDESGA @garett got it to work using Garett's instructions. @garett Holy crap it worked! Thanks a ton! So just a bad packages directory eh?髪の毛モデリングしてると毛先潰れて「またpolishで尖らせなきゃ...」ってなるじゃないですか GroomSpikeで一発でピンピンになりました #ZBrush
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @ENDESGA yeah tried that, no luck. @RethinkJeff ErrorLNK1104cannot open file 'D:\GitHub\EDGITOR\packages\sdl2.nuget.2.0.12\build\native\..\..\\build\n… figured since it has a sln file, I could just open it right up in visual studio and run, but nope. From what I g… @YaomonKS @RethinkJeff C++ folk available to guide me through compiling a project from github? I know nothing about C++ @pixelgroover @Adobe @Photoshop holy heck... how have I never encountered this before? I just tested it and got the same thing. no idea @ENDESGA Man I have no idea how c++ works so it’s likely just me being dumb about something. Figured if just be ab… concept I've been using a lot lately is the idea of "Weight bearing" or load bearing design. What does this mea…
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @ENDESGA ErrorLNK1104cannot open file 'D:\GitHub\EDGITOR\packages\sdl2.nuget.2.0.12\build\native\..\..\\build\nativ…
i started using graphicsgale in 2006 and have somehow managed to make it to now blissfully unaware that this is jus…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerA beautiful example of what you can create using Lazy Nezumi Pro's upgraded Fisheye Perspective ruler, by LNP user…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerLazy Nezumi Pro update #137 (20.07.07) completely upgrades the Fisheye Perspective ruler, allowing full line rotati…
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Retweeted by Dan Fessler🙌Thx for the 1K followers everyone!!!🙏Little jump study here with a personal character that I'm working on. Somehow…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerHi ! I'm opening 2 fullbody colored commission slot at the price of 175$ I dont do mecha or extreme fetish stuff. B…
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @risu_ika long time no seeGameart from Halfway My first gig as an illustrator, ironically Sci-Fi. #pixelart #gameart #ドット絵
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @ArtemisOzimmer @progrium I don't understand. state and view are entirely different concepts.
@progrium How the heck is UI *not* a tree in most instances. @ndchristie @blankthevidya @Ninechop @shanianickel Exactly right. I use smoothstep for this in my shaders @blankthevidya @Ninechop @shanianickel Thumbnail hid the comparison. Make sure to click the image @blankthevidya @Ninechop @shanianickel btw you can smoother silhouettes if your light source gradient has a bell-cu… @castpixel Another fun coincidence when I was discovering all this, I also accidentally reinvented Bayer Matrix dit… @castpixel yup I'm aware! Goes by many names and for many uses. Another is called signed distance fields for vect… @ENDESGA yeah not sure what's going on. It seems that the sdl2_ttg nuget packet isn't registering as a reference i… @artofsully do eet @Ninechop @blankthevidya @shanianickel In this context I'd say it's a posterized greyscale image multiplied on top of the screen. @DanFessler @shanianickel I always forget how this effect works, but it's in my game 👌
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @kollatt Hoping to get a public release out in a few months. It's built on webtech and will be bundled as an elect… @shanianickel This example is in Photoshop, but my setup is working the same way :) @ENDESGA unable to build. "SeverityCodeDescriptionProjectFileLineSuppression State ErrorLNK1104cannot open file 'D:…'s also neat is you have the option for either! for early stages of a painting I use dynamic indexing, and lat… benefit of HD index painting compared to traditional index painting is hard to describe without seeing it. Typ… need to compliment boys more this is breaking my heart
Retweeted by Dan FesslerWanted to share a neat little way I did chains
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@RatCasket @wtfmig He's also a poo poo face @wtfmig Can't put that genie back in the bottle Mig. It's OURS nowIt's been a week, and I still can't stop thinking about how genius this is. The anthropomorphization of randomizat… @_RocketBryan soooo goood @ambivorous hehe I'm sure I will again soon as I continue to test my pixel app. Hang tight :) @corey_annis Ah shoot. I must have lost the notice in the mail @howieeday I guess that makes me a coder more than a pixel artist :P @yingleberry I totally will, no joke. Would love to see what you'd make with your style!Someone told me they were sad I moved away from pixel art. I’m like chasm wasn’t that long ago right? Does not doi… is genius. Gradients used with pixel art to portray subtle bounced light while keeping a pure pixel aesthetic… sketches
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The ones that piss me off are the literal bombs in the sky. No colors, no sparks. Just the loudest boom you can i… guess I’m officially old. Pissed off at the neighborhood setting off illegal fireworks. But like, they are legi…
low poly box (6 triangles)
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @toscofish @kylepulver @dsanches @andrevalente You probably wouldn’t want to code the palettes into the shader dire… @toscofish @kylepulver @dsanches @andrevalente There’s more than enough data available in the channels. One channe… @toscofish @kylepulver @dsanches @andrevalente Heck yeah it turned out great! The main thing I’d love to see someon… @dsanches @andrevalente @toscofish @kylepulver I also did several real-time shader tests of my own, but never made a full game @dsanches @andrevalente @toscofish @kylepulver Here it is: @dsanches @andrevalente @toscofish Yup I’m surprised it took this long too. That said, there was another small game… again for the next few hours. Refactoring my brush stroke code while fireworks freak out my dogs."Caboose" #pixelart #illustration #topdown
Retweeted by Dan FesslerOkay, I have the basics set up for using the closeup for scene transition- still a bunch of work i want to do on th…
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That @OskSta's town thing but pixelart and more greens. No one tell Trix #pixelart
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @AfterburnerRob There's still time! We're hiring ;)gif version w alternate color palette!
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @AfterburnerRob It's been something we specifically hire for from the start. Always looking for people with side projects and passions. @Triplefox Just makes me wonder why so many BASIC implementations were interpreted especially in an era of resource…'s a special place in hell for genius like this. you're interested in my javascript BASIC interpreter btw, here's the source'd think that since I wrote my own BASIC interpreter I'd have a clearer answer on this, but nope! no idea. think this is the first time I've seen a compiled BASIC. I always wondered if there was something inherent in th… a simple little script for easily adding per-frame offsets within Aseprite. Super easy to set up, and much nic…
Retweeted by Dan Fesslerhi im bad at tutorials but i made this so hope it can help someone! #pixelart
Retweeted by Dan Fessler @konjak Or maybe 65 million years from now they’ll find a crocodile skeleton and assume it was a fluffy cuddle dragon with feathers.Rolling rpg stats, even meaningless ones, is addictive
Retweeted by Dan Fesslerday/night cycle implemented + universal 3 atk combo #pixelart #gamedev #gamemaker
Retweeted by Dan FesslerSphere Tool + Voxel Physics = fun Each of the new stamped sphere is detected as floating, and a new voxel world is…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerLive again. loving the promo animation I did for Detective Case (such a lovably silly game) #ドット絵 #pixelart #gamedev
Retweeted by Dan FesslerProbably the best article about light I’ve ever seen
@Enichan @nichtsdev will do @nichtsdev @Enichan I have tracked down the court. Should have the info soon. @Enichan Looks like the thread was nuked? @Enichan There was someone that was replying to every thread that mentioned Loren that mentioned this. Loren later…'s one of those useful features that are hard to make more discoverable. But there it is :) Thanks to Andrei for…
Retweeted by Dan FesslerGenius! @wtfmig What a great idea!