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@LightisFading Now make em kissMy first novel, The Flesh Molder’s Love Song, is now available for under a ridiculous $5 on Amazon. And it’s Prime.…
Retweeted by Danger Slater#CoverReveal!! "Greev" coming out March 27th with NihilismRevised. 💀 Technology, death, cults, grief, androids 🤖 Wr…
Retweeted by Danger Slater @MyeKrennish Then we can be friends.
@TheezGoToEleven Crazy @A_C_Sour Good tip! @nickdayonline I woulda called them poopgo shorts, but yeah, makes sense. Need a pair. For various reasons.Almost out of personalized books. Only got 5 copies of my Wonderland Award winning novel I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU lef…, I'm just a regular guy, I shit my pants one leg at a time, just like everyone else.If you send me proof of buying one of my books, I’ll fight your dad. This offer lasts forever.
Retweeted by Danger Slater @Israel_Finn Only one way to find out. @niki_noob This is 100% my kinda party. @artemis1860 Glad I could be of service.Petition to change the name of bukkake porn to spunkpunk. @patrickbromley You should get a tattoo to match mine. @ThomasFraney I want the female lead reboot.My ★★★★½ review of 1917 on Letterboxd is probably my favorite scene in the Dark Knight...SOUND ON #batman #darkknight
Retweeted by Danger Slater @csrencz HahaJust watched 1917. Pretty harrowing movie. Can't wait for 1918.
@BP_Gregory Dont connect to that one, are you mad??? @iamveebeck @Twitter I'd settle for some Chex Mix. @falln468 One day. One day.My ★★★½ review of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot on Letterboxd @astamps21 @lcp_podcast Start yelling at @OnlyShawnReimer he does all the research! @CannonballJones @Twitter I just learned Japanese!I'm already in a bad mood tomorrow.
Retweeted by Danger Slater @EmInPortland This is Samurai Blue on Mississippi. It's not the cheapest place around, but damn do they make some tasty, interesting rolls.Random Friday shout out to one of our favorite stories by one of fave writers @AllyMalinenko
Retweeted by Danger SlaterI worked at forever 21 as a cashier and i guess the customer i rang up was an ig baddie because a few people recogn…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterFilled my guts with some fancy sushi. @ZeBurns Why not both?? @gimetzco It was great!! @mousewings Thks! @samantharosej I watched both Bikram and The Great Hack this week. Both we're pretty good but OH MAN they're upsetting. @tracy_reads79 The hell?
@mcvaughn138 @Twitter Haha. Let's storm the castle together! @rwvenable @Twitter Thanx @DapperJabber @Twitter Beautiful.HEY @Twitter IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, GIMME A BLUE CHECK ALREADY @lenorewrites @lcp_podcast Haha. Gonna get some Sun In.Hey Kids! @Danger_Slater loves cats and so can you! Find out why & how in our latest episode:…
Retweeted by Danger Slater @lcp_podcast Is this my long lost brother??? @Burgerboyguy Thanks! @GabbaGabbaMeh Hahaha. Well happy birthday to you too. @byrneluvr Thx nate! @GabbaGabbaMeh I WILL BOOM YOU! @ctrlaltcassie 🖤🖤🖤 @tracycwrites Thanks Tracy. You rule!I think we should all do this in a big group chat. Who's in? @AndrewAwesome76 Ha. Taintcoin > bitcoin @creepsclub Honestly, this is better than a nude. Thanks so much Rob!It's my birthday! I'm older than I've ever been! How did this happen??? Gonna get sushi tonight and then watch Jay… @lcp_podcast Ouf. I just had myself a little burt squirt. @Elysium1313 Thank youuuu 😊 @johnwayneisdead @astamps21 @avman2120 Happy bird day, my dude. Hopefully get to see you soon. @iamveebeck Dats a good movie! @iamveebeck TET ANUS! @iamveebeck Did I misspell something? @CMorganAuthor @astamps21 @avman2120 Hahahahaso does patrick stewart finally hang dong in Picard or ? @avman2120 @astamps21 I was out there for a few hours today. Haha. Easily could have. I have gotten friends before.Tomorrow is my birthday and I got a surprise package in the mail from my friends @astamps21 and @avman2120. Its a g…
@Brymerican Are blowjobs a part of their corporate culture? @eyerarat At least you get to do cocaine then. @astamps21 @lcp_podcast I think you know why.... @psychogore Haha. At least there's that!Tweets like this are why no one will hire me.Look *if* you're gonna use a gloryhole, just be safe about it and make sure it's padded around the edges. Wouldn't… @nlqualls @TheHuOfficial Epic. @MissusM They're super fun. @nlqualls Haha. YES! @nlqualls I am curious about this dubstep bagpiping... @TheezGoToEleven I just sat there and wrote and looked out the window. I actually wrote a third of I Will Rot Without You on a train. Haha. @TheezGoToEleven I took the train from Chicago to Portland once. It was a realy nice trip (long as fuck though) @nlqualls It's punk cabaret.Looks like they're playing in Portland soon too, on Feb 9th. Think I'm gonna try to go. Who wants to come?I don't know if any of my Twitter friends care about this, but World/Inferno Friendship Society released a new albu…'m gonna get swole as shit this year. I'm gonna look like Arnold Schwatzelgnagater. @iamveebeck "I'm gonna give him a boner he can't refuse" @drlarrybooks He's crying more more new porn name: Boney Cannoli @kellip539 The organization is in a perpetual state of "landing" it. @Felcherman Harry and the Bigfootsons @SusanJWilkes What a creep. @TheezGoToEleven The exact same, in fact!You'd be hard-pressed to find that much entertainment for a dollar anywhere else. @Danger_Slater's 4-star review of…
Retweeted by Danger Slater @the_rye_stuff Oh hell yea! Thx! I used to date a girl from Lawrence (briefly) and from what she told me, it's a pretty cool town.
When someone says "Yeah but those are small potatoes when compared to the Henderson account" they're more than like… New Year's resolution: be on time with things @divinerebel @lcp_podcast Oh yeah, I can see where that might be upsetting.I have an comedy/advice podcast with some friends. We have 14 episodes so far. It's called Life Coach Pandemonium.…
@isaacrthorne @lcp_podcast @OnlyShawnReimer @ShawnVales Thx Isaac!Checking out that episode of @lcp_podcast. You know, the one with cats. It also has @OnlyShawnReimer,…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterMy ★★½ review of The Hustle (2019) on @letterboxd: @G_S_Ball Haha. I was trying real hard to like it. @OlympiaKane Id have to think abt that one. But I can certainly say X2 is my fave. Or maybe Logan is. And does Dead… ★★ review of Dark Phoenix on Letterboxd
@danieldessinger And growing @astamps21 Haha. Minecraft vitamins: they're just Legos.