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Retweeted by Danger SlaterWe'll be talking about this movie on this weeks episode of the podcast, so if that's your thing, listen in: ★★★★ review of Let the Right One In (2008) on @letterboxd:
Reading Bruni's like going to an ol' VHS rental joint and grabbing stuff from GORGON VIDEO or MEDIA or KEY VIDEO, s…
Retweeted by Danger Slater @stuartmbuck Haha. Yeah, it's definitely written for the masses, but there's enough to it that it doesn't feel like… @stuartmbuck Recursion by Blake Crouch was pretty good. Breezy read, but it goes interesting philosophical places (… of 5 stars to My Head is Full of Haunted Houses by Jeff O'Brien @batoutofmel It has Rainn Wilson in it and I like Gillian Flynn stuff, so I'm def. still planning to check it out. @batoutofmel Hm...I have been looking forward to this one. @KappesMaltese Haha. That dog gets it! @JPlatzHalter I respect the fact that at least it's Starship Troopers @astamps21 @avman2120 Thats a great idea too! @astamps21 @avman2120 Oh that's actually a great idea! @astamps21 @avman2120 Actually, that one is a lot of fun. The one of me eating farina that says VIRAL LOADS...not so much... @astamps21 Haha, yes thanks @avman2120 I wouldn't want anything to happen to my beautiful toilet mug... @astamps21 I will have to bring my GIANT BOX OF MUGS with me.My ★★★★½ review of Dragged Across Concrete (2018) on @letterboxd: @crazysexyghoul End of the day, you gotta live for you, so if somewhere else is calling, you will do yourself a dis… went over to @dbhfiction this afternoon and got to pet his awesome dog ALL DAY. @crazysexyghoul My mom still guilt trips me for living on the other side of the country. haha @astamps21 Jezus. Ya know, I'm moving mid-October and I'M NOT TELLING YOU MY NEW ADDRESS.
@meekingschris @MadeleineSwann @G_S_Ball @Bill_Purnell @lofiguyART Oh yeah, I hate that guy. @gimetzco Attn: @constanceannx3 @jcarson_nyack Idk @constanceannx3 @G_S_Ball @MadeleineSwann @Bill_Purnell @meekingschris @lofiguyART Ha. I was watching it. I think you nailed me. "H… @MadeleineSwann @G_S_Ball @Bill_Purnell @meekingschris @lofiguyART Does this make me an honorary Brit??? @constanceannx3 the fuck?WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO ME AND BUBBLES??!? I went out in the lobby to call for a patient and I walked right by him bc he was covered head to toe (ma…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterGrab the latest issue! Get a new story in my bloody sexy Black Brothel series & goodies from @Danger_Slater
Retweeted by Danger Slater @DhdKittys That seems much safer!SEVENTEEN NAMES FOR SKIN! IT’S HERE AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!
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Eraserhead Press (@eraserhead_rose) set up a storefront as a sorta primer to Bizarro fiction over on @Bookshop_Org.… @LucianaLamb I will do both! I contain multitudes!I've decided for mental health reasons that once a month I am going to get shitfaced drunk and go fistfight strangers.My ★ review of Verotika on Letterboxd
Commerce be praised! I now have a supply of LEVELS on hand for anyone interested in a personalized copy. Comes with…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterThis week on the podcast, the boys and I learned everything we'll ever need to know about life and love by watching… @TheCraigCaustic Haha. @TheCraigCaustic IDK what this is supposed to mean. @vincentmarshall Some are like "figure out where to publish this thing" so they're not all active fingers-on-the-ke… @mondoheather Yeah, I've been increasingly frustrated recently and thinking about getting professional help (possib… @EjuenArmstrong Do I get some kind of card, or ?I have like 15 different writing projects going on and I try to prioritize them but even on my good days my brains… @DapperJabber @G_S_Ball I am for it. @G_S_Ball Normcore.Preorder Promo: If you preorder The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off (either from the publisher or Amazon), DM me the or…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterMore like a panDUMBic, amiright?
@brian_asman @bert_stanton No, this is not a bad idea....If I blurb your book, you have to like every single one of my tweets forever.
Retweeted by Danger Slater @ericjguignard @deathsheadpress @brian_asman That would be the super talented Jim Agpalza (@whiskeee) @mechachandler Why do I have the feeling you say that after every story you finish?
@constanceannx3 It's a seasonal tweet.Secret project with @Danger_Slater and @brian_asman you say? Well, it is not secret anymore. Cover reveal time fo…
Retweeted by Danger Slater @EdwardLorn Fuck man. I am so sorry.New AJS in a few days! He's running a promo if you preorder from the publisher or Amazon and DM him proof, he'll wr… only memory I have of KRULL is the spinny throwy weapony thingy. I saw it because I thought the ad's title reve…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterMy ★★★½ review of The King of Staten Island on Letterboxd @AudiniAudio Harsh. @TheAngelinator I know. I'm sorry.Buy books like you're in an anarchist jurisdiction and money isn't even real, yo:
Retweeted by Danger Slater @JPlatzHalter Wow rude. @DeadGeographies Save it. Log off and enjoy. I'm sure this will come up again.I'll see myself out.If Steve Urkel taught me anything, it's that family matters. @authornickmoore I guess I got a tweet out of it.
5 of 5 stars to The Atrocities by Jeremy C. Shipp an article this week? Here's our weekly wrap-up: Welcome to Babou 691! Arcade Anom…
Retweeted by Danger SlaterOne time I bought a microwave from a crackhead. Would not recommend. @mkate_ultra That's only if you want to write the Lord of the Rings. @TheezGoToEleven Some of my besties live out there like @realflooddamage and his GF Sauda whom I can't tag for some… @daphnethewriter In that case, I have a few calls to make. @daphnethewriter Zoom is chatroulette without the wangs. @RckrBelle Shit, it don't get any easier! @daphnethewriter It is. Esp. in these pandemic times. But also in regular times too.Tinder but for childless people in their late 30s just looking to make a few friends.I wouldn't mind at all if writing as "Breast Eatin' Ellis" turns out to be the highlight of my career. #vaguebook
Retweeted by Danger Slater @infrafan I see you've done this before.The best way to write a book is to enter a prolonged fugue state. Eight months later you simply wake up in the midd… @codysbookshelf @EdwardLorn Which one fucks the stork? @EdwardLorn I would like to know more.
I found this important cultural artifact. is a part of MILF culture.3 of 5 stars to The Deep by Alma Katsu ★★★½ review of The Rental on Letterboxd
An interview with @eraserhead_rose, head honcho of Eraserhead Press. @ZeBurns
Retweeted by Danger Slater @speciesamused Haha. It was a joke. But thanks for the concern and the pep talk! Truly.My girlfriend suggested that I look into therapy and I was like STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO, MOM! @BurgerboyguyVO Eine kleine Penismusik, in it's native tongue.This week on the podcast we covered the kinetic Japanese video game musical WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES. It's a movie abo… @ThatWalls Putting it in my ear, of course. @KodyBoye @CMorganAuthor Why not both? @speciesamused I don't recall, they were one's my GF had got herself so I asked her to pick me up a pair too. They… @_TheLeader Haha. @meekingschris It IS the sharpest tool in the shed. @CMorganAuthor Brings a whole new meaning to the word "sounding"Got wireless earbuds. It's like living in the future. Next step, music that comes out of my PENIS.
@nickdayonline Cool as hell.Sold this piece about a year and change ago... I really need to get back to the drafting table.
Retweeted by Danger SlaterI made a list of 31 horror books I've enjoyed over the last year-ish that you should add to your October TBR!
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