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@Jickle I believe George Lucas is canonically an alien in the film, right @BRKeogh Yeah that’s definitely true. And having a million parallel sessions just makes everything worse online. No… @BRKeogh Honestly I’m not super sure big international conferences costing hundreds (thousands?) of dollars were ev… still can't believe people who make $199,000 a year are gonna be in the same tax bracket as people who make $46,0…
Retweeted by Dan Golding“It is the community formed in the theatre that is [George] Lucas’ most enduring legacy. @Swinburne’s Dr Dan Goldi…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @originalsalted @SensesofCinema Oh true - Martin is a really good point of comparison. Thanks! @Laserschwert_ @ArtoftheScore @BucNicholas @JazzNerd Hahaha, very well done!Extraordinary read.
@astroblob alwaysReally thrilled to be able to share my 'Great Directors' entry on George Lucas for @SensesofCinema, in the just-pub… @BRKeogh oh yeah? i'm paid for a 7.26 hour day, how about that @d_p_burns I actually haven't listened to them yet! Obviously super keen, but weirdly also not sure I want to hear… @astroblob 👀
@MichelleArrow1 Ah, I'm so glad you're enjoying it Michelle! Ever since I realised it was on iView I've been inhali… @DaveMilbo the king of the chip
@richardthewatts Ah, too easy! @stueyjrichards Ahhh you’re gonna have a good time Stuey! @richardthewatts Oh I haven’t, thanks so much for the recommendation! @richardthewatts I’m already inhaling it all over again. @Serrels You can’t fool me Mark Serrels I’ve seen your How To Train Your Dragon tweetsYou may need some tolerance for upwardly-inflecting narration, but if that’s an obstacle for you I absolutely beg you to persist. @PeterWMurphy1 @ABCClassic Oh indeed! One for the list, thanks Peter!Friends who like movies, in lockdown or not: I’ve just realised that ABC iView is now hosting all 15 episodes of ‘T… @KetanJ0 I mean @allymcleangames you know it's law i post this @Malone_Digital @ArtoftheScore @BucNicholas @JazzNerd Yeah that is super super cool. Would definitely be interested… @Malone_Digital @ArtoftheScore @BucNicholas @JazzNerd Wow, this is amazing! So they were general purpose end tags f… @Polyversalis @JazzNerd @BucNicholas @m_giacchino @ArtoftheScore Whoever did that was a genius! Err, I mean, Teddy Buc was a genius!
@incrediblemelk @doougle I also do reckon you have to go hard one way or the other - either a comedy show with tota… @doougle It is extremely bleak, and moreso than ever @incrediblemelk @doougle I definitely agree about the difference in quality but I think it’s a self fulfilling prop… @doougle I reckon it perfectly taps the gen x/old gen y demographic that still watches fta tv and doesn’t watch the… @doougle Yeah, probably true. I do think there’s definitely something british about the format that uses the game a… @EdwinStreet @ABCClassic Oh fantastic! I think you’ll enjoy the movie, glad you like the soundtrack on the show tod… @doougle This is almost every british panel game show @eliotfish @ABCClassic Ooh, great deep cut. Will definitely have to include this next time. @allrite @ABCClassic Absolutely love Williams' olympic work. Between that and The Mission, he's done a lot for the… @grahamwkidd @ABCClassic Actually really like the Ben Hur sound of that score! @allrite @ABCClassic Extremely powerful '80s vibes @ruth_parslow They certainly do, I know what you mean!Today on Screen Sounds, I'm playing you the best music from sports movies, a genre that I reckon is totally unfairl… @jonmgibson Hope you enjoy!We're looking for a 6 month 3 day/week mixed methods researcher @Swinburne to work on @AdmsCentre projects with me,…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @suspirialex Is there any doubt, absolutely, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas! @suspirialex Omg
18 months into the pandemic and Australia is right back at the start, facing indefinite lockdowns. But this time we…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @philbetts Oh thanks! I spent aaaages doing research for this one but didn’t stumble on this - will definitely track it down!This is an unusual episode for us, but I think the material is unusually interesting! More than 70 studio fanfares… Episode 34 of #ArtoftheScore we investigate a fascinating & often-overlooked area of #filmmusic history – studio…
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@ArtoftheScore @Nathan_F95 I’m not sure we ever said it was definitely an episode about a single score, did we guys?This is such a wonderful talk from Jake about how real world locations in the UK helped guide his level design for…“Bad things happened to me so they should happen to others” is no way to be an adult, let alone any way to govern p… should help NSW in any way they request: stopping covid must be our sole focus. And ffs, pay ppl to stay home
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@jintor_au If nothing else from tonight I’ll remember the wars, broken legs, juntas, pirates, and “the activities of the Khmer Rouge” @lisyk I was always totally bewildered by these sketches. But now. Now I understand. @CaseyBriggs @MarcFennell It’s all Japanese game soundtracks much weirder than commentary at the olympics opening ceremony Extremely commentator voice: And now Lady Macbet… GDC ATTENDEES: Jake's talk is tomorrow! Tune in at 3:40pm PST (or 8:40am AEST or 11:40pm GMT) to hear about…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @incrediblemelk Sorry I was being blandly sarcastic: I think my academic and research “narrative” has probably been… @incrediblemelk What’s a field of interestI’m sure there will be some of this, but I truly believe most people across all states want vaccines to go where th…
@eamonhamilton It is a genuine pity! I think there was a rerelease of the vinyl track listing which recently became… is a lovely interview. @eamonhamilton Hey sorry forgot to reply to this - in short these things don’t often make heaps of money so it sort… lucky to have my first publication in the Journal of Games Criticism! Special thanks to @BRKeogh for wal…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @CJBats @BRKeogh @batndal Congratulations Chris, so glad your excellent research is getting out there! @MrCamW YesssI’ve heard university administrators talk about how the government no longer wants to fund research, but clearly, t… @huedavies Ugh how horrible!Oh GOD
Your worst mate at a party in 1999, after hearing about climate change for the first time and having had a few too… if this effort was put into actually saving the reef. @jdrrr @meadea @ABCTV Yes, I saw Carpenter’s Starman on there the other night. Enjoyably strange!
@BlueCorellian @ABCClassic Thanks so much for listening! I’ve definitely always thought that about him - he actuall… @RaygunBrown It’s definitely an overlooked gem. When I first saw it I didn’t like the snare drum militarism stuff b… @grahamwkidd Pure pleasure on my part!I would really encourage people working in the arts or academia to see locked down blue collar workers who aren’t g…
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@PeterWMurphy1 Too much fun here! @allrite I'm not sure actually, I'd have to revisit - off the top of my head I thought there were a few bits of fre… @oz_penguin I love that you found this @allrite TESB is definitely the best Star Wars suite. I reckon I'd throw in Azkaban too as a candidate. @gamesblip Ah yes I have this one! It's very decent in my view.Hard to say if Last Crusade has the best end credits suite ever - there are some strong competitors - but it certai… anyone ever wants to give me a CS-80 so I can recreate the Blade Runner sound just drop me a line okayI'm sorry but Air Force One is absolutely one of the best totally-serious-music-for-a-very-unserious-film themes going @grahamwkidd @ABCClassic Yes, you're right - Clannad! Perhaps not that widely known today, but Enya certainly still is, I think... @grahamwkidd @ABCClassic Han Solo and the Princess, close but not quite Leia's exclusive theme! @grahamwkidd @ABCClassic Hard same here Graham!Honestly it's been way too long since I played 1977 Star Wars on Screen Sounds @IndieGames_Muso @ABCClassic So much good music!Today on Screen Sounds, I'm playing the film music of Harrison Ford's career. John Williams, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer…
@huedavies @binarythis Hugh I totally love this piece. One of my favourite academic things on games. @allymcleangames Ally one time he tweeted at me and there were thirsty, not-quite-on-top-of-twitter women of I’m go… @Serrels I’m so sorry, but also, thank you for posting this @jazzrozz @Tres_Villain @DaveMilbo @ArtoftheScore I promise you Tex is way classier than me @Tres_Villain @DaveMilbo @ArtoftheScore That was such a good day! @MarcFennell Classic, on the other hand,
@astroblob @10rdBeen The truth is, I think it's wonderful if you enjoyed this netflix special, Jini @10rdBeen @astroblob Oh gosh yes! An enormously popular example that I had most definitely not thought of prior to posting @astroblob Jini I appreciate the nuance you’re bringing to this but my own point is rather more simple: musical com…