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@benoonbenoon It is! I think just in german so far, but surely that netflix release with subs won’t be far behind.This Friday on #RNDrive w/ @benknight38: ▪️Scared of MSG? Were we wrong all along w/ @adamliaw ▪️Friday Quiz w/…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @emvdn @DrSophieYates @Viscount_Wombat Extremely incorrect @gracebruxner New scene in Frog 3 @Viscount_Wombat She’s subtweeting me for being the same.
@DaveMilbo Oh my GODNew season of Babylon Berlin and also Picard = it is tv Christmas @dialmformovies @stueyjrichards I definitely laughed with Stephen Merchant's surprise scene, but it was fairly limited beyond that. @stueyjrichards Agreed. I thought it was fine but not particularly strong. @jrhennessy His kid got famousVoting closes in just a few days for your favourite film score - get on it! world’s most widely cited (& prestigious) scientific journal is sounding the red alarm for Australia, and it’s…
Retweeted by Dan Goldingthe only real hazard reduction burn is never electing the liberal national party again send tweet
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@hjsutherland @ABCClassic Perfect.Hard agree with this.'s today's editorial in Nature
Retweeted by Dan Golding @allrite @ABCClassic Just an all-time great score, that. @makdaddymelb @ABCClassic Just so, so good @annaspargoryan @ABCClassic Hey now, I like that a lot! I think Interstellar tops it for my favourite Zimmer, but I… @annaspargoryan @ABCClassic Thanks for voting Anna! I'm super intrigued now... @_CraigHB @ABCClassic I think I might with any luck get a moment on Monday to play my favourite Morricone... (and yes, it isn't this). @ABCClassic The Mission is good – it's Morricone, after all – but I wonder if a new fave can't be found. Something… vote asap for your favourite film music of all time! This weekend at @ABCClassic we're playing the 2013 cou… thread
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I have never said anything like this, nor will I ever say it. It’s never too late to do as much as we can, every fr…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @Tezamondo actually i've been watching films for 40,001 years @BRKeogh Videogames ARE a developing medium. Very few successful seances so farThanks for this Dan! Here's my inquiry – as the risk of stranded assets in the event of a carbon bubble bursts was…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @market_forces Thanks very much for that!Today I got a form response from UniSuper regarding the @market_forces campaign that emphasises, among other things… @BRKeogh No, "young", as in, we don't take them seriously @Tezamondo @BRKeogh Old Man Money @fmlehman This is an all-time great score.
@BeccaEHarrison I mean it! Your perspective on how these films treat the past, and, for want of a better word, solidarity, is spot on imo.I haven't written on Rise of Skywalker yet, but if I did, I can't imagine doing better than this wonderfully consid… @DrCurlytek @Serrels Yes, I was overseas for this otherwise I would've been in heaven (and done the same)! @JakeChatty ah man i must have forgotten that when i wrote "aside from DVDs" in my original tweet @noplain You bet @noplain That I would normally 100% do but I am already being crushed with deadlines this month, sorry :( @GeorgeKapaklis And adults, too!This is huge news. It's been basically impossible to catch Ghibli in Australia aside from DVDs until now. @timsenior @Leel06Lee Ha!A proposal: how about we stop calling them dust-storms & start calling them what they are - soil-storms. Dust is so…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @plasmov Thank you! I’m super lucky to be doing the show, really, it’s a total dream. @plasmov Ha! Not as good as Byte, of course, but I’ll take it! @oz_penguin Ah, so sorry to hear that Steve. @Zevensoft Yes, like a fever. Has crossed my mind too.Screen Sounds today on @ABCClassic is a fun little preview of coming attractions - of this weekend’s rescreening of… like... the environment... is trying to tell those in parliament... something?? new indie column featuring the wholesome Frog Detective 2, the mind-bending Superliminal and the shape-shifting…
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Auctioneers and bidders, this is what you’ve achieved: Pledged amount: $530k Confirmed by us as of today: $486,60…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @garywhitta One of James Horner's most underrated scores, too. @ismattism There's been some discussion of that over the years - seemingly the Australian pre-selection process mak… tweet you ever seen a political party so opposed to taking advantage of an open goal. Just totally allergic to doing… is more concerned about climate change than ever, while the government continues to look like cartoon vil…
@BRKeogh This is obscene, I know most of these wth @nicksiem @ABCClassic I will read this! I do enjoy Lanky and Silent Neeson in this, definitely. I think Joffe wasn’… of the absolute coolest lots in the very good #GameDevsForFireys, imo @mjmcmaster I’m coming up with nothing here
In 2013, Ennio Morricone’s score for The Mission topped the @ABCClassic 100 Music in the Movies list. But what ma… @incrediblemelk Excited for you on this big day, Mel @grahamwkidd One of the absolute best, undoubtedly. @nahresol Thank you, that's very kind! I have loved your videos for some time now. Thank you so much for putting th… @jasclarkewriter Thanks! I really like JJ's active camera. Watching just the camera moves even in just the opening…!!! frog detective 1 is in this bundle with some incredible games, 100% of the profits are supporting the bushfi…
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So this is pretty exciting. I’m going to be hosting the pointy end of the count on Mon 27 - and I’ve been working o…'s a real honour to be nominated for Excellence in Audio and the Grand Prize in the IGF Awards — an IGF nominatio…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @Tezamondo Mostly I think it's because Abrams in particular loves Spielberg's style, which is very similar to this… guess the other thing I'd say is that the two oners are such a departure to the Lucas style, who aggressively pre… @apagliar It depends who you talk to! It's all aesthetics so there's no answer. Some critics argue that the trend t… complete my extremely nerdy analysis of how the scene is edited don't think average shot length (ASL) tells us a lot about film, but it's interesting given the criticisms of TRo… @TStockdaleSwin Thanks Tom!Proof @nahresol is a genius.
Glued to our spreadsheet for days. Journalists camped outside waiting for the total. Please help us! If you guesse…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @JazzNerd @LJology Takes, Hot Takes. @fmlehman Can you believe it’s not even out in Australia yet @ChrisAgius13 Thank you Chris! @amyloudoherty Thanks so much Amy! @KathAlbury Thanks Kath! @donniemnemonic Oh *whoa*. Did not know. Wow. @Ecoludologist Thanks Ben! @nikdow @market_forces @myfuturesuper Many academic staff are unable to switch as it is locked in. @syvergy Haha, thanks James (and sorry!) @thatwearwolf Jesssssss <3 @dianabossio Thanks Diana! @aliceclaire Thanks Alice! @futureclassical Oh wow, that’s super interesting. I didn’t know that about Danna.
@tamaleaver Thanks Tama! @christydena Thanks Christy! @Shadimar_AU @ElPrezAU Yeah. If we had the option of moving to a greener fund I would be seriously considering it. @oz_penguin Ha! @embilbie Thank you Em! @CamRogersLegal Awesome, that’s really important to do. @Tres_Villain Thanks Andy!It’s my birthday today! All I want is for every Aus uni worker I know to sign up for this campaign to get UniSuper… little more than a year ago I did a fun little video essay about how to write a Bond song that sounds like a Bond… @kirkhamilton @Gangles @michelmcbride We did every Bond score but only sometimes touched on the songs. We should do…