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@sj_bowden @ABCClassic Yes - I am not sure if these shows will get a more individualised home, but at the moment yo… the news at 7pm @ABCClassic I'll be on with my first evening special on the music of Ennio Morricone for the… @plasmov @ABCClassic That sounds like a good phase to me, Vanessa! @timsenior @mezosaurus @ABCClassic not to Mars, I hope!Well, to take two bad news days and try and make lemonade from lemons: if, like me, you’re now in lockdown again, I… is a wonderful video essay on Once Upon a Time in the West, for my money Leone's best film - and one of Ennio… @flipcritic Beautiful, thank you. @oz_penguin Haha, you bet. I am well aware of that unfortunate moment... @flipcritic Is the full video online Michael?MEDIA RELEASE: Voices from the North Melbourne, Flemington and Kensington blocks speak out, say detention is puttin…
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@JimBuhler @prof_kozak Here, both major codes have clearly decided that crowd sound is the way to go, but are keepi… @sainzcaccia Well said. @incrediblemelk And then some, actually...My obituary for Ennio Morricone. huge efforts to mobilise food & assistance to the housing estates, it seems some people still haven't been…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingPerhaps the most beautiful theme ever written for cinema. Vale, Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest of greatest co… no. @10rdBeen Not if the dogs are swimming outside of designated areasGamedevs! This is a great idea and Jane is the right person to do it. @caitlen Sorryyyyyyy @BMac_TLDR True, though I think Hornblower would also be close (given it was the inspiration for Trek... ;) ) @caitlen Oh it’s excellent! I’m sure you’d enjoy it.Australian game devs, @JaneMavoa is hoping to put together some 'virtual care packages' for kids/families caught in…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingStarting off with Korngold and Captain Blood for today’s Screen Sounds - the music of the high sea adventure film.… @earthtoelya Voyager really tapers off in the last season, too, ugh. @earthtoelya I promise it gets incredibly good. It’s a slow burn but once it gets underway it is clearly the best of Trek. @Tezamondo Wombat stealth mission whenAnisa Ali is in lockdown in one of Melbourne's public housing towers. She says she was totally unprepared for the d…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingI didn't realise that I was "poor, hard to engage, and vulnerable" until a Victorian Government official told me th…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingI’m a GP in Broadmeadows. This coronavirus hotspot needs support beyond the pandemic | Mariam Tokhi
Retweeted by Dan GoldingWhat?? No confirmed cases but locked down by armed cops anyway?? volunteers appreciation tweet. Bringing in van after van of free food to help those stuck in the #Flemington t…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingAhmed Dini is in one of Melbourne's locked down towers and said residents felt “ambushed” by the speed of the decis…
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@cinemaautopsy I’m in the middle of a rewatch right now (almost S3). It’s just so good!By Hiba Shanino. We knew about Covid in the towers and were taking care, but when we needed support there were only…
Retweeted by Dan Golding'There was no prior warning, no time to prepare.'
Retweeted by Dan GoldingThis father of five kids under five in Melb public housing ‘hard’ lockdown was of 9:30am Sunday still none the wise…
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@Zoezora @incrediblemelk I used to lecture on taste using this - it's from Life magazine from 1949 @astroblob I’ve always heard good things about Flem/Ken Legal, who will be at the centre of this. @frankrees Well, I'm sure the Flem/Ken Legal Centre's Police Accountability project would be able to confirm (…, if you or anyone you know experience misconduct or harm by authorised officers you can make a report on
Retweeted by Dan GoldingReally don't want to be that guy but they never would put a cop on every street corner in Toorak, Brighton, et al,…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingGrowing up, many of my friends lived in the Kensington and Flemington public housing estates. As I got older, I wat… is horrendous. Those poor people. @FaithEverard @cinemaautopsy Director from the Bronx wildly fails to predict the events of the year 2001
My article "The Cultural Field of Video Game Production in Australia" is now completely open-access for anyone who…
Retweeted by Dan Golding @TrentKusters @darcywsmith And that’s just what I’ve come to expect from LoG @TrentKusters @darcywsmith This is a good vid @BenNorthey @MelbSymphony Love your work, Ben.If you need a hit of beauty, calm and great music today you can listen to last night’s @MelbSymphony live streamed…
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@SpikeyLiz @BenNorthey @WendyNorthey @MelbSymphony Double mum endorsed! @JazzNerd @MelbSymphony @BenNorthey Aw thanks Andrew. It was my pleasure! @BRKeogh There’s still time for you to write A Play of Heavenly Bodies @skjethani @UTSFass Brilliant news Suneel. They’re lucky to have you, congratulations! @BenNorthey @WendyNorthey @MelbSymphony It was honestly such a pleasure - I feel extremely privileged to have been… @WendyNorthey @MelbSymphony @BenNorthey Thanks Wendy! Ben did a pretty good job too I think!Watching a livestream of the @MelbSymphony with @BenNorthey conducting and @dangolding hosting is actually a wonder…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingThis evening at 7.30, I'm excited to be presenting this wonderful @MelbSymphony live concert with @BenNorthey condu… pleased to read this very generous review of my book, Star Wars After Lucas (@UMinnPress) in the latest Aust… this Melbourne made game. Congrats to @alexanderperrin and @joshtatangelo
Priorities: ❌ National broadcaster ❌ Universities ❌ Research funding ❌ Child care ❌ Arts ❌ Renewable energy ✅ Prope…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingInstead of the $270b military spend, we could: ✔give free uni and TAFE to all who wanted it ✔offer every parent fre…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingOh! And TikTok. Someone (absolutely not me) should do a Frog Detective dance-off from the end of the first game.You can ask Siri or Alexa or whoever to play Frog Detective. You can put the Frog Detective theme on your Instagram…'t had a moment to say this until now but my soundtracks for Push Me Pull You by @house_house_ and both of… @Scottludlam if climate change could be solved by buying military weapons it would've been done with in 1975
@caitlen @ABCClassic I'm jealous - The Godfather is one of the few MSO screen shows that I've missed over recent years. Would be fantastic. @JasonSt72 @ABCClassic Good question! It depends. A composer won't usually write more music than is asked of them,… is a great run for Mandel, a wonderfully talented composer and arranger. MASH, of course, but also Being There,…
If you went to #Freeplay20 (or have attended in the past), I’d love to chat about your Festival experience re safet…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingToday on Screen Sounds, I'm playing the music of the great Nino Rota: The Godfather, Romeo and Juliet, 8½, La Dolce… other shoe drops.
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@_esther One of my favourite episodes! I don't think you can fully understand Hitchcock's films without his (often… @Tezamondo @BRKeogh did he go to Disrespect school for that doctorate"STEM vs humanities is a nice distraction. It is taking away from the fact that overall Commonwealth funding of uni…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingNo thanks!"He tore me down when I was vulnerable," he said. "I agreed to be documented [in Our Boys] to show other boys that…
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@jacklsinclair Ah, that’s great! Remember also the Game Show, Fridays at 3pm - great stuff that he might also enjoy! @_AmyGray_ The organ...The headline says it all: even those who designed the HECS system says @DanTehanWannon’s plans for fee hikes and fu…
If cancel culture was real Wayne Carey would not have a plum media job
Retweeted by Dan Golding @ArtoftheScore @storymasterq @qikipedia @BucNicholas @JazzNerd This is sort of true and sort of not. From Rick Altm… MY GOD THIS VIDEO! Thank you @ABCTV Play School takes on racism
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So for anyone following along, the plan so far: 1. Cut uni funding by fiddling with enrolments 2. Discover that fi… the government’s response to this unfolding disaster is to take MORE money from universities. Unbelievable. Sol… @r4dyc Hands off my breadth subject @r4dyc I love how the line also suggests degrees continue to get cheaper forever, surely hitting dirt eventually. M… research for a thing and @suspirialex I didn't know the young Nino Rota (here aged 12) was clearly the inspir…’s universities are being defunded based on a line drawn on the back of an envelope after a big night outUhhhhhh
@timsenior Thanks Tim. Hard not to draw the same conclusion!Oh, it's worth a shot. #RefundTheABC!
Retweeted by Dan GoldingCuts to science and engineering, higher fees for students in humanities and law, no-one wins except anyone who thin… is a good summary: 1. The government is cutting funding across most study areas 2. The impact on overall fund… here's an admission that the government's cuts to universities - during, in Tehan's own words, "the biggest eco… of the very, very few things I respect about News is that they know how to fight. Their enemies - the ABC, univ…
Retweeted by Dan GoldingThe 7:45am news theme is a part of Australia's media history. A very sad day.
Retweeted by Dan GoldingThis off the back of a pandemic and record-breaking bushfire season. What a shit time for the whole industry.
Retweeted by Dan Golding250 jobs to go at the ABC. The 7:45am flagship radio news will go.
Retweeted by Dan Golding @BRKeogh @marcusdcarter I’d pop this at the top of your CV if I were you