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Twins writer for The Athletic. 12th year in BBWAA. Chicago. San Diego. Sonoma County. Friend to The Dutchman, Uber driver extraordinaire.

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@scottmerkin @fromthe108 @sphadley @barstoolWSD @SoxMachine @SoxOn35th @ChuckGarfien @ChiSoxFanMike @MySoxSummer @scottmerkin @fromthe108 @sphadley @barstoolWSD @SoxMachine @SoxOn35th @ChuckGarfien @ChiSoxFanMike @MySoxSummer Gordon saw more time at 2B this spring than SS, 40 innings to 12. Here’s how he views the situation after a g… @ChuckGarfien @fromthe108 @sphadley @barstoolWSD @SoxMachine @SoxOn35th @ChiSoxFanMike @MySoxSummer @SoxNerd No. 4 prospect Nick Gordon had a great spring before he was reassigned to minor-league camp on Sunday. Her… @fromthe108 @sphadley @barstoolWSD @SoxMachine @SoxOn35th @ChuckGarfien @ChiSoxFanMike @MySoxSummer @SoxNerd like a good time to point out again how @JRFegan is doing a fantastic job on #WhiteSox beat for… @RussosSlacks I can't say 100 percent with accuracy because I've yet to talk to MLBPA about process. But I believe… @RussosSlacks #ReadThComments @RussosSlacks There's a lengthy explanation in the comments.If you're the glass-half-full sort, it's a big point earned. If you're not, it was a golden chance at two that slip…
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@OleKevin @NickNelsonMN I don’t think people are discounting it. A 2-WAR player is hard to find. If he was second h… will be official when Ashton reports to Seattle. Until then, they're waiting for Goudeau.
Retweeted by Dan HayesLogan Morrison last year: .246/.353/.516 Jorge Polanco after the break last year: .293/.359/.511
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @expo4236 All a team can do is educate. When the player is out of their grasp, it’s up to them.Liked Paul Molitor’s grasp of the situation. Some guys definitely understand that mistakes happen. Also, some are p…’s how teammates, Paul Molitor and the Twins front office reacted to the Jorge Polanco news and how they’ll ini… @Chris_Cwik And then it got amazingAlso on the Jorge Polanco front from Paul Molitor: Expect to see a lot of Eduardo Escobar at SS this week when the Twins return to action.Twins next play Wednesday night. Were on long road trip today. Paul Molitor said Jorge Polanco is expected to addre… #MNTwins have had their share of sloppy innings this spring. This is one of them. @MattGelb That was you yesterday at Hammond. How'd you throw your voice like that?There has been a significant increase in hard contact against Tyler Kinley in this third inning of work. Paul Molit… two scoreless innings lowered his spring ERA to 1.80, Rule 5 RHP Tyler Kinley gives up a solo shot to start his 3rd frame.Miguel Sanó singled in T5 and is 3-for-3 with a homer and two RBIs today. Hitting .345 with six RBIs this spring. @KyleEdwards17 @jlthomas58 Player/agent/MLBPA knew a month ago. Team learned yesterday. @ByTimBooth @Kevin_Martinez Kind of you to recognize this, Tim. @PaulJPatane You want to get a kickstarter going for me then. @PJHughes45 Could be worse — coulda lost to @RussoHockey. @CallumCarson34 MLBPA question @CallumCarson34 The damage that could be caused to reputation, any number of areas, could be irreparable. Potential… @CallumCarson34 It’s not just black and white. It wouldn’t take a month for MLB to hand out a one-size-fits-all pun… @CallumCarson34 The MLBPA advises players in these cases on how to handle a situation they’ve never been in before.… @CallumCarson34 What if it had been a false-reading? You’re going to alarm the team before it’s confirmed? MLBPA knows what it’s doing here. @twikipedium 100 percent agree @twikipedium I can’t say totally for sure. First PED case for me. But that would make sense as the reason the process takes a month. @CallumCarson34 There’s an appeal process and a second sample is tested. It’s very restricted @brotherbehr Polanco only learned one month ago.Jorge Polanco informed front office and Paul Molitor of his positive test for PEDs yesterday morning. Derek Falvey,… with Ervin Santana probably not playing catch until next week, Twins remain optimistic about original 10-12 we… Jorge Polanco addressed his 80-game suspension. #MNTwins via @YouTube @nathan_shiba @WriteSox Funny you mention that. @jasonbenetti called the other day and was openly weeping about it.… @nocturnalnati43 Mine too. Ugh. Doesn’t translate well to the app.Jorge Polanco learned about his positive test a month ago. He apologized to the team and fans. Plans to work out in… Sano spoke to Jorge Polanco last night: "It’s bad right now. He was crying last night. ... It’s just a diffi… Escobar said he's a little sad, disappointed by the news. Found out via Twitter. Dozier: "We want a clean game. With that being said, people make mistakes. That's the world we live in. And m… lineup at Pirates today. Sano briefly spoke with Jorge Polanco last night. Said “everyone makes mistakes.” He, Eduardo Escobar and Br… were surprised by Jorge Polanco news. He was listed as of yesterday afternoon as those who were supposed to g…
Astute reader points out to me: Just like Ervin Santana a few years ago, Jorge Polanco's PED suspension comes with…
Retweeted by Dan HayesAfter a great offseason full of additions, the Twins lost Jorge Polanco to an 80-game suspension after he tested po… @WriteSox the woirstJorge Polanco has issued a statement: like we'll hear from Jorge Polanco and Derek Falvey tomorrow morning.#MNTwins statement on Jorge Polanco’s 80-game suspension: Polanco hit .293/.359/.511 with 10 home runs and 43 RBIs in the second half last season for the #MNTwins. Bat… @Matt_Stike Some combination of Aybar/Escobar/Adrianza.Erick Aybar signing looks all the more important at this point with Jorge Polanco out 80 games.From the commissioner's office: "Jorge Polanco has received an 80-game suspension without pay after testing positiv… Jake Reed and Myles Jaye, C Jordan Pacheco, IF Nick Gordon, and OFs Nick Buss and LaMonte Wade were all re-assig… @therealsmittles Played SS in their exhibition against the Gophers in the first game. After that I didn’t keep track.Nick Gordon among the six #MNTwins sent to minor-league camp today. He impressed Paul Molitor with his bat.Taylor Rogers with a scoreless inning and the Twins have won the game. Incl. the Gopher game, Twins have scored mor… @McGive_It_To_Me No, I think he's got some rope.Gregorio Petit made good contact. #SpringTrainingReportsTrevor Hildenberger just delivered a scoreless inning. Had allowed at least a run in each of his previous four outi… LaMarre did a really impressive thing. But then Odübel Herrera did an even more impressive thing. #SpringTrainingReportsJake Cave has reached base for the first time in a Twins uniform. He was hit by a pitch in B7. Apparently, Philadel… Odorizzi said his split-fingered fastball was off the mark, hasn’t yet found feel this spring. Going to work o… @jasonbenetti This is what I'm about.Byron Buxton did another thing. #MNTwins #SpringTrainingReportsHave had multiple E-A-G-L-E-S chants from the crowd. Thought it mighta been @MattGelb, but he's in the back row of the press box.Instead of Tyler Duffey starting tomorrow, the Twins will start with reliever Taylor Rogers followed by Trevor Hild… Odorizzi pitched 4 scoreless. He yielded two hits and walked three and struck out 1.Joe Mauer is a lifesaver with the scooping of the ball over at the first base.Byron Buxton stole second, Max Kepler walked and both scored on an Ehire Adrianza two-run triple to right-center field.Byron Buxton led off B2 with a bunt-base hit.VIDEO: Brent Rooker doubles off Dietrich Enns. #MNTwins