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"What was the thinking on letting Daniel Carlson go?" Zimmer: "Did you see the game?" "Was it easy?" Zimmer: "it was pretty easy"
Retweeted by Dan HayesAlex Kirilloff’s spray chart (FB/LD only) is a thing of beauty. My goodness.
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With 28-21 win over Arizona St. tonight, Rocky Long-coached SDSU is 4-1 v Pac-12 past three years. In three years o…
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @FabianArdaya I don't disagree. Never should have got there in the first place though. @FabianArdaya Ditto with fumbles. :-) @TomFornelli Garbage call. And I’m totally biased. @SieraSantos FYI @SieraSantos When you’re facing a legit defense, hard to get anything done.Sources: Jimmy Butler to meet with Timberwolves to discuss his future
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@Adam_Jacobi Let-tuce know, will you? @unikunka Way Back Boys 4 life. @MattTschida Romero. Mejía. They also had Gonsalves and Littell near the top of the majors. Originally, Trevor May… @MattTschida Chargois was hurt for how many seasons? They took a calculated risk he’d clear waivers and he got to the second to last team. @MattTschida Rosario is the strongest argument of the bunch. @jamesfishn They had about 5 power arms in front of him.The #MNTwins haven’t had any disruptions as a result of the decision to end Byron Buxton‘s season early. But 10-15…
Wednesday night, in one brilliant sprint from first base to home, a new #MNTwins legend was born. Cue the overdrama…
Retweeted by Dan HayesOn a night Joe Mauer discussed the possibility of retirement we also had a near no-hitter from Jake Odorizzi and th…
Retweeted by Dan HayesTwo and a half weeks left in the #MNTwins season, and possibly two and a half weeks left in the career of Joe Mauer…
Retweeted by Dan Hayes😢
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Retweeted by Dan HayesJake Odorizzi’s pitch count was high, but Paul Molitor was willing to go the distance if the no-hitter was intact.… #MNTwins will give Joe Mauer plenty of time after the season ends to make a “tough decision” about whether or n… Mauer singled with a runner in scoring position on Weds. He’s now hitting .400/.489/.613 with four homers and 4… Mauer on weighing his future: "It’s a tough decision. There are a lot of factors that will go into it. Right no… Astudillo was asked about his seventh-inning sprint from first to home: “I just wanted to show that chubby people also run.”
Retweeted by Dan HayesTrevor Hildenberger works around some hard contact in the ninth to preserve the save. #MNTwins win 3-1 and take two… Hit percentage on that ball was 73%
Retweeted by Dan HayesMax Kepler just stole a hit from Aaron Hicks. The ball exited Hicks’ bat at 109.1 mph. Imagine that’s at least a 4-star catch. #MNTwinsTaylor Rogers and Trevor Hildenberger each strike out a batter. Headed to T9 with the #MNTwins ahead 3-1. Jake Odo… your buddy calls and says he's got the house to himself for the weekend AND he found the key to the liquor cab…
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @maniac96js Not a chance. Everybody tweets it these days.Jake Odorizzi’s 7 1/3 IP is his longest start of the season and only the second time he’s recorded an out past the sixth inning this season.Greg Bird breaks up the no-hitter with a one out RBI double in T8. #MNTwins lead 3-1. Crowd gives Jake Odorizzi a n… run like the wind, Willians Astudillo.
Retweeted by Dan HayesThis clip of Willians Astudillo rounding third base is two seconds of pure bliss.
Retweeted by Dan HayesJake Odorizzi returns to start T8 with the no-hitter.We need a super slo-mo cam on Willans Astudillo’s hair and face as he rounded third base and raced home on the Max… increase the lead to 2-0 after a 2-out 2B by Jake Cave and an RBI single by Willans Astudillo.Jake Odorizzi needed only 7 pitches to get through the 7th inning. He hasn’t allowed a hit and is at 109 pitches.… @Airblair3 Yeah, I’m guessing they’ll go to the ‘pen soon enough. @Michaelvetter71 Extra pitches always matter.Mitch Garver was removed for precautionary reasons. Initial tests indicate no concussion after he took a foul tip off his mask. #MNTwinsJake Odorizzi has a no-hitter through 6. He currently has thrown 102 pitches. #MNTwins @Michaelvetter71 Both your numbers are correct. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s how he works. Tonight, it has been effective.Luis Severino hasn’t allowed a base runner since Joe Mauer singled to start the game. He’s faced the minimum. No score through 5.Jake Odorizzi made a nice sliding stop and throw to keep his no-hitter alive. One out, T5.
Nice day at the ballpark. #MNTwins vs. #Yankees. for 9/12: Mauer 3, Polanco 6, Rosario DH, Grossman 7, Forsythe 4, Cave 8, Garver 2, Kepler 9, Adrianza 5. Odorizzi vs. Severino.Aaron Hicks is back and a much more complete player than when he was traded in 2015. He’s an example of how a playe…
Retweeted by Dan HayesAaron Hicks is back and a much more complete player than when he was traded in 2015. He’s an example of how a playe… top the Yankees 10-5. Taylor Rogers and Trevor Hildenberger finished it off with 3 perfect innings. @krauty22 He has 73 at-bats with RISP. If a guy can’t score from second on a single, that’s no on Mauer. @Yannic44 @CYExpectations Have thought about it myself. Don’t know if the reason he’s not because of the overall la… @CYExpectations He has had 90 plate appearances with runners in scoring position. He is 29-for-73. Nice try what? H… @Jacob02579665 Which — the one the Twins hit or the one they allowed? @SJackelen Was talking about runners in scoring position. @big_bear_mn Runners in scoring position. He excels.Didi Gregorious grand slam cuts the lead to 10-5.Trevor May takes over with the bases loaded. Kohl Stewart allowed 2 hits and walked 5 in 3 1/3 innings. #MNTwins up 10-1, T6. @callmehenks He has work to do — needs to accumulate more numbers. But he should definitely be in the discussion. @Disch_InTheVOX I’d be lying if I said I had paid enough attention. @BPSS_UGod Eh, teams are off a fair amount on Thursday. You make a valid point. Maybe save it for twice on Fridays. @Disch_InTheVOX Are we surprised the earth hasn’t fallen off its axis?Joe Mauer brought a .389/.483/.569 slash with RISP into tonight’s game. Give me that bat in big moments any day of the week.Joe Mauer continues to crush with runners in scoring position. His grand slam gives the #MNTwins a 10-1 lead.6-1 Twins and Joe Mauer is due with the bases loaded and one out. Tommy Kahnle takes over for the Yankees, B5.I’ve read many books about baseball and nowhere does it suggest walking three batters in the same inning. Twins lead 5-1.Ex-Yankees farmhand Jake Cave is 2-for-3 with 2 RBIs tonight and a SB. #MNTwins#MNTwins have turned 3 double plays tonight to help them pitch around a fair amount of traffic.Jorge Polanco smokes an RBI double into the right-field corner to give the #MNTwins a 4-1 lead, B4.Kohl Stewart got ahead of Gary Sánchez and made a pitch, getting out of the bases-loaded jam with a 6-4-3. #MNTwins still in front 3-1.Kohl Stewart has loaded the bases on a single and two walks with one out in T4. #MNTwins up 3-1.Replay footage of Joe Mauer beating Sonny Gray to home plate on the wild pitch. #MNTwins have since gone up 3-1 on… pitcher Kohl Stewart takes over for the #MNTwins. Opener Tyler Duffey allowed a run and two hits in two innings.Yankees up 1-0 as they take advantage of the extra 90 feet. Didi Gregorious liner should have been a double.CFer Jake Cave tried to cut that ball off but came up short and it rolled to the fence for a 1-out triple, T2.Opener Tyler Duffey posts a zero in T1. #MNTwins#MNTwins roll out the Opener/Primary Pitcher for the fourth time this season. Sunday was successful. The previous t…
Trevor May brought Fortnite to the ballpark. Within the crowd of 340 people watching, he saw a lot of kids explaini… Trevor May's rehab, he and #MNTwins senior comm director Dustin Morse joked about possibly hosting a Fortnit… @ScottyChag If you watched White Sox games you would have known this. not clinching a playoff spot until the final day of the regular season, @MiracleBaseball battled all the way…
Retweeted by Dan HayesTyler Duffey will be Tuesday’s opener against the Yankees. #MNTwinsTrevor May & the #MNTwins hosted a Fortnite event on Sunday, one they believe to be the first from any major pro sp… #MNTwins fell 7-2 to the Yankees.Robbie Grossman doubles in a run. The #MNTwins trail 7-1, B8.Miguel Andujar’s two-run double, after Alan Busenitz walked a pair, breaks it open. Yankees up 3, T7. #MNTwinsGary Sanchez found the third deck for a solo homer. Exit velocity was 110.6 mph. Ball traveled 459 feet. #MNTwins trail 1-0.Miguel Andujar just stole one from Johnny Field. top prospects Royce Lewis, Alex Kirilloff and Brusdar Graterol, among others, each earned a ring. Field just stole two RBIs from Miguel Andujar with a sliding, two-out grab. #MNTwinsGregorio Petit with a nice diving stop. @Expression451 I’m very much on board the disappointment train on that decision. I was extremely surprised and I th… @Expression451 Certainly doesn’t help that Rosario, Sanó and Austin are banged up.Brett Gardner took a hit and RBI away from Gregorio Petit with a sliding catch in left center. No score after 2. #MNTwinsKyle Gibson just calmly tracked down a ball that ricocheted off his glove and instead of rushing his throw threw a… Gibson induced a 5-4-3 double play out of Miguel Andujar and struck out Giancarlo Stanton after putting the fi…
#MNTwins for 9/10: Mauer 3, Polanco 6, Forsythe 4, Grossman 9, Garver 2, Astudillo DH, Cave 8, Field 7, Petit 5. Gibson vs. Happ.Taylor Rogers has 10.26 strikeouts per nine, a strikeout-rate of 29.3 percent and a walk-rate of 6 percent. He's be…