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Twins writer for @TheAthletic. 12th year in BBWAA. Chicago. San Diego. Sonoma County. Friend to The Dutchman, Uber driver extraordinaire.

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The #MNTwins are working with José Berríos to throw at less than max effort more often in the name of self-preserva… @jacksonpurdie At the time we left, no it hadn’t been changed.Taxiing at Midway >>> taxiing at O’Hare.
José Berríos had 18 swinging strikes today.#MNTwins pitchers struck out 15 batters in a 2-0 victory over Texas to avoid a sweep. Twins head out on a 9-game ro… Rodney since the April 26 blown save in New York: 15-for-15 saves, 19 2/3 IP, 21 K, 1.37 ERA. #MNTwins @JonathanMayo @castrovince @AJCassavell To be fair, Anthony’s has always had a 40 attached to his pun-grade.The @MNBrianHall dance to the Fernando Rodney Experience only adds to the Fernando Rodney Experience. @DanHayesMLB By some strange coincidence, that last one was my 40 time in high school.
Retweeted by Dan HayesThe exit velocities off Trevor Hildenberger in top 8 were 67.5, 82.9 and too-slow-to-register. @FireStallion81 Haha. Appreciate the humor. Agree it wasn’t an easy play. But, would be Mauer tells you he should h… @SteinMaxwell Thornley. Will bet he reviews it more closely after the game.Over 5 starts in June, @JOLaMaKina has posted a 2.10 ERA (34.1 IP, 8 ER) with 42 strikeouts and just 7 walks. #MNTwins
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @FireStallion81 Agree to disagree. Hit Mauer squarely in the glove.Final line for José Berríos: 7 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 12 K, strikes on 70 of 107 pitches. Game score of *84. Lowers his ER… was a beautiful all-around inning for José Berríos. He made two fantastic defensive plays and established the… high 12 strikeouts for José Berríos.Joe Mauer dropped a great throw from José Berríos to start T7. Play goes as a single.Robbie Grossman with a two-out RBI single and the #MNTwins lead 2-0, B6. Both runs have come via 2-out hits.Eddie Rosario is 2-for-3 after a leadoff single in B6.José Berríos has tied a career high with 11 strikeouts. He has thrown 100 pitches in 6 innings. #MNTwins up 1-0. @speedbump25 Frustrating is fine. Intellectually challenged? Get out of here with that @speedbump25 This has me fired up. Do you know how smart you have to be to analyze that the center fielder, who is… Wilson with a 2-out bloop RBI single to left and the #MNTwins have a 1-0 lead. @speedbump25 Haha. Fair. I just think most of his aggressive moments pay off. @speedbump25 No. His aggressiveness has rewarded him about 75 percent of the time this season. It’s not perfect. Bu… little 10-pitch inning for José Berríos in the 5th. He’s at 87 with 10 strikeouts. #MNTwins @speedbump25 I’m not sure what there is not to like. He plays with his hair on fire. He’s overly aggressive. It pro… @speedbump25 You’re nitpicking. He has made the step. He’s their best player, by far. @speedbump25 No. You’re kidding, right? This is the same guy who thought out and executed a deke play on CFer on a… of course Eddie Rosario got picked off in front of an Eduardo Escobar double. One out, B3, man on 2nd.Base running out. #MNTwins Buxton was 0-for-2 when today’s Triple-A game was suspended.é Berrios has 9 strikeouts in 4 innings. He also has thrown 77 pitches. @DerekWetmore @MNBrianHall OLD SCHOOL 1-0 @speedbump25 I want to talk to someone who does all 9 between Chicago and Milwaukee. Someone’s doing it. You know they are. @GregKeiiy Awesome. Both parks. Good call. I am slightly excited about it.Any #MNTwins fans attending all 6 games in Chicago?José Berríos has 7 strikeouts today and 1 walk. Season totals: 104 strikeouts, 19 walks. #MNTwins @GregKeiiy They said they planned to have it determined later today. But sounds like they were leaning that way.Either Robbie Grossman and plate ump Brian Gorman didn’t remember that was a 2-2 pitch. Or, Grossman took an awfull… was weird. @maeandfinn They’re having a few issues on the bases. And they’re getting so few runners of late that it has been d… @maeandfinn Would agree that their position is looking clear. Just wonder what the cutoff date is.José Berríos works around the double and the single with a pair of first-inning strikeouts. #MNTwins @mediocrematt75 I really don’t know. Haven’t heard anything but that doesn’t mean anything, either. @mediocrematt75 Such as?First pitch was at 1:11 pm. Temp is 77 degrees. Entered at 93.0 mph. Exited at 107.8 mph. Went for two. #MNTwins #rangersMax Kepler’s average exit velocity over the past four games is 95.6 mph. That’s really good. It’s a product of a mo…⚾️☔️ Some very light rain headed to MIN (should be able to play through), also a chance of more intense pop-ups, bu…
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @DPEjr I don’t either in the big picture. Look how close the final score was. But I’ve heard even the Rangers playe… @MilleBrando They just did this less than two years ago. They’re not about to do it again.Paul Molitor said first two times Twins hit Jurickson Profar there was no intent. The third time, “we wanted to giv… for 6/24: Mauer 3, Rosario 7, Escobar 5, Dozier 4, Morrison DH, Grossman 9, Kepler 8, Adrianza 6, Wilson 2. Berrios vs. Colon. @OleKevin They have some enticing options. Gibson has team control left.Fernando Romero was sent down. Jake Odorizzi had another tough start. The #MNTwins have been walloped over last 3.… are now 8 games out.
*Position player pitching alert* -- Cubs C Chris Gimenez now pitching for the Cubs
Retweeted by Dan Hayes @Jacob02579665 Had a 3.34 ERA through 11 starts. @DaveWheeler11 They have no long man for tomorrow because Magill threw 60 pitches. @TDV321 It’s not his fault. That’s not what they’re saying here. They need an arm. Doubtful this is a long-term move.Fernando Romero: “Let’s get it back.” #MNTwinsFernando Romero optioned.Ballgame. #MNTwins fall 9-6. They are 33-40. Cleveland can move 8 games ahead with a win tonight.Brian Dozier walks, which brings the winning run to the plate in the form of Logan Morrison. #MNTwins trail 9-6, B9… Rosario’s 2-run oppo-double brings the tying run to the plate. #MNTwins trailing 9-6 in B9. Eduardo Escobar u… news is the #MNTwins have now tied it up against the Rangers … in mound visits. Now 5-5. #MoundVisitUpdateTwins bullpen has put up 5 consecutive zeroes. Headed to B9 with Texas holding a 9-4 edge. Twins about to fall to 3… pitch chart of the Jurickson Profar at-bat against Addison Reed, which resulted in an HBP. Third time Profar ha… Morrison hits one far on the 9th pitch he saw from Yovani Gallardo, who is done. His 8th HR had an exit velo… Magill gave up 3 earned runs. However, he's recorded 10 outs for the #MNTwins, who still have 4 more innings t… @up_grc1986 The Rangers lead the Twins 9-2 now. @up_grc1986 The Bears.Twins have now been outscored 25-5 since the start of Thursday’s game.8-2 @Jacob02579665 I mean, really? @stick_sam I think I will, Sam. On Sunday night.The inning has come to an end. Jake Odorizzi’s final line: 1 2/3 IP, 6 H, 6 R/ER, 1 BB, 1 HB, 3 K. #MNTwinsTexas has one fewer hit this inning (6) than the #MNTwins had the previous two games combined. Paul Molitor out to…