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oh you learned about politics? what’s it like being depressed
Retweeted by not daneyathat vaccine needs to hurry the hell up
Retweeted by not daneyaShe was in the set of hunger games without a single critical thought just vibes
Retweeted by not daneyathat is illegal
pls call someone a loser to their face who has lost a family member due to covid u insensitive old fuck birthday!
Retweeted by not daneyawe are in Hell
Retweeted by not daneyalisten i love me some politics but never will i read theory because no
New Rule: If pieces of your decomposing body are shedding as you speak on the Senate floor, you should have to retire.
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@WYxmi i’m more talking about the fact that she thinks this is funnyboth girl defined girls being married to twinks is honestly beautiful @WYxmi init that words reserved for me and ur brother onlycome one now what is this
Retweeted by not daneyaplease go outside
Retweeted by not daneyawhat the fuck is this and please explain how one could find this funny found out that infj’s don’t get along with estp’s no wonder lol lively being serena van der woodsen does not sit right with me because she seems so funny irl
being a sugar baby honestly seems so appealing me the only thing holding me back is religion😔imagine ur boyfriend being an ESTP wyd after thatimagine being called buzz and thinking your opinion is in any way valid just googled what smegma means. I have not been cumming on my plant
Retweeted by not daneyahaving kids is rooted in pedophilia but ok
Retweeted by not daneyaThere’s no way we’re going after a man who has lost two of his children for giving his last son a kiss on the cheek…
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does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you
Retweeted by not daneyaimagine ur hungry and ur boyfriend suggests going to burger king... wyd after that👍
Retweeted by not daneyatrump’s twitter password being maga2020! is the least surprising thing to happen this year
Retweeted by not daneyawhen the MAGA bitch you’re cyber bullying goes on private
Retweeted by not daneyamen be like “I don’t like drama” then start a war
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i like ur thinking emily to twitter for p0rn but instead here i am yet again angry #ToryScum322 MPs have voted to starve British school children in the half term holidays in the middle of a pandemic. Here'…
Retweeted by not daneyafuck anyone who is a tory don’t even come near me #ToryScumTories in the afternoon: how dare you call us #ToryScum Tories in the evening: I shall now vote to deny children food
Retweeted by not daneyai am the family wizard.
Retweeted by not daneya @ingramfanclub @ash_kaashh "my love for u stretches across infinite earths, universes, dimensions. your beauty 💘 wi…
Retweeted by not daneyaeveryday we stray further from god CUZ THIS WAS TOO FUNNY😭😭😭
Retweeted by not daneyathis could be in a history book some day kim kardashian is the same age as my fucking mumMaybe your generation should have left us a world that we can enjoy
Retweeted by not daneyawow brain can’t comprehend that there’s groups of people who have had to protest their people being killed this yr a…
Retweeted by not daneyawhy can’t i retweet anymore why does it take me straight to quote retweeting hilton is not an icon and she’s annoying xBlack and brown people are serving life sentences for the shit y’all praising this vanilla monkey for
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not fighting wit no nicki stans y’all won
Retweeted by not daneyapay attention to HOW often to yall recycle the same TWEETS. twitter liberal twitter
Retweeted by not daneyaMe seeing my Twitter friends I’ve never met in person succeed.
Retweeted by not daneyaschool is a JOKE it doesnt even feel like weekends exist anymore??? its just??? extra time to do homework??? do pro…
Retweeted by not daneyathis made me flinch she fuck a bee Frey will do absolutely nothing and I think it's hysterical
Retweeted by not daneyaY’all can’t even vote for him.
Retweeted by not daneyai read all of the thread. jesus christ just says any words in any order and that’s okay because i love her @LanaDelRey
Retweeted by not daneya @LanaDelRey whatever that means.. bling blingsure thing love is it this is all i want GUYS I SAID “OOH YOU WANNA KISS ME SO BAD” IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ARGUMENT AND THEN HE DID WTF WTF HE KISSED ME WHAT THE FUCK IM NOT OKAY
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With a Democratic majority in the House and Senate we must end the absurdity of women making 80 cents on the dollar…
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I have found my new favorite account. He is EATING the girlies UP!!!!!
Retweeted by not daneyayall are scarily irresponsible is what i’m getting at hereas a 16 yo who is pretty politically aware, everyday i am reminded why the voting age is not 16 @Stepp1nRazor @SmallAngryQueer @paultao Not u comparing homosexuality to a kink... think about it
Retweeted by not daneyadidnt look at this hard enough the first time and honestly i didn’t notice so i went to the comments wondering why… to get too political but i just think that if you work 40+ hours a week you should be able to afford a house, c…
Retweeted by not daneya @BigHomieKODAQ Yes it was atrocious. Buck breaking, rape, eating slaves, Taking parts of their bodies for their own…
Retweeted by not daneya @BigHomieKODAQ @SuckaFreeTee Like the stories from Louisiana of them cutting off limbs just to sew them on randomly…
Retweeted by not daneya @BigHomieKODAQ @OGxTP It was.. the worst for me so far since I’ve been learning is “the father of modern gynecology…
Retweeted by not daneyaI really see why older black folks don’t rock wit white people at all. They’ve seen some real atrocities in their life
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if there’s one thing that conservatives and leftists can agree on is that libertarians are a no
Retweeted by not daneya @maebae__ #nomistyslander #maeiscancelled#mistyisnotuglywe're right on schedule
Retweeted by not daneyasometimes i shut my eyes and just think about megan foxI LIKE THIS GENRE OF PHOTO
Retweeted by not daneyaamerica is so wild's lies never stop. While he continues to talk about how the pandemic in the U.S. is receding there were more…
Retweeted by not daneyalord please forgive me for getting my shit completely sucked off last night
Retweeted by not daneyais it a “rich and successful” business or do they just avoid tax
Hold on. I’m about to gatekeep
Retweeted by not daneya @Alewis569 @El_chantajista @KaitMarieox and what do u mean by “willing to work” if we’re talking in terms of homele… @Alewis569 @El_chantajista @KaitMarieox your lack of compassion is worrying to me and the way you don’t care that p… @Alewis569 @El_chantajista @KaitMarieox for the richest country in the world 85% isn’t all that great 😌. source???whenever i think about my future it’s always “what job will i be working at” and that’s why capitalism is poisonaHahaagagagatrump 202