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@pcgamer You don't. You point in the general direction and aim-assist does the rest for you. @dramadork884 @Captain_Revo Wow. I'll never be able to take Batman seriously again... @Tech_o_gram @HenInAHat1 @Captain_Revo We're not talking about Home Alone here 😂 @MastersRich @rashiduzzaman82 @BrentSpiner @jonathansfrakes That's one of my favourite aspects of Picard's characte… @AlphabetFather @BrentSpiner @rashiduzzaman82 @jonathansfrakes Always enjoyed this one, but as a father it hits the…
@DarrenS78 @Captain_Revo LOVE the Akira. @Captain_Revo I like La Sirena, but it didn't seem like as much of a character as all the other ships. Maybe becaus… @PKBanjo Arrive on a desolate island with nothing but the clothes on your back and hope to survive long enough to b… @TrekGeekBill @Tyranicus I know... but close enough 😂 @Tyranicus @TrekGeekBill (Canadian, that is) @rashiduzzaman82 Looking sharp, Rashid! @Noobcamper @realDonaldTrump Or go pay a visit Don Jr. right now. @TrekRewind @cletus_64 @Haydooni @pcgamer I see that too lol @wtd1961 @timruss2 He acts like an idiot, therefore he is one. @mike_clemmons @MisterNick17 @timruss2 Are you somehow trying to justify a rally (even with a poor turnout) during a pandemic? @Haydooni @pcgamer Yea... why is Caitlyn Jenner playing Black Widow in this game?
@MarcieStarfleet @ansonmount BEN & JERRY! @NevillePage Wow... I was expecting a shove or something. That was extreme. @Tyranicus He'll probably get through it and downplay the seriousness of it still. @HenInAHat1 The first celebrity that interacted with my was Jim O'heir (Jerry from Parks and Rec). It was definitel… @TrekRewind Descent, Part II Armageddon Game Nepenthe I, Borg Ex Post Facto Living Witness
@Tyranicus @dxndeliions The Borg Queen so I could ask her why they only sent one cube to assimilate earth on two occasions. @PixelEnigmatic @ella_persiste It would be weird if the lead character wasn't the focus... @Zeds99Thomas @StarTrek That's... not what a double standard is. @scottygerard @StarTrek Just Discovery. @Tintie4 @Srocks14 @ruthmkb @grumpy_grannie @PrimeOne7 @VA5SCA @ruthmkb Shut up and leave is not a very Canadian thing to say FYI.
@PUBG_Devs @rule_iron Might have to play this horrible map again? @misoandrice @pcgamer @CyberpunkGame It's not really their choice. They either censor it or can't sell it there. @MikeOkuda @SMFulton3 @NanaVisitor @ShimermanArmin It still gets me whenever I watch that episode. Such a powerful scene and performance. @mark_melvin Right?! Look at that thing! 🤤
@TrekRewind Haha yea, Cost of Living is decent. I couldn't actually remember which episode the mud bath was from. I… @pr0gress10 @CNNPolitics @NVIDIAGeForce @CyberpunkGame This build looks amazing 😁 #RTXOnTwo words: You're breathtaking! 😲 Check out this @CyberpunkGame themed build powered by the limited edition…
Retweeted by Daniel Ireland 🍀 @TrekRewind Genesis is in my top list too I LOVE that one. @TrekRewind Aquiel, Masks, Lwaxana mud bath one... if you need some suggestions 😂
@TrekGeekDan @RealKiefer I may have to check this show out in the future. I've been burning through Bosch after you… @dxndeliions @feanorofvalinor @ThePoshGoblin @dxndeliions That's also an energy drink... opposite of alcohol 😂 @dxndeliions Have you tried the mod that plays DMX's X 'Gon Give It To Ya whenever Mr. X is chasing you? It lightens the mood a bit 😂 @pcgamer I'm surprised this one-note character survived this long. @Tonytweet74 @FaceTripleSeven @startrekcbs @BackfireComics @jonathansfrakes Gene probably would have hated DS9 too,… @anilkchander @CaptainPikesEnt I think we'll be waiting a while unfortunately, but I'm super excited too 😁
@anilkchander @ansonmount @StarTrek_DST @CaptainPikesEnt This tweet aged well. Can't wait for Strange New Worlds 😁🖖 @BeezleMcFly I love Odo's expression. Out of context, it looks like he's thinking "wtf are you doing?" @TrekMovie Thanks for helping revive both franchises, J.J. @AllanRivera1414 @TrekMovie One crappy tweet. @TrekRewind @TomCase147 You just need to have more faith of the heart. @TrekRewind *filler episodes @TrekRewind I know that struggle. I can't get through Voyager from start to finish. I kinda like that the newer sho… @TrekRewind Rgiht?! @GrandSuSu @NBCNews At this rate, April 2021 is still not likely... @jayccheng @NBCNews Because we ARE seeing it every day. It's pretty horrible.
@TheTrekCentral @actordougjones He has proven to be a capable leader, cares about his crew, and embodies the values… @RealLazyVulcan Depends on what you mean by effective. Trump has definitely had a serious affect on America 😕 @dxndeliions I have to say Code of Honor solely because it's racist. Sub Rosa is awkward and hilarious, Threshold i… @dxndeliions It's because the new stuff is different. Just like TNG was different than TOS. Like you said, dislikin… @MrsRabbitResist Is being an oxygen thief considered a breathing problem? @BrentSpiner It's also in his best interest to stay put with this pandemic that he and his fellow Republicans have helped worsen. @CameronDurham16 Not knowing the reason doesn't mean there wasn't one. @PlayerIgn @TrekGeekDan @suzeq1024 And not a minute earlier 😂 @davedarko @StarTrek Haha yea, it's definitely inconsistent. Just saying you can think of plenty of explanations in your head canon 😄 @rashiduzzaman82 First Contact and Beyond! @prtydeadunicorn @TrekCore Vents above the bio beds. @BranManF @TrekCore Nope, still no date. @davedarko @StarTrek Hey, maybe between episodes they met an alien race that could manufacture torpedoes for them a… @BrentSpiner @gates_mcfadden I mean... Data can download all medical knowledge ever, so he would be a more effectiv… @nytimes What an absolute shitshow. @0atmeal_raisin @10ga72ia @Casanvar Yea? And you're a meme with 15 followers. No ground to stand on, Trumper. @Dieter75 @kappar1n0 @RoussiXound @Casanvar @Cademus85 @StarTrek @Cademus85 @JohnnyVCaffine @StarTrek Deal with it 😎 @Cademus85 @JohnnyVCaffine @StarTrek Yea, they don't want to see racist and homophobic shit on their page. Boo hoo. @lizfenning @TheGhoulFriend I wholeheartedly agree 😁🖖 @drdisrespect lel nope.
@TrekGeekBill @TheBoysTV Oooooh nice! @ShockTrek What damaged you so badly that you are the way that you are? I hope you find the help you need one day. #muted @TrekGeekDan What an absolutely vile person. @didyouknowgamin The Sega system would explode if you plugged a non-Sonic game into Sonic & Knuckles. I worked up t… @TrekCore @Activision The only RTS game I've ever enjoyed. @kinvore @Thatguy202010 @Casanvar Absolutely. Very troubling. @Thatguy202010 @kinvore @Casanvar Yea, I hope it isn't true, but I'm not going to just dismiss it and call all the…
@Thatguy202010 @kinvore @Casanvar Probably based on what? You can't just dismiss what you don't like. @Captain_Revo @JohnnyVCaffine @StarTrek Not censorship, just filtering out the trash. @greendragoon @Captain_Revo I'll give jt another try some time 😁 @greendragoon @Captain_Revo I also tried to get into Stargate at one but, but ran into the same problem. I feel the… @greendragoon @Captain_Revo Yea.. that has to be true for some people. I tried to watch Doctor Who, but thats also… @TrekRewind Is it the Dr. Crusher sex ghost one? @TrekRewind I've never done a podcast, but if I did I would assume drinking is required. Pre, during, and post 😂 @Myren Ugh... so sorry, man. The way things are being handled in the US must be extremely frustrating. Stay safe, friend!
@TrekRewind Ohhhhhhhhh shit! @amens_rl @Tyranicus New Paper Mario comes out soon? @CNova26 @MooseheadLager They know 👀 @dxndeliions Say something super controversial and maybe you'll have a second chance? 😝