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Product Designer Manager @discord. Husband, dog dad, musician, and pizza snob. Interested in design, design tooling, and games. Views are my own. He / Him

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@muffinsAKA - Blood Magic
I had a blast during hackweek this year at @discord. Our team had 14 people! We managed to build a functioning feat…
@joeyabanks Me everytime I talk to my landlordvibrating rn
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisQuibi funding 2020: $1.8B ALL female VC funding 2020: $2B 😒😒
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@muffinsAKA The hotel episode @francois_bach Yeah come on you losers just move into huge apartments during a pandemic so this guy doesn't have to… is on Discord. BASED.
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisWhen you’re winning:
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @muffinsAKA no @joeyabanks Ilhan Omar on discord brings me joy
Is this photo of me tied to my Discord hackweek team? Yes, yes it is. Do these glasses have lenses in them, no, no… good to vote.
My "awards" section on my about page won't be awards or anything (I have none lol) but instead: * Had a tv show cop…
@muffinsAKA First season just get through, season 2 and 3 are masterclass.
@robin_baxter @NahalTweets @vijaya @jack Robin what size Biden t-shirt can I buy you
An incredibly talented group of people have been working on stickers inside @discord! Today that team launched stic… @grabelnikov it was this morning!Who wore it better? New Xbox UI vs New #PS5 UI
Our amazing illustrators and our social team worked together to create a Halloween bot for our users. It's a game w… @aalexdee Buy a prebuilt! It’s never been easier to not have PC issues imo @aalexdee I’ve never had a pc issue and the performance issue is so massive I can’t imagine sticking with consoleMy wife accidentally just said a linkin park lyric (one step closer to the edge) and didn't appreciate it when I fi…
@aqeela_valley More specifically the process running is called “bird” @aqeela_valley Make sure your not syncing with iCloud or Dropbox. I had an issue where it was eating up 99% of my cpu @joeyabanks Congrats Joey!My wife and I celebrated our 5 year marriage anniversary over the weekend 🥰
iOS 1 may look cooler but in terms of communication, iOS 14 wins. @zhayitong found a subreddit dedicated to pointing out the insanity of people who live with their TV's mounted waaay to high…
@default_friend The polling and data say the opposite?why the hell do we have so many features
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @keiyasui Needed to replace my sales force shoes
@zhayitong @fulligin It’s pretty common in any dog friendly large city, since people with the means to take care of… @keiyasui I write on the sidewalk in chalk “Ok so we managed to increase onboarding conversion in a few ways...”
Hey figmates 👋🏼 Having worked on design systems and with systems designers here at GitHub and at Microsoft, I know…
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @areyouokAnni Yes lolI love that stuff like this happens even when we’re remote
Ok big brain idea for @figmadesign, styles that change depending on its parent frame size. This way my H1 style can…
@entemper I sick need 2 c u cuz pain in my 4 head is hurt & need pill @brittanyforks We have the same keyboard, speakers, and monitor lolDesigners be like want to cancel something twice? Well you’re in luck... @Hakyb_B @skuwamoto @figmadesign 🙏 @CaitlinsRiches @skuwamoto @figmadesign Stoked to see this!
@clayton_stevens Congrats! Picked one up, can't wait to play with it.
@muffinsAKA How wrong can one man be @ItzSuds @default_friend Lol it’s me comparing this to the game Bioshock @ItzSuds @default_friend Oh I’ve seen how this one plays out. Big city underwater right? Some guy named Andrew Ryan?"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by" is not disavowing white supremacists.
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@SaintsDivide The epic fable line is still so weird lol @tjb_dev “Time to crack this baby open” *double clicks on a file* @indigo_virgo_ Bye bye Vince you jerk @keiyasui It was until I started designing for it @Yolo_Tengo This made Miranda bust out laughing @keiyasui You didn’t say discord so we’re good
@sanyeechung Lmao “During my early days in VC I’d determine if a startup was worth it on one simple metric, does it…’s surprising how many “visionary” or “famous designers” I have muted from them posting “insightful” junk. Follow…
@futureroboboy @discord @IFTTT I work there! So Discord makes money from our optional subscription service, "Nitro"… @hyumankind I tried to flip it over and do the opposite to fix it.... it didn’t work lol @hyumankind So one time I 3D printed a Nintendo switch handles so my hands wouldn’t get cramped. Then I left it in…
I think we often dichotomize touring musicians as either playing in basements or making massive money playing 1000+…
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisI truly think this is why @discord will be the future of communities. Roles, moderation, and free. @Nick_is_Now @teamguilded What on earth is this rumor about Discord making fun of speech impediments?
@mollyfmielke @figmadesign Seriously great work! I've had an internal onboarding presentation I've used for new eng… @figmadesign @mollyfmielke Great file! I think improvement is teaching people how to actually move around the page,… @alamodrafthouse Any chance this will come to San Francisco soon? @muhtanya Yeah well I’m number 50... from the bottom
she fled civil war when she was 8, spent 4 years at a Kenyan refugee camp, got asylum in the US in 1995, & now serv…
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The best part about being able to customize your home screen is being able to undo skeuomorphic icons if they ever come back. @katiekingUX Yes! we use this internally for theming.Sometimes she just lays near my feet purring while I’m making coffee.
I think we should build a website for listing open source internal/organization Figma plugins for people to be able… @iamharaldur @aqeela_valley Let other people have fun they’re literally stuck inside.
@andylancaster Looking forward to your meltdown when it happens.Imagine thinking Republicans can be shamed by... hypocrisy.
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisIf you want to channel your grief and anger into donations, please consider some lower profile senate races that ar…
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @aweary Basically, we either convince 4 R's to refrain from voting, mass protests that somehow shut down the senate…'re wondering what you can do to help? The most important thing is making sure that we take back the Senate. Amy…
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisArizona, Maine and NC have senate races that are winnable for Dems!! Unfortunately McConnell is leading by a lot in KY. Give to close races!
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @mac_n_cheezcake @thebradfordfile We sure as hell are. @DAREALGUMMY @BillCorbett Curious as to what your doing insteadstop telling me to vote. i’m gonna vote. i’ve BEEN voting. tell me when we’re meeting outside mitch mcconnell’s house.
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That’s cool but do you have a version of this by chance for rest of us negative net worth individuals? @RandomNFLFan @FerrariMahomes @joerogan These were all small bush fires that were put out immediately not the large… @DanyoWallem Thanks Dan! We've had some really impressive growth during stay-in-place as people want to hang out/sp… @brittanyforks @discord Can’t wait!very grateful and thrilled to be joining the extremely talented product design team at @discord next week!!!
Retweeted by Daniel DestefanisWe're number 1, we're number 1"everyone"
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @sarah_federman One time I had my mom say “ok let’s pray except for Daniel” so sorry this happened
Join the Friends of Figma, Design System Discord (also say that 5 times fast) goooooooo @Gho5tComplex They aren't going to pay, its a way to mess with scalpers.Game changer! So incredibly proud of our @figmadesign product design team right now. ICYMI @ #ConfigEurope: - Instance Swa…
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis🔥 Just announced at #ConfigEurope: A new Instance Swap Menu. Now quickly find the component you’re looking for an…
Retweeted by Daniel Destefanis @francois_bach Of course Might be best to sort by top, but best of luck with this. Disinfo… @nlevin Noah please don’t blow up my clout gaining strategy @francois_bach There’s a subreddit dedicated to this issue that may be valuable?