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@hurricane_ros Yeah pretty sure a lot of people called his imminent death as well.Within six months everyone will have stopped making outlandish predictions on twitter.With each passing day "the Queen is about to die" becomes a better bet, if you really want to get into the game of calling these things.She's lasted pretty well considering.An awful lot of people tweeted something like this in July. @kevinmeek8 OKTree: YOU'VE CLIMBED ON ME FOR THE LAST TIME Squirrel: NOOOOOOOOOOᵗᵉˡˡᵐʸʷᶦᶠᵉᵃⁿᵈᵏᶦᵈˢᶦˡᵒᵛᵉᵗʰᵉᵐOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by ~[surveying the aftermath of a devastating tidal wave] the buoys are back in townCastlehill in the morning darkness, Edinburgh.
Retweeted by ~I've had a nice week and been able to do quite a lot of fun stuff. The soft autumn sunshine is making me feel very content. @Glitter_brawl That's beyond adorable. @Glitter_brawl OH. I had forgotten about this. INCREDIBLE. What a look. @Glitter_brawl Yes fair point. I just think she'd make an adorable urchin. @Glitter_brawl I thought the whole point of small children is that they can fit up chimneys. Surely Tallie could take a brush up there. @sarahb_polar wow, they're lovely!Was, sorry.Also it with three years ago so presumably we'll have to read the same jokes again in 2023. mean, I could have told you this without an inquiry.
Retweeted by ~A great point at the end of this thread - ‘This is what happens when the people making these decisions aren't peopl…
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@SamWhyte OK cool. If the universe ends I will give you £1.0. @SamWhyte Wait so if the universe still exists next spring I get all your stuff, is that right. @SamWhyte Bet you a pound it doesI am quite looking forward to wearing coats with pockets and not sweating all the damn time.Weird to think that winter starts next week and lasts for 7 months.🧶🧶🧶
Retweeted by ~Had a think about it and deleted my last tweet because I think it could quite reasonably upset people. Sorry if it did. @girlonthenet Evil genius is one of the top kinds of genius you know. @hurricane_ros Yeah definitely, I'm usually pretty shocked when I just don't see them for a couple of months in the summer.Not sure how many sessions we'll actually manage this term but it did at least remind me of an important truth: that theatre is deep magic.This kid was the first one through the door and she immediately greeted me with an accusation of betrayal, as she h… weren't many of them but they seemed pretty chill about it all on the face of it. It all worked better than I… to take part in a (well-ventilated, socially distanced, carefully orchestrated) theatre session today and s… state approved “patriotic history” is political correctness, not a repudiation of it.
Retweeted by ~ @underthenettle These are savageI took several videos of migrating birds as they passed through the beams of the 9/11 Tribute in Light the other ni…
Retweeted by ~Sort of almost getting close to having a normal week this week, like in the old days. Except it's not really, and i… @Beardynoise Once you go Hades you never look back @jamesrosscomedy He doesn't need them and he shouldn't be allowed them. Who was the safeguarding lead here.NO. No sharp enchanted arrows for you. Bad horny baby. so I'm being honest. #SciMomJourneys
Retweeted by ~Dropping in for some frothing conspiracy theory nonsense about some random dude's irrelevant laptop is insulting to… Grenfell Tower Inquiry has seen vast amounts of evidence over 3 years and is really clearly detailing serious f… @AndyGilder You would think.I should stop being grumpy on twitter and do something productive shouldn't I. That seems quite likely. You make a valid point, me.You can tell that's not remotely true from literally the first sentence of the news story in the tweet.It would be very weird if that happened, but it didn't. is there an economist on the radio disputing public health policy? Why is there ever an economist on the radio,…
Retweeted by ~ @ZiziFothSi Ah yes, very much so.Did you know milk used to be delivered by dogs? WOOF WOOF YOUR MILK IS HERE
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Retweeted by ~Today is the feast of St Hildegard of Bingen: preacher, reformer & creative genius. This 13C copy of her Book of…
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Retweeted by ~Jumping on the day's QT bandwagon so I don't feel left out like a kid joining in with a song on the last line with compensatory gusto.Booking a couple of nice slots on a Friday night in case I need them, then cancelling them last minute because I'm… @tom_usher_ I feel the same way about using triggered to mean upset and OCD to mean a bit tidy. It's how language w… @Despairbunny "we're reopening the pubs" and two months later "reopening the pubs has caused problems" both of whic… @tom_usher_ Also I'd kind of rather just call it propaganda than co-opt a term specifically for explaining a distin… @tom_usher_ Yeah definitely because they're cunts. But also stuff changes. Sometimes you try something and then lat… is fun because in fact restrictions on the movements of sick people are *isolation*, and quarantine is restric…
Retweeted by ~ @Despairbunny It's not gaslighting or abusive if it's the state, that's propaganda and oppression. But also that's not what was said at all. @adrianartn Is it still available anywhere do you know? @tom_usher_ Yeah that's a a lot closer than whatever that tweet was.Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee, or while I'm drinking it, or directly after. Shh, I'm going to make more coffee. Shhhhhh.So gaslighting now just means "when anything bad happens." @adrianartn I haven't, but it sounds really cool!
I always be overthinking these
Retweeted by ~I really like Andre Braugher. He just seems so good in so many ways. @philgibson01 Wow! @BarnesOwl Yeah I guess that makes sense. @jntod Sounds stressful. @NuclearTeeth Oh yeah. Yeah that would definitely make things stressful. Actually someone was telling me the other… refuse to retweet a good tweet if the person who tweeted it is a dick. I can wait till someone else steals it. @NuclearTeeth Hmm. Academia continues to sound endlessly stressful. @NuclearTeeth So it's either fine or horrible, but you don't know which until it starts? @CharlieEdmunds That sounds quite nice.Asking here as no one in my family tells me anything.I'm not an academic so I'm not clear exactly what happens in a viva. They ask you a bunch of questions and then say… people are like "do you know [person's] work?" and i am like "no" but then i look them up on twitter and…
Retweeted by ~Or even like, just doesn't say the opposite of what's in the headline.Seems a good day to remind people that if you're RTing a QT of a shocking headline purely because it ties with what… headline feels super misleading. The Grenfell stuff is awful enough already, but this feels like it's actively…
Retweeted by ~ @TheRealSitts Regardless of what you think of any politicians this is one of the safest times ever to live in Londo… @TheRealSitts It's a completely wrong generalisation though, so it doesn't make the point very well. @Scientits That's so weird. @Scientits An ENERGY DRINK?Someone fucked a tree.
Retweeted by ~ @TheRealSitts In terms of periods that are more violent than now, it's pretty much most of them. @TheRealSitts If you're interested in the history of London I'd recommend Ackroyd's biography, it's a great read. @TheRealSitts Well you seem to be talking about now. You're not talking about any others, which is the problem.Anyone else have an issue with bears doing drug deals in their back garden?
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@TheRealSitts You don't know a lot about history do youIf you see anyone who isn’t a doctor having a strong opinion on a medical thing? Ask them ALL your medical question…
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Retweeted by ~the sheer numbers I think I’m gonna go for a run BRAIN: this is a healthy choice BODY: you traitor, you complete piece of shit,,
Retweeted by ~ @nerdi No its just been a long time since it happened.A claim that the Royal British Legion won't be selling poppies in certain areas to avoid upsetting “minorities” is…
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