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Arms full a babies, a ass pocket full a whisky.

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This MF......
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @SohrabAhmari Feirge. @notreallyachola @areyousurebruv @kev_jg So troubled he can’t even spell the name right. Poor Sohrab. @tobaccodad This story has had my jaw dropped all day. Most Recent twist is I found out we were in the same undergr… @areyousurebruv @kev_jg His first attempt at this gem. @nosdnomde Everything about this gets wilder and wilder. When was he there? @neogranandino The simulation is glitching out of control. I need to get out.this is my favorite from the protest in waco today ❤️
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Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @FrHarrison @HelmickeyMouse @jakeallr @go_oat It’s all equally goofy to me.
Hey guys. President and CEO of Antifa here. I tried to change our name to avoid the presidents classification as a…
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @go_oat I’ll change my profile pic to the 2015 field hockey oat as a distraction. @talitha_rising @whimsykenzie yeah I haven’t seen anyone say this was actually good and I’m on the extreme end of t… Lake City cops shove down an elderly man with a cane for the crime of standing along the street:
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️French toast is nothing like regular toast which is very simple to make. Hard to understand how the French got so confused here.I get that the protests are scary but to put things in perspective 34,000 people died of the flu last year.
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @Zo_bo_fo_sho Jus tell me who to vote for! @getfiscal Sometimes weather apps can be inaccurate too! Mine said it was supposed to rain today but it was a beaut… I get overwhelmed and depressed about the systematic injustice, oppression, and evil at every level of aut… @Marcustheelder1 @jakeallr @MrsBrometheus ...what do you think a crusade is? @jakeallr @Marcustheelder1 @MrsBrometheus I just honestly want to know the plan here! We taking back Jerusalem? Jus… protest will ever be peaceful enough for them
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African chattel slavery? Indigenous genocide? No? Not ringing any bells? Not clicking?
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @yankeepapist I got a big turgid for ya right here Dave! @Marcustheelder1 @MrsBrometheus A Crusade against... whom? exactly?If anyone needs help bailing out of jail or want to support people getting bailed out, see…
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @FourthHailMary @looksbizarre Because people are dying? Nuance as much as you want! I’ll be here until we find a wa… @FourthHailMary @looksbizarre You literally just said that the difference was legality. Now you say it’s “keeping p… then protest
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @FourthHailMary @looksbizarre I honestly just laughed out loud imagining someone classifying Rosa Parks as a violent protester.I just want to extend sympathies to all my fellow middle class white Americans who can’t get to Target rn. We will…
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @FourthHailMary @looksbizarre This is demonstrably false? What do you think peaceful means?Current favorite thing about America is the vast number of people who will publicly and giddily announce they would… @looksbizarre Pronouncing a fortiori like I’m an Italian mad about pasta. @happyhelenb @chynnaszn @PlainBlack_D You absolutely CAN do that. You’re just happy with the status quo and don’t want anyone to protest.
What would be a funnier bit: DSA Integralist Caucus or POC for Integralism?its burn down
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️Analysis showed that the 3rd precinct had marijuana and other drugs in its system when it was burned down.
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️WE’RE TRYING OUR BEST. @artist_yeah A building is not a person. Equating murder with property damage is abhorrent. @AmishCatholic @neogranandino These trolley problems keep getting easier to answer but people are still like “hmm philosophers disagree!!!” @SedLibera You can just say what you think people should do without ascribing ulterior motives though. @SedLibera ...I don’t think that’s why any of us are disagreeing with here? @Michael_Ara This what they get for those stupid square burgers. @MartinCasade @becca_jmj @TeawithTolkien Take me to chirch
Thinking about when Haley was grounded in high school and I’d sneak into her backyard and we’d secretly drink Jones soda. @AChillGhost “Sorry bud, you live in Gloup now.” @AChillGhost Imagine if you lived in Hong Kong and someone made you move to the the Shetland Islands lmaoZoom in for surprise. @AliMill34580156 “People of Minnesota, please do not burn down any more Targets!” Now can I criticize bad things again? @AliMill34580156 My only take? What does that mean? If you agree, what is your complaint? @hetiestsin No. @heyitsmattbaker I honestly just checked again to make sure“Did this cop do this because he hates black people? You can’t know his heart so there must not be any racism involved!” @AliMill34580156 The Target store is not a victim.This sort of sums up the impossibility of actually confronting racism today. Half the country thinks unless there i… I gotta go scream for 10 minutes @mrstealyogrift They also wrapped his hands in duct tape because he sucked his thumbs 🙃🙃🙃 @looksbizarre Checking prices at those little kiosks.Burning down Target but saying it “Tar-jay” like I’m a white lady. @HaleyCarrots Update: bird.*concerning the possibility of a bat in the chimney* Haley: “I hope you don’t get bitten by a bat.” Me: “Well I hope I DO.” @talitha_rising Anyone voting Austin or Houston has never had to spend much time in either place. Or they live ther…
@punished_harvey What kind of whisky. @curarecatholic I never want to see that lil b*tch again. @ZacMabry Jha... tol....??!??I think parasaurolophus would have been easy to domestic and probably would have let me ride them and might have pl… do think it’s important to remember that paleontology is mostly made up and you can just believe cool stuff about… pray for a mother with young kids who was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @tobaccodad You could just work at a distillery where you don’t make a lot of money or have good benefits BUT you h… @gens_lucifuga The webpages of the past (books). @TH0MASBAHAMA Having a blast. Listening to Argentinian pop. Loving life. @kevinjjones @go_oat hate that carelessness is a vulnerability? I’m confused.Define “terminated.”
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️ @hplemke @second_sailing @fxxfy 🤫 @fxxfy I know another school that has a great books program that has led to an astonishing percentage of conversion… got into Argentinian whisky lovers Instagram and it’s been great. @JakeOfOnline CHARD. CHARD. CHARD. @go_oat They don’t call it a soup strainer for nothin!!! @clownesvanzandt Billy Budd.
@rosafuxemburg Sorry I meant harassment @rosafuxemburg I mean there’s a 100% chance that guy has been accused of sexual assault, right?The cop murders him. Knows he’s being filmed, hears the man begging for his life, and he just kills him anyway. need to follow the guidelines set in 14th century Europe where *checks notes* 200 million people died from the p…[looking up at the sky] both dippers are big, if you ask me
Retweeted by ☠️🐻🐝🦇☠️Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey, where Chimay Beer (and cheese) is made. The beer the monks make today depends on a s… @gWinbags Can’t tell whether or not this is photoshopped to make his forehead big.5 twice weeks of making sanitizer and then weeks of not distilling at all, it was nice to be back in the stillhouse t…
This tastes EXACTLY like a tootsie pop and I can’t stop laughing. time at work is when someone opens the fridge and asks, “Anyone want to taste some goofy beers?” @quesoylibertad I’m about to go joker mode @becagrimm I feel the worst for people who live alone 😢 @SedLibera @JakeOfOnline I really need one. Thought about repairing an old one my friend found on the side of the r…
I thought it was 7:30pm but apparently it’s only 5:30. Wonder if I can just put the kid down anyway.