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calm your tetas and while you’re at it calm mine 🇨🇴🐣✨🐥poet/DJ/artist and reggaeton thottie 😈😎

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@mayyvobai OMG I WAS BLINDED BY ALL THE BECKIES 😭😭😭😭😭😭..... these aren’t all the same person.... ???? I- journalists be like
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyThe right wing press today:
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyAwww 😍😭🤗 exhibit at Central Library put a smile on my face today. Portraits of first gen migrants who were some of the…
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If a person that belongs to a group that is not of your experience is telling you fact about any part of their expe…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyWhy is waterproof outdoor clothing SO hideous? Just wanna go for a hike without looking like Steven; dad of 3 from Kent
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyTonight is our 28th Silent Walk. The Grenfell Inquiry will publish its first report on the 30th October. We need yo…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @rosaliavt @aoscott The artists Simone Leigh, Amy Sherald and Lorna Simpson talked to @jennydeluxe about the expec…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyDid my only Black History Month event this morning at HMP Wandsworth. I tend to get smarter questions from prisoners than I do from CEOs.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mariimals @YardTheatre 😍🔥💖😌🌈OFF SET YOUR CARBON FOOT PRINT BY BOOKING LOCALS! waaaaay what an idea huh? kmt.
Retweeted by PMS Casualtythis is why europeans got the bubonic plague
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @maisonreve_ Absolutely hun. You have a halloween gig no? Or yknow for weddings :) @maisonreve_ LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
@mayyvobai Yep lolI made WOTSITS ON TOAST for @turboisland 's #wotsitsweek - Enjoy!! @walkers_crisps
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mbootyspoon @GiantGiantSwan 😜 @mutilumila @renireni Interesting read thank you for sharing!!We just had an entire scandal in which Black Brits were DEPORTED because the Home Office dismissed their documents.…
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me five minutes after my birth
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyAlso pretty sure the Indian characters in this are racist stereotypes4) Fuck love in your hometown go get a career and your mans can come if he wants 🤷‍♀️Thoughts on Little Italy (bargain bin romcom on Netflix). 1) Does Emma Stone have any Italian heritage lol this is… Mayers is the first Black woman to be invited into the Magic Circle, the official society of Magicians in the…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Mar_Goth_ This is all adorable 😭😭😭"Si antes era un hijueputa ahora soy peor por ti" En esta línea el maestro Bad Bunny hace referencia al filósofo Ru…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyHard agree’s been two years since travis scott falling off stage in autotune and i still can’t get over it
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There is a genuinely revolutionary situation taking place in Ecuador as we speak and hardly a word is being spoken…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyUpdate: I cried steadily throughout the last third of the film. Elite romcom 🥰.It’s a sick joke to see white European Rosalía on the cover of Billboard’s annual “Latin Power Players” issue. It’s…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @HeinzJunkins It’s crumpet season for sure I’ve bought a packet every single time I’ve done a shop for weeks 🥰🥰🥰🥰.…’m ill and it’s the first time I’m watching my best friend’s wedding as a grown adult and Jesus fucking Christ whe… i’m fearless, i’m a bad bitch, don’t try me, i’ll fight you. 💅🏻 also me:
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the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and still isn’t anywhere near as sensitive as some guys while processing that f…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyTwo of the greats here: @renireni profiles @stormzy for TIME Magazine
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mayyvobai They’re so cute I love them 😭😭😭 @JABUyoungecho @NTSlive *might @JABUyoungecho @NTSlive Night get a guardia tattoo 💂‍♀️My grandchildren: living in Britain in 2019 must have been so fascinating! do you have any memories of no deal Brex…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Milenasanchezx Feliz cumpleaños, hermosa! 🥳💓💗Looool it’s wild to see people try and say Black people in music should be quiet so they can be liked more and have…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @JABUyoungecho @NTSlive HOW are you always on the radio when I’m on a megabus u r truly my guardian angels (angels de mi guarda) 🥰🥰🥰 @Craigadd @RepeatBeatPoet 😍😍😍I have blocked the others that were on my insta who were probably hoping to see my stories Forgive me there was l…
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@ams_ksu @Nicole_Cliffe This is where we were at before. It keeps getting better.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Nicole_Cliffe People already having fun with this on Wikipedia.
Retweeted by PMS Casualtywhat it feels like to be a fire sign indulging in reckless / exciting behavior
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mayyvobai Omg your Memoji is adorableAny mixed race person who says “please acknowledge my white side” during black history month has some serious inter…
Retweeted by PMS Casualtyi would pay to watch coleen rooney reading her statement at the southbank centre.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty*Coleen sleeping*  <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/    ∧_∧    ( ・ω・)   _| ⊃/(_IT WAS REBEKAH VARDY / └-(____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyColleen pulled this on my sick day and for that I will forever be grateful Christmas has come early happy bday to m…’s............. ⚪️Britney bitch ⚪️ Gonna be me 🔘 Rebekah Vardy’s account
Retweeted by PMS Casualty😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 minute shake up to my end of the decade list of important publications by women named Rooney
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @HeinzJunkins 😂😂😂😂😂 what a time to be alive eh?
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @storygiverpoet 💓💓💓💓💓💓 @Pessimistdnb Did I @ u? @fodrake @PhilipPullman @BillOddie @TayZonday @si_bonobo Philip 😭😭😭😭😭In honor of #LatinxHeritageMonth I wanted to do a thread celebrating loud and proud Afro-Latinas/Latinegras and the…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyWhy are you so threatened? This is exact liberal attitude of men that needs to die. Over privileged tosspots circle…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyThere’s a gross amount of snobbery and mocking from slightly older male DJs regarding equipment and how to mix. I’m…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @yewandeadeniran @urbangaygriot Same!!!!But what do I know 🙂DJ Twitter is full of so much privilege, misplaced shade and gatekeeping. Much like the BORING NIGHTS you play at.… @urbangaygriot omg @yewandeadeniran u too? 😭 @fodrake You're big on plum chutney then? @maisonreve_ YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @maisonreve_ @maisonreve_ I'm actually bored. We know better and are better than this.I don't wanna hear shit about dr*ke in big old 2019, the man was essentially grooming a 14 year old. Why the selective amnesia?my energy is too messy for this early in the day; ay, are there any arts organisations that you wouldn't step foot…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Mar_Goth_ 😡
#FromTheArchive: The ephemeral nature of performance art might make it seem “unsellable”. But as today’s art marke…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @BeeBabs @yewandeadeniran the amount of black women who can actually sing on this stage and this is what we got 😭😭😭… looking at the train departure board after running for 5 mins straight
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyReminder, you don’t hate Mondays you hate capitalism 👍🏾
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @colouroffensive @LucienBucien Loved NYE, STCM and HYHATM but he's just not that into you was a little bit flat imo… @LucienBucien @colouroffensive I watch other stuff too, but I need that junk food movie yknow, life is hard hahaha.the managed decline of social housing is an utter disgrace and this is a useful account cataloguing one example of…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @colouroffensive Which rom coms? It’s my fave genre 🥰Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha omg 😭😭😭😭
good morning to the baddest bitch living
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyMe: turns 26 Young artist schemes: happy birthday btw you no longer qualify for any discounts or workshops or oppor…
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Me thinking I got my life together
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyGreta Thunberg:
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyCapital by Karl Marx (1867)
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyYou should come we r good at what we do 🥰✨💐
Good morning: there are more privatised prisons in the UK than the US
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @LucienBucien This is SO CUTE 😭😭😭Sonnet 6. Going to get on with the actual projects I’m supposed to be doing soon.
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyRecruiter: Do you have any further questions about the role or company? Me: Yes, what temperature do they maintain…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mariimals @WHITELIGHTCAM Gonna panic call my mami and make sure she's SURE hahaha @WHITELIGHTCAM @mariimals oh my fucking god 😭when you find out you have a different birth time then you thought and it changes your whole birth chart
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyIf I'm in public speaking spanish to my mother on the phone and catch people staring I STILL sprinkle in a few engl…