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calm your tetas and while you’re at it calm mine 🇨🇴🐣✨🐥poet/DJ/artist & reggaeton thottie just tryna live lavish 😈😎 Bookings:

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Black Women have been speaking up about racism / sexism in dance music for years. We were ignored and silenced ever…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @RepeatBeatPoet For fucks sake this is evilAnd when we eventually get back to the stupid club, I don’t want to see any more all white line ups. It’s usually b… to bail funds. Physically show up when the time comes. Educate your families and friends. Call out all forms… not ask your black friends to educate you. Please do the work yourself. Be a true ally. Put your money where you… lives matter. The lives of my mother and my brother and half of my family and my friends and people I don’t k… you’re looking for one book to read at the moment, please check out WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST by Patrice Kh…
Retweeted by PMS Casualtycontext: this is Paris and they are demanding among other things migration status regularization.
Retweeted by PMS CasualtySolidarity with black people all over the world, no police brutality no borders!
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyThis month’s show on @1020_Radio goes out to my dog Blossom who passed away recently. 💓🌸 New ones from Chloe x Hall… also just want to say while I love my fellow POC’s, saying “POC’s” in relation to THIS situation right now is no…
Retweeted by PMS Casualtyuk racism is not covert!!!! it is not subtle!!!! literally stop saying this!! go home vans are not subtle windrush…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyAnd that’s how you put up or shut up ☺️. If you have money/influence now is the time to follow suit and put your mo… case some of my English speaking followers would like to support the fight for justice, and one of the most vita…
Retweeted by PMS Casualtywhite people be like “change is not radical unless i am comfortable. — martin luther king.”
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyAsí es!!!
@maisonreve_ LOVE doing this!!!I love this song
Retweeted by PMS Casualty!!!!!!! @lucie_knights ❤️❤️❤️❤️Can we stop praising non black people for doing the bare minimum?! Can we stop that right the f*ck now!! this is a…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyLmaoooooo
@MyNameIsSonic ❤️❤️❤️i was today years old when i found out that pictures from the Civil Rights Movement were originally taken in color…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyQwhite unsurprising. It’s everywhere if you open your eyes 😠. my white people on this app. It is not enough to be silently non-racist.
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyI can't get over the staggering cruelty of it all. Every one is dealing with the emotional stress that comes with a…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyMobilise. If you can't mobilise, donate. If you can't donate, share useful information and ideas - check your sourc…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyHonestly if you don’t mean it, you can keep it.’t forget the uk police aren’t innocent.
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyI am speechless @chikayaofficial What the FUCK"silence = complicity" still fails us because a lot of non-black ppl interpret it as "sharing something on your ins…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Mar_Goth_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @storygiverpoet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️*donate 😭Matched! Please do the same if you can, and done to the Minnesota Freedom Fund ❤️ @maisonreve_ Not that it matters. Truly hell on Earth. @maisonreve_ That wasn’t even forged!!!!!
@RepeatBeatPoet My heart !! ❤️My mum addressed the envelope and my dad wrote the card, so cute 🥺 SRS pre-orders now available 😎
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyI got a housewarming card from my parents and started crying because I haven’t seen them since Christmas and lockdo… @dontsmileattee INNIT @dontsmileattee It is FUCKED. Apparently it’s because employers need to ensure AL is taken throughout the year and… could have possibly foreseen
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @dontsmileattee Mine did this to me! They forced us to take 7 days. Created a huge backlog of work and refused to l… @tobikyere The only thing getting me through this lockdown 😭whoever put this poster up in London, i wish them great success for the rest of the year
Retweeted by PMS Casualtybad bunny + a puppy, that’s it that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @J_JJarman Facts!!! @mayyvobai That’d do it. Racism ON JOB everyday
YES, you need to wear SPF. YES, even if you’re darker skinned. YES, even if you’re inside all day. YES, even und…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @J_JJarman @TheNational @Primavera_Sound @GiantGiantSwan First time I saw them I started crying like ten minutes be…’s raise awareness of police brutality, let’s dismantle structural racism, let’s burn white supremacy to the gro…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @jackremmington Racist horse calling them Karens and just say white supremacists, y'all being too nice
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mayyvobai How does this keep happening @J_JJarman @TheNational @Primavera_Sound I love that song 😭
Shout out to us lot who had birthdays in lockdown what an L.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mayyvobai Lmaooooo @yewandeadeniran Might rewatch yknow @yewandeadeniran Hmmmm you’re right and she must have seen EVERYTHIIING @yewandeadeniran DOROTA?!Hiya! Sunun and I have an EP coming out on @BokehVersions 🥰 June 12th. Muddy dub. Happy days.
Retweeted by PMS Casualty
@yewandeadeniran 20?!!! How often do people have 20 people in their house?!!!!
The rails in venues wondering where everyone is
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @mimosa_daddy Que BELLEZAAAAA 😭😍Anifa Mvuemba, Pink Label Congo Collection. (An African woman, a black woman, setting new fashion industry standard…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty
Susan Sontag's On Photography still blows my mind and I return to it frequently. Though this book was written in th…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @BeeBabs I love it so much!!!
Someone teach me I learnt how to raise my eyebrow I must learn thisCan EVERY womxn on the planet but ME wink?!!! LOVE Quavo 🥰 @maisonreve_ @ashindestad @loz_nugget @Mar_Goth_ Both r so funny 😂😂😂 @BeeBabs I learnt summin today thank you! That’s what I get for being mean like my voice singing along didn’t sound worse 😂 @BeeBabs My first love!!!!!!! Also the backing vocalist bless his HEART 😂😭the hardest part about working from home is the not being able to “go home after an unrelenting work day” part. i’m…
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @ashindestad @loz_nugget @maisonreve_ @Mar_Goth_ is this true?! Lmaoooooooo @mimosa_daddy A banger!!! When I went to see him with my mami someone proposed on stage and it was the bravest thing I have ever seen 😂😂😂😂
Today's card. Water is the symbol of birth & life. Emotions, also associated with water, want what all other life w…
Retweeted by PMS CasualtyWtf is a more delicate personality. Racists say anything
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @BeeBabs This vocab is not on brand for her I am cackling what a MESSI just wanna hear someone say “ya paso por ti” again 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I just wanna be rushing to find my keys and my purse ‘cau… @Mar_Goth_ Maybe drop her round summin nice in a day or so? Bless being alone is harrrrd during this @Mar_Goth_ Nah you did the right thing! ❤️ @Mar_Goth_ Blossom 🌸london tipton is STILL that bitch
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @Mar_Goth_ If that makes you feel better! She prolly went to cry in the garden to get a little peace and quiet ❤️ @Mar_Goth_ I cried in my garden today and would have HATED a neighbour saying something @Mar_Goth_ She wasn’t that into music tho so I’m a bit stumped lmaooo 😂I don’t even have any tequila this is tragicIf you’re in your feelings and you’re latinx this lockdown for the love of god do not start listening to vallenatos… far I got salsa brava lmaoTrying to make a mix in memory of my dead dog 😭😭😭Beyonce: if you don't jump to put jeans on baby, you don't feel my pain Lana:
Retweeted by PMS Casualty @extinctdaemon Let us not forget her appropriation of the chola/chicano aesthetics. Her whole thing is fabrication… @brujacontumbao And a racist 😌Si hablas castellano y te interesa, aqui hay una conversacion sobre reparaciones