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I live at the gym. Horrible at spelling. married to @wilshuntington Gay. Personal trainer in NYC He/Him IG: @danieljduggan

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@_ToxicKing_ 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 you win @Mas0nj4r It’s the regular Apple one. It’s very slippery tho so I’m going to get a new one for when I start to go o… @Mas0nj4r Thanks!!! @_ToxicKing_ Silence pole
The hole is on the bottom @jstnorlando @Drewstee @Mas0nj4r What rights do we get? @itsandyyybitch Have a snack and find outHe’s too busy looking at the road and he won’t pay attention to me. 😡 @TwitterMoments No ❤️ted cruz: rejoining WHO only benefits the citizens of whoville
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?National Right to Work criticizes Biden for firing employees without sufficient cause:
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet? @jinothestray @Ethmc I can never find a place to take my pants off without getting caught @Ethmc ✍️ take ✍️ nudes ✍️ after ✍️ the ✍️ gym ✍️ @liamjohnsonNY You’d get to wear those cute outfits tho @maxxie1129 So don’t look! @jstnorlando Still? @the_shawn20 Thank god 🥰🥰🥰🥰He’s driving so the roads are safe.Me and @WilSHuntington right now @fka_tre Ooh nice! These are like three months. I love the brand but they’re so thin @gaynurse93 Omg stealing this @gaynurse93 I’m in the passenger seat where I belong @AckmanxPierce Nah I’m just bored with youOh look. Another pair of jeans with a hole in the crotch. Are we surprised? No we aren’t. @AckmanxPierce I’ve moved on. Thanks for trying @jinothestray And thots @heyjaeee When it’s not raining get in your shower for 20 minutes @Mas0nj4r @jstnorlando Oh let’s do that mason. Sounds fun @danielsoto_16 That’s true. I’m going to take a nap!How long can I stay in bed before I’m late for wherever I need to go?Because we’re in the height of a health pandemic and he understands that inviting large crowds to gather is, contra…
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?Dr. Fauci: "One of the new things in this administration is, if you don't know the answer, don’t guess. Just say you don't know the answer."
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?It’s a knockout @VannaDeux @adamjmoussa Getting baked? @adamjmoussa Suddenly I’m into baking @avetisyan630 🥰🥰 @Mas0nj4r That’s boringI wanna cause drama today. Who wants to fight @alex_abads @Pschlarm I recommend you don’t come over to my place. @overthinkit08 🥰🥰 @mcecreations I am looking respectfully @Pschlarm @alex_abads I refuse to answer the question @alex_abads Why am I not surprised @_kurtalert So you are a daddy? @_kurtalert 😰oh damn @discoballsack Me right now @_kurtalert Tell me more @discoballsack Idk but how hard did that make you? @discoballsack You left me on read three weeks ago. I check every day to see if you’ll respond 🥺 @adamjmoussa That’s a lot of frosting on that little cake. @JoshAlan83 (All photoshop) 🤫 @tedcruz You should focus on Texas. You look a little lost. @liamjohnsonNY I see nothing wrong here @liamjohnsonNY @farm_tc @cmclymer They/them would be someone that considers themselves ‘non-binary’ or doesn’t identify as male or female @liamjohnsonNY Grab where? @heyjaeee I’m baby @Mas0nj4r That’s my new name. @CarlosBrandt Thanks handsomeBaby in blue @eww_David_ Whatever makes you happy bbI made this Bernie sitting meme to contribute to the cause
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?Ugh. They put on Deadpool. 📢THE BROS WANT MAMMA MIA 📢 @Mas0nj4r I did that last night 🤣 @Mas0nj4r You’re very pretty, masonI wonder if I can convince the gym to play mamma Mia again... @donnellymjd BMI is old and outdated and really shouldn’t be used any more. It’s not a good indicator of health.So happy that USA has finally rejoined the Pittsburgh Agreement. Welcome back!
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?Why is it harder to get out of bed the second time?And just like that, everything is better immediately.
Retweeted by has this joke gotten old yet?One day I won’t work at 6am every day @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington But I love you @WilSHuntington @jstnorlando @Mas0nj4r Acting like a bottom and fingering me are not mutually exclusive @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington You stress me out sometimes, Mason. @WilSHuntington @jstnorlando @Mas0nj4r You’re acting like a bottom tonight I rest my case @iLike_Kittehs @WilSHuntington You gotta stop zooming in @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington @jstnorlando @jstnorlando @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington Since we are all bottoms, no one will be doing you @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington @jstnorlando You owe us for that comment @Mas0nj4r @WilSHuntington @jstnorlando MASON @Mas0nj4r @jstnorlando @WilSHuntington Oh you expect a collab? @Mas0nj4r @jstnorlando @WilSHuntington @WilSHuntington @alamocitygay You bitch. Ignore him @Mas0nj4r @jstnorlando @WilSHuntington It’ll be the first video on our only fans. Trust @jstnorlando @WilSHuntington Leave me alone. I’m going to bed soon @urbancreature @WilSHuntington 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @jstnorlando @WilSHuntington @JaggarBearclaw @WilSHuntington Sex. @WilSHuntington No because you’ll be mad that I did @WilSHuntington Don’t make me post the video @WilSHuntington A HOT MESS @colinjmurphy_ @WilSHuntington @HandsomeHansell Shut up pole you love it @WilSHuntington @colinjmurphy_ @HandsomeHansell Shut up pole. @colinjmurphy_ @WilSHuntington @HandsomeHansell Finally. A top that respects me @Storm_Ray_ @WilSHuntington @justcameron @WilSHuntington 👀 @Alt4ThirstYEG @WilSHuntington That’s where you’re wrong @Alt4ThirstYEG @WilSHuntington Again. This is a punishment for me. Not him @WilSHuntington @CNNPolitics You went private so they can’t see this