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@ms_duckworth 😂 @zeithistoriker @olainnset @NewStatesman Fair enough. @deleverage4ever @zeithistoriker @NewStatesman No, it originated with Samuel Rosenman, the New York Democrat and sp… @olainnset @zeithistoriker @NewStatesman Hmm. You don't think that splicing a Tweet about the myth of trickledown t…"The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail; its roof may shak… can one say in response to this enormity? Nothing I can think of seems quite adequate, so let me instead quote… @jaynordlinger The Vinson here is a terrific patriot and philanthropist - and the kindest and most modest of men to boot.I love the fact that there is at least one university in Britain that can have this slogan above its door. @RobinToal @JuliaHB1 👍 @MarPerRodr Can we at least agree that removing tariffs on imported food makes it cheaper without affecting its qua… @saucemanchester If you want to subsidise domestic production at the expense of people on low incomes, fine: lots o… @BobCrauford @ChrisC000000 @JuliaHB1 @RobinToal @JuliaHB1 Why not all of the above?Governments around the world promised to tackle Covid "at any cost" - not pausing to consider what was implied by t… @zeithistoriker @NewStatesman Thanks for the plug, Quinn. Out of interest, though, why did you selectively cut what… is it that the people who talk about "food poverty" are often the same people who, in the context of trade, rail against "cheap food"? @ChrisC000000 @JuliaHB1 @N68Winstan A guaranteed way to end up with fewer rich people and more poor people.Ways to tackle poverty when the government is already skint: ✅Scrap expensive energy regulations ✅Free up the housi…“No person hath a right to an interest or share in the disposing of the affairs of the kingdom, and indetermining o…
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"The ability of our self-appointed censors to discern heresies is enhanced by their daily exercises in resentment.… @PatMurray20 @stick_right @evolvepolitics @TPointUK We focus on houses and tuition precisely because they they buck… @PatMurray20 @stick_right @evolvepolitics @TPointUK Note that the proportion of our lives spent at work keeps falli… @PatMurray20 @stick_right @evolvepolitics @TPointUK No contradiction. As markets expand, things get cheaper. We can… moving average of daily Covid deaths in Sweden: Sept 02: 2 Sept 17: 2 Sept 27: 2 Oct 14: 2 Oct 25: 2
Retweeted by Daniel HannanDoes the virus care whether drinks are non-alcoholic? Or is this really just about bossiness, nannying and a genera… free trade, because... ...imports are good. ...Rules of Origin are a nuisance. does not preclude deep trade agreements.
Retweeted by Daniel Hannan @PatMurray20 @stick_right @evolvepolitics @TPointUK If we were prepared to accept our parents' living standards - n…"Five days we do allot thee for provision To shield thee from diseases of the world." #NothingEscapesShakespeare of the two is definitely undermining devolution. But I’m pretty sure it’s not Boris."Four more years of George, uh, George... uh..." dismissed the idea of Covid being cooked up in a Chinese laboratory as a conspiracy theory. But look (thread belo…' favourite country... isn't Britain. In fact, it isn't even in the top 3. 🇳🇿 New Zealand - 80% like 🇨🇦 Can…
Retweeted by Daniel Hannan @stevebimpson @bobrurl @evolvepolitics @TPointUK Few (if any) people are motivated solely by money. Certainly few t… half a century, Republicans accepted a Left-leaning Supreme Court without questioning its legitimacy. The momen…
@evolvepolitics @TPointUK 4/4 That is the magic of the market: it lifts everyone over time. Ask yourself whether yo… @evolvepolitics @TPointUK 3/4 But the rise in efficiency is marginal. The rise in the teacher’s standard of living,… @evolvepolitics @TPointUK 2/4 But a teacher is doing pretty much what a teacher did in the days of Socrates, namely… @evolvepolitics @TPointUK 1/4 The great thing about specialisation and exchange is that they raise everyone’s stand…“You Tories hate poor people!” Yup: we want to turn them all into rich people.Sweden has just 242 deaths more than expected over 2020 to date. The notion they have done badly is just ridiculou…
Retweeted by Daniel Hannan"They're saying we're a bunch of Leftie lawyers." "Outrageous! What can we do about it?" "How about a letter to the… love the idea that we can just print more money to cover what we need. Who knew it was so easy?The old order is not coming back. The world that lies on the other side of the lockdowns will be colder, harsher, m…
@b_judah There is an innate tendency to exaggerate human agency. But isn't it possible - likely, indeed - that othe… is currently a tiny fraction of our economy. But there is vast growth potential in using fish in cosmetic a… is something almost awe-inspiring about the wokies' combination of stupidity and certainty. The fact that rac… @DanRebellato @GuyLongworth I don’t know. But there certainly should be a word for the common Twitter tendency to f… the first time, public opinion is turning against the lockdown. Our mood will darken with the shortening days.… @ClarkeMicah Thanks to everyone who took the time to explain that that’s not how it works. Ah, Twitter: dontcha just love it? 😉
To be fair, the opposite charge could be levelled against many conservatives.Even if Labour now backs down in Wales (as I suspect it will) public confidence in the lockdown won’t recover. The… @ClarkeMicah I dunno about you, Peter, but I don't want to give 2020 one extra hour.“Do not be proud of the fact that your grandmother was shocked at something which your are accustomed to seeing or…'s a curious thing, but all the moral relativism that Leftists assiduously apply to other cultures goes out of th… the clarity and conviction with which @eames_maureen speaks to the almost unbelievably patronising tone in… all know what happens next. The politicians who have driven retail online will turn around and demand a windfall… @K_Niemietz @_JamieWhyte “Ah, you own coal mines - I own coal mines, too. Let’s work together against the proletari… you want an idea of what Britain would look like if Labour were in charge, look at Wales, where the party is ful… is badly misjudging this. Even the WHO is now anti-lockdown, and public opinion, after seven months, is fina…
This isn't about the coronavirus at all, is it? It's just a general dislike of consumerism.’d call that critical mass. How long before Labour comes round? @MRJKilcoyne To thee and thine hereditary ever Remain this ample third of our fair kingdom, No less in space, valid… @Raspber77407206 @annalartcreme @LDNDAN @GreenJennyJones @carla_denyer @BristolUni @RentStrikeBris Indeed. But whom… @calvinrobinson @SuzanneEvans1 Neither elbow-bumps nor handshakes are especially elegant. We could learn from the J… of your territorial resources, including fish stocks, is a non-negotiable aspect of national sovereignty. B… @wallaceme @reporterboy @DrBrexit @reporterboy @DrBrexit Incredibly enough... @DrBrexit @reporterboy Iä Hastur cf’ayak’vulgtmm, vugtlagln vulgtmm!I voted to Leave in the 2016 referendum principally because of the EU’s environmentally ruinous, ecocidal Common Ag…
Retweeted by Daniel Hannan @annalartcreme @LDNDAN @GreenJennyJones @carla_denyer @BristolUni @RentStrikeBris For vulnerable staff, sure. But w…
How is this supposed to slow the infection rate? Or is it just some weird Labour anti-capitalist thing? @GreenJennyJones @carla_denyer @BristolUni @RentStrikeBris Lots of students elsewhere have responded to the withdra… @carla_denyer @GreenJennyJones @BristolUni @RentStrikeBris The way students are being treated is, indeed, intolerab… The Swedish government also announced today that the ceiling for seated audiences will be raised to 300 p…
Retweeted by Daniel HannanJe me souviens Des jours anciens Et je pleure. people truly think that governments are better at relieving poverty than charities? That they use their resource… @AlistairHaimes And that's just the ones who know it. @djeppink @pietercleppe @pitje83 @JamesCrisp6 If there is no deal, I am strongly in favour of offering some access… @pietercleppe @pitje83 @JamesCrisp6 It is always worth listening to @djeppink - and this speech is no exception.Something in the dogs’ demeanour tells me it is time for my annual fado about the unbearable wistfulness of autumn. @JacCooper1 The egg. There were eggs for hundreds of millions of years before there was anything recognisable as ei… people move to cities for work? Or do companies move to cities because their workforce is already there, drawn b…
@MRJKilcoyne Less ambitiously, wouldn't it be great if Indian food here came (as it usually does in India) with lim…"For over a century, Britain stood at the forefront of the push to end slavery, using much effort, losing many live… @keithhann @RGSNewcastle One of... enough, the case against @darrengrimes_ has been dropped. Still, every case of this kind serves to undermine c… and Delilah, 1506 #andreamantegna #italianart
Retweeted by Daniel Hannan @andrew_lilico @niall_gooch It's especially common on the BBC: Nish Kumar, Gary Lineker, Horrible Histories etc. Wh… @niall_gooch I never cease to be surprised by how many people on Twitter think they're being clever by pointing out… Keir Starmer says that Tier 3 restrictions will mean "months and months of agony", while still demanding that t…, Utah. @JamesCrisp6 Unless we count the period when Napoleon was occupying the Low Countries, the only war since 1674 was… and shameful that institutional Britain - universities, corporations, civil servants, politicians, po…
Another country with a harsh lockdown and high fatality rates. @filsdelenin True. Recognising that our understanding of anything is necessarily limited and contingent is the basi… not to warm to Pam. #Hero #Whig“For the difference between a revolutionary order and a healthy legitimate one is not the possibility of change, bu…
Do we really need to put the sodding clocks back this year? Aren’t things gloomy enough already?I'm making a cake for a friend's 80th - an incredibly healthy man, a former jockey, now a gardener. He got a shield…