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Internet dwelling actor and comedian. Suspected lovechild of Charlie Brooker and Michelle Visage. Probably talking about films, food, wrestling and drag queens.

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Going ✨LIVE✨ to drink a cup of tea and unwind and natter and doodle but not washing or getting dressed cause it’s 2… @EvanEdinger Was it last year we had a feast at yours and watched the football? Or was that fifteen years ago? @wolfiejoey Absolutely! You don’t have to bring a Bullet Journal at all, can bring anything you wanna work on! Or j…🚨LAST MINUTE DECISION KLAXON🚨 I’m gonna do a low key super chill Bullet Journal stream tonight at 7pm! Bring your… won, Cornwall. Enjoy the tier 1, I hope it makes you very happy.
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @EmilyThornberry this was DELICIOUS to watch @Rakeshi This is very funnyWhich Tier has Dominic Cummings decided to be in?If you didn't get the tier level you want, don't worry! Nobody ever looks at your tier results when you're older. J…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonThey've chosen a new James Bond
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @CarrieHFletcher YES HE DID AS IS HIS RIGHT
On The Crown, the staff come in first thing and bring you tea and draw your curtains to help you wake up and then t… don’t know why there’s been so much Sweep on my timeline today but I am the opposite of cross about it I love him @RosiannaRojas @taylorswift13 @jackantonoff @disneyplus oof @TheSonicScrew @Thelaserbearguy @tiniebear Prise it from my cold dead hands's something VERY unusual about Sweep with legs
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WHY DOES THIS QUAINT SHOW ABOUT CAKES IN A TENT MAKE ME CRY EVERY BLOODY YEAR #GBBO Frasier Cake is just a normal cake that makes a witty retort about opera. #BakingFacts #GBBO @izzienaylor I'd take a crossword in, or maybe do some light yoga.I don't think I'd do well on Bake Off because sometimes I think's too short to hover over a pan with a… this new incredible as by @ReverendWarnock everywhere. This is why he will win.
Retweeted by Daniel J. Laytonthe 37 people who complained to OFCOM about Mr Spoon are gonna be SPITTING right now #GBBOI think a lot of us can heavily relate, this year, to crying with our head in the fridge. #GBBOmy aesthetic @RosiannaRojas SHE JUST GOT SO MANY FOLLOWERS SO QUICKLY @SophieAthawes A DREAMI am an influencer x @rogerha HAHAAAA YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! @RachelKiki_ YES. I want something that makes me look right on the intersection between hot and like I haven’t showered in a while. @tillyjeanette Well, I think I won’t be despondent enough to write my awful novel after such a pretty-dress weekend. That’s my concern.
I think when we’re all high on the vaccine I might go get drunk and chain smoke in Paris and write an appalling nov… your whammy fanny, funky song, funky song. shake your whammy fanny, FU-UNKY SONG.🔍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Writing a novel set in Victorian Scotland? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔍 👶Need some baby name ideas?👶 Follow these simple rul…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @notcorry oh @notcorry relateHave any tabloids used the headline "The Tiers of a Clown"? I feel like they should use the headline "The Tiers of a Clown". @avesy90 Monopoly Monopoly. You go round collecting all of the other editions of Monopoly. (Also I can think of fe… @EmilyFlake There's something just so New England Classy about "make remarks".Okay, hoo boy, here we go... COMMISSIONS AND MERCH STORE ARE OPEN. Digital cute, pet and D&D portraits in time for…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Laytonstickers and postcards and pins OH MY
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonThank you to the #AMAs for giving us this sneak peek at Clea DuVall’s upcoming lesbian holiday rom-com HAPPIEST SEA…
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from December 1st adding a person who lives alone to your household is called a support Bublé
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonI LOVE THIS neither but at least you’re dressed :( up on last night’s #Strictly and my main takeaway is that RANVIR WAS LIT!!!! @JonDBarker WHAT IT CHANGED AGAIN fucks sakeYou guys have not come through at all, only 9% of you so far are with me in the sleeping-til-1pm camp, why would yo… @gay_meme_trash_ ME TOO this is why I asked and the answers have been less than comforting
@izzienaylor I want your body clock. @Georgia_Awkward Especially now it’s dark so quickly!!! I have vitamin D tablets to compensate @alltimejo “At one point” suggests this has been fixed PLEASE TELL ME HOWPlease make me feel better about my sleeping pattern. When are you waking up these days?harvest his DNA. bleed him dry.
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonSpending thirty seconds inside @katya_zamo's mind must be like living for a full calendar year in the Willy Wonka t… give me this grace under pressure
I'm really looking forward to Gal Gadot's video of Robbie Williams's Christmas song xNice! #GoinIN 🔥• @BillBailey @OtiMabuse @bbcstrictly
Retweeted by Daniel J. Laytonimagine using actual International Men's Day to go into Parliament and ask the government equivalent of "Why isn't…
I refuse to watch Muppet Christmas Carol. I do not see myself or my culture represented. Why is the cast mostly Mup…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @HeyRowanEllis @krishithink I'm going to say something controversial yet brave. None of these boxes completely work…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @gilly VERY GOOD JOKE @Spoonful_DD I think it's because the writing is generally quite good, and these people are so prominent - especial… meanwhile, I've found the rest of the series to be SUCH GOOD DRAMA but the Twitter reaction on the whole has me… thought it captured the dark side of Britain under Thatcher magnificently, especially in a show that usually focu… ask because I just watched episode 5, about the Fagan break-in, which was a FANTASTIC bit of television, really S… HAVE A QUESTION!! How "based on true events" do you think #TheCrown is? @oureric @oureric oh god is this realthis is spectacular
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonALERT KELLY ROWLAND goats waiting for their time to be hugged
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @RosiannaRojas I think it’s coming back for a final killl with my thumb hovering over the Chris Hemsworth fitness app knowing I tried twice before only to just read the r… @nikkitawny For me, the conversation isn’t the bad part, if it’s open to hearing my perception of masculinity. It’… know why I, for one, get riled up and angry by this kind of conversation? Because I’m SO FUCKING TIRED of havi… Trump thinks he looks like / what Trump actually looks like
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Princess Margaret is only ever on screen with a drink in her hand, or in bed. Sometimes both. I aspire. #TheCrown @lia_laraine I don’t think I’ll rest until I have a Bridget Jones flat.WHO WILL JOIN TEAM LUKE OWEN?! - watch the full video here: @_denisesalcedo @SeanRossSapp
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonThey really do be like “Diana lives in Earl’s Court?! Ewww!!” At her BEAUTIFUL FLAT while a legion of millennials… of the grestest edit i have ever seen
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @ZacharyBreland He's fantastic in 'God's Own Country' which is a bleak-but-beautiful film that's worth giving your… entirely agree. I enjoyed the first two enough, and thought Claire Foy was criminally underused (which was odd...… i'm only two episodes in but it's worth noting that this show has in the past, and will again, taken some HUG… would HIGHLY recommend watching season 3 at LEAST. If only because there was some stunning character work by Josh…
MAGGIE’S RED PEN. Fuck they’ve gone full Game of Thrones this year. #TheCrown @WaterstonesPicc @TripFiction I love this staircase loads and loads. Any time I visit, look at it and hear an eleva… @izzienaylor come ON, eileen. @Adelicate_ Maybe I'm just a Leatherface who is VERY in touch with his feelings...Before the addition of the glittery snow cat, this had severe Texas chainsaw vibes...
#TheCrown #One’ve not had a chance to watch #TheCrown yet, so don’t send me any spoilers, I don’t want to know what happens x(For reference. It’s a fucking spectacular video.)’m SO HAPPY seeing Bill have such a great time!!! He’s doing so well!!! (Also this is now the second time… we agree going forward to exclusively nominate people who Kate McKinnon can play on SNL thanks xjoker wearing his mask properly and disinfecting his hands?? he was AHEAD of his time
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @RageNineteen @AuntyDonnaBoys @NetflixUK it really, really was.