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Our friend Pamela just told us that “According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonYou do not need to, nor should you, ignore your fears - there is plenty to be afraid of - but we have possibilities…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonOur first, no 1 priority is to do everything possible to secure electoral college victory in Nov. This is the fig…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonVote like hell.
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RBG worked until her last moment because she recognised the moment needed her. Now she’s at peace, the moment need… on I felt a real bout of BLEH CAN'T FUNCTION coming on, so I instantly ran out to get a coffee. I can now… @awebblex Honestly, as someone with even 0.5% experience of "celebrity", people being overly invested in your priva… @mypaleskinblog "Cheeky". Also "Doggo". Hate them with a passion. @connieglynn He has massive “giggedy” energy in this video.“Hi Aniston!” “Hi Pitt!” AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EVERYTHING. This video is E V E R Y. T H I N G. Tag urself, I’m Julia Roberts squirming with barely co… say ‘no worries’ far too much for someone who is approx. 94% worry
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Once at O'Hare I saw a lady wearing a jean jacket with an airbrushed portrait of Diana Ross on it. She turned around & it was Diana Ross.
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonI like movies favourite replies are the ones that are like 'umm?? you didn't encapsulate the entirety of the human condition i…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonIf you’re not sure what to expect from my streams, you should know that it inspires art of all kinds, like this pie… IN 10 MINUTES!!, I'll stream again this afternoon. At 6. What of it.When you’ve already seen the video
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @acaseforbooks That sounds nice! I definitely want to find a halfway house like that. @jackhowad so NEATI put all my Lost DVDs in a DVD case to clear up storage space, but now I’m looking at the pile of empty boxes with…
@ThisIsGuido I’ve got my eyes on the gold one. I want to win the EGOTGBPB @Jake__Rose @Dheanasaur Honey catch up, Black Diamond dropping whenever the times become precedented again @Dheanasaur BITCH I’VE HAD ONE SINCE 1999 @RichieDriss @SophieAthawes I just bought a new pack to contemplate the issue while we wait... COULD BE HUGE, PALS. Blue Peter, I would really like to visit the factory where they make fruit pastille lollies so i can figure o… @_JOSHEDWARDS_ @_JOSHEDWARDS_ are like assholes. Everyone has one, but I have to really like you to want to spend any time in close proximity to yours.Just thinking about All Stars 4 and how Trinity the Tuck turned Kim Cattrall into a Fox News anchor
Today is my 40th birthday! For my 39th birthday, I made friends with @TheRock To celebrate this milestone, I'm g…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @bughotell (I’ve been liking those all day. Aren’t we easily pleased.)Ah, an #AppleEvent! A litany of shiny exciting things I have little use for, less money for, but which I DESPERATELY crave. @KeziaRose On particularly heavy days I add “benji” to the search @tillyjeanette This made me emotional?!?!When a wrestler is in a thing, I become a proud dad and instantly lose all critical objectivity. So take it with a… @aliceisms this is magic.Fucking HELL. I’ve tried to cool down on the politics lately but like... The choice is between a climate plan tha… that I have your attention 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!
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It’s too much. I don’t know what to say. Some people say voting isn’t the answer. “Stop shouting at us to vote!” We…
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonDid I take this pic on my phone because I don’t know how to get screenshots off my switch? Yes. #ProStreamerThank you stream gang!! I had a grand old time. More again later in the week. And those of you who stuck around ti… @Scrooge95 I CAUGHT THE CHARMANDERGoing live now!!! Come play Pokemon!! I am 30!! want to post a thirst trap hot body pic on my insta, but my calves are the only toned or even mildly athletic thi… @xplodinglemon I can’t tonight - I have evening things to do! But I’ll absolutely do a chill vibes late night stream soon! @StevieFinegan That cat is GLORIOUS.GANG, I’m gonna stream again later today, so keep your peepers peeped* and I’ll let you know when I’m going live!… tweet comes courtesy of me considering tidying up and looking lovingly at the little boxLast night on my way home, I walked past a Pizza Gogo open at quarter to midnight and picked up a little pizza. I… @Eddache_ You’re for real gonna tell black pudding to do one, but put TOAST fourth?I have made a tiny bookshop!! I have been documenting it in much more detail over on Insta but here is the finish…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @bronactitley I propose Real Housewives-esque talking heads for the full experience
@notcorry I could play batman and be the right choice @notcorry t h r e e @reb_day @TheJacobTrueman I am not the Trueman TripletIt is Mike and Jacob’s birthday and I adore them. This picture makes me very happy. @acaseforbooks @leenanorms Can I be Lee hovering broodily at the fireplace? I’ll bring the necessary amounts of hair gel.
@Dheanasaur Get in line babesIf you are feeling overwhelmed by the news and by the state of things and how everything feels so bad in so many wa…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @Maddyology That palm 🥰Same people who call everyone snowflakes are on the phone going “hello ofcom, I’d like to complain about a dance”
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Honestly a pristine day @gilly I’ve literally been asking myself that all daydo gen z know we used to upload 90 photos to a facebook album after every single night out? they’d be so mortified for us.
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonA reminder that Ursula Le Guin's writing schedule was the best writing schedule.
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Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonSteps: so it's a really sad song called One For Sorrow and it's about a really bad breakup and how even though the…
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Yes, also the chat decided my character's mum was in a Throuple with Professor Oak and Mr Mime. My moderator (Chloe… you're curious about how seriously I take my new life as a #ProStreamer, you should know that we're playing Poke… live in 5! Come join the chaos as I continue to be the very worst streamer in the entire world., also, tfw you're so iconic that one of your line deliveries springs immediately and simultaneously to everyone'… an actor has so much charisma that they make you lean a little further forward just to savour every momen… to say about Diana Rigg? I could talk about her incredible career, but for now I'll just say as a lifelong fan…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @bertieglbrt Coffee for everyone in the morning. Pasta for everyone in the evening. @OK_Gallagher That’s why you get an extra prod when I go live. Just don’t wear a white shirt in case you spill that merlot in excitement. @OK_Gallagher It’s hard to promo before you’ve decided something!I’m gonna stream again!! Today!! Pokemon!! 5pm for about an hour and a half!!
I was gonna cut all my hair off and then I saw Chalamet You Stay’s hair blow in the space wind and now I probably w… @connieglynn Just when I think you’ve stopped surprising meIs it really a sandwich if you didn’t have crispsHappy Birthday Hugh Grant. I think you're quite brilliant and it would be an honour to be considered a poor man's v… my mum calls me to ask me where I am and I dont want to tell her I'm getting drunk in a field
Retweeted by Daniel J. Laytonhappy birthday to Hugh Grant, a man whose charisma is so powerful that when he started saying no to British romcoms…
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If I understand it right It’s “You can’t meet with more than six people except when you have to meet with more th… of him 🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonMe, writing an email: I'm using an exclamation point so you know I'm friendly and excited! But now I'm using a per…
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @ThisIsGuido I AM SINGLE, GUY, A COLANDER IS EXCESSIVE AND REMINDS ME OF MY LONELINESS.Film Twitter this week:
Retweeted by Daniel J. Layton @LukeCutforth As long as it was at the end of a massive swashbuckling adventure, I’m good with that.I watched this while I was eating my sandwich and I enjoyed it more than my sandwich, which was very impressive bec…, thank god for that. Praise be.
@KhanStopMe @hankgreen You love a *checks notes* checks notes joke these daysWAP stands for What Are you doing in my swam P
Retweeted by Daniel J. LaytonTell me I’m wrong @JackHoward I have checked and all these cars are empty? @RosiannaRojas @JackHoward It wasn’t a typo!! I’ve been at it for 3 hours!! #Hench @JackHoward OMG I literally am going on a hench walk today and I’ve marked that as my turn-back point. Which I now realise is fitting.