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I tweet, blog and take pictures. I love economics, politics and running badly. I need a more balanced life I suspect.

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My favourite story today Because the lockdown is so unpopular with local businesses the Welsh government is going… saying for months - ignore the polls - they are nonsense - suddenly people are focusing - and half of these wi… @MrMBrown I lean left on economics and right on culture I attended enough idiotic demos when younger I actually… suspects that Queen Nicola is about to get a lot lot less popular as people realise that there is no way out ex… @MrMBrown Ah that is being fair Michael "I will not support a local lockdown because of the damage to our busines… Burnham did his job - he fought for his area - he also made a complete mockery of the Labour party's position… @IncMonocle It got crossed years back - the Democrats and their supporters have long since given up any right to moral superiority @_Be_free_i_be @Eyecatcher_Pro I would eat thereI love this Still you wait until the reality of the end of transition bites - you are going to see a wall of peop… @TFL1728 Economically when taken at the aggregate level - but the fishing communities in all countries are politica… Pro EU - this makes this entire argument intellectually bankrupt But beyond that - that is what governments… proper journalist - without fear or favour think there is a panic now - wait until any vaccine comes out and some people die who have had it - kiss goodby… wise to have a designated survivor when you consider the amount of explosives many in their party have han… remember the accolades from the media and "experts"? chance we run out of time for any deal due to the EU's inability to move on fishReality is starting to bite everywhere - stay the course Boris xenophobic UK @JetJaguar16 @JusDisBoy @finnyofthenorth @danielmgmoylan Sorry mate you have misread my original tweet or any of th… has rocked up - where is the rest of the EU? Where is Germany? Trump will win The EU will be arguing over the C19 by summer 2021 (Easter l… people get hit by the economic reality - they will look to blame politicians - then they will blame all of the… @sleuthsome @paulrey99 @creative_devon Nope we never going bankrupt - that was a fallacy pushed by Osborne et al -… @RobertRees_ I think this is a very good description We are back to journalists and others shouting hyperbole T… has just accelerated existing trends - technology and home delivery through the roof - people won't go back… @paulrey99 @creative_devon Naw We have our own currency If you said that about the Eurozone I would 100% agree… very dramatic. I think we have all seen that narratives are lasting about 2.5 minutes as events rip along."Just lockdown early!" Yeah I did say that scientists screaming this were mainly political activist.Well Water company I have tried my best - I have spoken to you multiple times and explained you have already given… @gjb70 @thinkdefence Guess that is why you need to refit have used the spending of public money to burnish their images forever - I remember George Osborne in h… know nothing about the politics of Amy Coney Barrett nor am I invested in the makeup of the US Supreme court but… Covid19 doesn't just strike "populists" Who knew @danieljohnsalt Brexit may work out well or badly for the UK: it’s in our democratic hands. But it is an unmitigate…
Retweeted by Dan Salt @YCDIN1 There is nothing to it - 50% is just moaning The last 50% is written by someone who is a pollster Again… am actually embarrassed that Carnegie posted this expect relations to worsen over the next 4 years as the Eurozone staggers through crisis after crisis - the FTA w… they had worked hard at the beginning they could have got something similar to EFTA - kept us semi inside the ho… is a nightmare for the EU and they have screwed it completely - they listened to Blair etc - they thought th… @JetJaguar16 @finnyofthenorth @danielmgmoylan So you are quite correct - the EC doesn't impose EU law on the MS - t… @JetJaguar16 @finnyofthenorth @danielmgmoylan Governments can blame the EC - the EC can point to the EP - yet no on… @JetJaguar16 @finnyofthenorth @danielmgmoylan They are taken behind closed doors without public discussion and then… @JetJaguar16 @finnyofthenorth @danielmgmoylan You are correct. People misunderstand why the EU is undemocratic -… remember EU politicians and think tanks patting themselves on their backs and "Ah look we are so superior to the… @thephilippics @GoodwinMJ Well done mate @douglasbulloch @markbishopuk Not missing much Another member of the expert class who has given up any pretense o… @Sapere_vivere @ManufacturingUK One suspects that many of these are going to struggle moving forward - the tide is… @Eyecatcher_Pro @Petercookwahook It is a continuation of the same privilege that cropped up 4 years ago - a sense t… @Sapere_vivere @ManufacturingUK The problem is Cambridge has become an embarrassment like most of the Uni's @adbalfour I told you Alex I am adopting an American spelling just to annoy you Lots of Zs @DawJeremy Some guy from YouGov on the Spectator podcastCould also argue that Soros' reflexivity - that growing social instability begets more instability as people form i… wonder if you could have Minsky moment in societies - probably same reason - excessive stabilityLiterally nobody has suggested that teaching any subject should be illegal. These activist academics really do liv…
Retweeted by Dan Salt @Jackal854 Australia is getting pushed away - Chinese have gone full trade war on them - it's painful but better for them in the long term @Jackal854 It's turning into a pseudo Chinese colony I can see them being pushed out at this rateNZ is likely to drop out of CANZUK shortly due to the belt and road @Eyecatcher_Pro We normally go We are supposed to be in France seeing family and then onto the Canaries @EarlyOakR Sell out will be screamed by those who don't get a zero relations and a nuclear bomb over Brussels It… @Eyecatcher_Pro I am going to France - for now - at the end of Nov I don't care as long as it doesn't screw up my Canaries holiday in Jan @Eyecatcher_Pro Trip off? @Tripolo12 @Eyecatcher_Pro Yep Look the government screwed things up - for example their comms have been awful -… @Eyecatcher_Pro @Tripolo12 @Eyecatcher_Pro That is because the mainstream media is lazy - in the UK much of it is anti Tory - and f… In a few months Australia and New Zealand will discover that Covid19 is traveling freely around their… I guess we can't use Iceland as the example we are all supposed to be following @Eyecatcher_Pro @mtmalinen @DiMartinoBooth Bullish Buy the dip? Car crash h h h… Police stand guard as Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad are projected onto the town hall in Montpellier, Fr…
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@brexithenrik @elliehotpig Welcome! I hope you have your queuing skills sorted :)Already hearing "It's a sell out" about Brexit The devil will be in the detail No one is going to get 100% what…'s big mistake is paying attention to them EU would have still demanded talks on fish and the direct application of EU law because the UK is too big - thi… @Fox_Claire @Hedd_Wyn_John It's about wealth dispersal Claire - Robin Hood @Fox_Claire @Hedd_Wyn_John I hope you nicked some sausage rolls before you left Claire PS feel free to smuggle me… really shows the utter collapse in diplomacy in Europe - a quick panto is a perquisite of concluding some tra… pronouns are simple - just use proper English If not - leave me aloneThat is a good looking ship I like the double guns on the front I have no idea if it is any good but on pure lo… is basically trying to not take a position on anything because he knows he is on the wrong side of nearly e… parliament @Fox_Claire It is very sad - it really underpins the collapse in politics across the West - it is irrational emotingEuropean Parliament this morning Sad God it is like every other week for the last four years - it's a bit sad - it's like getting your ex ringing you… @KeithMillsD7 @BorisJohnson Amazing how the EU managed to waste another week :)40% floor I have said it for months - after Brexit that could change BUT at that point Covid19 will be finished thing you need to understand is the EU is mental and in a frightful condition @nobdy_imp Bingo Ignore the narrative - alwaysWouldn't mind - if we bought stuff off the shelf most of it isn't that expensive to replace"I don't care about national polls - that is not how we elect presidents" At last someone who is paying attentionIt is but my concern is the review is not about security but simply saving money - which the SoD has already inferr… was a very interesting interview - whatever your view of @darrengrimes_ - it is scary that we have the police… remember when think tanks and MSM outlets were pushing the theory that ministers getting infected with Cov… and shows how little preparation they have done thread - half the issue is they don't really know what they are trying to find out - so it turns into a seri… @letseathh I think he wins - may be a big electoral college win - but I would be surprised if it is the same for the popular voteLooks good poll companies are already attacking Trafalgar group which is the only polling company showing a Trump win -… would have helped new entrants enter the market easily and gain size and compete - it would have also dealt wi… is going to embed their IDs into the foundations of the eco-system - it's where the EU and others have misse…