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Danielle Muscato @DanielleMuscato St Louis, MO & Louisville, KY

Civil Rights Activist, @RESISTpodcast Host, Trans Woman (she/her). As seen in NYT, Time, CNN, NPR, Rolling Stone. Support my work:

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GM IBM Netflix Eli Lilly Gannett Amazon Chevron US Steel Whirlpool Goodyear Salesforce Halliburton Delta Airlines…
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoEasy way to prove it: Release your tax returns. No problem!
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoWho loaned Trump $400 million and bought themselves the White House?
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoI'm going to bed. Last note. As @realDonaldTrump prepares to call the NYT story fake, remember, if he wants to disp…
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoIn 2016, Trump paid 226 times more in bribes to a porn star than he did in taxes
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @NappyRain I DO NOT CARE that in your probably made-up history, it was ONCE KINDA POSSIBLE to live on that wage. I… @NappyRain You're avoiding the point. If they got better paying jobs—ignoring the systemic reasons capitalists make… @NappyRain I don't believe you. Minimum wage went from $5.15 to $7.25. it's NEVER been 7. AND that happened 11 year… @NappyRain I can't tell if you're serious or trolling. "Lifestyle needs" like a damn rental apartment? You are ar… @WaynesWhirled @AuntTifa420 People should be free to pursue what they're passionate about. Automate everything el… man is 1) living in a fantasy world where corruption doesn't exist 2) mind-bogglingly unintelligent 3) a p… @NappyRain So retail workers should just be homeless then? @1CrankyOldLady there are no big grocery chains in the USA that pay well. The closest I can think of that's halfway…
It is NOT the responsibility of your employees to subsidize your shitty business. It is NOT the responsibility of…'m seeing Help Wanted signs EVERYWHERE. Here's some advice for employers who can't seem to find anyone: Have you… you're not ready to acknowledge how your behaviour harms others, accountability feels like an attack  but it'… safe#502Livestreamers #Louisville #BreonnaTaylor 301 s 6th st #louisville #BreonnaTaylor PD just announced the curfew is at 9p and violating it is an arrestable offense. #fuck12 #Louisville down and join us as we occupy the square 301 s 6th st #louisville #BreonnaTaylor #502Livestreamers
2020 down to 301 s 6th st louisville ky 40202 We need you #BreonnaTaylor #Louisville #502Livestreamers's a bunch of camo Humvees and looks like national guard over by uni of l jewish hospital #BreonnaTaylor #LouisvilleStop admiring black people for our resilience and start eradicating the systematic trauma that forces us to be resilient.
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoReminder that the pandemic death toll and infection rates are artificially low because Trump cares more about reele… pretty much convinced that all conservative behavior can be summarized with the label "hypocrite" came from a protest tonight. Saw first hand how LMPD tried to purposely provoke peaceful demonstrators to reac…
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Lmpd have arrested Rep. Attica Scott, author of Breonna’s law
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @Mike_Hoover @charliekirk11 if you can't verify it, why are you spreading it around? The attorney general was very… that police officers are surrounding a church, waiting for anyone to step off of the property so they can a…
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@TribecaRocky @ABC ✊❤️Reckless endangerment?? What the fuckINDICTMENTS IN BREONNA TAYLOR CASE: Brett Hankison: -Wanton endangerment (3 counts) Jonathan Mattingly: Nothing…
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @TribecaRocky Just watched it on live TV on @ABC$15k cash bond. Warrant issued. #BreonnaTaylor #BREAKING
The fight is just beginning. Record voter turnout is a vital step. Do it now: Make sure you're registered to vote.…
Oh don't you worry @LindseyGrahamSC, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees executive & judicial nomi…
Adding on: 1787 predated public schools by 50 years and the Industrial Revolution by 120. There are more people tod…
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoCue backpedaling in 3....2.... #RIPRBG #NotoriousRBG #GetMitchorDieTrying #RBGRIP #MitchMustGo #RuthBaderGinsberg'm speechlessThe fight is just beginning.We're fucked. We're so fucked.
Aside from the fact that we're not terrorists, in order to be a terrorist organization, you kind of have to be an o… this point if you're not wearing a mask you are maliciously spreading a deadly virus and you should have the res… everybody! This is my dear friend Kelley. It's her birthday! She's an incredible activist I've worked with coun… @TCR0408 @realDonaldTrump Military is all Trump supporters or they wouldn't be therelook y'all. You can't see Trump's healthcare plan. He told us already, she goes to another school!
@jackflash59 @realDonaldTrump Are you kidding? There are literally millions of deranged men with AR-15s and delusio… @bjork73 @realDonaldTrump Do you really think the military (2/3 of which are Trump voters), the Secret Service (han… @JeffMatheny3 @realDonaldTrump You know he hand picked his Secret Service agents, right? You know he already has p… @auntienursey @JoeBiden It doesn't matter. Trump is cheating. We could win by 10m votes and he will still refuse to…'s time to face facts. I've been saying it for 4 years: @realDonaldTrump will not concede the election, no matte… these rich assholes that control what you see, you think, you buy and what you believe. Pretend you’re the ast…
Retweeted by Danielle Muscatojfc @JoeBiden. Next are you going to take a grinning selfie with a thumbs up while you eat a fucking taco bowl? T…
btw, you cannot hold politicians accountable when they are not accountable to you, but to capital. you cannot hold…
Retweeted by Danielle Muscatolol #TERFs couldn't find any real predators who pretend to be #trans to harass women so they had to make one up
Maybe US Senators could focus on protecting the children being murdered by police, or unable to attend school, or l…
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @acewriter42 yay!Whenever someone describes a small town where “everybody knows everybody else’s business” all I hear is, “everybody…
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Lol @realDonaldTrump you're so scared of having to answer for what you've done that you won't even admit it to your…
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@GayMurp22140283 @realDonaldTrump @NobelPrize It's basically meaningless at this point: I have no words for this you friggin serious, @realDonaldTrump was nominated for the #NobelPeacePrize @NobelPrize? What's next? War is…
Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson tells RN Breakfast she will testify personally that Assange was offered a pardon b…
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @realDonaldTrump doesn't have any real friends He never actually jokes He knows he will face prison time when he…
Technically, was the NRA just a straw donor for Russia? How many candidates ran their 2016 campaign, then, with i…
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoIvanka Trump’s products were made exclusively overseas.
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoFriendly reminder on labor day: the US is forcing prisoners to work for free, or suffer punishment. This is calle…
Retweeted by Danielle MuscatoAnyone who demands you wear shoes during a Zoom call are the Feds.
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato30 million jobs were lost the 2 months before that, a record! Meaning we’re still deep in the hole.
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato🙄🙄🙄🙄 White people, 2 years after the fucking fact:
Retweeted by Danielle Muscatocapitalism is organized crime @okthisisdecent @VANS_66 Yup! DM me!
why isn't there a chocolate dipped @payday tho
if you've ever said #AllLivesMatter you do NOT get to say "but only very high risk people die from #COVID19 anyway"…
@bloucru They very much are! need a Universal Basic Income.
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato @bigtmac19 @VANS_66 11.5 unisex!
Selling these @VANS_66 #shoes brand new (open box), custom made black with butterflies and white trim. Includes "Cu… from scratch! 🍕 Pepperoni from Bologna, crimini mushroom, 3-day cold ferment dough with homemade San Marzano… @CallMeCrosbyy @kroger Baggers make more than that. Assistant store managers make double what you're saying or more: @CallMeCrosbyy I mean that's just flat out a false. Even managers in training at @Kroger make 3 times that. Accordi…
ACAB = assigned cop at birth? doesn't matter, @realDonaldTrump has already told us in official White House press events that he won't concede…
@RealTargetTori I sent you a DM
Damn, I’m crying in front of my kids explaining what it means to say “bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who kn…
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@itisnotmydog Because he's on "their" side. He was a former youth police cadet.He didn't comply. He got *back in his car.* He THREATENED TO KILL the officer. He wasn't shot. He's white. Cops,…"can't control" lol @washingtonpost They are the same fucking people Seriously, #KyleRittenhouse was in a youth p… @realDonaldTrump says he doesn't think America can conduct free and fair elections, he is really saying he int… day of his presidency, @BarackObama read 10 of the letters sent to him from everyday Americans, chosen by his…
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The shooter in WI was photographed at a Trump rally The shooter at my high school wore a MAGA hat The shooter in…
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Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the first time, 4 years ago on this date. Man
Retweeted by Danielle Muscato#GeneralStrike