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Who knew that @BorrachinhaMMA was a gamer? “I was addicted to games. There was a time in my life I played for 20 h…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauDana White on a potential fight between Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz: "Who wouldn't want to see that fight?" #UFC241 #UFC
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauOkay. So if DC doesn't retire, let's just do DC vs. Yoel for funsies.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauNo surprise here, but DC was officially up on all three cards (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) at the time of Miocic's KO.…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI'll just say it: the dance was ill-advised.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauYou have a lot of privilege if you say: "if it's the law it must be for our good."
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauLast thought, for now: Romero needed a fourth and fifth round. DC would’ve almost certainly won with his performance in 3. MAKESYOUTHINKHell of a main card tonight though, that’s for sure. @mo_swordz So heartbroken for him!“I need to speak to my wife and make an educated decision” - DC, on considering retirement #ufc241I’m honestly a little heartbroken for DC. He needed to see those body shots. Showing great respect now in the inter… of Jones-DC III, maybe it's Miocic-DC III, huh? #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau#UFC241 results: Stipe Miocic def. Daniel Cormier via knockout (Round 4, 4:09)
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauCormier was on his way to a runaway decision. Ya gotta wonder if he'd listened to his corner better if things would…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGreat win from Stipe. Honestly, never seen him show that kind of resiliance before. DC could easily have been up 30…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauStipe wins and does a literal jig #ufc241Stipe is making those adjustments now and beginning to show that distance #ufc241Part of this is undoubtedly DC’s next-level skill but it’s also that he’s so rare, his body type and style with tha…, realtalk, DC probably has an easier time finding training partners that fight like Stipe. Big athletic guys a… @Shirkelton He’s seriously an inspiration in thereStipe with a nice takedown! #ufc241 @Shirkelton Indeed!DC’s speed and pressure are both terrifying and inspirational in there #ufc241Yes lmao evergreen blue belt tweet I know I know #ufc241I’m beginning to really love Greco btw, it’s such an insanely good foundation for so many setupsDirty boxing and Greco is so devastating and beautiful from DC here #ufc241The standup game has me on EDGE #ufc241And this is why wrestlers and great BJJ players understand pressure like no one else #ufc241That TAKEDOWN #ufc241I legit don't know how we top the last two fights in there at this point, though I'm *thrilled* to be surprised on that :)Nate Diaz on Jorge Masvidal: “I know he’s a gangster, but he’s no west coast gangster.”
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau"The reason I was off is that everybody sucks." - @NateDiaz209 #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauNate Diaz calls out Jorge Masvidal! BOOK THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW. #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauDiaz-Masvidal. Oh please make that happen.
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @mo_swordz 100%!!!God that was amazingDiaz/Pettis is a FOTY contender no doubt. #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThat’s got to be Diaz 30-27This is beautiful, brutal grappling #ufc241Good for Pettis reversing into Diaz’ guard. But you know I wanna see a triangle #ufc24120-18 Diaz, he seems so loose and even comfortable but so so productive and that pressure #ufc241 @Zaboomyfoo Diaz!!I scored it 10-9 Diaz in the second and have it 20-18 for Diaz after two. Diaz’s clinch came against the cage is ch…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauMasvidal-Diaz in 2023 is going to be fucking DOPE
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @mo_swordz isn't this great??? :)This is a good fight. Just a HELL of an act to follow #ufc241This back to mount to back to mount thing is something I've been working on so much lately, lol. God, I love aggressive grappling... #ufc241 @mo_swordz haha yupppOk, like, Diaz must be more into edibles/tinctures at this point, right? Like, to have cardio like *this*, you can'…, I'm also thrilled that Beltran is in there with them (and his amazing stache') #UFC241 @Pond0r true!!!Pettis is very fires up. Got undressed during the walk and was eyeing down Diaz. Atmosphere in here is amazing.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauPettis walking out to Nas... god, it feels like 2007 again and that's not a bad thing here #UFC241 @thisdiegolopez lmaoLETS GOOOO NATE #ufc241 #natediaz
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauIf it comes down to cardio, Diaz lands distance power shots at a 46% higher rate in R2 vs R1 while Pettis does 5% m…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI love Nate, he always looks like someone just made him get out of bed early and he is pissed about it 😂 #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauY'all, this walkout w. security looking like the secret service #UFC241The champ gives respect to his teammate Junny Ocasio, who he faced and beat by points in the final.Shout out to @TJDeSantis for pointing out that George Allen has 34 pro fights. I sure as hell hope he knows what si…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @runycat God yesWow what a fight!!! I love rope a dope Yoel but unfortunately it’s a dangerous game to play when it goes to dec. #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauJoao Miyao just won the #Kasai bantamweight championship too, I love watching that dude move.Paulo Costa gets the win — razor close fight but I can't complain about the decision. It was a toss up. Give this…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauCosta beats Romero via UD (29-28x3).
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauHallelujah, sista.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauCosta says he’s waiting for the winner of Adesanya v Whittaker. Crowd boos but he’s right. He’s most likely next.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauReally does feel like judges punish fighters who are on the backfoot. Costa's pressuring had to have played a major factor.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauCan't be mad about that score. Hell of a fight. There's no reason on earth those two men shouldn't be fighting five 5-minute rounds though.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauIt was close, no disrespect. Both fought their hearts out.Wuttttt lol Costa takes itI’d call that 28-29 RomeroThe real take.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI fully screamed YESSSSS at Romero’s final takedown. Then NO when he almost got reversed. My cats are worried. #ufc241 @runycat Me toooooo!God that late takedown from Romero was so beautifulThis fight is just pure, beautiful, back and forth, barely controlled chaos, kept in check with just an unreal amount of skillRound of the year so far? Holy crap that was amazing #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauOver/under on the number of speakers that Rogan has blown out with the "Oooooooooohs!" in that round?
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauafraid to look away from this fight long enough to tweet. Holy shit. #UFC241I mean, I want to look like Yoel Romero when I'm 42, that's all I'm sayingSchwarzenegger looking at these two and wondering if he accidentally showed up for Mr. Olympia.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauHere it is! But see, the most important thing is that we cut directly from a smiling Schwarzenegger to a scowling C… confirmation. This is blasphemy.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauOMFG, the cut from Schwazenagger to Cejudo with his fake faceoff with Faber was either a stroke of editing/switchin… results: Sodiq Yusuff def. Gabriel Benitez via TKO (punches) Round 1, 4:14.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauDisaster averted.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauWhen @NateDiaz209 is about to fight. #UFC241
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauand there's a feather and flyweight division? I don't have to compete with bantamweights!!? 👻🤼‍♀️Ohhhhhh shit, there's an open Kasai tourney for us scrubs on October 6th? I'm competing on Sep 28th, but um, this m… #Kasai tonight and keeping tabs on UFC 241. And thinking about... running treadmill hills with the excess adrenalin :D
@mookiealexander GodTomorrow there is a protest in Portland, Oregon. I wish for the good health of all good people there to combat fasc…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauBeazer Homes (Building site safety awareness pin) / Promotional material / Beazer Homes / 1992
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @mookiealexander Wait so the ref let them fight w/o mouthguard then stood them up from side control?!!!I will be auctioning everything worn to the octagon at ufc 242 for this cause. More info available at…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauNo pressure: @NotoriousNewell ready to capitalize on one shot to impress @BellatorMMA (via @MMAjunkieSteven)…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauBE team for #UFC241: Play-by-Play - @laggers82 and @mookiealexander Results - @TheEddieMercado Twitter -…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauSabina Mazo: "Getting my first win feels amazing, it feels right, it is one of many and now we’re off to a good sta…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau🙏😭🙏
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau