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Senior Editor @fanbytemedia, @BerkleeCollege adjunct, BJJ Blue Belt 🤼‍♀️, hobbyist game dev, runner, volunteer EMT.

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.@Roxyfighter is truly the most inspirational fighter in the game. Never change.
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau🕹✨Job news!✨🕹 Today is my first day as Sr. Narrative Designer at @SquanchGames! Thrilled to bits to be working wit…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauSaw this guy in a training video 😍 someone must know him please you could help true love ❤️ happen thanks 🙏
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauJust thinking about Him today.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI'm very, VERY curious about Star Trek Picard, and we've got a nice, beefy primer right here on the show --’s the very long Disco Elysium spoilercast we promised you!
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauAlso, I mentioned an article that dug into a playthrough engaging with the most grotesque, fascist choices possible…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauWe’re going to have a VERY COOL guest on episode 2 of Papal Bull tonight, but if you need to catch up, check out th…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauSo when the new Metroid Prime comes out, we're gonna get a quick and dirty HD port of Prime 1 too. Right, Nintendo?
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThis was enlightening and depressing.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauReading screenplays is by far the best #screenwriting education that any screenwriter can receive. 🔥 And what bette…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauNot one of the roles embodied here, but just a reminder that we need a narrative design lead to come help us realiz…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauCool Math Games? Never heard of her.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThe annual @retronauts Years-in-Review Revue begins this week with a look at the games of 1970 (spoilers: there wer…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauIt’s a place I feel safe and supported to learn this sport and this art that’s so, so tough, sometimes heartbreakin… gym is everything that you’d not expect from a place where we all learn to beat the crap out of each other - sup… you an MMA gym that has doggy birthday parties, a good (if nervous!) doggy, a partner that loves your pup as mu… love Parasite so much but I may even like Snowpiercer more... but I’ll need to watch them both again in closer pr… Joon Ho still in proud dad mode documenting his PARASITE cast backstage after their historic #SAGAwards win
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauHappy birthday, Dolly Parton! Interviewing her back in 2016 was a huge thrill (and one of the only times I’ve actua…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauAlso got this cute shot.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauAfter 2 hours of hard training, Jili, Drake, Danielle and I went to our first ever dog birthday party! That's the b…
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@ekc hahaha are you a baruch man?Trained today, even though I’m pretty sore from yesterday. I have so soooo much to learn and work on but I’m feelin… is the great spoiler and I love that. Here's a gal that's constantly matched in the hopes that she'll be a nam…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI woke up 1. Sore from competing yesterday 2. So stoked and impressed by @Roxyfighter’s beautiful win last night 3.… WEARS HER GLASSES TO THE CAGE!!! what a badass!!
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThe state motto of Rhode Island is, famously, "May I Enjoy my Life and Practice my Art"
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauSo impressed by @Roxyfighter tonight. Incredible. #ufc246WAR ROXANNE
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI'll be honest, even I didn't pick Roxy in this, and she's BE family. But she went out and absolutely put it on Bar…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @SoozieCuzie It’s so muchDoing some Keanu faces at the tourney today. gi was garbage but no gi was better, with a win and a draw that went t…
@Worthless_Bums @Ed_Cunard @djolder omg!“Majin Modafferi’s” power levels were through the roof at the #UFC246 weigh-ins. | 📸: @allelbows
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGood afternoon, it’s Late Lunch.
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau.@Roxyfighter going all out as Majin Vegeta at the #UFC246 weigh-ins
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeaurising out of my funk just long enough to submit this to leftfield before submissions closed
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauDid You Know Gaming: The last new, commercial video game was released on this day, 27 years ago!
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI wonder what the old guy who Conor punched will be doing this weekend? This is the story MMA media should be covering.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGod I love this piece
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau
@alexscaffidi_ Hard same lol @SaraQDavid Ain’t no party like a Mario party tbhThe crunch discourse is so bad with so many well-meaning but bad actors
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauthe most cyberpunk thing you can do is create something that the vast majority of people love so much that they ign…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauYou can now watch all of our charity streams on Youtube! Relive moments like the Mech Bout of the Century between R…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauRichard Kind: A Review
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauAll of Savepoint is FINALLY up on youtube!
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau“It’s actually kind of impressive how Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot makes the premise of a superpowered martial artist sho…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauWe need to start proudly labelling games made without employee crunch. A little sticker that lets you know that the…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @Ninjaharlot @brett_douville Your Dogs, NintendedI love Meg and Topher @brett_douville Your Blooded BornNot all of us. As a business owner I'd 100% rather be paying into a national single payer system than insurance com…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @brett_douville Your Breathless WildUhm, help me out tech Twitter: Is @misssmith11, new EiC of @laptopmag, the first Black woman to be the head of a l…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGive me your tired, your poor, your Resident EvilsTom Nook paying bells to break kneecaps and get Animal Crossing the entire Spring to itself
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauy’all remember crazy taxi? i want another of that game!
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI regret to inform the TL that the balls are inert. DBZ: Kakarot is deeply mediocre.
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeaubeing white must be so fucking cool
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauLast big cardio workout before grapplingindustries on Saturday (maybe some 🏊‍♀️ laps tomorrow). 3.1 mile run, slow… aspire to be a talented amateur. A *good* old scrub. We’ll see how it goes down!Brackets are live for my tournament on Saturday! I’m about as terrified to compete as I’ve ever been, being in the… us Taika
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C.I.T.Y. 2000 (City In Trouble Year 2000) / PC / Aditus inc. / 1993
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauA new set up for altering Ocarina of Time's memory values has speedrunners leaping right into the credits. It's low…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauTODD
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauToddddddddd @KrisLigman Revolutions podcast by @mikeduncan - current season on the Russian Revolution is incredible.What are some good, edifying/enriching podcasts? Topic doesn’t matter (though I want to avoid current politics), I…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI love when I have a stupid thought about what might make for a fun story – and then someone like @ChuckMindenhall
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGotta love healthcare
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauBreaking news: I have “Dynamite” from Control stuck in my headif sony announces that the playstation 5 is slipping to 2021, i'm just going to start reviewing netflix originals tbh
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThis podcast is rated M for meaty
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @SchuBooty freestyle i believe @PochoMMA 100% - these folks are so explosive, so strong, AND so conditioned. It's wild.Can’t get over how fast some of these exchanges and transitions are. Man I need much more wrestling for grappling l…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauMy second screen rn! 🤼‍♀️ matches are about to begin. Jenna and Alli will kick things off.
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauI’m not a Lonely Island fan, but the mere process of talking about this movie with @merrittk and @godsewa was one o… pretty sure they weren’t adding “the Her Story lady” to Smash Bros but still disappointed
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauthe man in the iron masc
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeauto film the incredible dance that begins/ends MOTHER, bong joon-ho himself danced behind the camera to put actress…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauYou Are Jeff Bezos
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauYAYYY TY ALL!! 11 donations totaling $130, which i will match and add to make our combined contribution $300 for th…
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauThis. Journalism is finding things out that people don't want you to know. Everything else is PR. Things people ar…
Retweeted by Danielle Riendeau @derektmead Or sound mixing!!! Making that sheer amount of audio *work* took genius level mixing @Worthless_Bums Omg it actually did a little lolPhysically, I’m doing super well! But I’m hitting a mental wall getting ready and my confidence is in the toilet. T… night of training but I’m powering ahead towards Saturday. Sporto twitter, what do you do to get your head right before a competition?
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauOne more, babyyyy note that I only use my TikTok for my *most sophisticated and mature* ideas @bombsfall Thank you for sharing your excellent floof. RIP to a real one.I was truly inspired D.J., what are you thinking about? Me and my last 3 brain cells:
Retweeted by Danielle RiendeauGamertag gettin' all dusty? We have a bunch of new ones that you might be interested in.
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