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If anyone says I’m a bad driver all the time you’re wrong
Retweeted by D 🍒 @nikitashannonj_ Thank u so much gorgeous 💖🥺 always here x @emilyprayag So glad I’m not the only one!! Just love him so much xxxNever related to anything more, actually madness how shit I am at driving when my mates are in the car
Retweeted by D 🍒I bought a fuCKin gateau my grandmother had wheels she would of been a bike to myself every morning after a night out when I remember how tragic my antics were.
Retweeted by D 🍒“Nah I don’t like this country, it’s wank and not funny” @sophieannawhit Thank you beautiful and you 💖Story of my life this, actually a dead good driver on my own
Retweeted by D 🍒When u are an amazing driver but your dick head pals make u on edge and you forget how to drive country series 3 is making me so so happyI can feel my mental health slowly getting worse again @sleepybradley Hahahaha I use to call the remote itWhen u upload a pic to get their attention and they like it x really need to start booking some holidays & festivals
Retweeted by D 🍒So KFC has released an 80 piece popcorn bucket 🤩
Retweeted by D 🍒Cannot stop crying man, gym is the only place I enjoy at the moment and haven’t even got time to go
We need more of this on TV. Let’s show it’s not unmanly to be emotional/show feelings #LoveIsland
Retweeted by D 🍒Madness that we were all thick and couldn’t tell the twins apart and now we can #loveislandFucking hell im blubbering like a baby #loveislandHonestly think the most amazing thing a man could ever say is “you are home to me” god I cannot wait to be loved li… don’t even need to be just kinder to everyone, we need to shut up, we need to treat every day like it’s the last… daft but I feel like we all knew caroline, such a lovely tribute. So so sad #loveislandI’m gonna cry at the speeches fucking hell #loveislandLiterally will be happy if Finn and Paige win or siannise and luke win amazing couples #loveisland @islamolly Coming from you 😍😍😍 thank you gorgeous hope you’re well x @xlaureneverall !!! Couldn’t agree more, I am always here for you xxOnly had a week off work and feel sick as anything of the thought of going back tomorrowCannot COPE with the hypercritical bunch of nasty women that have rolled their eyes, laughed and told me to grow up… @JessiccaaaS_ Says the most beaut girl 💘 thank you angelHi again lol @brooke_sheeran 😭😭 considering I’ve got small cones the top kept risingif I wore this top I would be stressssssed all night 😅😩 there would be nipple to the wind
Retweeted by D 🍒Emotional sundays in full swing x want to cryDunno what’s dryer my mouth or my phoneThese shoes are a nightmare x
I love love love nice girls, so if u are one of them ✌🏽 let’s be pals
Coraline tell me why I’m crying over Dennis dying #EastEnders35God I feel like a nervous wreck watching #EastEndersNo one will ever come close, still fancy the gateau off him true, then u tidy it and then light a candle to represent you’ve got your shit together - you’ve got a friend in me. #BeKind @LokelaniHiga
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@melii__saa I have babe xxxHaving sudocreme on my spots while I sleep is part of my lifestyle now and I love itThink every girl dreams of being told that you feel like home to them 🥺 brb crying #loveislandWhen you get home and take your heels off after a night of embarrassing yourself #loveisland have amazing days, such good days and then my mind can be such a scary place, it actually convinces you that you… fave Disney princess film. Beats frozen alll day guys,my mum has been diagnosed of stage 3 breast cancer, my mum needs financial aid in order for her to start h…
Retweeted by D 🍒Do u know how hard it is trying to explain why you feel anxious to do anything when you don’t even know the answer urself? @ffionbourne_ Thank you lovely!!xx @ffionbourne_ Thank u so much! They’re both out of stock 😭xxx @sophieannawhit That’s where my original ones are from and I’ve been into two new looks and they don’t have them anymore :(Does anyone know where I can get some gold triple hoops from??? I had a pair but I lost one on a night out and now… is so dam true, everyday is a rollercoaster of emotions just need to keep telling myself that everything happe…
Retweeted by D 🍒Orphan black is an amazing series, you actually forget that it’s the same women playing all these different charact… mums voice on the phone to everyone vs my mums voice on the phone to me cause I didn’t bring my cups down from m… shit, here we go again 🤩🤩
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imagine having a drink on my first night off in months after winning two Brit awards, can you believe it?!
Retweeted by D 🍒This gives me nightmares CAPALDI’s SPEECH I CANT BREATHE #Brits2020
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So so so proud of @LewisCapaldiWhen someone buys you a drink at the bar and all of a sudden the exit door is calling ur name think we can all agree that Harry Styles did THAT
Retweeted by D 🍒The excitement for music on in dam is real, buzzing matemad how much im still in love with him
Retweeted by D 🍒 @Ch4lsealouise98 Hahah perfect thank you! Knowing me I’ll break an ankle x @stellymagniez1 Hahaha thank you babe x @Samanthaaa__xxx Thank you babe xGirls who have them clear heels, do you go up a size or do they fit ok?Chelsea all the way of the best feelings is singing with your friends in the car
Retweeted by D 🍒Going to your mates for afters and them not having any chicken nuggets in the freezer
Retweeted by D 🍒It my time to shine in the fuck!!! I didn’t even know this guy played all these parts, can’t even look at the lovely bones one wit…
2020🥺🥺🥺🥺 is beautiful. Love Island’s heartfelt tribute to Caroline Flack, from @IainDoesJokes 💔 #LoveIsland
Retweeted by D 🍒My old manager told me ‘it’s not a good enough reason to have a day off’ then proceeded to put up mental health pos…
Retweeted by D 🍒 @ConnorGissing Thank you lovely xGoing out in Leeds the end of month, where’s best to go out?Isn’t this the same demented bint that wrote a vile comment that nearly pushed jesy nelson to suicide??? Wow me out
Retweeted by D 🍒follow my insta Daniemilyx
We’re back. Tomorrow. iplayer. Capeesh?
Retweeted by D 🍒guys I’m on the train home from fashion week and look who is on my train 😭😭😭
Retweeted by D 🍒Freaks me out that there’s grown people I know sharing “be kind” when I got told to “man up” when I had a bad mental health day at work#NewProfilePicture told you make a good cup of tea is a top tier compliment
Retweeted by D 🍒I cba for dead chat, I don’t want to be asked ‘how’s you’ 24/7
Retweeted by D 🍒How can your top used emoji not be ‘😂’
Retweeted by D 🍒It has been therapeutic replying to every nasty message/tweet I've received and watching the messages be deleted an…
Retweeted by D 🍒 @Davidoffy0 @welcomet0nature 😭😭😭😭 “mind ya swim I’ll save them”Thanks @DaniEmilyx Kurtan says you LEGEND! Reply #optout to stop
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Saddest death scene of all death scenes ,this is where real men cried
Retweeted by D 🍒When are people going to stop being so cruel online, it’s actually dawning that people still don’t think before the… staying strong after being single 28 valentines days / general years in a row
Retweeted by D 🍒This country series 3 starts on Monday, if u haven’t seen it yet watch this thread and it’ll change ur mind x