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Headmaster of XIX Academy🧑🏻‍🎓The Artist Also Known As COSMICbookgirl19🪐My Pronouns are Mother/Fucker🧑🏻‍🦲

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@CanadianREDD3V THANK YOU BB! Welcome to XIX Academy @the_searc It was ALOT of things. Getting through a massively difficult break up that took literal years to pull of… I just bought my Kylo Dan wig online. Ima have to trim it shorter when it arrives buuutttt like, I’m really ex… me, we get out of this together @rickyberwick Good grief 😂😂😂Lovesick dead by Junji Ito
Retweeted by DanikaXIXI know right?! I’m finally crawling out of that LONG DARK TUNNEL I’ve been stuck in for the past few years. I feel… this just because
Retweeted by DanikaXIXI don’t know who made this but they deserve an award
Retweeted by DanikaXIXBY THE WAY: NEW X-MEN VIDEO FOR YOUTUBE COMING MONDAY! I’m breaking down the mighty mutant re-set by @JHickman in H…’s be real, friends. no one was wide-eyed and optimistic at any point this year march 1 vs april 1
Retweeted by DanikaXIXXAVIERRRR’m such an X-Slut that now I want to sub to Disney + for the first time hahah @CtRedLFC Hahaha you can tell ur grandkidsGet these happy sunshine tiddies on ur wall for only $10 FREE SHIPPING IN USA at 🌞 @mrjonnyrockwell Seriously, no worries man. You gotta take care of urself first before you can take care of others.… @devincf so exited for the #DigitalDragShow this week hosted by @BiqtchPuddin on Twitch and featuring my friend…
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @maufagundes47 Naw dude. Not evenMarch 1 vs April 1 @DanikaXIX
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@onamorganaa 😆😆😆 GUYS! I have just created my very own music video entirely produced by MYSELF! Set up the green screen, shot it…'s new?
Retweeted by DanikaXIXGovernments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms.
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @MonkeyvsBanana1 She’ll be waiting for ya when you’re ready famWoah! Looks amazing!!! Why you no finish? @Littlefootpiggy Lemme see what I can do 4 ya 🐷 @manimal75 👍👍👍👍👍Morning Star, 1902 #artnouveau #mucha
Retweeted by DanikaXIXBro...the NEW nude calendar comes out in 2021???? If you already “wore out” 2020 and want new pix you should join… 1st vs March 31st
Retweeted by DanikaXIXThe Drawn to Life 2020 Calendar is currently on SUPER SALE! $10 FREE SHIPPING IN USA 🎉🎉🎉🎉 WELCOME TO THE LITTLE BEANS CIRCUS! 🤡 the city empties, our indigenous wildlife is coming down from the mountains around London. Nature will find a wa…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXme wanting to be loved vs. the mortifying ordeal of being known
Retweeted by DanikaXIXPicard humor tip: Be thankful that April Fools' Day jokes fell out of common practice hundreds of years ago.
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Retweeted by DanikaXIXwhere's that blasted salami
Retweeted by DanikaXIXeveryone in April:
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Retweeted by DanikaXIXThis ghosts SWAG is OFF THE CHARTS Trans Day of Visibility!
Retweeted by DanikaXIXBehold! My true form! 👽
“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing ab…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXUntil we meet again 😪
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Retweeted by DanikaXIXEverybody's upstairs neighbour.
Retweeted by DanikaXIXAPOCALYPSE but make it FASHUN in Nine Lives Ireland PREACEKEEPER Tee 💀 you know why you behave as you do gives you all sorts of excuses for extraordinary behavior.
Retweeted by DanikaXIXCan she and Robocop go on a date please omg😋
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @ImperiusRexShow Shitting ur pants is about letting go haha @jagrlemieux Dirtbag Dan🤘😤🤘 @DanikaXIX
Retweeted by DanikaXIXI just took down a whole pint of icecream the police.
Retweeted by DanikaXIXthis orangutan telling a thrilling story to an entranced audience of otters
@Da_dak_knight FourthI love you Joeeeee @StarPuffer I’ve thought about death A LOT and have contimplated suicide when I’m feeling like I’m over everything.… y’all! Join us for Dirtbag Dan’s first performance on Friday April 3rd at 7pm PST // 10pm EST LIVE only at… if you were asked to write a movie centered on an MCU supporting or minor character, who would it be…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXFrank Frazetta never traveled the world, though Maasai culture fascinated him. “I will paint a number of paintings…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXPicard management tip: Some of your decisions are going to be mistakes. You have to make them anyway.
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @akirathedon Do you have a version with all the diagrams and shit? @akirathedon Brooooo that book is on another level! @RoboCobb1621 HAHAHAGrief is the price of victory
Retweeted by DanikaXIXYou guys keep drawing humanoid versions of the dodo guy and making them not resemble Andy Twin Peaks and I don’t ge…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXCORN DOG PATRIOT IN DA HOUSE know it's love when you want to give joy and damn the consequences.
Retweeted by DanikaXIXFrankenstein by Junji Ito
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @akirathedon Yasssss King! 🙌 I got this crazy book he wrote, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Omg it’s such a magn… GOTTA FAT PUSSY YALL people be like im bri ish
Retweeted by DanikaXIXYOU ARE SO CUTE! WELCOME TO BLADE RUNNER IS AWESOME WORLD. Here is a song to commemorate your journey… Art by Syd Mead for Blade Runner (1982)
Retweeted by DanikaXIXart by Akihiko Yoshida
Retweeted by DanikaXIXneed everyone to see this sign at my neighborhood strip club
Retweeted by DanikaXIXThe Rosy maple moth
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @jgeorge5269 CONGRATS ON UR NEW BABY’all can’t stop me !! @DanikaXIX
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@jgeorge5269 His ear being snipped means he is a stray but he’s or she has been spayed/neutered!when im on acid around people who don’t know im on acid
Retweeted by DanikaXIXSame! I love @thelesliejordan’m good. Chillin at home w Beans, gearing up to post some weird new shit on YT in the coming weeks! Thanks for che… school of tetras not a school of other betas 🙄 they can be with other types fish, behold the pre-Photoshop era of comics coloring in all its Pantone-coded glory, with 1994-ish BUBBLEGUM CRIS…
Retweeted by DanikaXIXDuke Leto went with his father who last I heard plans to let him go when it warms up. Beans is curious but not bein… AT MY NEW BABY! 😭 It’s been over 13 years since my fish, Saul, died...and I’m finally ready to LOVE AGAIN. He’… @jose855diaz I’m not doing anything “in ignorance”. I’m creating a very specific piece of Art that I feel will brin… by American Sci-Fi illustrator H. R. Van Dongen (1920-2010)
Retweeted by DanikaXIXjoe exotic’s eyebrow ring trying to stay on his face
Retweeted by DanikaXIXSatan by Gustave Doré
Retweeted by DanikaXIXvegeta can destroy my planet if u kno what I mean
Retweeted by DanikaXIX @akirathedon Manly P Hall is my boi!Life is a series of small victories Over doubts, uncertainties, temptations Wherever there is a victory There is…
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