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chaotic good writer artist person. She/her. For hire! DMs open. 🏳️‍🌈 anti-racist, anti-TERF eternally horny for sad robots™

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Does anyone else get really bad estrogen-related brain fog? @DoomsdayReels @MatWBT Also did David say it too? My brain fog is in fact absolute garbage right now @thehorrorchick @jasondashbailey Reported. @DoomsdayReels @MatWBT My brain is a fuck @DoomsdayReels It was @MatWBT! @DoomsdayReels I could have sworn it was you but I @DoomsdayReels Baby Henry Cavill in HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD being a selling point
@DrewDietsch @bjcolangelo @JorCru Please see Wisconsin as well, because Madison and Milwaukee are worlds away from the rest of t… Cavill in HELLRAISER HELLWORLD and Chris Evans in KNIVES OUT have the exact same energy and I'm living for itYou were right @DoomsdayReelsWatching HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD because I'm clearly a glutton for punishment and baby Cavill adorable @JosephLee411 Honestly that's my energy all the time so accurate @SarahJoSmiley This rat in the hat just made my day better, so thank you! Also I'm glad you're done and that you l… nerds what's up It's me
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator RyanThis gets old is like watching a horror movie where everyone knows there’s a killer in the closet but one by one they open t…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @TylerCobaugh VODI don’t know who needs to hear this, but “too sensitive” isn’t an insult, it’s just a confession that you’re an insensitive bag of dicks.
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator RyanThis is awesome liked this and so it was brought back to my attention and it's still very funny to me man suggested that he crawled into a dumpster to get warm and that he died when the trash truck compacted and I j…"This guy worked high up in the government and had ridiculously powerful enemies and we found his body in a landfil… sure who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved s…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator RyanThe first episode of #UnsolvedMysteries season 2 has me like @BaronMongoose I just meant based on appearances @NoahHarald I saw The Ring around that age and loved it?Rob Lowe and Courtney Cox @bjcolangelo BIG TIMEno matter how hard i try, nothing will be able to top this none of us can compete. it's the perfect review
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @_Galen_Howard_ Ok yeah this is... BrilliantI forgot this was dropping and my excitement just now was almost sillyUNSOLVED MYSTERIES SEASON TWO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @donnauwanna My husband is CONSTANTLY frustrated with my need to be online and oversharing so I feel you. We should start a support group. ❤I suddenly want to write things WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR ALMOST A YEAR, MOTIVATION, YOU BITCH? @donnauwanna I know dating you cant be easy but I believe sometimes the hardest things are the most worth doingPut it in my eyeballs might be biased but i think you should ALL be subscribed to @GenreVisionPod @BaronMongoose YUP @donnauwanna So the dream @SamRoseWatson EXACTLY @dwarfparatri The cracking is my primary issue because it can REALLY injure peopleA lot of people describe our press as “free & open” because it is not owned by the state. They ignore that it is ow…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @briannazigs THANK YOU that dude ugly cries like no one else except maybe Saiorse Ronanpost-Workaholics use of adam devine fails to take advantage of his expertise in screaming, shrieking, wailing, yowl…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @dwarfparatri Then you're lucky and one of the rare ones, in my experience. I absolutely believe in physical thera… @AustinJamesMink Ok but Uncut Kermit made me snort @danpullenbooks The best part is my husband found that and sent it to me and we send it back and forth to one another now as a bit @danpullenbooks This is art downloading new pics what's it like dating/being married to you? love my retro game son
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator RyanMaybe there are good chiropractors but I don't trust any of them after the awful experiences my family has had or t… dad worked with Fauci a lot before he retired and he said "Anthony is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet,… through a chiropractor almost paralyzed my dad from the neck down and another one broke my mother-in-law'… don't let friends go to chiropractors. @BaronMongoose The ending is kind of lame but I can totally forgive it because it's GORGEOUS @HorrorGirl86 Oooh have you watched the series HANNIBAL? @HorrorGirl86 All caps for gorgeous both times because it's so lovely to look at @HorrorGirl86 That's the only place i could find it streaming but KILLERS (2014) is a great thriller that's fucked… @HorrorGirl86 @HorrorGirl86 If you're willing to read subtitles I've got a great serial killer flick that's GORGEOUS @HorrorGirl86 It's SO prettyHonestly this movie could take 5 bad turns and as long as i get lots of these candlelit shots I'm happy as a clam @b_rollbanshee And I like it I think? @b_rollbanshee Yeah and for a first time watch even with that context, it's quite beautiful @valhallabckgirl Also he gave me Patricia and my love for that bitch is ETERNAL @HorrorGirl86 I know the twist already so I don't have to worry about any let down and can just try to enjoy it on its other merits @valhallabckgirl I'm picky with him but I love how genuine he is? There's a real emotionality and heart to his film… a stacked cast in period garb with a horror bent even if I end up hating this part of me will love itI've never seen THE VILLAGE and I'm watching THE VILLAGE and how did I miss this freaking cast @micheleneggen @turksespinnekop Sometimes I want to just collect everyone's creepy dm graveyard screenshots and mak… was the most hungover I've ever been at Disney World. I cried into my pizza at one point because everything hurt… @micheleneggen @turksespinnekop ALSO MY GOD THAT'S THE SAME JAMES @micheleneggen @turksespinnekop Apparently I have domme energy or something because I get a lot of requests from du… @micheleneggen @turksespinnekop At least mine give me an occasional giggle @b_rollbanshee IT DOES END AT SEASON 5 WE ARE TWINS @b_rollbanshee I read the leaks and went "nope it ends with the end of 8 and the little kid with the ring looking u… @TheHuddleIsReal @DrewDietsch Sometimes that's the best way to learnI didn't watch it. @tedgeoghegan I might just read the book? @TheHuddleIsReal @DrewDietsch I haven't played in nearly a decade until just recently but I'm running my own campai… @TheHuddleIsReal @DrewDietsch Thank you! ❤
hi everyone! i'm kenny, a 19 year old artist. i was scared to do this for a while, but i've decided to open commiss…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @Colorsmitty @curzodo I mean this is true but HNNNNNNG @bunnymurderpal we LOVE mirror sisko and his pirate clothes
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryanavery brooks played othello on stage in 2005 and he looks so cool in the costume 😊
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @JohnnyPHreak @ebonrook_film I don't mind others doing it, I just can't @JohnnyPHreak My love for MIDSOMMAR and my love for THE LIGHTHOUSE are both too intense to ever be compared @simonsaybrams @AWolfeful Honestly I feel like that's how he would want it.Yes.
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator RyanMotherfucker, I have planned on not seeing anyone but the people I live with for Thanksgiving and Christmas since J…
Retweeted by Beyond Re-Danimator Ryan @DrewDietsch He might be the cutest thing I've ever drawn besides that lil flower mouse @ScottWamplerBMD My neighbors rabbit kept digging until our yard and we warned them that we had dogs and then my do… that I can finally share this need here is a lil bb dragon npc I drew for our D&D game. He has imprinted on…'m the Actual Worst today but hey now I'm gonna run D&D and hopefully do something right @MatWBT I mean I'm gonna try more but fuuu those two are rough @danpullenbooks @turksespinnekop Same