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dani ✿ @daniwizer she/they🇰🇷18 ~ d1

your favorite bottom fragging support main ! (○♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

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@jayshuh Dog 🤩Man.
Retweeted by dani ✿ @satorus1mp 🥹💖 @incrimate I’m dumb lmao THANK YOUU 🙏Pls help :,)How do i private a twitter accwe all the same fr <//3WHY ARE ALL THE GIRLS IN RELATIONSHIPS GOING THROUGH IT ON THE TL RN @kiminx YAYY @nart_val Man.Guys do i look scary🔥 RANK 1 GAMING 2ND LAN TOURNAMENT SPONSORED BY STREAMLABS 🔥 🗓 DATE - JULY 30TH-31ST(SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) 💰 MINIM…
Retweeted by dani ✿me, trying to stay afloat (emotionally)
Retweeted by dani ✿My fucking GF @satorus1mp HOW ARE YOU SO HOT WTFFF
I love my boss so much :,)) @liljujuvert333 LETS GOOO @Basilyo13 LMAOO PLS @Basilyo13 NATHAN NO!When u fall asleep eating pizza
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2022 crying rn . @CAPYBARA_MAN hey capybara man, i recently found out a game i like, zoo tycoon for the xbox, contains capybaras!
Retweeted by dani ✿ @shehawty Ong like someone pinch me and tell me this isn’t real man :/fighting my demons rn fr @aleudog LMAOO LETS GOO @aleudog You’re right 🥹Watch out NA @nieonval OMG YAYY
Retweeted by dani ✿ @jayshuh Nah fr a girl would never do me like this 😔Is this my calling to be a full on raging lesbianI need to feel good about this. 👹Hello everyone be proud of me for blockingOkok new chapter yayyBegging for love. I hit rock bottom fr.LET ME BE SAD IN PEACE 😢 @liljujuvert333 NO YOU OMG <3 @1midknight Yeah everything is okay :) thanks for asking !I just wanted his support :(
@4ngelbumps OMFG THANK YOU QT <333
-.- was my last job so traumatic 💀Work in 6 hours yay 😐we're not actually edaters PLEASEedating at it's finest 🤩
@girlzspit OMG BETGonna start journaling so i don’t vent on twitter and embarrassingly delete everything minutes later
@tuzikko AHH SO PRETTYY @aerauwuu Literally only like 2 years 💀😋
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Retweeted by dani ✿ @Basilyo13 LMAOO 💀 @suginotorri STEP ON MEMy bony ass tore up the gaming chair 🤩
Retweeted by dani ✿Liquid.
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actual footage of me
Retweeted by dani ✿Gg :(When you beg him not to leave but he leaves anyways 🤩I SHOULD BE ASLEEP BUT I CAN’T STOP BINGE WATCHING 뚝딱이의 역습who wants to start a band? 💫
Retweeted by dani ✿ @kumifps @jemuzuv Bro. 🥲 @jemuzuv Red variant goes so hard wtfwhy is who flashing that? @flxxrish
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@1midknight IDK like i get this random urge to just interact with people on twitter it’s so weirdTHANK YOU @flxxrish 😩💖 @facial6lock YAY !!Smol kitties🐱✨
Retweeted by dani ✿ @jemuzuv NO THATS THE WORST VARIANT??Why do i always go on mass replying sprees when i’m crying @facial6lock SORY IDK WHY I CHANGED HER GENDER ?? 💀Bro. @facial6lock No i’ll steal him >:D @facial6lock I’m stealing her @minbin_07 HOW ARE YOU THIS HOTZTHIS THE BEST VARIANT I WAS DOING HIM A FAVOR ‼️“bad skin color variants” ??? i just sprained my ankle! Love this day
@Basilyo13 but i'm shybruh i was 16 when i made this 💀my old carrd went kinda hard do you even reconnect with irls that you haven’t spoken to in a long time like it’s so awkwardMy therapist just licked a tear away i’m gonna start bawling
Retweeted by dani ✿ @AskPayPal please 🥹LET ME TRANSFER PLEASEEE @PayPal WHY ARE YA’LL KEEPING MY MONEY HOSTAGE @joshchihuaha yeah just stressing out over majors :(like this is stressing me out so bad please helpguys do i take ux design or graphic design help plsI fr feel like i’m abt to cry !I want beef jerky
@S0UPKINK NO YOU 🥹💖 @S0UPKINK GO OFF QT ! @S0UPKINK Hey ginger! What’s going on ! 😄they are so cute
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