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@Diiscc For what? For killing innocent people?
@OMGitsTiesto Ahahaha ik heb de epic naam belastingdienst op één van mijn accounts, maar niet als ps4 naamI take care of loyal people <3
@OMGitsTiesto Toch gegaan?Reworked the code for the vbucks method COMPLETELY in C#, halfway done, I expect to finish within 1-48 hours. All p… services and such will be back up and running soon. In the meanwhile, I have a goal set for myself. I want t…
@GiovanniTjalkes Zou zo graag je mindset willen veranderen en je laten inzien dat jij niet weet hoe het voelt maar ja @GiovanniTjalkes Ik heb mijn havo en vwo diploma, ik word nog steeds niet aangenomen bij de kutste bedrijven. Ben i… @SanderPlomp_ @GiovanniTjalkes Dit is je reactie? Thanks for proving my point. @SanderPlomp_ @GiovanniTjalkes Benadeeld** @SanderPlomp_ @GiovanniTjalkes Wellicht omdat jij niet weet hoe het is om als niet wit persoon door het leven te ga… those waiting for their paid vbucks, I’m throwing you in an extra 13.5k 🤝 FOR FREE @KevinFN__ Yes of course, they’re just going to be a little delayed. @ELVAR_FN Yessir 🙏🏻 @ELVAR_FN Add me on epic: daniworldwide y You get to pick something for free from the item shop once the 48hour friends thing is past (:I’m sorry for being inactive, been really busy optimising and automatising my vbucks methods. Once I’m done with th…
To all designers, make me a profile picture for my item shop service for discord and I will reward you with some v-bucks.Busy setting up the Discord server, hiring people to start doing item shop services for me, I simply can not handle… stays stuck on this screen. That’s why I need wired internet. need my nintendo switch to be wired to be able to complete V-Bucks orders ): I just ordered one, all placed order… @TridentGFXs Ahhh hell no 💀😭 they did him so dirty @DontMin69291424 @FortniteGame Oh god#DWWLegit
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide services @FortniteGame @daniwwservices really a god
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide servicesJuiced @BusWtf2 up again with some vbucks and bought out the whole item shop 🙏🏻🌏 @FleaYT Win the new darkfire bundle! All you have to do: 1. Follow me (@daniwwservices) 2. Like and retweet th… @nxtpyne I can get it for freeee
@SeagullGFX @TridentGFXs Awh man shut yo broke ass upWhen you have to explain to PayPal why you’ve been getting so many friends and family payments: the new elite controller V2 today 🤠 @daniwwservices legit bois
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide servicesThis pack will be free for every order of V-Bucksof 40.5k and more. I haven’t finished your v-bucks order yet. PM me right now. If you are waiting for a refund for the minty pickax…
@grantthegoatyt That’s why you should always use premiere pro lol @PushinSZN Nice jokeVouch 🥵 @daniwwservices
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide servicesOne time offer. 2 million vbucks, €2200 That’s approx 150x 13.5 150x€100= €15.000 My price= €2200 DM to purchase. @Aaron14955731 Well, a lot of sellers prefer redeeming the wonder skin themselves so they don’t get scammed by peop… @Aaron14955731 There is bro, but wonder codes are rare and expensive. He’s capping.I bet a 1000$ this is fake. now on, all orders will be fulfilled within a set time frame every day. Vbucks and exclusives: 10PM CET Item… to clarify, OG skull, OG ghoul, aerial assault trooper, black knight, codename elf, all mogul masters, raiders…
Selling. PM offers, full access, XBOX login available. Serious offers only. @GiovanniTjalkes Moet dit allemaal updaten maar ben atm te druk @GiovanniTjalkes IDeal wordt aan gewerkt. Moet website updaten.Now accepting Amazon EU cards as a payment method (:Vouch for @daniwwservices, great guy, helped me immediately 🤠
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide services @samsungnz is it true that the galaxy skin is making a return? @BusWtf2 Nah you meant ass @zqcrl @TridentGFXs you sell cheap vbucks alreadyLook at the v-bucks 👀 Check my pinned for a giveaway ! Thanks to @daniwwservices ♥️
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide services @SheLikesZaq 13.5k is 40, 40.5k is 100 and 135k is 300
@SnowingEmperor 13.5k is 40, 40.5k is 100Who wants to purchase before I go off? Instant delivery within 2 min RN @TridentGFXs @CIovery i do sell itFinished orders again 🙏🏻🌏 @BusWtf2 again with the whole item shop again <3 to work on the method all night, who wants to pre order this skin??? @CIovery i have a VPN already (: thanks broGalaxy might come back, if it does. You know I’ll be selling it (: shop means logging in and buying stuff for you if you have purchased vbucks from me.... it’s not free whatsoev… item shop RIGHT NOW, DM meWill be setting up a discord server for all those that have purchased vbucks from me and are in need of item shop services. @Dunegoob No, not for free. They’re all paid orders.Reason being is that you have to have a friend request open for 48 hours till you can gift, NO. You do not have to… all those that are going with the compensation, add: daniworldwide y As an epic friend code Danim-Worldwide @daniwwservices
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide servicesGetting minty batch in approx 3-4 days. For those that reserved a minty, you can either DM me for a refund or you c… @solxrfn <3.@daniwwservices the plug 🔌 big vouch
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide servicesBought out the whole shop. Doing item shop service rn TRIOPER IS BACK I REPEAT ITS BACK
For those whom perhaps have forgotten, I do glow as well (: 24 hour sale, 20€ instead of €35. HMU to purchase @parraplex @twyzzbtw @FortniteGame too lazy @PocoyooB @twyzzbtw @FortniteGame @PocoyooB @twyzzbtw @FortniteGame Vbucks r put on your own account @parraplex @twyzzbtw @FortniteGame Ye... I take them all at the same place so you see they're mine @oEuphoriia @BusWtf2 😳😳😳 @twyzzbtw @FortniteGame They’re all different accounts.. @FortniteGame Well if you need vbucks hmu @SheLikesZaq your vbucks NOWWWW😡😡😡 all those waiting for their minty codes, I’m still waiting for my supplier to restock. Please be patient (: com… @JACK99950934 NAHAHAHAHA maybe next year imma buy one @PolluxGFX @MostacheFN @parpyfn Ye hahaha I saw this all over twitter. Knew loads of people would like and comment… to all of you guys I managed to get myself my first car at the age of 18🥰 love all of you @Javier_Gallo_ @nxtpyne Do you understand you’re saying controversial things? Second of all, I don’t need ur epic login @Javier_Gallo_ @nxtpyne Why would you not do it if it’s legit? Hbahshaha makes no sense @Alyssaxx_x @v6nqui Just scroll further and keep posting profile pics in search for validation by 12 year old gamer boys, Alyssa. @BosehTV Ik verdien meer in een maand dan je ouders in een jaar, zit je kontje stil @BosehTV Natuurlijk weer een Nederlander, kaolo pauper @piggyman67 DM is key
@BusWtf2 I used code airplanewtfYou already know... 27k v-bucks done 🤷🏻‍♂️ FROM @daniwwservices #Legit 😍 If you want to buy something from him, DM him or visit his website!
Retweeted by 🌏DaniWorldwide services @MrBeastYT Gift me one and I’ll happily drive it @LserkL You can play on my purple skull