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@bwidow12thFlr yes. combine yr smugness and incinerate your neighborhood @bwidow12thFlr that's my favorite part @bwidow12thFlr oh also an important step is to brag about it all the time and act better than everyone else @bwidow12thFlr I tilled the whole backyard with a giant gas-powered autotiller, tearing up most of the grass. We're… @tcfallgatter @fmanjoo @ddiamond i sure doHey theatre people, I wrote about one version of what theatre can look like these days: u buddy
I wrote about being surprisingly inspired by a very technically shaky live-read of a 30-year-old play on YouTube @MrDicksKite It took me having kids in a city with its own baseball team to change my allegiance @AlanSiegelDC can shave a guy with pinpoint accuracy from 1,000 feet awayjust saw an ad on this broadcast for a "tactical shaver" that's targeted at wannabe military dudes @gemko i forgot this movie existed! i will watch this @MrDicksKite i recommend you do what I did, leave milwaukee at age 17 and eventually develop allegiance to other teamsGotta say there is no better way to watch a playoff game than six months later, knowing your team will eventually w… loved this @rebeccaonion piece about how those of us used to cooking in plenty can all learn a lot from the chang… Dot Com is the only 4th of July movie
Retweeted by Dan Koisplease do not forget to turn off and on your jumbo jet every 51 days is showing the wild card game
This song always really got me @tylercoates oh gosh @TheJordiWill i'm under the impression that's what 1980 wasPeter Friedman and Joan Allen were married from 1990-2002?! this is making this Scoop/Heidi scene really intense @starbex @tylercoates "you might have different pagination"joan allen's internet just went out @tylercoates spoiler: no @tylercoates actual lol @tylercoates i love it! half stilted and awkward, half moments where I go "oh, look how really good actors and real… is making me so happy, if you don't tune in you are missing out @cejarvis these are troubled timesbut is it ғᴏʀ ᴀᴅᴜʟᴛs or just for adults found this really reassuring in frightening times @lizzieohreally Team Call Me Risley @conor610 @parabasis i've never taught it!! but the framing the book landed on, of the writing/rewriting of these p…, holy shit @SamuelAAdams he's got some really high tiers!There, I fixed it
Retweeted by Dan KoisWhat on earth will May 1 be like @joereid absolutely notOn March 1 I interviewed Jenny Offill at @PoliticsProse about her great new book. We made dark jokes about the viru…, we all love jonathan richman, he's great. but this is mid-tier '90s richman versus FUNKY DIVAS, a straight up… @macwrites stephen spinella! @macwrites shoulda been nommed for 7 cribbies @lindaholmes @NoelMu the hair dryer of godI'm so glad the Times did this Overlooked obit for Kate Worley, writer of the great, near-forgotten OMAHA THE CAT D… @NoelMu @lindaholmes our year living in hawaii was definitely my personal record for Most Slugs Stepped On In Bare Feet In The Laundry Room
@CallieKhouri Hi Callie! I'm a writer at Slate working on a project I'd like you to be a part of. Please DM me or email @SamuelAAdams the slipcase works ok @toyns although Complete Far Side is not quite thick enough IMO @toyns yes; no @bendwilliams not all the time, that would be absurd @cejarvis needs more Spaceman SpiffReminder that the best book for elevating your laptop to eye level and minimizing underzoom is THE COMPLETE CALVIN…'know, just me and my close personal buddies José Rivera, Anne Washburn, Robert O'Hara, and Zoe Kazan. They're jus…
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@andykevinwalker hi! I'm a writer at Slate working on a fun project. Would like to include you: DM or dan.kois@slate.comyou're not imagining it @mjs_DC they're bad. go wild and free mark @mjs_DC no. let it grow @dawntheapl @GunsReporting @JeremyBernfeld @ealfinj @wamu885 oh this is such a great hire! CONGRATS TWITTER!!! @MejoMelissa @JamilahLemieux @Slate aww thank you!! @andrew_m_kahn @mmschwartz oh yes, good news, we solved thisI wonder if the Core Four Backyardigans told Austin to get lost until coronavirus is overThinking about the Backyardigans. The absolute perfect social distancing mini-group because none of them ever see or talk to anyone elsethis one I'm voting R.E.M. but everyone should listen to this Lou Reed song now @magiciansbook good tweet! also just sent me on a panic search through my email @dnemetnejat @taffyakner prolly @taffyakner my ancestors: fight off a sabre-toothed tiger me: thislove to send an email that I have to send but will probably just make everything worse and then sit there, heart th…’s not even 10am yet and I am already 6 cups of flour into the day
Retweeted by Dan Kois @MarkRichardson the requirement that everyone buy four copies and read them aloud simultaneously was inspiring but… @MarkRichardson oh man i love that zaireeka book of yours @samthielman there are an absurd number of very good books in this series. Matos on Sign O the Times! Geeta Dayal on Eno!And on its 10th birthday, this weird little book finally earned out @jpressler @DPD_ @willapaskin @tomscocca
@jpressler @DPD_ @willapaskin @tomscocca i agree both that the children don't understand Winslet and that the Holy…
Take a few minutes today to read this beautiful, somewhat calming essay by @BelleBoggs about Ramona Quimby and quar… @gabrielroth unfortunately for you i bought it years agoI loved this novel! It's called THE UNKNOWNS, btw
@KristenRadtke arrgh no longer contemporary exactly but still great @BlakeBaileyOn @Slate it's a very good used bookstore!!!Hey, bookstore folks! I'm making a directory of indies that are operating and what they're doing (online only, curb…
Retweeted by Dan Kois @danielradosh you know who else sent himself an email in the middle of the night @gabbilevy @BWBooks same here! given that i needed to link to specific books, i couldn't figure out a way to locate… @gabbilevy @BWBooks i thought about this a LOT and decided to make every link to Amazon listings for used books fro…
Snopes Dot Com is MAD AS HELL was your last bookstore of the before times? wrote about going to the bookstore, a thing I miss already TAKES THE FORM OF A MORTAL GIRL is the most fun book I've read in years; what a great choice
2020 YOUR TEETH INTO THE ASS OF LIFE!!!!! man did I love talking about what turned out to be an amazing comfort movie, BIG NIGHT, with @SlateCultFest Angela Lansbury anecdote in Terrence McNally’s obituary.
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(and me yelling at the then-NYT public editor for his dumb capitulation to the Catholic League in response) TOGETHER, TEETH APART is funny and humane. And I am a fan of the little-seen culture-war victim CORPUS CHRISTI…, this is just awful. what a wonderful playwright. the most pressing issue but god dang I miss this silly, beautiful game.
Retweeted by Dan Kois @edsbs instapurchaseThis is a great list. Love seeing Kristin Hersh and Viv Albertine here. Also recommend Tracey Thorn and Amy Rigby's… Albert Uderzo, all-timer. His great subjects were friendship, the geography and physiognomy of different reg…
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