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@benito_cereno @kibblesmith @TheKyleStarks @bigredrobot @JustinMcElroy It's so joyous.Haim Saban is a shocker for this. See also: He-Man/Remington Steele @benito_cereno @kibblesmith @TheKyleStarks @bigredrobot @JustinMcElroy Gummi Bears beats both of them"you're all going to be chickens tonight. Or tomorrow."It's weird, cos they're not much alike, but Tim reminds me of Harry Hill in this special #timheideckerShadowy Wolvie... Short and stocky... could go shorter still! Any similarities to Mignola are completely unintended…
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @VicMalhotra @20EyesBrad Vic, that's good shit, mate @DeborahMcDaid @MattMinerXVX @zionsmission Oh, the poor wee fellow. This is heartbreaking, but the improvement is incredible. Hats… are live!
Retweeted by Dan McDaidFuck, Tim Heidecker is so talentedI don't come to twitter to "read" the "articles" @thetzechun My response, always: "HELL, no." @BrokenLeftAnkle Awesome!A weird wank for me tonight
Retweeted by Dan McDaidGoing to start making YouTube vids again soon. They don't tend to get tons of engagement, but I enjoy doing them. M… voters seem energized.
Retweeted by Dan McDaidBen Bradley won't resign, he lacks the shame gland. So it's imperative that wherever he goes, everyone makes his li… detail of *something*
Retweeted by Dan McDaidPay attention to Conservative MPs like Ben Bradley. He doesn't have the political nouse or experience to shroud his…
Retweeted by Dan McDaidTory MP forced to deny he said free school meal vouchers 'spent on crack dens'
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @BBradley_Mans You are a barefaced, malevolent, classist, pathetic little LIAR. Here’s several different screensh…
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @BBradley_Mans resign, scumbag. you're losing your seat at the next election @BBradley_Mans. Line up your next job now, would be my advice.Except for #toryscum, who are fucking worms. You and your kind are LOATHED, Ben. I hope you know that.
@RobotJQ It's a nice feeling @zucomics It's working a treat!Losing a lot of followers, all of whom - I have to assume - are Tories.Just thinking about Antje Traue, who showed up in Man of Steel like an anime space valkyrie, took my heart, then di…
Retweeted by Dan McDaidBen Bradley MP said benefits claimants should be sterilised
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @PaulJonMilne @NickRoche @TheMatthewCraig It's very slow, and very BBC, but really interesting. It gets under your… can never forgive the @LibDems for letting these bastards back in.Calling a scumbag "scum" = uncivil Letting children starve = civil #toryscumHilarious how the Tories are trying to play the victim in this. Real weasel behaviour. How anyone could vote for th… @johnestevens @amandamilling @AngelaRayner Excellent. Rayner for PM.Richly deserved, keep it coming. #toryscum is as scum does, Nicky
Retweeted by Dan McDaidWelcome to Dundee, Tory scum Davies #toryscum you can see which MPs voted against free school meals, and how much they have each received from the public ki…
Retweeted by Dan McDaidWow, just read Davies’ Wikipedia page. Horrific.
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @FlorenceHRS It's disgusting. And he knew this would end up on the internet, and didn't care. Astonishing arrogance.MP Philip Davies replies to my daughter Lily with utter contempt.
Retweeted by Dan McDaidCracking bit of hauntological telly that I think @NickRoche, @PaulJonMilne and @TheMatthewCraig might enjoy:'s belief. Reality.
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @toadlett ExcellentCorrection, from 5:00. @toadlett Is the top of his head hollow, like a jug? Or is it a lid??From about 3:20. Pure Paddy Kingsland magic.'ve got the theme tune to The Changes in my head. I bet @DeborahMcDaid does as wellLast night Trump attacked Medicare for All as "socialized medicine." Funny. I didn't hear him complain when he rece…
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @terri_____ No. Bus should have been moving.
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @MattEd1978 I just don't want you to get nicked for shagging your sister again! I've got your interests at heart. A… @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Absolutely cracking work, mate, and you know it. @MattEd1978 Like, sixty? Anyway, don't get caught, incest is still illegal my friend 🙏 @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Likewise. See you on crimewatch. @MattEd1978 I'm going to assume we're done. Say hi to your sister - make sure she takes her false teeth out! 🙏 @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Anything else, or are we done? @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn He used to dine at chequers, you know. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn An Englishman. Ha ha ha ha. Ya got me. Here he is with your hero. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Let me chuck in a few of these cos it's all you gammons understand 😂😂😂🤣😜. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Very slow. You're shit at this. bye. @elknight20 It was last week, but thanks. They are GREAT knives. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Ten minutes it took you to come up with this rubbish. I don't know… @benito_cereno Thank.I got a terrific set of knives for my birthday. Really, they're spectacular. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn My comeback must've been pretty good, cos you just tossed it back… @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn I'll spoon your mum mate @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Played out gif. Amateur hour. Try harder or log off, dummy. @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn And you Tories are making it worse for yourselves all the time. Go… @MattEd1978 @BastardAncom @MReco12 @jeremycorbyn Your country's a dump.BLADE RUNNER test-full page
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @scottygod Something I find that helps - and I can't always do this, because there isn't time - is to finish up you… @scottygod Yeah, I get it. Just feel like I'm winging it most of the time. It works, and I obviously have a bit of… @scottygod So did I. Wish I'd studied more. @stevencandraw Ha ha ha ha ♥️Haha, England's only got three tiers, Scotland's got five.
Retweeted by Dan McDaidA weird wank for me tonight @DaftLimmy We win. We always win. @Michael26689428 Essentially, yes. And it shows an utter lack of respect for another human being. @danmcdaid Wow, so he did. Hey, Ben! You're a shitheel!
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @cameraguydave @BrooklandBently He doesn't care. People like these are so venal, stupid, and disengaged from societ… spent a very rewarding five minutes giving twos-up to a Tory minister who was being interviewed on BBC news. R…
Retweeted by Dan McDaidIs that Thatcher @sc_timmy1180 @IrvineWelsh The worst of the worst.#Monstober day 23 - The Mystic. "Have you come here to PRAY?" #Spooktober #monstober2020 #Halloween #HorrorArt
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @scottygod My friend, I am feeling this so strongly right now. @eddychemical
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @beaglebugle @salliemonkey I hope so, but 🤷🏻‍♂️The difference of opinion is because you’re not just a twat, but an attention seeking, desperate one who knows he’s…
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @1984_peirce My feelings preciselyMy dude also thinks benefits claimants should be sterilised. look miserable, lol you all don’t shut the fuck up making the same Spider-Man “I don’t feel so good” joke. Tumblr bitches are right…
Retweeted by Dan McDaidRDJ’s team photoshopping Tom Holland out of this photo to do damage control for Chris Pratt bc they had no other ph…
Retweeted by Dan McDaid @BrooklandBently Next time you're in London, don't come back up here. Thanks.I've got a right wing liar on the line here @BrooklandBently They've managed to find one checkout hag who hates herself to back up this story. I don't need you…