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Dan Miller @DanMillerDev San Francisco, CA

XR Evangelist for @unity3d. I focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality, building content, sharing knowledge and helping the community.

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Made a Grabbity Glove feature for #H3VR today. Still needs a bunch of polish but SUPER fun to play with.
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@GnomedCore Stoner confirmed. @Yo_Saff aint nobody got time for that....too busy playing Animal Crossing and Half Life Alyx! @cYnborg This was on mobile phones, Android and iOS both work. I haven't tried it on the quest yet.Playing with some #AR on the 3DS...9 years ago 😯
I'm eggcited #AnimalCrossing
Today is my 3 year anniversary at @unity3d it's been such a fun and rewarding journey so far. Here's to many more!…
Fit pic #AnimalCrossing @calvertcreates Nook miles ATMWe’re excited to welcome @6d_ai to the Niantic family! Learn more about the future of Augmented Reality we’re build…
Retweeted by Dan MillerWe’re welcoming to @NianticLabs today! They are leaders in 3D mapping and together we will…
Retweeted by Dan MillerBaited #AnimalCrossing
Check this video if you're working on your mobile AR app (smartphone AR). You can simulate your entire AR experienc…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @FoxBuchele It's fun finding myself in random branding / marketing material 😆I'm confused, why is @ARealityEvent still selling in person tickets for the event? isn't the whole thing online now?📣 Unity is hiring again for the Evangelism team! We have 3 open roles: - Online Lead Evangelist:…
Retweeted by Dan MillerMy roommate got me these awesome #AnimalCrossing marshmallows. Enjoying them with some hot chocolate 😄
2020 A project I've been working on.
Retweeted by Dan MillerLoving my new wand #AnimalCrossing on my paper burn tutorial. Hoping to get it out next week. #screenshotsaturday #madewithunity #shadergraph
Retweeted by Dan Miller @andre_mc @andre_mc Daft Punk, Childish Gambino, Arctic Monkeys and Chance. What's the top middle?
@MoldyMagnet @vr_human I worked on this awhile ago but just had some simple mechanics, was thinking of reviving it…
@itzik009 @varjodotcom jealous, that sounds awesome! @MikeMcCready @unity3d @vishnuganti I've never used MAXST but AR Foundation is just an abstraction on top of ARCore… started with mobile #AR in @unity3d? check out these AR Foundation projects @vishnuganti and I worked on O… anyone else only get a goodnights sleep by saving their #AnimalCrossing game in bed with the lights out?
@shen is that a sticker skin for the apple pencil?! that's a thing???Learn to build a 3D brain visualization app in #spatialcomputing using @unity3d and Magic Leap Toolkit in the first…
Retweeted by Dan MillerGreat company to be in. :)
Retweeted by Dan MillerSuper excited to see what everyone starts doing with all the new Hand Input systems and solvers I was able to get i…
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👀 to work on my #AnimalCrossing house a bit. Loving every minute of this game 😍
🚀 Introducing #ARKit 3.5 - taking advantage of the #LiDAR scanner • Scene Geometry with Classication • Instant AR…
Retweeted by Dan MillerImage tracking is a small example showing off how to use unique images to spawn unique pref… UX allows you to show looping videos to guide the user to a variety of goals. It… worked on two projects for #ARFoundation with @vishnuganti check them out if are getting started with #ARKit or… @WillWArmstrong that looks like an animal crossing tweet, gratz on the bamboo shoots
Announced today in the #GoogleforGames Developer Summit keynote, Stadia Makers is a new program specifically for in…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @Silcris88 The stalk market is based on real world data from the Dow + Nasdaq for people playing in North America ☠️Well, yes. damn, Half-life Alyx is insane in terms of graphics. photoreal at times (and i know what i'm talking abo…
Retweeted by Dan MillerAwesome to see @varjodotcom continuing to iterate on the XR-1 mixed reality headset by adding marker support. In to… love this so much 😂😂😂 Alyx. Now Available.
Retweeted by Dan MillerPut in a little over an hour into @valvesoftware #HalfLifeAlyx today for 'research'. Really blown away and loving i… research #openframeworks
Retweeted by Dan Miller @JystnLee @nadine_boubou I had to look it up apparently he is....not their father. He found them on the streets and…
@ali_heston Animal crossing is looking better and better everyday. You must be a little ahead of me. @AndreElijah Yes.
@AndreElijah Is that you in the hat??? @stephphan On brandlook at this absolute unit #AnimalCrossing 3 Days, return to City 17. Half-Life Alyx is now available to pre-load.
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I turned my apartment into a VR game platform since I #WFH Thanks to @Oculus Quest & @unity3d. If you have to be lo…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @Karra_Shoes Peaches 🍑#AnimalCrossing woooo decorating the tent #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by Dan MillerSo excited to play #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Starting ON MONDAY, the Unity Education team will be bringing you Create With Code LIVE 🎤 For the next few weeks,…
Retweeted by Dan MillerI've been experimenting with the look and feel of the dialogue in #AnimalCrossing using @unity3d! I had tons of fun…
Retweeted by Dan Miller👀🌼𝓘𝓼𝓪𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓜𝓪𝓫𝓮𝓵🌼 Two more pieces complete for the Animal Crossing Spring Collection! AND only 2 more days left…
Retweeted by Dan MillerSome happy news for the #Unity3D community: 📚 Complimentary access for all to Unity Learn Premium from now to June…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @AlexTurnerSound @JayMFernandes it will, make sure to grab the day one update 1.1.0! you can pre install that too @JayMFernandes @DoctorArgus @klei The AR Foundation package will be updated in the future to have the new API's. I don't think the…
When ball is life....but VR is pretty cool too 🏀 our new Desktop Companion App, you can quickly share 3D content from a 2D screen to your Magic Leap Device. No…
Retweeted by Dan Millernew free update released for Pistol Whip! Just what I need to get moving during these quarantine times many consecutive days is it alright to wear the same sweatpants and sweatshirt....asking for a friend 😵 @ddiakopoulos were the demands answered or did you join them to make it a reality 😆Really excited for the new #iPadPro with LiDAR sensor and what it enables with #AR. Awesome to see #MadeWithUnity has added a LiDAR sensor to the new iPad Pro for AR! "LiDAR is so advanced, it’s being used by NASA for the…
Retweeted by Dan Miller👀 of today, every @Shopify store can upload 3D models & videos to represent their products. Merchants like Rebecca…
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Half-Life: Alyx releases March 23rd, 10am Pacific Time. Steam pre-load begins this Friday.…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @NintendoAmerica Thanks! Can’t wait #AnimalCrossingNewHorizonsBy request, added a github project to my "How to Calculate Shader Graph Normals" tutorial
Retweeted by Dan Miller @DanMillerDev Confirmed! We'll send you a note when #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons releases on 3/20.
Retweeted by Dan MillerThree more days #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons the game ships with placeholder assets.
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Looks like all @Equinox are shutting down 'until further notice' at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs. Necessary gover…
Retweeted by Dan MillerWhat a time to start making my Twitter emoji debut, hm? That's right! You can use certain hashtags to add an emoji…
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Summarized #MRTK's #SpatialAwareness display options in a video. Learn more from #MRTKTips
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We made an AR experiment so that people working from home could still hang out with us in the office 😂 Nick is on…
Retweeted by Dan Miller @DanMillerDev based on a preliminary analysis of your Twitter life, some might view you as selfish and antagonistic…
Retweeted by Dan MillerCelebrating #MadeWithUnity Friday by posting our community review of PAX East 2020: There…
Retweeted by Dan MillerMe trying to get this game unlocked sooner than next Friday, that's enough! If you know someone who needs some of these skills please let me know.
Retweeted by Dan MillerI remember thinking about this and how challenging it was to get right. I and got to test it early and had a couple…'m getting a portfolio together so I can look for work. It's been fun to remember some of things I've done and wor…
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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS #AnimalCrossing 🙌🏻, everyone! Only one week left until departures begin for Deserted Island Getaway Package participants! Is…
Retweeted by Dan MillerApple's WWDC 2020 is kicking off in June as an online-only event. "The current health situation has required that w…
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@fullsizerunshow @BigBodyBesNYC how did you get two @MatthewJWelty's on the show?!Here’s something to chew on: a new #MediaPipe model enables 3D perception of everyday objects, like chairs and shoe…
Retweeted by Dan MillerGreat post on the current state of HDRP and VR, some tips on what works and how.