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Resign @BorisJohnson.
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i thought garak's first scene on ds9 could use some background music
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@DaveRapoza Some 3D! But here's a Goron boi I made, and a re-imagining of Classic Ganon that i'm working on @digisculp Be yourself bro xxxWIP 超大型巨人作り始め、。今更かもですが、先週アニメ1話から最新話まで全部見まして、、面白すぎです、。 #ZBrush #進撃の巨人 #shingeki
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @Owakita_ Omg I miss it. I wanna go baaaack T_T @Jess_Anim Will definitely look into getting this rigged! (Somehow!)Concept by the gorgeous bearded @Baj_Singh, Great King of Evil, thicc edition. Still plugging away at this. Probably close to finished with the scu…
I thought Miyazaki had a Dark Souls healthbar/ui for a hot minute there @CloudKurona You're leaving!! All the best for the future!!
@lucyjamesgames Okay if we put Pickle Rick on Bitcoins then I'm in.Please never, ever talk to me about Bitcoin. It’s like the Rick And Morty of personal finance. @RogerPerez3D Now THIS is a hot take.
@Dan4rt Holy crap Lois press the X button the crouch.
I needed to make this so I could curse you with what's been in my head all day. @Ikameka_Art Fuck yeah dude!!#PorfolioDay
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @_mlktea @SalemKittie I want one!!!!! @innesmck LMAO HEIDIE SKINNERCan't wait to play StarCry @DatLancedJack @ultimaterugby Shoulders
@Dan4rt 😬😬😬HR Giger more like HR issue @Baj_Singh Rude!Hey #PortfolioDay 🎨 My name's Danny!!! And in lieu of posting the same art over and over again, here's some art fr… excuse me Christ Soul didn't really need to come for me like that.
Danny is no more. I am now the Coloured Plastic Guy. End me. @John_O_Really HIPPITY HOPPIDY BIDDIDITIY BITIOIPOTY TOPTHYTHYTY
@JodieAzhar Where is this from? I want!
This was the capitol’s security when there were black protestors on the streets
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @UnicornDevGames She is gonna hate it but she is so rotund now @Peter5tewart SHE IS UNREASONABLY LARGELeeloo has put on a lot of weight since keeping the cats indoors more, so enough is enough! It’s kitty diet time!…
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@abigbat @Iam_Stu Read this as Tamarian speech. Tembah, his arms wide. @SchipTimmer SO R U @apocalynds Can't believe you would come for me like this (💜) @JodieAzhar Is Spotify bad? D: @Peter5tewart only need these two links! Full playlist - Direct link to P4G so you can listen on r… you're having trouble finding the Persona OSTs on Spotify today, check out this handy playlist. They're all her… @RenaudApollyon Come at me @Peter5tewart @Baj_Singh But it IS though!Now that the soundtracks are out on Spotify this is your daily reminder that P4 > P5 byeeeeeee're poly-gone.
@lucyjamesgames Dude, Ripley cosplay on point next year. about that chaos with Ed Milliband made a free portrait lighting cheat sheet, feel free to download and use for reference!
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @cordiallycontgo WARHAMMER IS COOLMore progress. Redid his legs and balanced him out a lot more. Needs a final pass on the pose, detail, and the I ca…
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For your consideration. me out here. Is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man a Kaiju? Show your working.Trying to find the right pose
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨BLAAHHGHGHAHG (the WIP)
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @LaurenWalshArt Does this help @Peter5tewart PETER @saikocat E1?Super Mario World is 30 years old this year, and it's still gorgeous. I doing this right? @crwilso Huzzah. Specsavers have OCT machines now so they can do the scans too (not sure if you were seeing an opht… @Ikameka_Art I thought this was Kabuterimon for a hot second. It looks great man!! @Baj_Singh These are lovely man @digisculp Big magic!
@pawchaw Dude you know I was thinking about some of your sketches you showed me during uni while doing this. Just s… I learnt about green screen
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨Two knights #BOTW
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @DmytroBajda This is gooooooorgeous, lovely shapes and flow. @Baj_Singh They're on the WAY!Having some more fun with my large evil son. Pretty happy with most of the proportions and such, just need to deta…
Start of 2019 where I started transitioning and everything was overwhelming. Start of 2021 where I still struggle…
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨You survived 2020. If you stayed home all you could and wore masks when you couldn't, you may well be the reason th…
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨Visual aid for people struggling with this'm reposting this because I really like the idea. :) happy new year's everyone. may you fill many hope jars this y…
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @GlareUsy Your food always looks SO goodGoodbye EU Thank you for helping unite and not divide Thank you for allowing generations to travel freely and expe…
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@LewdieLie Yee boi, some good stuff on the horizon :DI really dislike the "Jar of Fear" thing floating around. We've had enough negativity in 2020, and cramming that in…
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨ @SovanJedi We doin a lil’ Yesterday’s Enterprise?? @arvalis Your work rules man <3 @Beavs @howardlyonart Gooooooorgeous!!Going into 2021 with all the optimism and energy of the Girugamesh guy twenty four hours to go, I want to be vaccinated.
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Ha this looks fun, I'm joining in uwu ✨ @LaurenWalshArt Play Hades and DRINK DEEP FROM THE CUP @DredgeTh OOOO, you gonna be selling this as a print????Sonic CD as a vintage movie poster Although, this one kinda exists? In a way
Retweeted by Danny Sweeney✨The existence of Congress suggests the existence of the masculine, more impotent Congr @LewdieLie This is looking GORGEOUS man!!!!Yes, that is a Majora's Mask ring Demon King of Evil, or one thicc boi??? Some progress on this chonker.
@DatLancedJack I was LEGIT thinking of this yesterday also I how dare you, that was YOU @zackreese That jacket is to die for. @CAGames look at this!!
@bradgallaway @AmandaFarough Persona 4 Golden has several difficulty options and sliders for things like EXP gain,… @Voidspawnie FUCKYEAH METAL