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@wanderer_bolton @Flagg_ould @CoronaPogue @hughosmond A rise or natural daily variability? Prick 3. @wanderer_bolton @Flagg_ould @CoronaPogue @hughosmond SO is that tiny uptick right at the end your definition of a…
@Docdover @cricketwyvern In that scenario, where someone dies in ITU after 28 days of testing positive, their death…
@brownjamesm @carlheneghan Half their deaths were in care homes. If they had protected them properly their deaths would be far lower. @chrischirp Your graph still shows the positivity % largely flat for Pillar 2 and declining for Pillar 1, which is… @endless_roaming Was this photo taken after lockdown or is this an older photo?
@Theresa_Chapple What a disgraceful, scaremongering tweet.
@cricketwyvern @MikeGal041 With admissions down, it’s probably due to fewer discharges?
@mattletiss7 Oh Matt, you really are a prat. @libertariandesi The article you posted is from mid May. Let’s wait until the results are out for human trials?
@Kagey_infohub @Feltip1982 @jordanbhx @BhamCityCouncil Go to Chinatown, just south of Shaftesbury Avenue for all of…
@AlistairHaimes Beth Rigby is awful. Awful woman.
@Fraz65 @Die_Diktatur @BallouxFrancois Yes true, but we have had two very mild flu seasons in 2018/19 and 2019/20.… @ganeshran @andyhutch10 @BallouxFrancois You will though if many of those people are elderly or have multiple co-morbidities. @1nationtory @AlistairHaimes @tnewtondunn Yep very true. My post was saying that Vallance's insinuation that SAGE w… @andrew_lilico There have been those of us who have been saying this for months now. Antibody serology can only be… @1nationtory @AlistairHaimes @tnewtondunn Yes but they didn't say to lockdown the entire country.
@rcolvile You’re missing the point. Virus transmission in the community is now very low. Masks whether you like it… @Samjaneevans @judeb1969 @JeremyFarrar It is completely unnatural. Many countries in Europe don’t oblige children t… @colinthecowmoo @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt Possibly, although much transmission of the virus is also… @Samjaneevans @judeb1969 @JeremyFarrar I don’t think it’s true that “all around the world children are wearing them…
@judeb1969 @JeremyFarrar You think children should wear them in class? @andrew_lilico What an absurd comment. @AlistairHaimes @MrMasonMills This is my fear. Once masks are mandatory, at@what point do they become optional agai… @miller_klein @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt @trishgreenhalgh And cases continued to rise after that, possibly accelerated.... @IsoTupe @IanDunt Then shut up? Why, because you said so? What are you, 12 years old? 😂 @JezLeathercraft @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt The main issue I have is the science is flimsy and the p… @jonjo_6969 @brown_bottle_90 @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt The mask mafia really are out in force tonight. @brown_bottle_90 @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt Your wit knows no bounds @miller_klein @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt @trishgreenhalgh I'm afraid not. I have colleagues in California who have s… @MaracasFlute @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt Now that the prevalence of the virus is so… @LiamKav @JontyUpNorth @IanDunt We've been opening up since 1st June with no uptick in cases nationally. @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt No, it also said the use of cloth masks could increase th… @MaracasFlute @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt They think it will help to reassure people… @MaracasFlute @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt Firm evidence is something where there is broad consensus.… @MaracasFlute @ArmyOf11Monkeys @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt Did I say the deaths numbers were small? I… @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt No consensus: @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt There is not a consensus. We are at a stage in the epidem… @Piglettory @miller_klein @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt @trishgreenhalgh Someone has a different opinion to you is a bot? Good one. @ArmyOf11Monkeys @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt Conflicting evidence on this. Other studies say even for… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 Once again you are picking isolated days out of thin air. Reportin… @TruthEphemeral @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt The point is, there is conflicting evidence on this and t… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 You clearly don't know how to read the graphs, that much is obvious. @miller_klein @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt @trishgreenhalgh Masks have been compulsory in shops in California for mont… @JontyUpNorth @IanDunt @JontyUpNorth @IanDunt Because it will only harm the retail sector the government is trying to support. Many will n… @J0hn8ev @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt I can point you to plenty of other studies that show you non-sur… @JontyUpNorth @IanDunt Saying "it is not a fact" is not an expert view. It is pointing out that the scientific evidence is conflicted. @ArmyOf11Monkeys @IanDunt It's not a fact. Plenty of conflicting scientific evidence. Please look up the word "fact" in the dictionary. @Pibasedlifeform @AlistairHaimes @IanDunt No firm scientific evidence they do stop transmission. Viral particles ar… @IanDunt It's not a fact. Especially not for the cloth coverings most people wear. @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 Once again, you KEEP saying the trend is up after 2nd July. It is… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 I'm not saying it should be ignored. I am saying it should be put… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 It’s just as reliable as daily reported cases. If you want to anal… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 What is better in terms of vigilance then objectively analysing ca… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 It is revised up as new data comes in. Just as the deaths by date… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 Yes, but if you want to get a true idea on whether there is a spik… @MikeRuddick @RP131 Daily positive cases by specimen date (rather the daily reported cases, which includes reportin… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 Again, if you look at daily cases by specimen date (rather than th… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 As @RP131 has explained copious times, that chart you are looking… @CV19JUSTICEUK @RP131 @dthroat @Nuala_ @Stef1885 What are you on about? The graph below, which are daily positive c… @andrew_lilico @AlistairHaimes @paulrey99 At the stage we are in this epidemic, making them mandatory is a politica… @andrew_lilico @AlistairHaimes @paulrey99 Our interaction with other customer sin a shop is largely fleeting. The e… @Thomasgordon01 @colinelves @JohnRentoul Indeed. I also miss the day to day interaction. I do not want to be in the… @AlistairHaimes Yes I've been pleasantly surprised to see how busy cafes and restaurants are on my local high stree… @JohnRentoul Clearly the future will be a balance between some home working and some office working. All companies… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul I'd also add, for many people working from home isn't practical. Small hom… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul I have started a new job in lockdown, and while there is much I can do fro… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul It depends how you define productivity. Sure, without the commute and some… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul I also think it is important to not allow our city centres to become ghost… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul My company surveyed all global employees. Over 90% said they want to split… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul In terms of the shift to WFH, I think the future will be somewhere in the… @colinelves @Thomasgordon01 @JohnRentoul I think you are being overly optimistic. If many city centre pubs, cafes,… @SkeinHeroine @LukeJohnsonRCP @AlistairHaimes There are benefits to both. Yes you escape the commute when WFH, but… @SkeinHeroine @LukeJohnsonRCP @AlistairHaimes There’s no doubt that fewer people will be working in offices for 5 d…
@fascinatorfun @thecarolemalone What a ridiculous reply.
@nisreen_booya @carlheneghan @oke_jason Backlog in reporting. There was a shortfall announced yesterday @AlistairHaimes To be fair to Piers, he’s always been against PC cancel culture. @AlistairHaimes Utterly bizarre. Some people have simply gone mad. @jamesannan I’m assuming you don’t know how to interpret the daily deaths and cases figures? Riddled with reporting… @AlsoTigger @bmgray007 @pziegler1986 @toadmeister Yes however that is still a minority of the overall cases. SARS 1… @AlsoTigger @bmgray007 @pziegler1986 @toadmeister SARS-CoV-1 was worse than SARS-2. Fatality rate far higher. It ju… @AlsoTigger @bmgray007 @pziegler1986 @toadmeister Yes that is true, time will tell. However evidence from SARS 1 sh… @AlsoTigger @bmgray007 @pziegler1986 @toadmeister Obviously we don’t know for sure where or whether anywhere has re… @CholestasisDoc @ganeshran Yesterday’s all settings death numbers were very low so I suspect the higher number toda… @bmgray007 @pziegler1986 @toadmeister Plenty of evidence coming out that many who get Covid do not develop a detect… @Plantpot20 @ganeshran The population of Scotland is about 5 million. The population of London alone is about 9 mil…
@AlistairHaimes Please @BorisJohnson do not make face masks mandatory in shops. This will further kill off retail. @BallouxFrancois @Sharkus72 Your input and contributions are very much appreciated and respected by most of us. Please don't stop. @andrew_lilico @AlistairHaimes @BallouxFrancois @bealelab T cell immunity seems long lasting. @violetstirling @AlistairHaimes @npcArts @10NewsFirstMelb @SimoLove Not to mention millions losing their jobs and l… @violetstirling @AlistairHaimes @npcArts @10NewsFirstMelb @SimoLove Appreciate your situation and it’s a difficult… @violetstirling @AlistairHaimes @npcArts @10NewsFirstMelb @SimoLove They are important, but does it warrant a 6 wee… @robertrea Again, just for some perspective. 0.03% of the population estimated to have Covid now. London also repor… @robertrea @robertrea I accept the need to take precautions, and to be cautious, and possibly even to wear a mask in a confine… @robertrea I appreciate it can leave some with chronic long term issues, however it is still a very small minority… @robertrea Can but very unlikely to.
@PhilipMarson @vince_gannon @LukeJohnsonRCP Agree. I’m quite keen to get back to the office for 3/4 days a week. @Jaq_CD212A @MrRobTyson @ONS The case numbers are in decline.