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NYJ, NYM (long suffering). Private Investigator. Objective/Realist. Mentioned in Adam Gase’s first ever tweet. All DMs are between me and you only.

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@JCaporoso Can I ask you a Saturday AM question? @Prez People don’t understand that you’re the best player at your position. In the entire world. In the hardest spo… @JakeRepNY I think he’s probably disappointed
@NYJ_Matt @JPens4Real21 Can’t win em all over, Matt 😂 @JPens4Real21 I can’t stop laughing at this RT 😂😂😂 @BigQuinnen I'm not sold on him yet. I need to see 1 more year of at least Pro Bowl type play. I still ranked him as the 5th best QB. @jets_pls I would bet money on that @spacedreamer16 @EAMaddenNFL I bookmarked both to come back to it, but EA's rankings seem to have a bit of favoritism. @jets_pls Wouldn't rank him because of fan bias @RealMattTomo It was a tough day.Patrick Mahomes: 99 Russell Wilson: 98 Deshaun Watson: 91 Aaron Rodgers: 89 Lamar Jackson: 86 Kyler Murray: 85 Drew… @KnicksCentral What a cluster this is. The MLB owners club don't want him & the Wilpons are petty as hell. Anyone i… @NYJ_Matt Remember when Brandon Marshall's knee went backwards and it looked like his season was done, then he was… @CaliJets If throwing a football as far as humanely possible without having to hit a target, then maybe Josh Allen does. @ThomasCP518 We could debate this list until the season starts lolAbsolutely no way is Matt Ryan better than Deshaun Watson at this point in their careers. Zero chance. @JimboSlice___ Just Aaron Judge and that was solely because of all the Pete Alonso tweets I was seeing from Yanks f… someone who thinks about you as much as Yankees fans think about Pete Alonso #LGFM #NYM @AdamSchefter Even the press release is unprofessional @ThomasCP518 @AdamSchefter @espngolic That’s what it seems like 😂 @_ChickenJoe_ Not gonna lie though, he does look like he packed on a bunch more LBs @AdamSchefter @espngolic But why? @_ChickenJoe_ You might not like it, but Pete Alonso’s body is what peak performance looks like. @ThomasCP518 1 and 2 were masterpieces @ThomasCP518 I didn’t really absolutely love 3, although it was still really good. The game peaked at 2, but that’s… @ThomasCP518 Bad. Mass Effect 2 is a million times better. There was a Twitter question today of what is your favor…
@Jetting_Up Save it @137pm God of War @Man_to_Zone There’s too much at stake. You can’t throw a Cam Newton into the mix when you are trying to figure out… @Man_to_Zone I hope his show comes back. One of the best shows on TV. @Man_to_Zone Just think about the investment in capital the Jets have currently put into Sam, and now you’re going… @Man_to_Zone Charlie! @Man_to_Zone Cam after Sam throws his 2nd INT of the game @Man_to_Zone Charlie. @R9wanBarrettSZN @Tyler_C24 @BaldyNFL @Eagles JD sure does love himself some Rasul Douglas 😂 @GI_Jayneee Nothing is stopping me. @g1zmoCS @RobbySabo @GWatelier Look no further than the headline here. @RobbySabo @GWatelier Avery Williamson: “Jamal talks a lot”. - Jets beat @lobacz87 Macc and Idzik are in the past. An occasional joke is okay, but it’s time to move on. @TimBull84 I’m not entirely sure, but I was in an office building in NYC when the cases started. @JimboSlice___ @eboland11 I’ll put my money where my mouth is too. @JimboSlice___ I’ll bet you $500 he won’t play 3… @JimboSlice___ @eboland11 Yeshh @oneshiningmets @RocTheJetsFan @JCaporoso @ConnorJRogers Awesome!!
@Toms_in_Raleigh @JCaporoso C’mon Tom. Everybody deserves a.. seventh chance? @rangerfan014 @eboland11 That’s actually a very good comparison. @Bryanmeister28 @eboland11 😂😂😂 @Bryanmeister28 @eboland11 Injury decimated @sports_life14 @eboland11 I like him too. I think he’s a great player. But I don’t think he has the body type to co… @eboland11 I’m sure Yankees fans have come to terms with the fact that this guy, as great as he is, will be injury… @chosen1ra Some of these girls really just walking around with Larry Vuitton. @s2ksupercharger Probably. Treatment is more profitable than a cure. @iLoveShawn5000 Golden Taint @TrxppeBosstar “Past a diving Jeter”. I’m a Mets fan and I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard that lol @actionjack69 My hair is falling out in clumps. I’ve had such little energy. It’s scary thinking about the long term effects. @Bryanmeister28 @southbaytrading @Hardknock_Jets Lol I don’t know. He’s so unpredictable. I’m guessing the NFL will… @Bryanmeister28 @southbaytrading @Hardknock_Jets He’ll opt out. Covidly.It’s been 4 months I guess, and I still haven’t fully recovered my sense of taste and smell.Anyone else wondering in 20, 30 years if we’re going to be filling out the question “Have you ever tested positive… @SBNYMNYJ I would have agreed with that 6 months ago, but something happened in Jan or Feb to make him request a tr… @SBNYMNYJ The easiest and simplest explanation is Jamal doesn’t want to be a Jet, judging by his many, many actions over the past 4 months. @SBNYMNYJ “I think.. you know, I THINK, he.. wants to be here” That’s the real quote. @SBNYMNYJ @WolfOf38Street @SellNYJWoody @OldTakesExposed Why wasn’t it “Yes. I FEEL he definitely wants to be here.… @SBNYMNYJ @WolfOf38Street @SellNYJWoody @OldTakesExposed Check out the interview. The inflection in his voice makes… @actionjack69 I don’t want to get pointed and laughed at every time I leave the house? @southbaytrading @Bryanmeister28 @Hardknock_Jets If the NFL is a business like everybody tells me every chance they… @southbaytrading @Bryanmeister28 @Hardknock_Jets He has a point, but Jamal wants to have his cake and eat it too. H… @Bryanmeister28 @Hardknock_Jets Your point is right - he wants money. But he also doesn’t even want to be here. @Bryanmeister28 @Hardknock_Jets There’s too many instances of him saying and implying he doesn’t want to be here an… @SamDarnoldEraa @AdamSchefter Jamal was in on all of that, though. The IG posts, the staged video, the contending t… @mattrecch @Mikehomeseller The riff on “The Day I Tried To Live” bangs so damn hard. @mattrecch @Mikehomeseller Superunknown had more good songs, but I feel that the best songs on Vitalogy were a touch better. It’s a tie. @Mikehomeseller The more I think about, the more I think it’s a tie with Superunknown. I’ve never related to a song more than “My Wave”. @Mikehomeseller Damn, they were all so good. I’ll have to go with Vitalogy though, by a slim margin. Just because of “Corduroy”. @Hardknock_Jets Jamal’s IG post was what, 4 days ago? As much as it sucks, if you put yourself as an outsider looki… @chris11361898 @JCaporoso What was her name? 😂 @SBNYMNYJ I can see that. I think he’s jealous of Sam, in a way. What if the new deal doesn’t come, because it looks like it’s not? @SBNYMNYJ Everything was cool until he said he’d go to 7 different, winning teams that DON’T have to pay him right… @SBNYMNYJ Just from what occured during FA, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on in the front office. But Jam… @SBNYMNYJ Le’Veon Bell probably knows just as much as you and I, but a disgruntled Jamal Adams should make for riveting stories. @JCaporoso Christopher on or off the wagon? @JCaporoso Did you ever wake up during a bad dream, then try to fall asleep as soon as possible to try to resolve it? @SamsSpleen @NYJ_Matt I can see that too. The first word is hard to make out. @NYJ_Matt “You suck” @lobacz87 I don’t have your photography skill obviously lol @lobacz87 @DannyVietti Lenny Dykstra @Aram822 @optimum They are the worst
@MGGWAVY @Cowboys__Lakers @nyjets @NYJ_Matt @RGallagher @JetsLife4 @jets_stan @jimdean12561 @NYJetsFanX @Bryanmeister28 @Aram822 I hear ya. You never know. You just never, evah now. @Bryanmeister28 @Aram822 Well, his lavish spending is legendary. I’m not concerned. @Bryanmeister28 @Aram822 Impossible @Paulie_Bruz We want Jamal, but Jamal don’t want us. Something we’ll all need to come to terms with. @Aram822 I couldn’t even imagine it. It would be the happiest sports day of my life, probably. Which is really sad when you think about it. @Aram822 It’s a disgrace. Pride only hurts. It never helps. As Marcellus Wallace would say. @Jim64434956 @DrewfromJersey Agree @Kevnyfan The Wilpons may give the fans one last F U. Their pettiness is unrivaled. @AdamSchefter I think you should reword this one. @YuzeFan86 You really want to go there??This guy has Abe Froman The Sausage King of Chicago type of moneySteve Cohen once bought a painting worth $165 million dollars. To put that in perspective, that's more than any NY…