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Danny Bate @DannyBate4 Prague, Czech Republic

Linguist. Syntax, etymology and PIE. PhD student in Prague/Edinburgh. BA York, MPhil Cam. Churches, classical and medieval history, very dead languages. He/his.

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@MalcolmWilson01 It is, yes. @matt_boot_
@tonythorne007 La suffisance? Loin de moi cette pensée!
Retweeted by Danny Bateyes, we're watching Lupin and it's turning out to be everything I hoped for. It's also one of the rare occasions wh… best fact I learned today is that, because of legal issues, the fictional thief Arsène Lupin had to compete aga… @rensharo good question - I want to say a hesitant yes, because its presence in English does seem to go back to an… @Woozle_Taffy ah, whoops! @shinyford Yes, I thought it was Scandinavian in origin too, but the OED gives a pretty determined argument for a Dutch origin.if you try to correct my grammar, i will think fewer of you
Retweeted by Danny BateTo finish, I have to add a link to a possible Greek member of this English word family: the enzyme 'amylase', which… @thosbecceham I'd say a reason to watch it - it has demystified so many memes and references that I've been seeing… @_F_B_G_ this is the best news I've heard all week. @mostaleoht It surprised me too! There are inherited words, yes - though I think 'maul' is Latinate? I have to check. @kauantai Oh? Is it a sociolinguistic curiosity? @CactusHorizon Thank you very much!I watched Mean Girls for the first time at the weekend and the Internet makes so much more sense nowJupiter is a literal ‘sky daddy’. @DannyBate4
Retweeted by Danny Bate @StephenJenkin I can confirm
@LisaWalleit I can't disagree! But then if I had, we wouldn't have had this chance to look at some Old English, which is always a bonus.#ClassicsTwitter
Retweeted by Danny Bate @LisaWalleit English 'meal' comes from Old English mǣl, a word that could mean 'time', 'measure' or 'mark'. Since t… @ErskineKristen I'm delighted! @LisaWalleit It's okay - Mahl/Mal come from the same word, so I opted for Mal, as I prefer to use more common words as examples. @quicksote @GaiusVelleius Exactly this, yes - I went for Mal instead as Mahl, as I always like to use more common words as examples.It's probably no surprise that 'meal' is related to 'mill' - though more distantly than you might think. 'Mill' is… knew this. Albanian. Miell [flour] has the same origin. Oatmeal = Oatmiell
Retweeted by Danny BateThis type of 'meal' is not the same in origin as the homophonous 'meal', meaning an occasion of eating. The differe…'Flour' and 'flower' come from spelling variants of the same word. The modern meaning of 'flour' emerged from the… things are afoot at The Wandering Academic. We're pleased to launch our new podcast: The Pilgrim Podcast.…
Retweeted by Danny Bate @rebelwink I chose to believe it gets its name from a village tradition of jumping out and scaring people @DannyBate4
Retweeted by Danny Bate @Andreasthlm1 @t1mothyallen Greatest. Linguistic. Term. Ever.Á is both a letter of the alphabet and a word meaning 'river' in Icelandic and Faroese. The two languages don't pr… @Moore_DavidL No, that's less likely - the origin (Romans 13:1) discusses authorities that did exist at the time an…
I thought it was the name of a town at first.Big fan of the German word for a ne'er-do-well, Tunichtgut. @ChrisRouse1212 fine, but only if his trips to/from Rome are sped up and accompanied by the Benny Hill musicManual of Sanskrit letters (悉曇字記) by Chinese monk Zhiguang 智廣, c. 806. Japanese copy here from 1447. NDL, Japan (国立…
Retweeted by Danny BateThe phrase comes from Tyndale's Bible and one idea is that 'be' in the phrase is a subjunctive, talking about thing… irregular verb 'to be' is the result of the convergence of multiple verbs. Consequently, there's been much vari… @62mkv Great question! I can't answer definitively - language change must always be considered in real-world contex… The tombstone of Regina (Queenie) from Arbeia fort at South Shields attests to immigration and multi…
Retweeted by Danny Batespotted yesterday at my local café: "opening hours according to the dog" @sw_cardwell Good point - I can't think of any (at least in Europe). @TiglathPileserI I'd never heard of the place before, now I'm reading up - it looks gorgeous and the connection to… keep thinking about the winners and losers in this situation. Yes, West Francia and East Francia went on to beco… @JacquesJIm Brilliantly done!I am going to try an explanatory linguistics thread in the spirit of the brilliant @DannyBate4. Why do we say “Jul…
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Retweeted by Danny Bate @SueGillingham Oh, definitely that! Testing the theory was definitely welcome though. @ThatArdenBrooks This was an infantile joke, a strange thought and a theory I wanted testing all in one - what else… @ScavengerEthic @GoingMedieval corona, libel, port. I'm definitely curious."To solve the word search, you must first become the word search" ~ Louis the Pious @toddashbaugh But of course! Use it freely and I hope the lessons go well. @Pseudo_Isidore @katemond now this is an absolute honour! @phil_lol_ogist just bestow the history PhD on me nowThis meme was approved for publication by two historians, one of whom promised* to use it as the cover of his upcom… @phil_lol_ogist Left to right: Charles the Pawld, Lothairball and Mewis the GermanThe History of the Franks, 855 - 870 AD (simplified). @mattitiahu @tkinias It could do - if there's a flaw in the derivation (he humbly suggests). PIE *g > *ɣ > (*h >) ∅… @mattitiahu @tkinias That makes sense to me, because I'm still stuck on something in de Vaan's derivation - I under… @LinguistJosh I don't follow, sorry - why do you say *dʰ > t? Initial *dʰ > f is the usual idea, like do/facere. @Arnold_Platon Blimey, I hadn't thought it through to that point yet. Italian futtre? French fure? Romanian fupte? I need to ponder on this. @benjcartlidge this is serious stuff, Ben, I don't want any Larkin about @shinyford It was the only kind thing to doMid-coffee thoughts today: If Latin had continued to use the word for 'daughter' inherited from PIE (as Sanskrit a… year the mayor of Hadleigh puts a rose on the tomb of William Clopton who provided land to build the guildhal…
Retweeted by Danny Bate @vroatlanguage Thanks Verity! I hope you enjoy it. @TofKost For me, only "model B" sounds correct - or maybe "the B model". English can be very opaque in this regard,… @gravedoings @barrytorch14 @maryhitchman That's a really nice idea, which I can't refute. I'd never come cross the… @anfescobargi Absolutely - not all sound changes are called 'laws', but some significant ones are - such as Verner'… @PeterGainsford That's such a superb example of two processes, thank you - could come in very useful for a future p… @FinnLongman Happy Birthday!! 🥳🎉Old Norse words for genitalia (thread). How did vikings talk about each other's genitals? Recently me and…
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@PhilHellene1960 That's so kind of you to say - thank you very much indeed. @pj_neris It's my pleasure - I'm so glad you liked it. I'm keen to get working on it! @c_smrstik thank you - and I hope it provides some good conversation! @ArmandDAngour It means so much to know you think so - thank you. @bswbarootes Now that's a really honour - thank you so much! @shinyford thank you! @Koefnielsen This really means a lot to me, thank you. @careersadviser1 @DrSueOosthuizen this is an excellent point! I'm not 100% sure myself, but I do believe the [n] in… @matt_boot_ thank you so much, Matt!!I've planned to write this for some time, as I've tweeted so many English/Greek things now that involve the sound c… @kauantai ah, that's great, thank you - I'll can add the name and link nowThis has been a hard week personally - heck, a hard month - and honestly, writing this post has kept me going. I've…'m pleased (and quite proud) to say that I've written a January blog post! It's an introduction to two important… @AHistoryTeen @DickLeFenwick without seeing the text in question, my gut says classical - just because ancient Gree… @barrytorch14 @maryhitchman this is all just wonderful. I think we're looking at the descendants of two words here:… @maryhitchman @barrytorch14 I would like that very much - to dispense Latin help and just to reassure people that e… @tonythorne007 ¡Muchas gracias! @tonythorne007 ¿De donde viene esto? @a_a_viswanath @rensharo Nice to see, but as usual it doesn't say a single thing about where they got the idea from! @Bullwong @SjoerdvanHoorn Not particularly - I don't know how you could explain the initial consonant or the feminine gender of vega.I'm trying to find out if there's substance to the idea that Spanish vega 'meadow' comes from Basque, because it'd… @comma_chameleon There are certain many nouns formed through -cy ('urgency', 'papacy'), but I can't think of any ot… @TSchmidthansen You mean that 'normality' is the younger word?You see how Amanda Gorman just made you feel?? This is why art matters so much. It has the ability to cut through…
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