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Danny Bate @DannyBate4 Prague, Czech Republic

Linguist. Syntax, etymology and PIE. PhD student in Prague/Edinburgh. BA York, MPhil Cam. Churches, classical and medieval history, very dead languages. He/his.

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Annunciation, 1435 #italianart #earlyrenaissance
Retweeted by Danny BateThe specific play through which the Russian name came to refer to the hat was called Fédora - it was very successfu… @ilnurkhalilov @alexmak Вы очень добрый, спасибо! @amjuster Hello there! @kriemhildsrache oh it is, yes, I just like pointing out ridiculous links @BexleyLister @PerryWadeSam as it currently stands, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, Old English, Old Irish and Old Church Slavonic. @alkali19 This is a great question - partly because I know so many Bohumils! (Bohumilové?) I'd like it's the Czech… Russian, the masculine counterpart of Fedora is Fyodor - as in Dostoevsky.m'lexeme
Retweeted by Danny Bate @ala_Camillae deceased: me cause of death: this tweet @buenapava ¡estoy encantado! (Y también me encanta "tuiter punto com")The 'fedora' hat comes from the Russian name Fedora, thanks to a play by Victorien Sardou. Fedora itself comes fro… @MagisterConway @AumaleLaurent ah, I'm with you! I just think it's a contender on three accounts: the words' geogra… @MagisterConway @AumaleLaurent oh yes, I don't think there's any call for a Germanic source. I think aditāre is a p… @PerryWadeSam six 😨 @AumaleLaurent The distributions of V-forms and A-forms is a good point, but we also find a very similar distributi… @AumaleLaurent There are many good reasons for separating the French from the Provençal! Simply saying that aller "… @AumaleLaurent *regular reflex, I should say. I don't deny that such a change was possible, but I do deny that it was regular. @AumaleLaurent There is one Germanic candidate for the etymon, Frankish *halōn, but I don't think it works, so I wo… @DocCrom Rohan soldier: look at those two over there, the future king and the warrior elf, speaking in Elvish like… @hagenilda I keep expecting one of these 'I can cook a lovely meal for nothing' accounts to start suggesting wine pairings
Retweeted by Danny Bate @Kirkylesprigg @DocCrom sir, you honour me beyond wordsIn honour of - and inspired by - @DannyBate4
Retweeted by Danny Bate @nagunak niiiiceme: supervisor urging me to reduce the number of languages that I'll be researching: @phil_lol_ogist this is all too perfect. I was actually in need of a nonsense example to illustrate the Right Hand… @phil_lol_ogist *chanting* egg horse egg horse egg horse egg horseScribe 1: that first horse is great! Scribe 2: thanks, pal Scribe 1: next we need a mourning horse, frontal view.…
Retweeted by Danny Bate @Christie_lover @JenRMorrigan @ala_Camillae just got back from his gap yah in Ahchahmenid Pahrsiah @AumaleLaurent A great many French verbs come other languages! There are some from Gaulish (e.g. changer) and many… @kauantai It's not even gone ten and I'm posting very cursed contentOct 26: Feast of Cedd (†664), bishop of the East Saxons. Brother of St Chad and educated at Lindisfarne, he evangel…
Retweeted by Danny BateI'm wondering if this was an ancient fedora situation, in which his mum once told him it looked good and so he wore…
for example, this picture of Pericles with strong "just got back from a year abroad and now wearing a jaunty beret"… think the most impressive thing about Pericles had to be his helmet-balancing skillsAt last: welcome clarity on how cows moo differently in Norn Iron
Retweeted by Danny Bate @AlCabbage045 look, I just have to give the people what they wantWell, the debate over whether @DannyBate4 prefers Greek or Latin is settled. Latin emerged the clear winner here. H…
Retweeted by Danny BateA language with phonemic linguo-labial consonants.
Retweeted by Danny Bate @AumaleLaurent If you don't have the intermediate forms, especially ones that could explain such irregular sound ch… @AlCabbage045 here's the word cloud for @DannyBate4
Retweeted by Danny Bate
@ChevalierThos Why then do the longer verbs derived from these irregular verbs survive? If irregular conjugation we… @OftTimAnhaga cats or dogs? @JamesOfNazareth Various reasons! If a short word goes through subsequent sound changes, it may lose all distinct '… @dantecorneli It is most definitely interesting! @LondonKia Not from the Latin, but the two are related, yes!You can see the decline of īre in these forms of French aller 'to go'. The forms in red come from Latin vādere, th… @dantecorneli @trockenequelle I feel the need to reassure you - īre is manageable! It's basically just the root ī-,… @cengime @DrFrancisYoung great point! @MagisterConway oh good grief! You poor man - that's smart-alec bait, I'm afraid. Ah, but amāre is a long word by the standards of īre! @DrFrancisYoung Yes, agreed, though there's also a phonological element too - subsequent sound changes may have red… illustrates a significant tendency: short Latin words survive very poorly. They're often replaced by different… other Romance languages, a longer derivative of edere has become the usual word for 'to eat'. One such word is… @ChaseHockema Honestly, I'm not at all sure! I would say that PIE *gʷy became Proto-Greek *ď (a palatal consonant)…, the Latin verb for 'to eat', didn't survive very well into the Romance languages. In some languages, another…'m sorry archbishop what
Retweeted by Danny Bate @ChaseHockema a great and tricky question! As you say, they do share a common root, which began with *gʷ. However,… @WannabeLinguist @johnkeats1998 I suggest we join forces and create the Batean school of thought that concerns... something @bouledenerfs_ @Vicky_Austen But what will it mean?a 'Batean' linguistic argument/paper would be one that adds a historical angle for no apparent reason @caityfaz I hope you're proud of yourself (because you should be) @WannabeLinguist this is the greatest thing I've ever seen @WannabeLinguist MY GODAny excuse to share this immaculately crafted ensemble again
Retweeted by Danny Bateyou must know you've really made it as an academic when your surname gets turned into an adjective @dropinsayhi alas, no! @Digitalys but how?! What must I do? adjective ROBUST literally means ‘made of oak’.
Retweeted by Danny Bate @Kirkylesprigg @JayHulmePoet "Fafflestan the Unready" is just *chef's kiss* @Digitalys
@Bran_Pap I will! I'm coming to realise that - she is so nice and projects this reassuring aura of calm that I am a… @chrpistorius Honestly, I just don't know! Because of the -oldau of Moldau, I think it's simply a later, Germanifie… @Bran_Pap yep! (Or at least she's the main one of three)If we accept this etymology for 'Vltava', then the name of that mighty river, the inspiration for Smetana's masterp… is a reply to an email written by a schoolgirl to her MP. The fact he would speak to a concerned 16 year old l…
Retweeted by Danny BateThe most likely etymology for the name of the river Vltava is from a Germanic compound *wilt-ahwa, meaning 'wild ri… @ThatArdenBrooks I haven't really mentioned it! You're required to apply to UK PhDs with a proposal, so I do have a… very cool thing about my supervisor is that when I mention her, linguists will ask 'what, the one from the YouTube videos?' @paulanthjones Ooh that is good to know! I also find it very interesting how different linguistic people/accounts u… @ThatArdenBrooks Thank you! Yes, apparently I have started a PhD. It hasn't resulted in any particular changes to my daily life yet! @CarstairsIrene alas no! @paulanthjones I think it's perfect myself. Writing tweets (particularly factual ones) needs to be better recognise… @paulanthjones Thank you for it though!‼️Premiér Babiš požádal Prymulu i Faltýnka o rezignaci.
Retweeted by Danny Bate @Lukas_92 they're all called OttokarFredag er #etymologidag, og i dag er det veldig meta. Eg brukar nemleg fargar for å vise dei ulike orda for, nettop…
Retweeted by Danny BateThis marble capital is Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in a nutshell. Originally probably from Ostia it wa…
Retweeted by Danny Batealso my favourite King of BohemiaThe Tories will dismiss him as one of those “do-gooders” they hate so much. But Marcus Rashford is now making sure…
Retweeted by Danny Batemy girlfriend, my aunt, my godmother and my PhD supervisor all have variations of the same name. That's... a bit spooky
@Rosa04169890 El plaer és meu! @Rosa04169890 But of course. This is a nice summary of the Gothlandia idea. The rest of the article is available he… @Rosa04169890 Yes, I've been discovering there's no confident consensus. The idea of the syllable change seems very… @SamuelFurse It's certainly possible - I think a goatish origin would've resulted in quite different words.