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storyboard artist @ disney tva TAG executive board member and chair of the testing committee views & opinions are my own

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@yesthisisaaron KERMIT!!!!!!!!SCOOP: Hundreds of workers at *30* different fast food restaurants are going on strike tomorrow to demand Covid-19…
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Tonight is the start of Passover, a holiday about freedom & liberation. But ICE detainees are not only imprisoned,…
Retweeted by danny @mattmusic14 yep! i boarded that sequence, and our animatic timer nick veith transformed it into a really dynamic a… Mash is an East LA arcade bar that has become a staple in our lives, and in the lives of many video game and…
Retweeted by dannyand here's an easy lemon bar recipe, if you're sick of bread that i've thrown a bunch of links at you, i want to offer myself! if you're a friend, coworker, or just somebod… @TraderJoesUnion @EverlaneU @TYTUnion are just a few groups collectively organizing in the midst of this chaos. fol… smith is running for congress to represent CA-25. santa clarita residents, that's you!!! a sewing machine and some free time? members (that includes you, if you're in the animation guild!) can sign up for this mutual aid system to supp…'s a list compiling food/delivery companies where workers are collectively demanding the safety and compensatio… friends, today's good day to start following the work of nithya raman (if you haven't been already). she'll be f… @Jpolgar1 all we got is each other ✌️ love ya dudeZucker moves in
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@annunoonoo omg.. i hope you stay safe and healthy!!!!! and i hope that person recovers alright @mattmusic14 oop sorry i didn't see this until now! I've only worked on a few episodes so far, so i can't really sa… @softosoft email sent! i hope i explained the situation accurately, definitely correct me or expand on anything i said @softosoft that was probably our business rep steve kaplan, then! i'm sorry you didn't get a timely response. is th… @softosoft @offcolor hey we haven't met but i'm on the animation guild's executive board and also work in union stu…
@forosha ask me something only the real kagome would know!!!!
Are you an animation worker in BC dealing with COVID-19? Would you like an anonymous space to talk with another wor…
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Make Sure YOU Count on Census Day! Self-response is quick, easy, and can be done online at
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@shannondrewthis #mashupartchallenge for today. #medusa #fashiondesign #costumedesign #characterdesign #artchallenge
Retweeted by danny @funkyobligation ty! getting clip studio paint was such a game changer @__@this villager is kinda weird... always talking about how hungry he is 😰 having a great time with animal crossing so far!
local 839 members! the IATSE now has a buddy system in place to make sure no member gets left without essentials or…'t cross the picket line.
Retweeted by dannyfriends is it worth it to rent emma or should i just watch cluelessI got Animal Crossing : New Horizons--had to draw a comic about my first two islanders. Somehow...They ended up be…
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@scrotumnose i gotta add you! my kitchen item luck has been insane
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Thank you to everyone who asked how to support. We have started a GoFundMe. A lot of us are living paycheck to payc…
Retweeted by dannydon't give everlane your business! union busting during a pandemic, truly ghoulish IATSE Young Workers Committee and The Disaster Response Committee have teamed up to create…
Retweeted by danny @mikebonin i'm a resident of glendale so not LA proper, but i was watching all day yesterday and you were one of th…
let city council know you support #HealthyLA's agenda! we should have rent forgiveness, but if they throw tenants…
Retweeted by dannyNEW: Gov. @GavinNewsom now declares a statewide eviction moratorium for renters affected by coronavirus. It also re…
Retweeted by dannyWatch @LACityCouncil stream their emergency meeting live here
Retweeted by danny"but yeah, not much man, what about you?"
Retweeted by dannythere was a meteor shower at my island last night ✨✨ i love celeste shes my fave 🥰
Retweeted by danny @bignosebug for sure! once this passes def look into it! my gp referred my and my copay was super cheap, like $20 f… @bignosebug from the physical therapist i saw, those symptoms sound more carpal tunnel-esque than tendinitis. hones… our medical heroes on the front lines of #COVID-19 by sewing a #mask! @MPC705 needs our help! Support their ef…
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@helloitsannao twitter's cropping mechanismbeastars....... skies
Retweeted by danny @OldLadyBoats @bignosebug oh wait shit maybe i can buy it from the catalog??? i'll check tonight once gabe is done playing lolColoring/background practice with my OCs
Retweeted by danny @OldLadyBoats @bignosebug oh i only bought one like the first day of playing from the nook boys. if i get the recip… @bignosebug i have a book stand and essay set i don't want/have a place for! i can mail them to @OldLadyBoats
Incredible. Amazon warehouse workers in Chicago have been organizing to secure paid time off and just got the compa…
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Retweeted by dannyあつ森楽しみ!!🍎✨🌳
Retweeted by danny @_itsjackielee despite suggesting it, turns out i suck ass at playing sardines @_goodluckjoy i will CHERISH and APPRECIATE itmy b #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @_goodluckjoy hbd joy!!!!!!! 🌠 @_itsjackielee @_goodluckjoy omg it looked a lot better from your pov lolHey y'all so @itskindred had to go to the dentist and have emergency surgery and well...he needs help paying for it…
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@rattusRose dis guy is good too, smells like a lemon bar @rattusRose yea whenever i use it i just end up smelling my hands every 10 seconds!!! also lush is of course $$$ bu… @rattusRose i specifically keep one by each sink in my apartment so i put it on right after washing @rattusRose i keep tiny tins of lush hand creams around. this one is my fave bc it smells really good and is a bit… is a total disgrace and total abdication of your elected responsibilities as elected officials
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@scrotumnose i saw that one and i'd still eat it. who is anyone trying to impressFood workers. Grocery clerks. Cashiers. Delivery drivers. Warehouse stockers. They were never “unskilled workers.”…
Retweeted by danny @scrotumnose no hair?! get off your high horse, rachel ray“Who’s the new girl?”
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@charmainevee my gates are opennnn @bjarratt @zach2themax it's the best spot! beach cabana 4 evercrackin open a cold one with @zach2themax
We've created a private, anonymous online space where BC animation workers are sharing tips on working from home, e…
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isolation level: looking up my local hardware store to see if they have an instagram account
Are you a Wildbrain employee affected by yesterday's mass layoff? Would you like information on your labour rights,…
Retweeted by danny @_itsjackielee wow jackie!!!! that's amazing 💕💕💕just did a pitch remotely over slack and my coworkers drew little reactions on the screen to avoid noise clutter/la… @Cuppatan i'm good, just missing human contact lol @colinheck that is weird! my dentist just cancelled appointments for the next month at least @e1n omg what a beautiful haul! @Cuppatan ily ryann ;__; @boostercakes please do!!! it'll hold you over til ppl calm down again
Retweeted by danny @boostercakes nicky we have some tp to spare! lmk
The founders of the #PayUpHollywood campaign have started a fund to help entertainment industry support staff and a…
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