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Just in time for theatres all being shut down....a live streaming event ****ONLY****tickets available nowhere at bo… Nov 7 we are hosting screening #18 online! Join us for 1.5 hours of animation work from @juliangallese @newbvl
Retweeted by pixelwulfIt is 7pm my doods and I am thinking about how I wish Frankenstein’s Monster had a name :(
@9noodleninja @moononpluto @atrupar The know their place. They’re playing their role.needs some more work but started this last night. @DavidKayConrad I feel this. I’ve been kinda frustrated with it lately as well.Working on this tonight after work. shit I think I can finally say this is 'done'. thank you to all the people that offered critique and opinions…
Retweeted by pixelwulf @rob_sheridan Thanks man. I’m still pushing. @rob_sheridan I’m feeling a little sad. I am 35 and worked ten years to follow “the dream” (career artist), went to… @rob_sheridan Very admirable. ::eats some beans out of a can in a toll booth:: @williamlegate “Like”?
I’m trying to wrap my head around pre-ordering tshirts to get screen printed. Do I have any friends that could lend… @llywrch @joshtpm Came here to say this. @oleivarrudi Is this dude just salty he was only able to get his mitts on the Lite? Sounds like a bunch of projecti… @CamZilla94 it’s really Bean though. @d_feldman Wonder how many people still die of Corona due to our shitty healthcare system and privatized/classist medical opportunities. @BulbaGanda @CamZilla94 I don't see the lie. was always my starter in blueflash back to when I drew Steve Brule screaming at some raccoons. @o___8 I like how you made the fist look like a big solid block. @pattonoswalt @pattonoswalt you can seriously do this as well, as much as you don’t believe it! Bboy windmills and… @BradleyWhitford @CamZilla94 this mother fucker and his whole family put my money up their noses. @Sketchy_raptor @CamZilla94 perfect. render it and ship it. @marlowedobbe @andrewbrophy I make my own news-worthy events! btw this is great I Love the palette choices and how… shit I think I can finally say this is 'done'. thank you to all the people that offered critique and opinions… @DoubleFine When I was learning animation in college- Psychonauts conceptual design and modeling for the characters… @Rednaxela1821 No worries. It wasn’t meant as a demand but more of a promise.Back at ANE, @CraftsNhe commissioned me to draw something to encourage people to vote. This is to encourage fellow…
Retweeted by pixelwulfghost + guest 👻🎵
Retweeted by pixelwulf @OneyNG People often forget the Bill Clinton shout outs, and other contemporary jokes that made the show great. I l… @galvosaur Eat fingersSomething about this speaks to me @Rednaxela1821 Do it right now and I will draw a bat and post it @CamZilla94 @ScribblezStarz Completely forgot about this. The Palio way has been some grained in my brain.
@pants It actually is though. @d_feldman Does Bill Watterson count? @talecrafter Found the hard way (all the way back when I first found your work, before betas, and expos) that we gr… Ganon - WIP
Retweeted by pixelwulf @DaveRapoza Holy shit Dave. If these become prints for sale it might be the first time I buy a print from you.a lot of people ask me, "wait, if all this cool media isn't cyberpunk, what IS cyberpunk?" this. this is cyberpun…
Retweeted by pixelwulfTwo in my top tens forth. #Primal continues Sunday at 11:30pm ET/PT on #adultswim.
Retweeted by pixelwulfYour work is always a cocktail of off putting, hilarious with just the right dash of dark vibes and I love it @Jonahlobe “Look like”. I have bad news...
First test of our front porch Cyberpunkin!
Retweeted by pixelwulf1-bit version of cast.p8 cycling through the 4 bitplanes #pico8
Retweeted by pixelwulf @cosmelucero that distressed look is so on point. I think I'm going to accept the offer. Is the offer that shot glass of applejuice?trying out a new style based on print references (monodot halftones and all that). Kinda like how this one came out…
@itaparu99 High five. Can’t wait to read Episode 9 and 10 @echristensen42 @d_feldman What games do you like to play? @d_feldman Illustration. I’ve always wanted a career where I draw all day.The only thing scarier than a ghost is their topology.
Retweeted by pixelwulfSimple and refreshing Animation by Tarun Lak #2danimation
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Retweeted by pixelwulf @comotrekker @Casey I’m on the other side of the river from you. Will definitely look for it around here @Casey @comotrekker Where can I buy this bread?
@magnus_acht Need glasses for astigmatism.Whoever designed the Bubble Yum mascot is a fucking god.
Retweeted by pixelwulfThis is pitch perfect, that warrior voice is spot on
Retweeted by pixelwulf @duckandcover @ChaoticVagrant @redsunO21 @specimenguy You could tell they were gentleman because of the monocles. N… @ChaoticVagrant @redsunO21 @specimenguy Imagine meat falling from the sky and people eating it... because. THEY ATE IT!!!! @charllandsberg @sleepyiinc Success is the best revenge. Look down from your throne, king. @vgdunkey Just watched this for the first time a couple weeks ago @TheNazzaro @CamZilla94 I learned this the hard way and can second it 100% after 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears chasing "the dream".
Yesterday, I Freaky Friday-ed with Donald Trump. What I learned will save America.
Retweeted by pixelwulf @barachan @TheRealElvira Every month belongs to her @DaveRapoza @RamenShark Steve Lichman is almost a cautionary tale of toxic masculinity and other issues I grew up w… @DaveRapoza @RamenShark Was an honest question. Thx. Also wanted to say I got Steve Lichman in the mail a few weeks… @twtrPAD @MollyJongFast Our people are uneducated and willfully ignorant. @rmlc14 @drakonjax @MollyJongFast Is, and has been, for quite some time actually. @RamenShark @DaveRapoza I don’t know either. Does this person have a speech impediment? I can’t tell if this is bullying or not honestly. @DesignsByCaleb Disney is pure evil so it makes sense lolStill working to one day have contour line work like this on lock you were a certain age in 1993, you were radicalized by this children’s movie where the goths, the Jews, the dis…
Retweeted by pixelwulf @booksididnt @CamZilla94 Omg bruh I bet he was so high when he drew dat
@franfaced Smug white and Christian? Nah. This ain’t it. @Pete2303 @Henderson_Joe @ndrew_lawrence @DanSlott “Like”?Big cig, ya dig? @zeusluster blonde. white. smarmy, smackable faces. are they Christia....Yup. @Foxification @CamZilla94 @CuriousZelda I WIL SAFE U CAT! @alexsonArt The feeling is tense! Nice use of high contrast shading
This pumpkin is kinda lonely on the page but I kinda like how it turned out. @OoCPokemon “NOTHING! I’m working on my ... botany.. DONT COME IN!”
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Retweeted by pixelwulfI think a lot about what Mr. Rogers said and did when he accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Emmys:
Retweeted by pixelwulfVulture hitches ride on selfie stick
Retweeted by pixelwulf @Rednaxela1821 Squeesh
Sometimes a Yakuza just needs some time off #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch is such a serve
Retweeted by pixelwulfTrading Card No.1 • Fire Sword
Retweeted by pixelwulf @BeltramoEnzo @CamZilla94 @marco_rezk @LeftAccidental Replace “job” with “sustainable career”.A reminder I need from time to time.
Retweeted by pixelwulfGrace always cracks me up. Sorry for the late retweet on this one (and the Grace spam). But they’re hilarious. many gay people are there?
Retweeted by pixelwulf @funkyardgarden Was just looking at the MTE Exo 2.0 mens hitop/boots this morning :) good shoes! Cool choiceI haven't posted this here yet, have I... behold, trash girl! She's a girl made of trash! I think she's cute :3
Retweeted by pixelwulfThe Stairwell Man The Stairwell Man is of the stairs. Manifests from the decay of stairwells, fire escapes, subway…
Retweeted by pixelwulfCoffee's kickin' in. time for Devil Engine