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Afternoon Drive 670 The Score. I’m a combo of Lester Freamon & Joey Knish. If you can, please consider a donation towards glioblastoma research. Link below.

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The Giants hired Jerry Reese to replace Ernie Acorsi who retained Tom Coughlin and they won 2 Super Bowls. @_dennis_system Trevor Lawrence @jimsaban Jerry Reese replaced Ernie Acorsi in New York, kept Tom Coughlin, won 2 Super Bowls
@ed_jucated @TheKostos I’m team no hedge but it’s always a personal decision. It’s too good a bet to lose outright… course, if they lose 9 of 10 or 10 straight to end the season and the team quits all bets are off but that’s how… also think, given the Jets and Texans jobs with stud QBs attached, and maybe the Chargers with the same are gonna…’s plenty of precedence for GMs keeping coaches who they inherit, including with the Bears. Angelo kept Jauron… Bears fire Pace and say the decision on Nagy and the coaches will be up to the new GM while behind the… @artsturms @TheParkinsShow Thanks for letting me know man, hope you had a good ThanksgivingI did some research. I think I know what’s going to happen for the Bears this off-season. You might not like all of… 6 minutes should make you feel a little better if you’re bummed about the Bears, returning to work after the… hits on Aaron Rodgers. @bkeister34 how do you read that as love? I said I don't think they're gonna fire him but it's all in play.It's impossible to defend man. He wears plenty of this. I just don't think he's getting fired. We'll see... don't think Matt Nagy is getting fired with 2 years left on his deal when they just hired him a bunch of assistan… a Bears highlight! Gayle Sayers, but still.#Bears, his worst attribute. Madden ratings experts are savage (and accurate) is Mitch Trubisky's awareness rating in Madden?HALFTIME ASSIGNMENT @TheParkinsShow #MOB. Leave us a voice memo with your feelings on Mitch, Nagy, Pace, Sid Luckm… @dougmitchell30 @TheKostos wow, the @YouBetterYouBet specialMitch, Mitch, Mitch...My god Charles Leno isn't gonna love that one on film review.Rodgers is just carving them up. Anything and everything he wants.I-formation on 1st and 10 throw deep into double coverage INT.Tirico was clearly disgusted (justifiably) at that roughing the passer call.Go back and looking at the Montgomery run, Rustipher really opened up a helluva lane.Damn, didn't capitalize on the Montgomery run but at least they targeted Robinson in the red zone. Baby steps.Wow, Anthony Miller 116 of 123 qualified receivers by @PFF is damning.Replay definitely showed the hold but didnt look like it was strong enough to slow him down like that. Odd play.Throwing the ball to your best player in the red zone is a strategy the Bears will figure out by 2024.Woah, that was an awful effort from Khalil Mack on the touchdown pass rush. WTF was that.Because Al & Cris were supposed to do Baltimore/Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving and Michael’s takes a few games a year o… GO MAX parenting tip from my infant’s pajamas @Asbury_45 @_bplusg @JoeCane2020 I guess I’m missing the stars all over the atlanta roster. They have Julio and Rid… @russps78 @RamblinGrimace He only has good games.
@Asbury_45 @_bplusg @JoeCane2020 Ok, I’ll bite. How is the atlanta job close to being better than the other 3 witho… @JoeyD94_13 @MattSpiegel670 I still dream of an alternate reality where Mitch is awesome and Spiegs and I get him f… @Asbury_45 @_bplusg @JoeCane2020 That’s not even the point, the other 3 have young star QBs on the roster or about… bet me $100 straight up the Broncos would score 13+ points today on IG Live when I told him their t… @Marchallada Of course it matters. You don’t have to go through him to win your division, which means you have a be… @Asbury_45 @JoeCane2020 The other 3 jobs have young franchise QBs, the Falcons have Matt Ryan who is old but entrenched @JoeCane2020 @Asbury_45 It’s also not nearly as good a job as the other 3 mentionedThe Jets are going to get Trevor Lawrence but have a terrible roster. The Texans have Deshaun Watson but limited dr… @JimScheffres @JoeO670 I gave out the chiefs today @YouBetterYouBet @JoeO670 2.5 on the lookahead line!The Chiefs are much better than every other team in the NFL.My take on the Vikings getting Justin Jefferson on draft night. @MstrClean @YouBetterYouBet @TheKostos The Giants/Browns teaser wonRetweet if Anthony Lynn owes you money.All you dudes saying helmet to helmet in my mentions are delusional. Cam is a runner in that spot and that is never…’s baffling. @TowngeeChi I love Cam and think he has a shot at the HoF, what are you talking about? @TheKostos and I go 3 for 4 on ML dog parlay @YouBetterYouBet and the Chargers had every chance to win.What a ridiculous personal foul on Isaiah Simmons. Cam Newton was in bounds and is as big as him.Anthony Lynn, for the 2nd time today, this time in the 2nd half, burned a timeout before making the more conservati… tweet about slots! a complete no-show from the Chargers. They owe me money. I’m sending them an invoice.The Browns are gonna be one of the worst 8-3 teams ever. I can’t wait to bet against them in the playoffs. @Jedward1024 It’s fun right! @MrMatt612 @TheKostos I agree, 3 team ML dog parlays are enough for me and b2b weeks Kostos has talked me into a 6 and now 4 teamer. @getnickwright ill put em here too so I can get mocked on twitter... GB -8.5, LAC +4.5, ATL +3.5, SF +5.5, Ten +3 @getnickwright 2-3 week, 28-26-1 for me so I appreciate your performance. Talk to ya on IG with what has to be the… @Capperjohn5807 @fightfan00 Didn’t have Mac’s back? He certainly doesn’t feel that way. We were just texting the ot… @LockyLockerson exactly. just admit what this is.Full 4 hour @YouBetterYouBet extravaganza with @TheKostos on @670TheScore starts at 8am CT! @RossTuckerNFL for the… way the NFL is handling this covid shit makes me think they didn’t even cancel the rest of that game that Bane…
Retweeted by Danny Parkins @Abreuismvp You pay $50 to watch a lot of exhibitions in your day?Ok, now it’s merely dumb. But as long as you can bet on it it can’t be in the running for lamest sporting event eve… i wanna be sure I have this right... 54 year old Mike Tyson is fighting 51 year old Roy Jones in an exhibition t…
Mark Grote is not the hero we at The Score deserve, but the hero we need.
@Bigmark30 @shane_riordan @fan_objective @ScottJohnson2T @jmrozell25 Have a good thanksgiving guys.
Come hang with @MattSpiegel670 and me as we get football style scouting reports on Thanksgiving food items from Tom… @shane_riordan @MitchRosen670 @MattSpiegel670 Drowning your sorrows from softball failures, I get it. Call in and t… the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take…
Retweeted by Danny Parkins @MitchRosen670 hey boss we still have to be 100% sober for this last show before Thanksgiving right? Asking for me.… @BSpillner6 @jon_greenberg I’m very tough. @jon_greenberg Wow, that’s awesome. I guess it’s about time I update my LinkedIn profile to say I work at The Score
My man! Love talking football Tuesday’s at 4:00 and sometimes disagreeing. It’s healthy. People are so afraid of di… and I made a bet. He says Bears week 1 starting QB next year is Foles or Mitch, I say he isn’t on the… Come hang out with @MattSpiegel670 @ChrisTannehill @shane_riordan and me on @TheParkinsShow. It’s a good… @dan_bernstein @JimDeshaies Amen.
@cdotharrison I bet him +175 last week!Chiefs teasers cover! @fiveolddogs Titans/Ravens, Chiefs/Raiders, Packers/Colts (cowboys/Vikings bonus)Massive missed grounding and now you have to let them score @huejass702 I bet the Chiefs in two teasersCan anyone make a defensive play in this game? There have only been 11 third downs TOTAL. The Raiders are 4 of 6 an… are 7.5 point favorites over the Bears next Sunday night.What a collapse by the Packers. The NFC continues to be filled with flawed teams at the top.
@petegaines I’m ashamed. I was early on @OldTakesExposed as a great idea for a Twitter account and it’s blown up. F… a great idea for a Twitter account... Wentz directly responsible for 9 Cleveland points.The Bengals need to draft Penei Sewell as a get well present for Joe Burrow. @LockyLockerson Last week was terrible with so few games early bet the Eagles with the spread, in a moneyline parlay, and a teaser. WTF is wrong with me BUT BEFORE I WAS DONE W… Payton would rather run the wildcat to Kamara than give Jameis Winston any snaps. This game is wild.