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I suck at vacation
Okay. Vacation time. So no Twitter for the next week. @imkialikethecar will be writing Pro Rata newsletters in my… work news: I'm taking on a new role here, launching our new @Axios Cities vertical and newsletter exploring th…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @robmay But when Vancouver lost in 2011...Fast food M&A madness: Whataburger gets sold today. Church's Chicken and Jack’s Family Restaurants both on the bl… @ShiraOvide Is that allowed? Given how often I see it, I'm thinking there must be a law against it. @defcon_5 They sell toddlers?"Clean up on aisle 4" What is kept in aisle 4? Why is it always falling off the shelves?This week's Pro Rata Podcasts. Just 10 minutes, to get you smarter, faster. ✊ Disrupting Hong Kong… the Hong Kong protests A new Pro Rata Podcast. Just 10 minutes to get you smarter, faster. Ventures is effectively dead, because it doesn't have a checkbook to do new deals. The only question now is wher… co-founder and executive editor Mike Allen discusses veterans affairs with presidential candidate Pete Buttig…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackWhat can happen with the CVS-Aetna merger
By the end she wasn't really a press secretary. She was a top adviser who Trump consulted on just about everything.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSarah Sanders is leaving the White House @davidtroup just because i'm curious: what's my "agenda?" do i have an anti-tyson bias? a pro-beef agenda? door #3?…án Castro's Fox News town hall is tonight, where he'll be live from Arizona. Per a person familiar, they're try…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @davidtroup They're the ones who unveiled it today and said it will be on shelves soon. They also included some nut… @davidtroup huh? i asked company for the full ingredient list and they said they aren't releasing it yet. @WhatTheBit Product isn't on shelves yet.Tyson will not disclose the full list of ingredients for its new alt protein burger.Telegram CEO Pavel Durov links a powerful cyberattack that struck the encrypted messaging app with the Hong Kong pr…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @SenatorRounds @RepEscobar @Arturo_Sarukhan @USChinaBusiness Sen. Rounds: Citizens in South Dakota are patriotic, t…
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Will be on @SquawkCNBC tomorrow morning, talking IPOs. (disclaimer: my outlook could be less dependent on fundame… picked a good day to go public. is the new TroncYep — Nubank also has a second offer (not from SoftBank) that they’re as of now likelier to go with.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackThis week's Pro Rata Podcasts 📱YouTube under fire 🔒Bailing on cash bail… @NedCoBos @NHLBruins St. Louis readers noticed:)Bird acquires rival e-scooter company$LYFT shares bottomed out right after Uber IPO, but are up 20% since then. Still not anywhere near IPO price, but… Would the NBA Look Like If Stephen A. Smith Were Always Right? via @ringerYes, Elizabeth Warren does have a plan for her plans:
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Bottom line on Shopko/private equity: If you promise employees severance, pay them severance. Stewart testifies for September 11 Victim Compensation Fund: "Accountability doesn’t appear to be something tha…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackPro Rata Podcast: YouTube under fire Joined by @inafried @smcalaine I was in Philly at a hockey game on Halloween when a child was booed because they didn't like his costume.CHERNOBYL VIEWER: "Wow, it's crazy the Soviet government wouldn't promise to take care of these guys" 9/11 FIRST RESPONDER: "Yeah, it is"
Retweeted by Dan PrimackMary Meeker's annual Internet Trends slidedeck: suffer from Shopko's bankruptcy while Sun Capital made money @jonoringer thanks for listening jon!Will be on @SquawkCNBC in 10 minutes, chatting tech regulation. @explorionary more than a few...In taking odds on what city's fan base would become known as the new Philly, I don't think Toronto was even on the list.And, just like that, I begin rooting for the Warriors., I got to ask her point blank if she was sorry for YouTube's actions or sorry people were offended. She largely…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @impcapital Trying to find out the upfront vs. milestones.
It seems my mom was wrong. Not everyone thinks I’m super smart. @FaKalman Not at all what I'm saying.David Ortiz being transported to Boston hospital today. Reports are lots of internal organ damage. But I wouldn't b… has agreed to be purchased by private equity for $51 a share. $SFLY traded higher than that as recentl…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackThere's a growing movement to end cash bail. We dig in on today's Pro Rata Podcast. 10 minutes to get you smarter,… 13 in DC: Join @mikeallen for conversations on trade and tariffs with @SenatorRounds, @vgescobar,…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackHere's a useful way to read, a tag page that's just our newsletter 1 big things
Retweeted by Dan PrimackZdeno Chara thought bubble: "Why'd you miss the first four?" when there's M&A speculation: The deal doesn't make sense Analysts after the deal is announced: The deal makes total sense
Retweeted by Dan PrimackToday in ROI: Merck agrees to buy Tilos Therapeutics for up to $773 million. Total VC funding: <$4 million in seed roundsI can't believe I'm going to respond to this, but...this is not true. A producer approached Deutsch pre-show launch…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackBailing on cash bail. A new Pro Rata Podcast. Joined by @StefWKight. @matthewstoller It's something I'm hearing consistently from legislators, academics and business executives. Guess… @matthewstoller Really? How does data privacy get addressed in enforcement under current rules? Why is Elizabeth Wa… @CGasparino But it's a comment that would help Google argue in court that it's political persecution. @JosephFuisz We'd certainly be better off if those things were in place. But that has nothing to do w/ Trump's misu… again: Trade deficits don't mean that we "lose" money. We get something in exchange for it. Namely, the stuff… Trump on @cnbc...says he's a little concerned about the United Technologies deal to buy Raytheon, citing…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackWhat trade tensions? Hot Dog On A Stick opens first China location back to the leaked Salesforce document that appeared to show its interest in buying Tableau in 2016:
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSalesforce buying TableauThe U.S. health care system is full of monopolies stay classy St. Louis. David Ortiz is okay.
Retweeted by Dan Primack @defcon_5 I know the score. I'm talking about the play.F L O PSo Chara got penalized for being strong?ONE My dad died. Classic start to a funny story. He was buried in a small village in Sussex. I was really close to…
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Business "freak out" spurs plans to tame Trump on trade the horrors of migrant detention centers on HBO is back tonight with a brand new episode. 6pm EST/PT, with a replay at 11:30. Includes interviews wit… had the pleasure of recording a podcast with @felixsalmon the other day. We talked about a lot of topics, includi…
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Mexico Agreed to Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal by @shearm @maggieNYT
Retweeted by Dan PrimackCheck out today's @Axios Deep Dive on America's prison industrial complex. Led by the great @StefWKight. from prison
So is it that we go to the moon, but we just don't talk about it. The moon is fight club?This was less than a month ago."Only five episodes of the show have ever aired, but already 'Axios on HBO' has become a major player in TV news."…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @jtylerconway We've indeed avoided that first thing. There have been state election systems hacked, but no known te… @yoda No doubt. Hugely complicated and difficult. @yoda Why do you woof when we haven't really seen it in practice yet?Going mobile could get more Americans to vote on Mark Stevens and the @nba, from today's Axios Pro Rata newsletter: think the eHarmony folks will integrate this soon. @ajs love the first one. second one might be tough to keep equipment in good shape. like scooters, but with actual… on HBO: Cash Bail (Season 2 Episode 2 Promo) | HBO via @YouTubeThis week's Pro Rata Podcasts: ⚖Crypto's big case 👱Trump's empty cabinet… thought bubble: "Told ya so"Your move, Mr. Powell.
.@erica_pandey joins us at 7:10 to talk about this:
Retweeted by Dan Primack @MikeDSykes I'll bet you anything he's got rings.