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Town Meeting day in my little New England town. For all the handwringing over the future of American democracy, sti… of coverage of Uber/Lyft drivers protesting for higher pay. Last month I spoke with one such driver in Los Ange… @brooke @BoltVC @BenEinstein no.I got ahold of Pinterest financials in 2015. Back then, they forecast $2.8 billion in revenue by 2018 and 329 milli…
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@Paul__Walsh @johnbiggs @BoltVC @BenEinstein neither one is active here.I have asked the two remaining lead partners @BoltVC for comment on the @BenEinstein situation. Neither has replied.Pinterest files for IPO VC-backed IPO filing, but this one is for an immunotherapies startup. Still waiting on @Pinterest sure which is more notable: Zoom Video is profitable. Everyone is so surprised that a VC-backed tech company is profitable.Zoom Video files for IPO in terrible: 19-year-old Parkland survivor takes her own life @Pinterest ... tick tock, tick tock capitalist @JoshuaKushner now into turnarounds, as he buys a piece of the Memphis Grizzlies on how this went down: At lunch last week, Kudlow showed Trump Stephen Moore’s op-ed in WSJ. Trump said: Why…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackEarlier this week, @DionRabouin and I discussed the Fed becoming more politicized on the Pro Rata Podcast. But Tru… week's Pro Rata Podcasts: 👱Trump "buys" Facebook 💰The Fed gets political… times in farm country Pro Rata podcast this morning: Revisiting our December conversation on Universal Basic Income with 2020 presi…
After 2 years, Trump announces pick for U.S. chief technology officer, this is certainly the hardest thing I've ever written: Cancer, Privilege, and the End of My Time with Bolt
Retweeted by Dan PrimackPay for it on the terminal, or get it for free here on Twitter. is great
Retweeted by Dan Primack @californiacpa21 @danielm6 oh, to be clear, i'm not saying it won't be bought up and likely price way above its ran… @felixsalmon It's not ready to roll out a self-driving fleet of that scale yet (let alone the regulations) so "yes" for now. @danielm6 yup. @felixsalmon You get the existing driver fleet. The existing user base. And, most importantly, THE DATA. @felixsalmon Uber can't buy Lyft. Anti-trust issues (that comes from sources at Uber -- they feel it's a no-go). B… isn't true. Investors are absolutely certain that it is unprofitable, and will be for the foreseeable future. the hand that could start raising rates again. is simply inspired via @BarakRavid: Mike Pompeo told him that if Israel does not limit its ties with China, the U.S. could reduc…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackGreat to see over 1,300 Axios Pro Rata readers playing in our March Madness contest. Good luck to all!This is a pretty huge miss -- Alight wanted to raise up to $800 million... bigger than the Levi Strauss IPO. which will happen first: Tournament upset or @espn gets it Groups functionality back online."working at facebook is like living the Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes GIF" — FB employee, to me
Retweeted by Dan PrimackCheck out the daily Axios Pro Rata podcast on Apple iTunes, including today's episode in which I discuss the Biden/… 2011, just as "Game of Thrones" was about to become a worldwide phenomenon, Emilia Clarke faced the first of two…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackJust wondering how many times tomorrow someone from Nike will examine/check/doublecheck Zion's shoes, before he actually laces them up. @sherman4949 @THR "quite a bit of change" = staff cuts "streamlining operations" = staff cuts "optimization of our…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackPro Rata Podcast is all new, talking with @mikeallen about the pros/cons of @JoeBiden (possibly) picking… @pt @frumpy I'd bet anything there's already an app specifically for that. @JuellStewart I literally wrote that her mission was laudable. @emilybest How exactly was it "unresearched?" We spoke with Arlan and investors in the firm. Plus have been keepi… trails to @AdamGraciaNBC, who has been co-producing Pro Rata Podcast since inception. He's moving onto bigger… Biden advisers debate Stacey Abrams as out-of-the-gate V.P. choice @JuellStewart I didn't attribute her "success" to either of those things. I attributed the level of media coverage…
Levi Strauss IPO set to test waters for tech unicorns @delwilliams @rianalynn @ArlanWasHere @axios That is a ridiculous thing to write. (although now i need to check o… Pro Rata Podcast is now up: The Fed gets political @JuellStewart No one is being "underestimated." She said the firm would accomplish something by a certain time, but… @davidmullings @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere I'm not "against" Arlan… @davidmullings @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere Not gonna… @davidmullings @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere Have you not been readi… @davidmullings Arlan told me that she now hopes to get there in a year or two & that firm's focus pivoted. Obviousl… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere I never ca… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere I deleted… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere And I neve… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere I picked t… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere Had it rai… @MsPackyetti @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere It was sup… @svsfo @ArlanWasHere corporate sponsorshipsBeto the blank
Retweeted by Dan Primack @impcapital @mattocko @axios @ArlanWasHere I wrote there were feelings that she and the firm had spread themselves… @impcapital @mattocko @axios @ArlanWasHere But this broader idea that for some reason I shouldn't report on Backsta… @impcapital @mattocko @axios @ArlanWasHere Not a first-time fund manager. This is a second fund. @TwannaHarris @ArlanWasHere @IngrahamAngle @KingJames I never wrote that Arlan shouldn't keep trying or that Backst… @RadzMpofu @SekaiFarai @noreaster @monicasblack @davidmullings @Backstage_Cap @ArlanWasHere I said the fundraising… @SekaiFarai It's not in flight. It's still on the runway.
If this is true after just two days of road-show, it's pretty remarkable. And means they've gotta be popping champa… happiest person is baseball today isn't Mike Trout. It's Mookie Betts.And now gone are all his old tweets in which he insulted me. Goodbye to a fun piece of my social media history. @jyasskin @SekaiFarai I didn't call her a failure. @adblanche Always a big fan of constructive criticism. @SekaiFarai I didn't "create a narrative of failure." The fund was supposed to hold a first close by year-end. It d… the record: @ArlanWasHere says the fundraising for Backstage's next VC fund is not "stopped." It hasn't attract… @CherissaIAm I write about VC firms when they raise funds. And also when they don't. And when they change strategie… @ArlanWasHere You also wrote me: "Maybe 1-2 years from now, we’ll be able to attract the funding we deserve." @ArlanWasHere @Mr_McFly @Backstage_Cap You told me that the anchor investors fell through and the other investors y… @shavaughnceo @ArlanWasHere @axios Ummm.... you just suggested I include stuff sitting on a website. I chose to rep… @shavaughnceo @ArlanWasHere @axios My job isn't to include talking points. @Mr_McFly @ArlanWasHere @Backstage_Cap The fundraise has been stopped. Thus "fell through." The firm is still prog… Rata Podcast is all new, focused on how @realDonaldTrump is spending big on Facebook ads -- way bigger than the… big difference between working from home and from Axios HQ is that the TVs here are all on cable news. What I'… Hamilton's diversity-minded VC fund falls through out our Pro Rata Podcast interviews with: @PeteButtigieg: @AndrewYangVFA: like a missed opportunity.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackYet, as @SarahFisher reports this morning, the Trump 2020 campaign is spending a small fortune on Facebook and Goog… @defcon_5 @sarafischer @mikeallen today in distinctions w/out a difference...
Zero. agree. The evidence is becoming overwhelming that mental health may be the most grave issue at hand for policy. A…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackNot too shabby, given that A16Z arguably invested as a middle finger to @travisk. Pro Rata Podcast is up, discussing social impact investing and hypocrisy. Joined by @felixsalmon these platforms consider literally suspending real-time uploads completely during an event like this? I’m as…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSome sort of security alarm currently going off here at Logan Airport, but no one turns around because grade school… Zealand's iconic silver fern is beautifully redrawn as Muslims in different stages of prayer. (By Pat Campbell,…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackLyft says it wants to raise $2 billion in IPO
@defcon_5 I didn't write the story. It was written by a cybersecurity reporter, who knows this stuff cold. @defcon_5 Did you even read the story I sent you, detailing other members of such groups? Silicon Valley will lik… @defcon_5 You're wrong. @defcon_5 Not sure where you get "Misogyny" from tech people liking the idea of someone who knows tech.