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Check out last week's @axios Pro Rata podcasts: 😡Shutdown breakdown 💰Startups shun VC… Trump plans shutdown compromise
@markmilian No doubt. But having a lead investor pull out at that stage of company can be devastating. Seen it happ… @markmilian Doesn't really sound like he's wrong though, does it? Assuming he's telling the truth?I recently moderated a conversation at @foundersfund on the relationship between D.C. and Silicon Valley, with a pa… Valley vs. Washington DC: a conversation at the intersection of technology and government. Here's the full…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @jonmcneill @johnzimmer Looking forward to photos of Zimmer with a bucket...Happy 2-year anniversary to @Axios!!!!
A third update on Davos: The White House just announced there will no longer be a U.S. delegation going to the Worl…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackMore smart insight from @WilliamCohan, who knows bond markets are an economy's annual physical, while stock markets…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackNew Pro Rata podcast is up, on the escalating tech-lash. My guest is Dean Garfield. headline on the Bloomberg terminal: *TREASURY DENIES REPORT MNUCHIN PUSHED TO LOWER CHINA TARIFFS
Retweeted by Dan PrimackWarren Buffett to @CNBC @BeckyQuick on legacy of Jack Bogle: “A lot of Wall Street is devoted to charging a lot for…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackEli Lilly's buyout of Loxo Oncology took only 2 weeks“Our parents and grandparents had a similar day of reckoning with tobacco. Now it’s our turn, this time with Intern…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackNew player claims technology leap in electric vehicle charging to @pkafka for having me on his @Recode Media podcast. is the REAL letter -- not the fake one going around yesterday :)
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How an IT department caused a gummy bear shortage in Germany🎧 Check out today's Pro Rata podcast, talking Trump's shutdown "strategy" with @jonathanvswan Via Apple:… Adam Neumann told me 3 yrs ago about his ownership stakes in WeWork buildings you win a confidence vote with 51.5%, did you really win?For @FortuneMagazine’s latest cover story, I wrote about the CEO of @tilray—a guy who makes pancakes at 6am, who ca…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSteve Carell is making a show about the Space Force similar to ''The Office'
Retweeted by Dan PrimackBreaking down the govt shutdown on today's Pro Rata podcast, alongside the incomparable @jonathanvswan @mdudas Ocasio-Cortez, who has rejected corporate campaign donations and called for the biggest banks to be brok…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @zackseward what a lovely bunch...Sears chairman prevails in bankruptcy auction for retailer fed up with venue, high prices call to move JPM Healthcare conference out of San Francisco
@eraimundo @Ripple I did contact ripple. It declined to speak on the record. But thank you for your journalistic advice. @bgarlinghouse I’m not selling anything to anyone Brad, and you know that. I have zero financial interests in anyth…🎧 Very cool to chat w/ @eringriffith on today's Pro Rata podcast, about the growing trend of startups that shun ven… about antitrust enforcement at the DOJ, William Barr suggests he's interested in taking a closer look at how…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackHostile takeover effort emerges for a popular cryptocurrency Trump administration doubles estimate of shutdown cost to economy from original forecast, source tells CN…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackTyson CFO on fighting competitors and a trade war Tech throws money at the local news problem
Wrote this w/ @afreedma 👉🏾 Companies like $PCG are being forced to deal with the consequences of a changing climate…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackMeet the produce pickers of Texas's Rio Grande Valley, whose penny-per-bunch harvest helps stock your pantry. JAB chairman Bart Becht has quit the acquisition-hungry owner of Pret A Manger and Keurig Dr Pepper after a…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackI wonder if the TSA workers at DCA understand how much power they have right now.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackToday's Pro Rata podcast is up, focusing on the future of retail. Joined by @erica_pandey I’m at @ATLairport and this may be the longest security line I have ever seen. Even growing up here, and even fo…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSmaller tax refunds in 2019 could slash U.S. auto sales
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Guess this is Brady falling off the cliff
Check out recent Pro Rata Podcasts: 🌎 The Green New Deal 🎓A new way to end student debt… my own here, just because there are some really smart and interesting discussion threads in the replies. out today's @Axios Deep Dive on the Future of Retail are common (2018: Honda sold 18M motorcycles) Jet planes are rare (2018: 806 Boeing planes) VCs sell…
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St. Louis braces for a major snow storm and possible lizard attacks.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackHere's her store: @EduardoMassieu Agree with that. Or, as @hunterwalk put it, you play for slugging %, not batting avg. But that does… @hunterwalk @b4bendetta The ones that particularly get to me are the company that raised $700 million and then tout… @jasonlk obviously i'd need to pull out my calculator but, if you're correct, then no fund prior to 2015 or so gene… thing that I think gets lost in the VC vs. non-VC discussion is that VCs don't need a company to become a "unic… of GM engineers reassigned to work on EVs piece from @eringriffith on the small, but growing, founder sentiment against taking venture capital Moody's and S&P Global downgraded PG&E from investment grade to junk this week, meaning the California utility…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @teddyschleifer And the right type of CEO in @stewart
Retweeted by Dan PrimackAnother (albeit less important) issue is that producers wanting to introduce new types of products can't get approv… reports @Postmates just raised $100 million. Very quick on heels of last round. Sa…
Smart column by @benwallacewells: Part of what has distinguished Warren’s story is that it has a different frame of…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackNew by me: Per an internal memo obtained by @Axios, BlackRock is laying off 500 jobs as it grapples with "market un…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @ShiraOvide on the caveat... yes, but the larger deal was basically more secondary (not more primary). co has a pre… do not like to IPO in the summer, when folks are on vacation. If the govt shutdown doesn't wrap up relati… thread 👇👇👇 got off phone w/ Jeff Vinik, who tells me "stock picking is a lost art."Just 12% of CFOs expect economic conditions to get better this year is interesting that there has been basically zero mention of human rights during the U.S.-China trade discussion…
Scoop from @imkialikethecar Fidelity is leading the new round for e-scooter co Bird thanks to @imkialikethecar and @khart for last-minute pinch-hitting today. Hugely appreciated.
The future is Amazon sending you free stuff, forever: @dmccabe and @sarafischer with a great scoop on Amazon's late…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @defcon_5 @LambdaSchool @AustenAllred This isn't about millennials, per se. It's vocational training, including retraining.Today's Pro Rata podcast focuses on a new model to fight student debt. My guest is @LambdaSchool CEO @AustenAllred DC fights over the wall, remember that thousands of people overdose each year on the heroin and fentanyl smuggle…
Retweeted by Dan PrimackSears RIPTalking govt shutdown with @mikeallen, on the Pro Rata podcast. reported in October that they had scrapped that plan.
some scoop: CalPERS investment officer resigns after just eight months ran into former Anthem CEO Joe Swedish at #JPM19, and apparently he founded his own private equity firm.
Retweeted by Dan PrimackWord is that new round will be announced by then. I work in an actual office (i.e., not my house), I'm reminded that people w/out kids don't normally eat dinner by 5:30pm.We’re not urging our founders to bootstrap their growth or avoid raising venture capital, but we do want them to be…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @levynews Nobody until the shutdown ends.At least once per day I see a tweet hed: "Why everyone is talking about X" ... and I've never even heard of X, let alone from everyone.Peak CES @Jon_A_Haas sure. but, at the same time, they would have overpaid (or get lower return) for the birds in hand.Yes, later-stage VCs want valuations to come down (which they are). But that's only for new deals -- they have a to… is the single most optimistic person I know. But even he is pessimistic about the govt shutdown. they need to pay extra for dipping sauce? months ago we reported that SoftBank and WeWork were no longer talking about an acquisition’t make this up: China invites foreign journalists into internment camps in Xinjiang to hear detainees sing Engl…
Retweeted by Dan Primack @defcon_5 @alansmurray "spotty" doesn't equal "lied"Pro Rata podcast today dives into Day 17 of the shutdown, and I'm joined by @mikeallen Ross says he doesn't believe Apple revenue miss had anything to do with trade dispute, even though Apple explicitly said so.A year after ‘the Michaels,’ more women will take the JPM stage — but 90 percent of... via @statnews
Happy Saturday! I’ll be on @MSNBC at 5 and 530p ET talking about the shutdown for @axios 👋🏽
Retweeted by Dan PrimackConfused about the #GreenNewDeal talk? We break it down in just 10 minutes, on the latest Axios Pro Rata podcast A…
Lots of talk about a #GreenNewDeal, so we dive into it on today's Pro Rata podcast. Just 10 minutes to get you smar…