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Today's Halloween inspo: Boris Karloff on the set at tea time
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @imjasondiamond @24kgoldsher Mazel tov!This captures my mental state pretty well actually 🎃 @ivadixit So sorry to hear it, Iva. Sending good thoughts for speedy recoveries.Ruth Shalit may not produce good journalism. But much good journalism has been produced about Ruth Shalit. I look f…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @DouthatNYT @mikiebarb All the more reason for him to want the best possible product. Everyone needs an editor.
Retweeted by Dan SaltzsteinHoly moly this looks amazing is stunning @omnivorebooks @kimseverson ❤️! @kimseverson @omnivorebooks And a dog! @lyzl It sounds great. Make up a name for it and google the ingredients. If you don’t find it — I doubt you will —… really should have mentioned she was stroking her canines when she said thisIf your recommendation algorithm is such a risk to political stability that you turn it off in the lead-up to an el…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @Sulliview My worst was not being able to print WTF as part of the name of Marc Maron’s podcast. It’s got a curse i… delicious, 8: Dad, I think I’m a vampire. Me: [smiles] Her, frowning: Dad, I’m serious. @davidm1108 Agreed 100%. Which is why I’m so sad. @liamstack I like Matt but he’s no Sandy. And definitely too gimmicky, pretty much every episode. @davidm1108 They are great (tho I do miss Sandy) but the challenges are too gimmicky. I want Brit classics not Japanese kitsch! @liamstack It was... not good.I hate to say it but I agree. If my daughter wasn’t still so into it I wouldn’t be watching. 🤨 @licjulie Not yet, but that sounds amazing
@dougboneparth Happy birthday! Had a bottle of that Jefferson Ocean. Lasted about a month. Enjoy! @apoorva_nyc Right?! @stevorighthere Oh I haveSleepless in Seattle and about 25 other rom coms really said “read a fucking book,” and as a books editor I have to say: YOU LOVE TO SEE IT ❤️
Retweeted by Dan SaltzsteinCan a conspirator to the assassination of one of our greatest presidents get it? I’m going with yes, regretfully. @Rumaan Maybe but who gives a shit @ShreeyaSinha @samdolnick @arainert @Julseas @futt 🙌🙌🙌 @TKDano I agree!! @pen15show ❤️❤️❤️ @TKDano T-BoneI know y’all told me how good Pen15 is and I didn’t listen and now I’d like to apologize by inhaling the entire series. So good!Ahhh, Christmas in Connecticut. Except on Oct. 30. @RetiredLineCook @MzNikiLz Also, start in a *cold* pan. Will slow down the rendering @rachellevinsf @bonnietsui @lacocinasf @chriscolin3000 Perfect @chriscolin3000 faceHaving been through far too many editor/reporter disputes in my varied career (including having the best line of my…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein8 yr old was a pain in the ass tonight, then at bedtime, a quarter-asleep, about the rain: “it’s like applause” 🥺This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen Kardashian: "This will definitely be the worst social media post all week." Kim Kardashian: "Hold my beer."
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @byjoelanderson This is such a good ideaAndrew broke this story this morning and by this afternoon the judge has resigned. That’s community journalism at i…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @fmanjoo If you don’t know how old Petty was in the Wilburys, I DO NOT recommend googling @RaxKingIsDead Jo!! @SchadenJake Indeed @heathencandor @DanaSchwartzzz 😩 @SchadenJake *affects (ugh) @SchadenJake I feel awful for both of them, of course. He’s got a disease. But there’s a necessity to tease out the… is a Times editor from Texas so this advice is the real-deal campaign not happy with Facebook right now
Retweeted by Dan SaltzsteinTfw you’re married to a pathological narcissist @DanaSchwartzzz Good lord @DanaSchwartzzz Wait, seriously? I couldn’t make it all the way thruTwenty-one women told ⁦@nytimes⁩ that they have been sexually harassed, manipulated or assaulted by male master som…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein
@jamiattenberg @IsaacFitzgerald Ahhh! Well, love to you in Miami and Isaac and Sid in NO @sunandavashisht Hi, do you understand how magazine shoots work? Or democratic socialism for that matter? Doesn’t seem like you do. @jayasax @Lubchansky This is truly the best gift. Happy birthday!! 🎊🎈🐄 @IsaacFitzgerald @jamiattenberg Hope everyone’s ok. Sending you both love. 😘Perhaps turnout is a response to attempts at voter suppression? Just a thought. @RaxKingIsDead This is definitely a fake human @hannahgoldfield [WWF voice] Let’s get ready to push boundaries!
So many wonderful details in this Biff Grimes obit of a legend, including the gold coins she sewed into her clothes… @JennyBoylan @GQMagazine Oy @katzish Same reactionProfile in Courage over here @elongreen [sad trombone] @heyadamroberts Both disgustingMembers of the disability community have been saying for months that Covid is going to make so many more people chr…
Retweeted by Dan SaltzsteinA short story, set in Philadelphia.
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein"Film Forum has offered 50 or 60 movies on its site since the pandemic began, said its director, Karen Cooper, brin…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzsteinthinking about the masked server in the background of this 2nd photo, who is likely among many who risked their liv…
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @MMusikerRD Ahhh! Gonna try it. Thanks!What Biden said is on the left. The Trump campaign's version of the quote is on the right.
Retweeted by Dan Saltzstein @Definit02209600 I’ve got about 30 minutes. Enough time?! @lisatozzi Wasn’t an option for some reason. And not on Prime either 🤷🏻‍♂️ @TKDano Wasn’t an option! So weird. @Bernstein FairReally weird: tried to watch Train to Busan on Netflix a while back. No subtitles. Tried again last night on Prime.…’ve never co-signed something so hard 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… @sebmodak I think so?
@SamuelAAdams Dick Johnson Is Dead @BCDreyer So sorry for your (and the world's) loss. May his memory be a blessing.Wow @TODAYshow is there going to be an internal investigation into how your team got scammed by a hoax video and ra…
Retweeted by Dan SaltzsteinThe “felony charges [are] connected to a multi-state robocall campaign that prosecutors say was meant to scare vote… @NYCBaby It is indeed! But a loooong walk from the Brooklyn BridgeWhy not just 24 hours of darkness. Go all the way. @johnwilliamsnyt Horizontal rain @DanaSchwartzzz Waaaay ahead of youDid she say... Washington Heights @mat Boooooooo @SashaK @lexim Waiting for this to come in handy for me (tho I guessed I missed a chance with that original Marx tweet!) @byJenAMiller Honestly, get it for a month, watch and cancel. I’m not kidding.This is wonderful (and If you haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for?!) deserved! Mazel tov @carolynryan! @SashaK 👏👏👏 @lyzl’d like to now retweet pop artist Richard Marx’s response to my tweet, and I have no argument with any of these an…