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Carbon Based Biped evolved from an Ape. Funktioning Automatik und Dancing Mechanik. Views my own unless stolen

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@onlyabithard DM room? Sounds 80s, I’m inThe Daughter just asked me what was playing because she liked it and it was this : :) #ProudDad
@MapPornTweet The Halicarnassus and region?He tripped and fell. We all saw it.
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @greg_jenner Also 99p on Apple Books @ternfortheworse @NotSoSkinnyPete @Lottesometimes Where do we stand on Banana Republics? As I’m going independent myself.
@YesMissMurphy How to snowboard more.JUSTIFIED & ANCIENT!
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @ternfortheworse not encouraged? Why on earth not? It costs nothing to encourage people to be sensible?!
@sarky_sheena I’ll let you know how it goes! @sarky_sheena I really don’t like toenail clippings. Can you offer any advice on passive aggressive ways to avoid… Karen, surely? SURELY @SummerRay @NotSoSkinnyPete It’s really quite simple.... @MVargr @Stonekettle There’s a guy who reposts trumps tweets letter for letter. And he keeps getting banned ... @Chris_Townsend @richardaoxley @MirrorFootball Haha, perfect! @madein1966 @PlayasGnaPlay @MirrorFootball @JohnnyTheNic No criminal offence. But i’m pretty sure even a welder sig… @PlayasGnaPlay @MirrorFootball @JohnnyTheNic Dis👏🏻re👏🏻pute👏🏻 It’s like not being a cock only written into your employment contract 😁 @NIRed_79 @MirrorFootball It’s not football. You don’t lose if someone else wins. We can all have 3 points you dullardSadly the first 2 I tried are DMC’d 😕 @NotSoSkinnyPete @clownf1st With custard @NotSoSkinnyPete @ternfortheworse Would love to know how many he’s got left 🙃 @emettbrown1985 @MirrorFootball @DailyMirror Good luck with that 🤣 @ZeeZza29 @MirrorFootball Guessing disrepute, doesn’t have to be illegal before it becomes sackable. Check your terms and conditions. 😁#NationalWritingDay #SirTerryPratchett advice he left behind: 🗺️ You don't need a map, but a destination helps 📚…
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @clownf1st Both together seem fine @clownf1st Snickers: and then you got a beer @ternfortheworse @clownf1st It’s legal unless it’s over 32 degrees. @LzuFabien @MapPornTweet FYI @nadinekhayat @clownf1st Log out of iCloud before selling your soul.
@RDKLInc That’s why you log out of iCloud and turn off the lock before you wipe. It won’t ask for it if it was sign… @_dannyX27_ @NathanPatrick84 @alistairmagowan @Rob_Maul Stop thinking it’s an anti white movement, and feeling that… @_dannyX27_ @NathanPatrick84 @alistairmagowan @Rob_Maul Start with the biggest problems. There would be no BLM mov… to Sheila Chandra (thanks @nadinekhayat) and it’s like and hour long build waiting for The Drop! @_dannyX27_ @NathanPatrick84 @alistairmagowan @Rob_Maul Of course they do. Is that inequality anything like proport… @commoperator @NathanPatrick84 @alistairmagowan @Rob_Maul Sure. You feel butt hurt. Just remember, that in order… @RDKLInc They’ve been securely wiped incorrectly then. Log out first, then wipe them, problem solved. The problem is your processes. @edlyons @Scientits @helenhayes_ @CrystalPalaceTT I caught one of these weekend in Budget w…
@NathanPatrick84 @alistairmagowan @Rob_Maul @clownf1st I’ve seen a lot of crazy Trumpster fire video clips as have we all, but this one feels special. @clownf1st Have you tried a zoom marathon? Easier on the legs and back @stroughtonsmith Thanks, that is actually useful. I was using the Dev App to get my info and watch @stroughtonsmith Thanks Siri 🙄 @stroughtonsmith Every year, I have to look up what PDT is, AGAIN. Seriously Apple, just insert a teensy bit of lo…
@BBC6Music @kraftwerk Get Innocuous - LCD @ternfortheworse But I’m sure they are bringing the best of both apps together. So it’s not wasted. Suspect this… @gillinghamjoe Please don’t. By, me. @RedMedusa13 M I K Double E! @ternfortheworse “Our” drug ☺️ So proud! Wouldn’t catch me taking any of those foreign drugs! Can’t wait to be o…
@tsoprano8 @po8crg @caitlinmoran @ThetaSi49453085 @MakebaUhuru I fear that many (most?) people who remotely identif… @ternfortheworse Only cold water though, the electric is disconnected.Oldest door in Britain. Installed Westminster Abbey 1050AD from a tree already several centuries old. When this doo…
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @po8crg @caitlinmoran @ThetaSi49453085 @MakebaUhuru Got it now! Too subtle, clearly… ;) @po8crg @caitlinmoran @ThetaSi49453085 @MakebaUhuru Did yours? If not, please remove yourself from the gene pool.
@ternfortheworse Yeah, I had a family member get targeted on this basis is racing around Sheffield in an XR3i in th… How about we stop the All Lives Matter shit by rephrasing BLM into something that other people won’t be s…, just because we’re not totally utterly fucked up like the yanks are, doesn’t mean we don’t need to look at… I can see one of the counties 3 biggest police stations from my house. These issues don’t exist for me, so it’… this is a very US slanted piece. But to think that the only time I have ever had an encounter with Polic… read, v perceptive collation of a number of resources. Couple of things that stood out to me: spending more (…
@BillRay25852157 @GrahamKirk5 @louistheroux One letter was only the start of it....
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ WSo we all know about how orange juice tastes vile after toothbrushing, but can we take a moment to think about how… @sarky_sheena At the time, gives you perspective though. And makes you cringe when you find out that someone is pre… @sarky_sheena 4 in a row here, long enough ago that it doesn’t upset me now barring 1 trigger.Every time I walk this path I imagine I’m in some sort of augmented reality Sid Mier game... @clownf1st @ternfortheworse I’ll chip in, money, time, and effort
@ternfortheworse Now you jumped the shark @ternfortheworse 🤦🏻‍♂️ @ternfortheworse You’re making it worse @ternfortheworse Didn’t work 😒
@ternfortheworse And had been done for years, Netflix and the other place were using the original, everyone else ha…
@jemmaforte I think it’s right to judge people & weigh up pros and cons and not simply judge people by the worst th… @Jmooney2001 @jemmaforte @LucyDunkling Not so, or how come it was abolished? It was only morally acceptable for th… all the supermarkets came out to condem slavery then all the racists would starve to death.
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@SummerRay Naanbread hang on a sec @trntnquarantino @AMAZlNGSCIENCE During a futile attempt at educating a flat earther I faced the following question… @sarky_sheena I bought a 4 pack of Whisper Gold to see me through the week. Tomorrow I must see if I can buy a 3 pack to see me through...This is how you social media, brands #pyramids are trending can I direct you to the opposite of what they are all saying? The People's Pyramid in Tox…
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @ternfortheworse This, of all things, seems pretty easy to avoid. Buy British chicken. Harder to know about restaurants etc of course
This morning, 31 years ago, my cameraman & I filmed the man with the shopping bags as he stood in front of the tank…
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @yezvarn_qvilaxl This is Gary’s Mod :) @ternfortheworse I’ll allow it @ternfortheworse Just a nonceSo once again the racist, white supremacists are out and following me, trying to subvert folklore and all that goes…
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@lxmne The key word is affix you the internal surface. Make it free standing, and keep it ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾 @Futurismprimo @LexioftheDSC @F1reFlow3r @BellezaDeAltura Is it because there aren’t any tsunamis or Africa…
Can we please get #GeoffCapes trending for no other reason than for people to ask ‘Why is #GeoffCapes trending?’…
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This is epic
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @gruber Screen sharing
What’s this in London Busses, Areas the size of Wales or Olympic Swimming Pools? @cheltreds Not sure what you’re listening to, but that link starts with 3am eternal - not complaining, but it’s different ! @cheltreds Thanks :)Justified Ancients of Mums and the Anus
Retweeted by Dan “The Man”™ W @clownf1st Pet Shop Toys Hot Chap LSD Soundsystem Aphex Twit The Shemen Apollo 404 The Black Bog Dance 2 France Dir… @cheltreds Would love to hear the whole tape!
@poppyhillstead Top Tip, keep it topical :) @catstronomical @yezvarn_qvilaxl Next up, ketchup first or 2nd?