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Goodness Greyness Me @dantract Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Goodness Greyness Me debut album now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Download for free on bandcamp. insta: donnyandthewankers

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Wake up, fuck up, rest up, repeat. @Livid_Doll No, I’m an ass. Sorry. Not in the mindset. I didn’t mean to offend. Sorry @Livid_Doll Absolutely see your point. Sorry. I don’t mean to be a sexist douchebag. @Livid_Doll I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I’m a twat. @Livid_Doll I have no idea. @Livid_Doll This is going to segue into how I’m being a twat, I can feel it. @Livid_Doll Because I haven’t seen roller derby in like... Jesús, 6 years? I don’t know anyone around here who is involved in it.Working on my 6 year plan: 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. And then they’ll all be sorry.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @hayleycampbell Omg same. Good shout. @stoya I like the roller derby aspect here. @JackSnowdon_ Omg same. Is it their national anthem? Because it should be @danielleperry First song I learnt was “house of the rising sun”. Really good for learning a bunch of chord shapes early on. @sophoulla Money worries over fam @JackSnowdon_ Thanks fam rock not alt right
@dglsdgls Sick!!! @bennyhorowitz1 Fantastic work, big dog @dglsdgls What are you watching it on? I’ve still never seen it @music5cars Great work MelHoly shit! This is awesome have no idea why but this is the funniest thing I've read in a very long time
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeHere is a very good boy I met last night. He is called Fallon. on Reddit has photoshopped art ladies into a modern office and it's just excellent.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @msdanifernandez Aw damn she famous @msdanifernandez You can get pregnant just from watching tv?! Oh god, I do not understand reproduction AT ALL
@tdwoodhead @DJBentley Hmmmmm I think it works with that many judeys but I would accept one less if offered @DJBentley @tdwoodhead PerfectDo we have to write it on the side of an Airbus?
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeI can call you Elizabeth Elizabeth when you call me you can call me AlanJURASSIC PARK SEQUEL IDEA: 3 Million AD. The humans are extinct. The dino-scientists find mosquitoes with human…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeLEEDS TONIGHT XXXXX
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeOh thank god, something that isn’t horribly depressing. Perhaps you too could use a quick respite from the world’s…
@ItsGemmaEdwards PahahahaCould definitely see The Rock playing Sampaoli in the film of this World Cup. Looking hench.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeFor those who are ready to rock, I’d like to salute you @LauraVanTango Oh shush you! @LauraVanTango I have done! It went ok. @music5cars No way dude, that’s how bad things happen and sadness ensues @music5cars I know :( @geoffreyguitar I hope I still have the receipts @CharSomething I shall never be silenced! But yeah, I should probably shut up I have nothing useful to offerUpdate on the pretty girl from the office: it’s her birthday today and I now sit on the same side of the office as… has 29 Greggs NEWCASTLE has 29 Greggs NEWCASTLE has 29 Greggs NEWCASTLE has 29 Greggs NEWCASTLE has 29 Gr…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @Becca_jew Hahahaha amazing @CharSomething Not your finest hour, SherlockThey could literally be protesting the fact that the government is putting children in cages and ripping them away…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeHad no idea Alan Partridge was running the BBC Sport liveblog today.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeNew band name: plankspanner
2018 if you don’t listen to me listen to him:
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @music5cars @TheFlapperBrum ????Perfect timing.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeI'm writing an article on Paul the Octopus and let me tell you, he lived a wild life for an octopus. PEOPLE SENT HI…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @FluffCustard 🥔 > 🍆 @tdwoodhead Walked right into that @misterbumface @tdwoodhead Shit, am i a bad human? @tdwoodhead He’s annoyed at me @dantract
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @misterbumface I was still very very moved by the sentiment of the tweet!Very poignant and worldly point of view somewhat undermined by the fact that it comes from “Mister Bumface™️”. Apar… @MPStevenson TeeheeBig Sean + Lil Wayne = Medium Shane I won't be reading any replies to this
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @sarianlives NICE!!!"The marijuana bill passed today" "Damn, Marijuana Bill passed? RIP, dude was a legend" "No, not Marijuana Bill,…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @ItsGemmaEdwards Y’all right there fam? @LucyVictoria01 All the time @sarianlives DID YOU KNOW the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper case, Frederick Bailey Deeming, was born there?… anyone ever been to Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire? I would like to know more about Ashby-de-la-Zouch in L… @CharSomething Really?? I mean that’s an almost admirable level of petty, juvenile and creepy. Bizarre.If I ran a dating app then it would send you chilling messages throughout the day. “Your next swipe could be your last...”, etcYALL PLEASE HELP I NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING IMMA ADOPT A KITTEN I JUST NEED 60,000 RETWEETS
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeIt’s all too much
Despite all our rage there are kids being kept in a cage
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @melcdj Pahahaha crumbly fishJesus
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Meplay that fucking music white boy
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @music5cars DankonOmg you can learn Esperanto on Duolingo