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Goodness Greyness Me @dantract Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Goodness Greyness Me debut album now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Download for free on bandcamp. insta: donnyandthewankers

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we can dream can't we?
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeLondoners, please torpedo
@SamAirey @familyscraps Sick cheers!International Day of Happiness was yesterday. If I’m honest, I didn’t nail that.What even is the point of insomniashe's a good girl loves her mama loves beavis and butthead too
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @sophoulla Good graciousGenuinely feel like this onion headline is not satirical at all and in fact @carlyraejepsen has completed Art. We a… I’ve been laughing at this for way too long srsly the internet is too much for me
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @GemStafford FantasticSURPRISE! We're doing a weekender in #april and we're so excited to come see everyone! Come say…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeMARVEL: “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever attempted” ME:
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @deathmatchdaddy Jesus fucking Christ.Strangely, I can’t differentiate between the argument below and the defense that - for instance - a racist would us… only 280 more days until Christmas... I'm happy to announce I'll be in Disney this Christmas to bring you all t…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeOh for fuck’s sake, so there’s a ghost version of me enjoying all the benefits of Bumble and making sweet sweet eve… @IdleHandsNE @familyscraps I’m sure they’re both amazing - looks like you get more intonation control on that one,… @familyscraps I can’t really tell if it’s me being less crap at guitar or what, but I put a mastery on my old jazz… @familyscraps Ace. Cheers dude. Might have to save up, although my jazz has got a mustang style bridge and it hasn’… @familyscraps Looks dreamy. Where did you get a mastery from in the uk and was it crazy expensive? @StephenKing 9601?if your name is junior and you’re really handsome come on raise your h ä n d
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @ScreamHello Fuck me that was next levelSquadney Dangerfield
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @LauraVanTango Holy shit. FRIENDZONE: The Bar @LauraVanTango Well, no, I absolutely am not. Don’t be daft. But the friendzone is silly. UNLESS it refers to a who… @LauraVanTango It just isn’t! It’s silly. I thought about it today. @LauraVanTango Sexual *re-awakening (we are absolutely talking about wiseau)Hahaha the friendzone isn’t a thing hahahaWhat’s your favourite lettuce? This guy hates lettuce! yeah shit there’s only 9 days left to order a t shirt! Nip over to thinking man’s iceberg (and variation). Smart stuff from Jen.“Haystack of lies” is literally the best description of Boris Johnson I’ve ever read.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeBloody hell this lettuce survey JUST. GOT. INTERESTING. reeling off the names of every lettuce he’s ever eaten is the best lettuce? Looking forward to your answers! @raviolifreak Shit I haven’t changed my sheets in forever
@deathmatchdaddy Absolute gold. @geoffreyguitar *tedious iron fist.Stick a pony in me pocket, I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van.
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @sophoulla Glad you’re on top of everything. @DannyDelDonuts Cage is a badass for sure. Also where nic cage got his stage name, which is cool.Jessica Jones is the best defender and Danny Rand is the worst @sophoulla Also, you’ll get there, wherever you’re supposed to be. @sophoulla @1followernodad I think he’s just super proud of his tongue @1followernodad Shitty Russell Crowe @msdanifernandez @IfyNwadiwe Dang Dani @CrisoWBA @pav808 Pahahaha young Tommy Wiseau look like Billie Joe Armstrong or is it just me? @ByYourLogic Ewwww “odious taint”
@sophoulla I just want to be dead.I want to make new innovative electronic music but everything comes out like shitty weezerImagine getting stuck in a MRI machine with all these well behaved dogs levels: actually too nervous to watch the Netflix shows I want to watch @msdanifernandez Was the realtor running the water and already taking off his pants as he said it? @katsandcrows @EmoNightUK My teen years were pre internet and none of us knew how to dress ourselves and the whole thing was a horror show. @FluffCustard Just lying in the dark telling all the billions of people better than me that they’re better than me. That’s my thing. @FluffCustard The world doesn’t deserve you. You’re golden @FluffCustard Don’t change everIT HAPPENED
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Meyou either die a Cobain or you live long enough to see yourself become the Corgan
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me3 years ago, I met someone amazing and lovely who loved labradors and books. Then he met someone else, probably has…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeUnbreak my wind @MGMT4KHAWAJA Pro-lapsed anuses
I will provide a reference, knowing nothing about what kind of job she wants. @GemStafford Also why is his picture a turd @GemStafford Sliding into your DMs like “MARRY ME GOD DAMN IT”Stir frydayEverything wrong with Fox News in one video
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeToday is dreadful. Utterly dreadful. I have no idea why, but today is dreadful. @katsandcrows Seriously, your man’s dressed to the nines in a three piece suit and you can’t even be arsed to put c…
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness Me @msdanifernandez Sigh. I fell in the trap and now I’m glum because I know you didn’t set it for me. This is already… Hey St Patrick, show me a where the snakes are. St Patrick:
Retweeted by Goodness Greyness MeDefinitely the only person at this metal gig wearing chinos
When Harry buys himself and Ron the entire sweet trolley on the hogwarts express it's meant to show his charitable…
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