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Daphne Keller @daphnehk San Francisco, CA

Intermediary Liability Director at @StanfordCIS. Usually knows what she's talking about. Former Google AGC.

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@BerinSzoka Schadenfreunde @Bennetto90 Thank you! @ProfRobAnderson We are.You’ve probably never heard of the woman who codified fair use. Let’s fix that:
Retweeted by Daphne KellerDoes anyone know if the DSA is expected to re-open the Database Directive? I haven't tracked Database Directive cas… periodic reminder that the Database Directive exists, and matters."Once it has been knighted to serve as an arm of the state, Big Tech cannot be cut down to size if it is to perform…
The only thing worse than Facebook refereeing our discourse by judging what political ads are worthy is Facebook ta…
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It's not an exaggeration to say that my time @yaleisp was life changing. For any aspiring law & tech scholars or po…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @jimgreer @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic Excellent point. It was a complete joy to talk to @evelyndouek and… @AnnemarieBridy @blakereid +1 to this point. Also--doesn't Dart v. Backpage suggest that the cause of action here i… @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy There are so many other cases more closely on point. I feel like my entire Who Do You Su… @FaizaPatelBCJ @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic I appreciate your gender-neutral pronouns there. Women, non-bina… @javierpallero @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic If it is helpful for me to tell you about the number of times I… @FaizaPatelBCJ @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic I happened upon the world’s best cure for any imposter syndrome… @FaizaPatelBCJ @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic For the record this was neither a hangover (I wouldn’t do that t… @PJLeerssen @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic It’s so weird, right? Adding to the weirdness: my husband listens,… @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic Live(ish) audio is weird that way - hard to assess in the way you’d assess a wr… @evelyndouek @mlmillerphd @qjurecic I was so out of it that morning for some reason! I felt like I was rambling and… @terryjaillet @Popehat Publishers could never let ordinary people publish/be on broadcast news/etc. for that very r… is a hero for patiently explaining these basics over and over. If you or someone you know is writing abo… @nicolewong I love the Lorax’s purse. #WordsINeverThoughtIWouldSayAlan Rozenshtein with an excellent response to what I will only say was a creative take on 230.
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Folks need to grapple with the broader question of the fact that false information generally isn't illegal and, unl…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @marklemley In a world where death is impermanent and some people are immortal, does they even have a Rule Against Perpetuities? @HighwirePR @chrissyfarr @DoctorJesseMD I think that must be some other Daphne H K!It is heartening to see FBI agents taking seriously the threat of white nationalist violence, as @adamgoldmanNYT re…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller[NEW] Safeguarding User Freedoms in Implementing Article 17 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive…
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Reviewing some writing from last year on cross-border takedown orders in preparation for teaching this week. We hav…
It's the next episode of our @lawfarepodcast series "Arbiters of Truth," on disinformation—featuring my and…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @h0d3r In the speech/info realm you get light comparisons. Thomas Jefferson said, “He who receives an idea from me,… @h0d3r The law tends to think of it in conflicting categories as - property - speech, information - an inalienabl… is a new kind of bad. via @NYTimes
@morar @jorisvanhoboken Same as all classroom exercises: I allocated about 1/10th of the time it deserved! We only…
@jorisvanhoboken Come hang out with me in Brussels and I'll tell you! @jonathanvpace Please feel free! @jorisvanhoboken Feel free to DM me or leave comments in the doc. Someday I'd like to turn this into something fanc… @jorisvanhoboken I used this in my class last week and it was pretty fun. We had three teams with different goals (… is an iteration on my short US-oriented list of IL law options; and on…'d be interested in feedback on my work-in-progress draft Intermediary Liability Law generator. It is a checklist… @cdibona He was always so weird about that scarf. Like it was his baby or something.i can't 'like' it but this excellent new @freedomhouse report on the grim state of #internet freedom deserves a wid…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @cdibona As if we needed reminding.
@kingjen My heritage is a mix of Californian and Grammarian so I have to say hell of. Hella sounds too sloppy for me.Excited about this new work. The Knight people, I have to say, are hell of smart and fun to talk to.
Wired picked up the "we are scanning every book mentioned on Wikipedia as we can find them and making the cited pag…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @Kirst3nF @jorisvanhoboken @AlexandraQu By “good samaritan” do you mean (c)(2)? (As opposed to (c)(1)?)… @JoshuaGrubbsPhD Wait you’re allowed to do that???If you're a web developer, this means that iOS -- the whole OS -- is the new IE6. Your CEO and wealthiest users won…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @adamgoldberg @bergmayer An ace pilot, yet!
@Riana_Crypto I feel like using the name Vint here is some kind of sacrilege. I did it for the rhyme, Vint!! @Riana_Crypto Don’t put it in print, Vint Don’t write down your plan, Stan! Just jump on the phone, Joan and keep yourself free.
@Riana_Crypto Our untitled goose game was strong this halloween, and included not one but two untitled goose gourds. @Riana_Crypto @Nesient @_edjw @Klonick @ubiquity75 The double meaning with Non Proliferation Treaty makes it even better!
@blakereid For a few generations. Then the robots can take that over, too. @blakereid Building robots. @Nesient @_edjw @Klonick @ubiquity75 Knowing when you don’t have an answer pithy enough to tweet is a sign of wisdo… fun to do an interview with @brianlfrye for the Ipse Dixit podcast!
Hawley certainly has shifted the Overton window of some discussions, but I’ve yet to see any evidence that his actu…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @Klonick It’s like the inverse of the Right to Be Forgotten problem where a person planning to run for office submi… @sfmnemonic @ericgoldman @jess_miers I can only do the IP clause of the Constitution and 12(b)(6). At one point I k… @ericgoldman Not everyone can read upside down though.
Today is the 50th birthday of the Internet. It's still very much a work in progress. People often underestimate how…
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@Klonick @nicolewong @McAndrew BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA @LAM_Barrett Did you manage not to blink? That not blinking thing she does is creepy af.
@jkosseff @alexstamos I feel like Accusearch was pretty different, since they were paying for “UGC” that they basic… @SherShahAtif @AJStream I think I responded to you or your colleague by DM - I have a time conflict on the day that was proposed. @alexstamos Well... there's an old case where AOL got a CDA 230 defense for material in the Drudge Report, even tho…
@womenknowlaw @StanfordCIS Thanks!! @lumendatabase Company transparency reports are great and important, but they can never fill this research need. Th…'s hard to overstate how profoundly important the @lumendatabase is in enabling reporting like this. It lets rese… @javierpallero TOTALLYAlso: and things are blowing up in India. There are great advocates on the ground there, but I expect they are pretty o… as usual, @AnupamChander was ahead of us all with this piece: (I know lots of people ha… Times v. Sullivan was a case about platform liability and the free speech rights of civil rights activists. We a… an important discussion of the civil rights movement and big 20th century Supreme Court First Amendment cases. this just escalated. The Supreme Court of India will be hearing the Facebook and WhatsApp cases #encryption
Retweeted by Daphne KellerRe-upping this short & useful summary of DoH from CRS: "DNS over HTTPS—What Is It and Why Do People Care?"…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @David_MSullivan @ChuckCosson @theGNI Thanks! @jlamel @Producing2Power I earned my jurisdiction nerd cred through ample time in the trenches. I always wonder how…
@saarw Well, they can always have their ISPs block VK.And we had a whole session on the issue of global TOS enforcement, including what avenues that opens for extraterri… even deeper dives on this, check out our Law, Borders, and Speech conference proceedings volume. The appendix i… the way, here are my thoughts on the strategy of challenging orders like this in US courts - from that time when… @saarw Maybe? @DanSvantesson @SidSarangal @davidakaye @Aditi_muses @sarvjeetmoond @Klonick @IJurisdiction @jendaskal Do you think… assumption that upload in India = Indian Ct power to order global takedowns could be defended in lots of ways,… read the ruling, I am now more confused. It uses a lot of words like "comity", but in the end seems to rule… @PaladinZilch US courts do refuse to recognize them, under the SPEECH Act and pre-existing court-made law. @adelin I can't be confident that he would have been on my side of this fight, I fear...Some days I feel like Chicken Little, other days I feel like Cassandra. This is more of a Cassandra day. @ChuckCosson Yup. That was for data disclosure though, no? @SidSarangal @davidakaye @Aditi_muses @sarvjeetmoond @DanSvantesson @Klonick @IJurisdiction @jendaskal Thank you!I've often been told that it is OK for EU countries to require filtering, global takedowns, etc. because they "have… new to me in case law, but entirely foreseeable, is the "platforms enforce their own Community Guidelines rule… haven't seen the whole ruling, but based on this excerpt it has a fascinating limit: the global removal is for sp… @SidSarangal @davidakaye @Aditi_muses @sarvjeetmoond @DanSvantesson @Klonick @IJurisdiction @jendaskal Do you have a link to the ruling?