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Daphne Keller @daphnehk San Francisco, CA

Platform Regulation Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center. Usually knows what she's talking about. Former Google AGC.

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@vivekdotca @cippic @cyberlawclinic I lost track of Canadian RTBF developments after I filed Comments in 2018. I th… @vivekdotca @cippic @cyberlawclinic The EU manages to maintain this really artificial distinction between data prot… @vivekdotca @cippic @cyberlawclinic Fascinating! Any idea what this means for the OPC's position that Canadian law… when you thought you’d heard every side of the #CDA230 debate, @cippic and the @cyberlawclinic have teamed up…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @davidakaye This was my reaction too. The letter had that weird list of anonymized examples, none with enough detai… amazing irony abt Zuck's Georgetown "stand for free expression" is how the ppl that were supposed to buy it didn…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerEnd-to-end encryption benefits user privacy because it includes the company itself & its employees in the threat mo…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller"Late Fall"... Fall... Hmm... I swear there was something on then, but I just can't... quite.. put my finger on it.…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @JefAtLaw @AnnemarieBridy @blakereid @matthewsag It’s you and your students, @JefAtLaw!!
@JefAtLaw @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag Oh, sorry. It's U.S. 18 USC 2255. @JefAtLaw @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag Ugh can I just follow up to point out that I am reading the civil… @JefAtLaw @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag I don't want to overstate the comparison but there are similaritie… @JefAtLaw @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag You know how in the Urban report they had to exclude one notifier… @JefAtLaw @blakereid @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag It's somewhat like (c) in that some people are just lying, some ar… @blakereid @JefAtLaw @AnnemarieBridy @matthewsag In fairness, this is a European proposal and they don't have grote… thought looking back at this thread: In theory, laws could require platforms to report/remove/etc. only (a) ac… @pielemeier Thanks, Jason!Hi, I'm back from vacation, here's a 4500-word blog post about why the #EARNITAct is still terrible even after last…
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I go on vacation for one lousy week and the Senate amends EARN IT to swap out the previous set of bad ideas with a… @TAT_Dena I tried going there and the host didn't take the bait. In retrospect, in light of what's going on with EA…, the New Yorker described something I wrote as looking like it had been soaked in fruit punch. Which is dead o… to @daphnehk talk about hate speech online on @1a
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @evelyndouek And if you ask some people, they will say the advertisers' response is driven by the media, so that's… @evelyndouek We don't have to dig very deep into history to see advertiser preference directly shaping platform con… particular, emerging markets and unpopular minorities have long struggled to get our attention. And I suspect th…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerHistory tells us that this is a fickle way to protect minority rights. Not just *history* history, but, like, conte…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @midwestoner1 Wish I had. @blakereid Inheritance taxes?
@jodieginsberg @trevolafoam Oh dear. @Theophite At live theater events I am always distracted by the possibility that I could run onto the stage and com… @mmasnick Also where’s the entry about (non-jewish etc.) white people? Do we just have the default, “correct” respo… @blakereid @JefAtLaw I see @marciahofmann follows them, maybe she knows? @dispositive @AnnemarieBridy Is this real? What filter maker would have a setting called “forbidden knowledge”? @trevolafoam Not to miss the main point of your message but... What holiday does the UK celebrate on July 4th? @Klonick A nice warm bath is much better suited to fetal weeping.
This was a great panel, too. I make fun of YLS sometimes (I’m an alum and know whereof I speak) but they’re also pr… was a great panel. tech support: Did everyone’s Twitter app stop showing the number of notifications, and start just showing a…! Panel V from @yaleisp's "Everything You Need to Know About Section 230 In 5 Hours": Imagining a Future with…
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@GabrielleGuill2 @Hillmanae @Kirst3nF @RenewEurope @daphnehk I *assume* this is the US-style Good Samaritan. But yo…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerTL;DR: The goal of EARN IT is to use the threat of litigation to encourage broad censorship by intermediaries and d…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerSo yes, even with the Commission demoted to advisory status, the EARN IT Act is still an attack on end-to-end encry…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerThe Manager's Amendment to the EARN IT Act makes a major change to the structure of the bill, but the threats to fu…
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@FaizaPatelBCJ I suspect this is what “an army marches on its stomach” refers to also. Not the necessity of food (t… @jkosseff I’m trying to be on vacation this week but it just makes me ill that we as a country are screwing this up… know that line about “Amateurs talk strategy, generals talk logistics”? In online content takedown, the logisti… in having a scienter standard instead of a notice and takedown process with things like counternotice, p… but not surprised that the Senate is gearing up to make the same mistakes in EARN IT markup this week…
My @YaleLJournal Feature on @Facebook's @OversightBoard is now up I don't think I'll ever sign-up to simultaneousl…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @flohmann @amac @alexfeerst How much are you willing to stray into law? Bob Hamilton (who litigated Cubby and saw t… love me a good new podcast, and I love hearing the stories of trust & safety professionals. Who should…
Retweeted by Daphne Keller @adelin Well, if you can open doors or coax and cultivate them into speaking up (assuming they want to), more power… @adelin I actually think the world specifically can benefit a lot from your voice right now. Please don’t bow out u…
@Klonick I just skimmed this and thought maybe you’d taken in some foster chickens.
@evelyndouek @samsanders That said they may be getting more libertarian this month. We can’t tell yet, but it’s pos… @evelyndouek Did this episode of It’s Been a Minute imply this was the case? @samsanders seems pretty smart and fac… idea that Facebook has gotten *more* libertarian on speech in the last few years does not accord with reality o…
Retweeted by Daphne KellerIn today’s Atlantic, Charles Stewart III and I explain why we need to pay more attention to polling place voting in…
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@zora @itiseyemoutheye uh... i don’t even know how that happened
@zora @itiseyemoutheye t @jkosseff @mmasnick @AnnemarieBridy My bad attitude about Northern Virginia is not because I live in California. It… @mmasnick @AnnemarieBridy @jkosseff Oh right... back when all those people’s IP addresses made it look like they we… @AnnemarieBridy @jkosseff In what sense is Virginia the "Internet Capital"? In the sense that the most powerful peo… @AnnemarieBridy @jkosseff MERGER? And then it’s a driving pun? @morar Aww, I’m flattered :) TBH I have no idea. Still figuring out how the whole semi-distance learning thing will work in the fall.Sign of how crazy this week has been: I figure out what I have scheduled for the day by looking at Twitter. This… @Theophite I lasted halfway through jury selection in a case last year. This African American potential juror in he… @Theophite Way to weed yourself out of the jury pool, dude.
@TheOddPantry Most people's initial answer is "take down illegal content if you know about it." Then a step more co… @TheOddPantry That's all logical so far. But then you get into all the same Qs that plague basic intermediary liabi… @miltonmueller @MarechalPhD I think for targeting it is important to isolate out concerns about - privacy - content… @OlafSteenfadt @JoanBarata has a lot of thoughts on that! @miltonmueller As someone who sat in endless Google search ranking eng meetings I'd say that's a great goal, but it… @OlafSteenfadt In the US, yes. @gavinsblog Is that still the case? I know it was five years ago, it seemed to me like that had shifted. FWIW more… @miltonmueller Hmm. I'm not sure how you amplify based on content in a way that is useful to users and also avoid h… @gavinsblog That's another two papers there...One day I will write a paper saying all this in more detail. For now, thanks for bearing with my Twitter rants. 10/10If your position is that currently legal content *should* be illegal and we should change 1st Am jurisprudence, tha… the amplified content is actually *illegal* then we are in a different legal universe. Then the questions about… you still can’t pass laws regulating amplification if those laws are just a backhanded way of regulating legal speech. 8/And there is an intuitive logic to saying “platforms aren’t responsible for what their users say, but they are resp… get why people want to talk about this. Platforms’ recommendation and ranking algorithms matter a ton. Wanting to… an amplification law would dictate platforms’ editorial policy. Platforms can challenge that law and win. (A…, an amplification law would mean the govt picks winners and losers among different users’ speech. Users can c… discussions I hear about this focus on making platforms demote / not amplify harmful content that is still, fo… can’t escape First Amendment barriers (or international human rights law) just by shifting focus from “harmful… law regulating platform amplification of user content IS a law regulating speech. Smart people are wasting time h… could be iterated into legislation that policymakers who actually understood the issues might support (whether… difference between EARN IT and PACT is that PACT actually engages with the issues. It makes a lot of mistakes,… @jlamel I think it's just phishing, based on the copies I've seen of DMs they sent. Kind of a relief. @jkosseff @AnupamChander OK, Gen X-er. @jmgrygiel @Policy @Twitter I think you have to apply for one? And I guess this shows that I should. It just feels… @BrianHeinen @Twitter @jack I think you have to apply for one? And I guess this shows that I should. It just feels… @AnupamChander I scanned this tweet sleepily, saw “F... Apple” and thought it was @jkosseff fanboying about Fiona Apple again. @OrinKerr @Theophite Wait what I meant to say was: I learned that the world is vast and full of assholes and also o… @OrinKerr That the Statue of Liberty was built to honor the end of slavery. How did I not know that one? Also this… account is suspended. Drama over.There is a fake account using my name and picture that’s been following and DMing people I know. Ignore it if you s… @ethanbaron @mmasnick Oh :(