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brandon @dapperjamal Houston, TX

two sides of me. 🇪🇹

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Retweeted by brandonNobody: Me: y’all not cold????
Retweeted by brandonCheck yourself before you judge me
Retweeted by brandonwhy i can’t get a nigga sent from heaven??? all i get is hell
Retweeted by brandonI wanna go outside.... 🥺
Retweeted by brandonhow in the world do you get a valentine? I would like to know
Retweeted by brandonSome of y’all need to stop onlyfans and porn. It’s just not it for you. @thelomartin 😭 now look.St. Thomas or St. Croix. @thelomartin LMAOOO. miss. @Dahjour That’s scary af to get stuck. @onlyyderek You have to have a covid test to get back into the states. But say for instance you don’t have a negati… @Dahjour It’s like a full 360. And I hate it.Now I really don’t wanna travel international. @kiddcreole No I didn’t even care about it.“This is some ugly shit”. 😭“fix your attitude” Me: I don’t have a attitu…
Retweeted by brandonDumps
Retweeted by brandonWhat is going on with all theses bars with no drinks and hookah? What is dissss.
I’m always reminded God is fighting on my behalf and I immediately have a fit
Retweeted by brandonMy next relationship will be private.
Retweeted by brandon @teamharrison__ that’s funny @Just_KingCammm Can you bring me some Timmy Chan’s. I’m homeless.🖤
Retweeted by brandon @madison_nicoles Comeee🥺 I’m just going with another person. @RedBaddiee 😭 @DREAMTOP8 😭 @RedBaddiee Oh I figured someone ugly said sumI log into a zoom meeting and I hear somebody say is damn he fine lmao. @taayanthony yea @drdre_2021 Goals.It’s the fulfilling feeling of having a boyfriend, a partner. Like wow you’re really mine and we’re really for each…
Retweeted by brandonWhy I walk in the house and my mama over here crying at this firework show ? @bad_txtr Lmao that was a crazy moment. @bad_txtr Please lmaoooooooo. @bad_txtr lmaooo wait with no Valentine’sYo this nigga is funny af. @bigmacwiffries you welcome bro ! @bigmacwiffries Fire fit. @Princesaivry I think I am. I’m about to go add you too.Cancers: "I forgive you" Also Cancers:
Retweeted by brandonSo I’m at the bar and lmao I be damn. I’m post it in my close friends. @jtlonzo Asparagus and mashed potatoes
Moms be like “what happened to yo lil friend?” FUCK that hoe mom
Retweeted by brandonAtlanta couldn’t wait to send out party for Biden and Harris bottle/section text 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by brandonMy God. That prayer.“As the Bible says”!!!!!! My God.yo bye lmaooooo my stomach. just started speaking in tongues (Spanish) and I jumped.Is Jamal coming ? @flyshxtmoney this her leaving the White House this morning. they in Florida now. @armanimiguel_ toook liberal . and homeboy had one hoops on earlier.I just said that. and this change. >> @Princesaivry 😘😘I just want consistency.
Retweeted by brandonmy work flicks🧚🏼💖
Retweeted by brandon @idrekid with grace! @teenhusk She spoke well today tho lmaoooo @teenhusk She’s always dressed.Melania gone wear a red bottom. @Waaavy2 that part .Communication is the key to everything. Fuck the childish tit for tat EXPLAIN to me why you’re upset and what I can do to fix the problem.
Retweeted by brandonTrump is a savage. 😭 “ I told you so”.A congratulations is coming soon.He love it here 😛
Retweeted by brandon @tdollaszz Naa I been there. I went there Sunday and yesterday @tdollaszz Oh I’m definitely gone tip across over there. @tdollaszz When I say I love that place.spoil me with consistency, loyalty, honesty and love. thats all i need.
Retweeted by brandonJust booked my flight to Atlanta. I gotta get back to Fins and Feathers. @DontaeShakir On my account ?I unpacked all three of my suitcases plus my duffle.
@idontKIR DID DONTAE SEND YOU !?I cut my beard off 😌
Retweeted by brandon @shea_jordan please shut up.So no grooves happy hour ? @bad_txtr 😭😭🤣 @bad_txtr You you got one so it don’t apply to you !! LolIf I have a Valentine’s in a few weeks, just mind your business.The Best part about dealing with me is you don’t have to and you can get tf on at anytime !
Retweeted by brandon @Just_KingCammm I know. But we about to plan this.I LOVE ATLANTA. NAME A BETTER CITY.
Retweeted by brandon @Electrospect There is restrictions now. So we will see less people going. Travelers must have covid test.Me being both sides of the same coin🖤
Retweeted by brandonI can’t wait to do the junebug challenge.“He was just in my DM” aight and now I’m the one pissing on his feet when we shower together bitch go to hell
Retweeted by brandon @lykeemyke mannn I’m off an entire week next month. @lykeemyke Do I hear a tip back ???👀All about the nudes for @Rjswimnyc spring collection🍯
Retweeted by brandon @myMODELlife Oh yes. 😍 @myMODELlife ❤️ @Just_KingCammm I wish I knew you was hosting. I would have extended my stay.last night was everything i wanted it to be ...shout out to the love of my life ❤️
Retweeted by brandonYo nene is a fool 😭 @DoubleDee_94 You luckyyyyy @kingmirrr_ He got me out here looking crazy. @estatlana I tried to be nice. @_cdmc Okay I’m about to go take his class. 😭 tell him to pass us. @mrfunsiz3 Ms. Shakir