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@Brrrookelyn I know.. especially if they will make money from it @Brrrookelyn It never ends @Jakeanema DisgustingBuilding are now sexist! This feminist see’s penis’s spunking into the sky! Come to think of it the clouds look lik…
BRAND NEW BAD MAN BUILDER! 👷‍♂️ 💷 £20 to £500 📈 10 bets 📆 Complete by Sunday night 📚 Research provided HIT LIKE…
Retweeted by DapperFfs I bet this is because I went to the pub on Saturday.
This man just went shopping in a flying bathtub
Retweeted by Dapper @LDN_TWEET @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Silly boy Boris is then hey @LDN_TWEET @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner @Matty_Dickson @rickygervais Ratty 😂 @rickygervais This scene makes me cringe so hard, it’s far to close to home. @whycliff @panda_moneium @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner She’s about 3 months to late with that comment @realrob39 @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Ok think I’m just hungover and lippy 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ @kingjakecp @Bielsaisagod @panda_moneium @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner I’m bored of it. @Jasonmarriner8 Fucking Karen’s @Bielsaisagod @panda_moneium @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Sincerely apologise for taking a picture,… @panda_moneium @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner You should be having a word with Boris not us @realrob39 @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Buired three family members in the last three weeks mate, w… @Jasonmarriner8 @fog464 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Imagine this guy rocking up and saying to the people in this p… @fog464 @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Has been’s Lol. Bit bitter there mate you ok? @fog464 @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Diddums @realrob39 @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Why’s that robert @jimmy_pj20 @sianb7sianb7 @iamtomskinner Sorry to hear that and yer ok apologies x @SarahharaS_123 Apologies, some sence in your comments @SarahharaS_123 In a group 😂 sorry for swearing that was a bit rude @D_Parkinson21 Yer the virus defo knows the difference @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Not a dick head in sight @Jasonmarriner8 @jimmybullard @iamtomskinner Fucking boats. @SarahharaS_123 Two meter babe, from everyone all day everyday. Family , friends. @SarahharaS_123 I ain’t broke any rules Karen @iamtomskinner 😂😂😂 @JoseDeLeVega They did mate. @Matt65_ @naturesgreat @iamtomskinner Will do mate. Thank fuck for people like you making sure people don’t stand next to there mates. @paula_crease @jimmy_pj20 @sianb7sianb7 @iamtomskinner That @jimmy_pj20 @sianb7sianb7 @iamtomskinner Yer standing with two mates. Just caused the second wave. Karen. @naturesgreat @iamtomskinner Shit I think we just caused the new outbreak. No one in this country is standing a met… @carseytheyid @iamtomskinner Pikey looking cunt? U fucking twat @Hail0612 @iamtomskinner Funny @sianb7sianb7 @iamtomskinner No we don’t understand mate we are thick
@Footyy365 Yer where’s my credit? Lol @michaelheadact 😂😂😂😂😂Looks like @BorisJohnson local is already open!! Fella’s off his nut! 😂
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@SpencerPlenty Love that!! @Dayru09488516 Thank you! Can’t win them all! 😘 @Leejrob1 @BorisJohnson Back soon mate! @Dayru09488516 Not for you then mate.Politics explained in 23 secs.
Retweeted by DapperLooks like @BorisJohnson local is already open!! Fella’s off his nut! 😂 a link to you mums only fan’s, I’ll let you know 😉 all over the uk in the pubs tomorrow 😂😭
Retweeted by Dapper @SmithDes10 @TheBadManTips I know I took the pic lolMen all over the uk in the pubs tomorrow 😂😭 @TheBadManTips If you turn it upside down it looks a bell end poking out ya trousers when you have a piss in the cold
Competition Time🌟 Who wants to win a copy of my new Audio Book “King Of Clubs”. Watch the video below to find out h…
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Kid Franky’s Back To Link Ya Up For July 4th! Let Ya Pals Know!
Kid Franky, or as the Pussyole’s call him “Mad Franks” is back tomorrow and he’s linking man in time for July 4th, what you after?!Thanks! Just about to restart them!!
@katieod88 Love that @GeorgeShepherd7 I really do mate, I really do.I would have been getting married today, but covid had it cancelled, as sad as we are it’s also a blessing, Shelley… must have a poodle
When the pubs finally open....
Retweeted by DapperAs some of you may know I run a campaign called #ImStillAMan to help all lads come together and speak about our men…
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@charcfc90 Sorry bout that send me notes on how to improveFunniest video I’ve ever seen OMG🤣🤣🤣🤣 Absolutely amazing hahahaha
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Retweeted by DapperWhen the pubs finally open....
😂Who you looking forward to having a drink with?
@Konstan16269909 @MarkPizuti @AlohaFromLiam Epic that @MarkPizuti @AlohaFromLiam Your right, we’ve been oppressed by other races for so long we really should have used this as an example @NoelClarke Fucking stupid comment EVERYONE can do what they want. If your even commenting on the difference betwee… @BiteYourBrum @coolmunnings Lucky u
Crazy how much has happend in the last year since my last birthday... look 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ @dan_griff8 @andypaps86 Bless @dan_griff8 @andypaps86 Who is?It’s my birthday todayyyy! Guess how old I am?
@HermieLFC @herfeels Love yaThat you in a field again? You love a bit of dogging. Gaffney has been caught out partying with strippers in lockdown. Bet he was Wellard...Morning! I’m looking for production teams that can handle live streaming events!! Get in touch! Tag & share if you…
Yes mate, old fella smashed into me bless him, all ok tho x @DapperFilm 😂😂😂😂
😂😂😂 comedy gold this one 🎈🎈🎈
Retweeted by DapperOne of my favourite’s 😂😭! ❤️
@DapperFilm @BigChinBaldSpot @AsmTalent Lol ha ha I’ll do a zoom soon @TheBadManTips Let’s gooooo @quornhub Still Filming sketches. You heard of sketches? @StevoTheMadMan Feels so good mate.. Hurts when you realised someone’s been treating you like shit. @liamgallagher Beer O’Clock. @Mario_Falcone @HeadlandHotel Terrible. Shouldn’t even be a conversation. @BigDoots1982 I’ll get my turtle neck ready, not sure how I’m going to get over this. @Rubberpuck_1969 😂😂😂😂😂 @AlohaFromLiam My man! @fultb Not sure. Not Mark, can’t believe it.I’m sorry I’ve let you down Mark. Truly. Old School Classic Vine.
@JoshShade6 😂 @JoshShade6 No mate Na. Hence why no one follows me.