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@Fumez 🫡 @krissyttv YESSSSS CONGRATS BAEPosting a Cosplay at 50 subs and Streaming at 6:30 PST today :3 @Keeoh @GrimValorant @Shiro_Rz @GrimValorant Riot is targeting you at this pointApplying to an unpaid internship rn feels so pointless bc it’s my only option since the FBI already closed their Honors paid internship 🙄 @Chandiggitydog Split is her best map IMO😭 she has so many smokes and line ups for that mapYOU BRING VIPER'S BEST MAP BACK AND THEN NERF HER???? PLS KSNBJDSBMDBAGBDABMFDHBJGHSDGHSDJGBDSGHKDGKDFGDKLSGDUOijgF…
@Average_Jonas @PlayVALORANT @crownchannel Stop this is sick @yurah FEMALE YORU HAIR @Keeoh @MelissaDicksonn ITS ON THE MAIN YES YES YES @xK8THAGR8x YES @CrumblingRoses IM GOING TO GO BROKE YOU JUST CANT MISS OUT ON THISI NEED IT PLEASE TAKE ALL MY MONEY PLEASE @RouiniHaitem I’ve tried many for fracture too and the only agent I can do some what okay with is fade. I love Bund… @Shiro_Rz W streamer @Alphaj_n Talk yo shit alphaI DONT CARE IF BIND IS AN OLDER MAP! REMOVE FRACTURE! BIND WASNT THE PROBLEM! @sabpie_ Pretty girl pretty view @kyedae HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE @xsteodee No 🙃 @webbslie His tracker was completely negative but he was some how P3 SOLO QUEUE??? 💀 @CrumblingRoses HOPEFULLY IM SO SAD
To the Sage that cost my Diamond rank up I hope you never find love @StealthValorant @jettdaddy69 YESSS BIND ON TOP
There’s so many cosplays/ costumes I want to recreate but I’m BROKE </3 they’re so fun @jettdaddy69 Bind is SO good for viper and raze only reason I enjoy it @JapanCurrry @Kayle888 @westjett1 NOOOOO @amegayme @lxurenfps ???:??? @HeyElf_ Yes. @lxurenfps Idaho 👍
fun fact of the day: in 49 US states there is no law prohibiting cannibalism .... TWITCH . tv / DAPPYHAYS valorant had proximity chat I’d be banned within the hourStreaming at 1pm PST on twitch :)
@MrAipom I could of gone the REST of my life not knowing this😭 I never saw those tweetsMy boyfriend’s mom keeps telling me I look like Jenna Ortega @Keeoh I was so happy I forgot this picture existedstreaming tonight around 9pm EST! playing some valo comp with @DappyHayz <3 come drop by and say hi!
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@theslayer4life @KxGhosttt He tweeted screenshots of will going off on him in valorant whispers to him from about a… @Devoted0833 Homie admitted to sniping him in the past in the replies but also wanted to claim he was “accusing him… is not a person to go off and call out bullshit unless he’s sure of it and has had enough. Some of y’all will ne…’m sorry but it takes a lot for my boyfriend to go off on someone like that; so if he does it’s for a VALID reason… it isn’t the consequences of my own actions LOL
@AntiParty_ Streams 3-4 times from now until the 12th and after the 18th I tryDappy hays start daily streaming challenge @RottaOP @rrubeemystt PARENTS @MrAipom You, mads and I dream team @MrAipom Mb* @MrAipom You coach aspiring radiants 🙄 my @MrAipom BRO YOU COACH RADIANTS @Kayle888 Thank you pretty 🫶🏻 @AntiParty_ For the sake of twitter TOS….. yes that’s exactly what I mean
@cupkatez Give me a chance @ihategale200 I love youMy last day in LA then back to 3 weeks of hell at college and wanting to K word myself 😀 @steazyr Ngl I respect this you’re just raw dogging life
@wtwyani :( soon I pinky promise @krissyttv REALLL @pearjuicex You’re so real for thatI miss my pc :(Do y’all make your hot chocolate with water or milk bc personally hot chocolate made of water just feels so wrong @westjett1 Don’t give them ideas
@westjett1 @P0PPINVAL @Shiro_Rz @imork_ @nahmpa_ @cashewnutbibi @GrimValorant @kiwiddle_ @krissyttv Get a room @cashewnutbibi @westjett1 @Shiro_Rz @imork_ @nahmpa_ @GrimValorant @P0PPINVAL @kiwiddle_ @krissyttv thank you my love 🫶🏻 @krissyttv @westjett1 @Shiro_Rz @imork_ @nahmpa_ @cashewnutbibi @GrimValorant @P0PPINVAL @kiwiddle_ You stole the show @GrimValorant @vinniehacker He’s radiant vouchI photograph parties or merch photoshoots if y’all wanna fuck around and hire me🫡 @justpanera You’re so hotTwitchCon on 35mm <3
Y’all @tarik is the Adam Sandler of the Twitch community @GenerallyEric It was so nice meeting you too!! Thank you for the gun buddy I keep it on my quadcast at all times now 🥹
Today at 1pm EST #RedBullCampusClutch USA Final is going down. Join me and @Keeoh, @Shiro_Rz @Boqcasts @AshCasts
Retweeted by ʟɪᴢ 🇲🇽 @GrimValorant @Keeoh @Shiro_Rz @boqcasts @AshCasts @RavishingCasts @Deprivee_ You look very sexy in a cowboy hat @333dun The last time him and kyedae did it together I couldn’t breathe they’re such a good duo @krissyttv I miss you too love :(Twitchcon was over a month ago and to this day I think about the 3 different girls that stopped me throughout the l… @MrAipom THE VIBES ARE IMMACULATE
@emmyuh Pls manipulate meRetail therapy just to make me feel something for once @333dun Life is very hard sometimes :,)No matter how many people I have in my life I still feel so lonely.
Y’all I’m about to vomit this is a cry for help
@andivmg Y’all are fr the cutest twins @babe1337 I audibly cackled
@whotfisjovana @jasminericegirl @alittlevictoria BABE… @Viperous Drop the @ rn I NEED to see this shit 😭
@westjett1 It ain’t my fault I work better alone @Keeoh I LEFT FOR A WEEK WHERE DID THE BLONDE HAIR GOThe fact I just went against a trio who were queued with their ASC1 friend to boost their Diamond 2 asses is kinda… @webbslie The way my heart sunk when I realized 💀 I was literally half way into the presentation tooAccidentally hit the start streaming instead of the start recording button on OBS and went live presenting my crimi…
I don’t take pre workout for the gym I thrive off chaos and anger @flexinja I got a drunk flex reply I am honored 🙏🏼