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@manbearwolf One of my favorite swings to mimic growing up being a fellow lefty... Such a pretty swing.
Saturday night #DataArt... Every hit of Ichiro's #MLB career turned into a Vornoi diagram.
Retweeted by Daren WillmanThis was still the best thing to come out of 2020 btw.
Retweeted by Daren Willman
@CoachTomEller Thanks and you too!The shift will not work against the Turkey.
Retweeted by Daren Willman @theaceofspaeder Sure does 🦃💨💨💨... Haha, Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃 🦃 🦃
@BluesHockey35 Correct.Here's Trout since 2015 down #MLB hard hit % by count since 2015. Color coded when a batter is ahead (green)/behind (red) in the c… @karbachbrewing Just picked up a 12 pack of Crawford Bock for tomorrow. 🍻
@TewksHitting @_joeycunha 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @camarcano EV queries will filter out non tracked BBE including inferred values. Similarly with pitch velocity it'l… the steady climb in #MLB velocity by pitch type from 2008 to 2020. @draftchampagne There's a 40k record limit on exports... so if the CSV has more than that, it's too much data. I ju…
@draftchampagne This should be fixed now.White Sox manager Tony La Russa was a rookie IF on the 1963 KC A's, who had a coach named Jimmy Dykes. Dykes playe…
Retweeted by Daren WillmanDay 23 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Boundaries). Drawing every #MLB stadium over one another. I love #MLB stadiums 😍… 22 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Movement). Animating the 2020 #MLB travel schedule.
Day 21 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Water)... Here's a 3D model based on LiDAR data of PNC Park with the Allegheny Ri… 20 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Population)... Here's a map showing every current & historic US born MLB and MiLB…
@shsaskin @tangotiger @SavantTips @AlexFast8 Correct. @tangotiger @shsaskin @SavantTips @AlexFast8 That's true but to answer his question the search will include strikeo…
@MLBastian Haha... I didn't think about it until I posted it and then I realized I should have used green or some o… 19 of the #30DayMapChallenge (NULL)... Here's a map showing only US states that have an MLB team.
Happy birthday to @davidortiz. Here's an animation of his career @mlb home runs. 🔥 🔥 🔥 18 of #30DayMapChallenge (Land use)... Adrián Beltré's 3166 career #MLB base hit spray chart. He covered quite…
Day 17 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Historical Map)... Animating aerial photos of the Astrodome since 1944 using… 16 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Islands)... Mapping out every #MLB player born in Hawaii. Top 5 cities labeled.
@Jacob_Resnick @DSzymborski Thanks... Ya, that's my app. Ill take a look and fix it!Day 15 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Connections). Here's the unique look of the 2020 #MLB travel schedule.
Day 13 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Raster). Wrigley Field and Fenway Park using QGIS and public LIDAR data. Amazing… Ng once reached out to me to walk her through Baseball Savant so she could better understand what data/metrics… to @FreddieFreeman5 on winning the National League MVP! His career hit spray chart might be the prettiest…
Day 12 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Map not made with GIS software). Here's a map of all 30 #MLB stadiums color coded… strikeout of Max Kepler 😬 to Shane Bieber on his AL Cy Young... Here's a breakdown of all 122 of his strikeouts this season. His knu…
There is also this strikeout to Christian Yelich 🤢 this nastiness to José Abreu... Yikes to Trevor Bauer on his NL Cy Young... Here's a breakdown of all 💯 of his strikeouts this season. just updated the @SavantTips Player Comparison tool... You can now select from a whole bunch of new charts and ea… 11 of the #30DayMapChallenge (3D). Breaking down the density of where Mookie Betts career #MLB hits have been…
@enosarris @whoeferbaseball Ya... We were just discussing this internally. We're working to revamp the logic @mike_petriello gave @darenw a list of like 30 things I hoped he could do to Savant this winter and because he is wonderful he di…
Retweeted by Daren WillmanDay 10 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Grid). The #Padres had the highest Outs Above Average of any team at +16. Here's… Williams Statcast percentile rankings this season... Amazing. to Devin Williams on winning National League Rookie of the Year... His changeup is absolutely devastatin… to @Mariners Kyle Lewis on his Rookie of the Year award... Here's his base hit spray chart this year 🔥🔥🔥
Day 9 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Monochrome). I decided to make a physical map in black and white. A density of all…
Day 8 of #30DayMapChallenge (Color Yellow)... Drawing a concave hull around #MLB stadiums. Looks oddly like Pikachu
Day 7 of #30DayMapChallenge (Color Green)... Animating every #MLB home run hit in 2020 overlaid at Fenway Park. Lig…
V cool thread for anyone who digs #dataviz
Retweeted by Daren Willman @jimmy_morris Thanks... Ya but it's not exactly easy to extrude them. Just google LIDAR and the city for the stadiu… 6 of #30DayMapChallenge (Color Red)... Mapping out 4 #MLB stadiums (Wrigley, Petco, Fenway, Citizens Bank) in…
Day 5 of #30DayMapChallenge (Color Blue)... Breaking down where hits happen at each #MLB stadium since 2019. The hi…
Day 4 of #30DayMapChallenge (Hexagons)... Here's a hexbin breakdown of where all 140,000 MLB/MiLB players were born…
Day 3 of #30DayMapChallenge (Polygons)... Here's a Voronoi diagram using #MLB stadium distances to create team boun… @whatwouldDOOdo @BrandSanderson The 4th book comes out the 17th... Can't wait. Sanderson is amazing.
@BeckOsterland I made this with Nice quick library for maps like that.Day 2 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Lines)... An animation breaking down where players that played in 2020 were born c… @Bickle47T three.jsGoing to do the #30DayMapChallenge with only baseball data... Should be fun. Here's day 1 (Points). #Phillies Ci…
@DownToBlack @mike_petriello This should be resolved now... Thanks again for letting us know.
@DownToBlack @mike_petriello Thanks for letting us know. I'll take a look and get it resolved.
Congratulations to the #Dodgers on the #WorldSeries... Here's an animation of every home run they hit along the way. Urías final pitch of the season was his fastest of the year at 96.7 MPH... Congrats to the #Dodgers on the World Series!Mookie with a massive insurance run... #Dodgers win probability now stands at 94% Snell's pitch velocity by pitch number in tonight's game. His last fastball (94.3 mph) was his slowest of the…
Retweeted by Daren WillmanJustin Turner's flyout just now would have been out at 9 of the 30 ballparks...Amazing game by Blake Snell... Here's a breakdown of his pitch types by location tonight. Snell has allowed one ball in play through 2 innings.... It was hit 47.7 MPH, the rest have been strikeouts.Tony Gonsolin couldn't throw anything in the zone... and he's done for the night. Snell dealing in the 1st... Strikes outs the side. 2 with his 4-seamer and 1 with his change. all of Randy Arozarena's postseason home runs.... 7 of his 10 home runs have been to the opposite field.… oppo!
The release points of every bullpen by team. AL up top, NL below. Left to right: East, Central, West.
Retweeted by Daren WillmanLast night Clayton Kershaw passed Justin Verlander for the most career postseason strikeouts with 207. Here's an an… @duto_guerra @ieeevis @tamaramunzner @jeffrey_heer @eagereyes @FILWD @benbendc @AlbertoCairo @mbostock @ScottLindholm Haha thanks! Also, I'll get the attack zone added in this off-seasonDustin May throwing 🔥🔥🔥 goodness Dustin May... That strikeout pitch was 101.5 MPH. The fastest pitch of the year for May. 🔥🔥🔥 Arozarena with one of the most incredible postseasons in history... Here's his postseason base hit spray char… Pederson's home run was off a 98.5 MPH fastball.... 2nd fastest pitch he's ever hit a homer on. Smoked it.Tyler Glasnow not locating
@chaserobertsonn It does... I don't have Thompson available but you can see a pitch from Tyler Rogers here: one more for good measure... another clip... Just read it and wow. Applications are endless for this technology. ⬇️⬇️⬇️… those who aren't into click links.... Here's another clip. This is revolutionary technology. future is here... Pose tracking technology will create the next baseball data revolution. Check out this articl…
@EricZachary19 Last year was 94.9 MPH too... Definitely attributed to differences in training I would assume.Average postseason 4-seam fastball in 2008: 92.9 MPH Average postseason 4-seam fastball in 2020: 94.9 MPH 🤯 🤯 🤯Absolute lazer from Randy Arozarena Barnes batted balls tonight: 4ft 425ftThat foul Kevin Kiermaier hit was 111 MPH... Scorched.Walker Buehler dominant through 2 with 4 Ks... Starting every batter off with his 4-seamer so far shift on Max Muncy
Randy Arozarena's postseason base hit spray chart... 🔥🔥🔥 Seager's postseason base hit spray chart... It's beautiful.