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a murderer is being held in protective custody.
Retweeted by Steady.kaitlin bennet claims white privilege isn't real. she wore an ar-10 rifle on her back to her graduation and walked…
Retweeted by Steady.After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral sup…
Retweeted by Steady.THREAD: Today I talked to Willie Simmons, who has spent the last 38 years in prison for stealing $9. He was convict…
Retweeted by Steady.“It’s a different pattern, different lamba, different type of style !!” - Mayor Of Lagos🤩 @iammayorkun
Retweeted by Steady.3rd degree??? took 4 officers to murder George Floyd. Derek Chauvin did not act alone. Officers Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J.…
Retweeted by Steady.Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind - Bob Marley🙏🏽 @AanuBekaiye Na tripsthe only blue life that matters:
Retweeted by Steady.Can I still kiss like this?Football without Origi is nothing. policeman shot a 16 year old girl Nigerian policeman shot a 16 year old girl Nigerian policeman shot a 16…
Retweeted by Steady.Definition of “use your white privilege to help us” !!
Retweeted by Steady.My grandpa built this house in the 1930s. In the 1960s my dads whole family fled from it during the war. He was a c…
Retweeted by Steady.Would have been top 3 fruits without the seeds shall be taken by utmost surprise as thou art unprepared and vulnerable for whence thou encounters these fumes
Retweeted by Steady.Nah Forbes are mad but Kris Jenner is madder. She literally tried to hoodwink them, no wonder they were taking fore…
Retweeted by Steady.‘Her and her shrewd mother’. Forbes were big mad😂 had jay z emptying every piggy bank and went through his numbers with needle-like precision before they call…
Retweeted by Steady.Why Forbes come dey vex for Kylie? She didn’t mean to, just small exaggeration here and there😭😂 @larry_hyper She get jare. They said it in the article now @debb_deee Titan🤲🏼But she still get like €900m, she’s good twitter people, @/Nigerians, @/most celebrity stans, @/niggas that don’t get coochie and begin to hate, @/a…
Retweeted by Steady. @davidoluyele You dey vex ohThe fact that American police originated from slave patrols, and people think they can be reformed LOL
Retweeted by Steady.For the visual learners:
Retweeted by Steady.White people be like.. “Yea we keep killing y’all, but please stop resorting to violence to make a point. Enough is enough”
Retweeted by Steady. @TobyEdgal 😂😂😂over 30 yrs & the moral of this episode is still relevant
Retweeted by Steady.God forbid oh @Kamssxx That hate no concern you but I feel youVery realistic kit, perfectly depicts the scars of away defeats
Retweeted by Steady.But who said Tacha should not breathe? @Emmanuel_UCHE God no go shame us oh @Emmanuel_UCHE @kusssman Mandem are legit swearing😂 @DamilareAlukoS1 @kusssman Lmfaooo this is clown shit @Kamssxx I know now. Why did you delete your peng pictures? @Buneta__x Bro! I feel youatl freestyle out now, video dropping tomorrow 👨🏾‍💻
Retweeted by Steady. @Buneta__x Come off itMy first fashion video Inspired and edited by @Temitope_Ok Wardrobe/ stylist @princessclarke7 Ps: my dance is fo…
Retweeted by Steady.How are you so happy on Mondays?😭 @Buneta__x @Temitope_Ok @princessclarke7 @JuliusAgwu1 Love this❤️🤩The “C” in Cardi is for consistent. 💛
Retweeted by Steady.Spread
Retweeted by Steady.You lot say "yt" instead of "white"? I've been reading it as "YouTube people" this whole time 😭😭
Retweeted by Steady.This is why NIGERIANS dont help !!! Thread On Wed the 13th may, my immediate brother was with some friends and some…
Retweeted by Steady.Èyàn mélo ló ma kú? Èyàn mélo ló ma kù? - @falzthebahdguyFuck the police. The mad man needs to be found #JusticeForTina @Kamssxx Lmfaooo na trips @popsicle_o 😂 @_Menorah You went undercover nowHe has 7 properties and is doing this, amazing
Retweeted by Steady.Their names are gage mcgown and caitlin miles. they go to oakland mills y’all know what to doooo
Retweeted by Steady.
Retweeted by Steady. @_Menorah I thought you left the country ohwanted to say something before we get to the music...
Retweeted by Steady. @_Menorah This guyWhen They See Us (2019)
Retweeted by Steady.Evil knows no bounds. He knew George Floyd and slowly murdered him. And still none of them have been charged.
Retweeted by Steady.Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaur…
Retweeted by Steady.Weren’t y’all just flooding side walks, pushing cops and arming yourselves to protest....haircuts? Sit down Mark.
Retweeted by Steady.nigga said
Retweeted by Steady.If you go to the comments on Instagram, everyone is there doing "omg this is so powerful". You see why this app is the best😂😂
Retweeted by Steady.They blocked it on Facebook. I wanna see if they take it down on here too.
Retweeted by Steady.Okanlomo 1 SHIT. The cop who started the vandalizing was outted by people who know him. His name is Jacob Pederson of the…
Retweeted by Steady.Here’s video of an undercover cop in Minneapolis smashing windows while a member of the community tries to stop him
Retweeted by Steady.Here are screenshots from his ex wife confirming this is him, along with his photo.
Retweeted by Steady.Update: It has been revealed that Officer Jacob Pederson of the St.Paul Police Department was the culprit responsib…
Retweeted by Steady. @tinuadexoxo YesIt’s a beautiful day to save lives. @__thesvnflower Outing after COVID dw baby❤️ @__thesvnflower happy birthday beautiful girl. You’re kind and you deserve everything good✨❤️ @itz_waley Lmfaooo you of all people should know that’s not possible rn
Send me sad songs pleaseLit but stay away from the Chinese yo when she heard the niggers started looting target
Retweeted by Steady.God Bless this woman and her future endeavors. 🤞🏽💕
Retweeted by Steady.y'all still tweeting from iphones and androids?
Retweeted by Steady.Mj - Bad Boy Timz😭 @inimns I want to knock the kidShe said:
Retweeted by Steady. @Madonna @Olugbemiga_O Lmfaooo what’s the point of that video?MJ is shaking rnI swear this shit is so funny the more I watch it. I feel like slapping his head😂’m worth it.Say WITHOUT apology!! 🤜🏿🙌🏿❤❤
Retweeted by Steady.What was the point of that video Madonna?😭Madonna said :
Retweeted by Steady. @CMOyeks LmfaoooThis shit really makes my blood boil
Retweeted by Steady.Lmao you’re a clown boss