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Valorant IGL for BMG. Weeb.

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This niggas is not human. I will have him strapped to artillery by sunrise. wa supposed to be a reply to a tweet but the point still stands.I want makima to use and abuse me. Treat me like the dirty slut that I am.??? @rotatre Last few chapters made me want her moreGunzo existence proves that there is no god. There is no hope and there is no justice in this terrible world.makima >>> @ClawdiaFox goodnight 💜I fell asleep randomly now I’m up and I’m feeling violent where’s that fucker Gunzo @ @kmarie_0 Whatever’s got ya mind in a funk you got it. Don’t even trip.Lampin fr. @DarienBMG this man Leo calling Laza an illegal alien? Sad but expected!
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief)? i will @notjeph ezDarien #lamp is da tag @LazasBautista im sick rn @MarcLoL9 LFG IS DEADBMG Valorant a new level of unserious21 points for Tom Savage and the Texans. #SavageMode
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief) @DeelanRH Apex? @312DARIUS__ they all leave you in the end nothing is sacred time is fleeting @Boy1drr this bussy premium @Platinumade She fine but way too skinny I need a lil meat gah damn.Im tryna smack it on alexa bliss back a few times like im opening a pack of Newport's @LuTzzNice LMFAOOO @kmarie_0 ALKMLFANM reminds me i need to text u i bneen busy but i binged Kakegurui last night i fell down the rabbit holeThis how u contest on 2K when you just hope it give you 12% @LazasBautista betYall thought i was joking about using my PS5 controller as my discord mic. @LazasBautista I’m getting on Dis rn just fixing my pcJust went off on my boss so guess who updating they resume LMFAOOO @LazasBautista I was finna hop on 2K with the boys but I’m down rn or in the next few min if you free @LazasBautista What time I might slide. I cheated on y’all and watched it already 🥲Niggas will post a photoshop of my QB but won’t put bread on it.I can’t help but be annoyed this week I’m sorry if that has shown thru to anybody I know I’m just on a perm tilt. @HaleyCurrie I been crying since it happened. It felt like a sitcom scene.What the hell is a Masteef got me in tears still man @DarienBMG The “thank you” at the end has me in tears
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief) @BasedGothlol @LazasBautista @xoxabstract How you gonna wipe that fat juicy ass of yours then? @KaySavtheDon Him finding one right after the convo and pinging it and it saying how to pronounce it all feels like a sitcom @OhZoinksScoob @ProfessorSoop @Boy1drr @Mukluks_ It’s all love you my favorite streamer and deserve to be the black face of twitch. You actually entertain… @ChatGotNext Most annoying way too bruh. I’m just on the phone doing catering stuff I see a manager out the corner… @ChatGotNext Bitch that was a one day affair. Dumb bitch caught Covid.After I get this job 🥴People always mention brand and image. I ain’t shit. I will not be walking down a path of conformity. There is no h…’m feeling dangerous. @neekolul I follow you because I need a taste of that sweet ass. And I’ll pay if I got to.I don’t use twitch at all I’m a YouTube guy I don’t have the attention span for streams. If you see me in your stre… was my first ever sub LMFAOOOSo now you sad and retarded. @ProfessorSoop @Boy1drr You niggas just don’t know how to internet 🤞🏾 tis a shame @Boy1drr @ProfessorSoop It’s this simple. @ProfessorSoop I’ve learned from research this video is fake. I will renew my tier 3 next time she is live. @ProfessorSoop You fucking freaks. @312DARIUS__ No you still condoned BITCH behavior but it’s been like three years man I’m done arguing this. @312DARIUS__ Lmfao I mentioned this earlier. I hate to admit it. But I think niggas was just mad it was GS steph and KD living it up @ProfessorSoop StPeach I can’t look at the same ever since she let one fly out that big PAWG ass of hers. I want he… makes this NBA season seem like a brutally meaningless endeavor quite like KAT getting COVID after watching…
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@ryanhatesbagels @312DARIUS__ Choice is a strong word in these situations. They are ultimatums disguised as choices… @SmurFysLife @312DARIUS__ Lol @312DARIUS__ How many billionaires you know give a damn about ethics lol that’s my point disappointed but not surprised. @BoyOneDrrPriv We used to be cool and close I liked the dude like crazy. But over the years he started being hella… wouldn’t say he’s not intelligent. It’s just when you have other people in your ears. And things like finances un… @BoyOneDrrPriv happy for him but dat dude can EAD nice record thoLook man Houston fans mad too our owner chose being petty over his team future. gotta stop doing these. It’s whoever got the hot hand play design or best look. We’ve seen Danny Green take fi… y’all even if it came off as joking wise the nba shouldn’t be playing. From the start time to the pandemic to… on. @Boy1drr @312DARIUS__ Darius favorite Harolds close he ain’t won shut but a scratch off this weekYou not even the best team in NY Bubba 😭 there’s always the Dyna... OH MY GOODNESS I’m so sorry for being gay I promise it’s just jokes leave my sports teams alone. what being petty gets y’all in life. A worse deal. da season and any transactions made during it lol @juicegodjake Hopefully I’m busy sadly. @StunLikes LMFAOOOO @DarienBMG this shit was so fire had me feeling like i was watching inna cinema i almost started READING again
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief) @StunLikes Nah it’s one of my favorite songs from the OST but they attacked the director for what he chose cmon man 😭It’s aight it’s aight but not for people to be going apeshit over come on“Attack on Titan” woulda been better you ask meNAH NO WAY👀 @pnwattitude Sorry, no free takis! Thanks for being a fan!
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief) @soapthelord Nah I been watching anime forever thanks to adult swim toonami and shit. It started with NGE/inuyasha… @soapthelord Idc about gateway anime’s cause I be happy more people watch shit even if they dumb. But I was just ge… @BasedGothlol Nah it’s aight. I think they have the most annoying fan base BY FAR tho. Like somehow even worse than… getting hit with a mean ratio LMFAO but you know what I respect you that one day shipping be hitting! Hero. Changed my shit for the worse LOL and Bubba #ameliaRT
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief)I want 1-0 the only goal being a PEN. Bring the chaos. @F6Jello @GowonaBayRV we at LFG are not known for our attacking should see split man @GowonaBayRV Niggas said slander don’t build character but if I don’t gotta entry with KJ no more I’ll take it.Not like them niggas was helping Beal anyway. damn time @PallassCheeks Bro near my dog food and water. I must’ve kicked it or something.I love her I love her I love her #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by easydrob (The Master Chief)God saw the news about Watson and had to save this man
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