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Joined Twitter 11/7/20 @_gamblr LMFAOOOO at least I got one person I wanted before the whole discord clicked on the channel."I forgot my umbrella..." #ameliaRT
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Retweeted by The Nigga Titanmudae bot not that bad I almost turned on himgood lord @DeelanRH slideThis was Pummel Party the other night
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @LazasBautista thats all RISEN FAULT for waifus has me in a tighter grip than CS gambling
Retweeted by The Nigga Titanthat shit was my safe haven. now its finna ruin friendships @Ramina1690 Goatedfinna start overflow @KnownAsLit That nigga fucks pokemon and we letting him prosper. @DarienBMG That man WARDELL just went 52-18 in this last series and swept GenG
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @HBSaburo I’m putting on my op academy shirt the minute I get home. @HBSaburo I’m not even home. And haven’t been keeping up with Valorant ;-;.Shinoa spawned while driving and this nigga Drix claimed and divorced her and didn’t even know her. I’ll paint this world with his blood.Kittens discord has betrayed me for the last time. @312DARIUS__ What’s the move. @312DARIUS__ I’m talking about your date but LMFAOOOOOO bruh I been asking for this. Shit finna be ELITEOff work for three days. big dick energy.エミリア 💜🌸
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@HaleyCurrie God himself LWIWKDJFKSLived it. Loved it. Farewell beautiful game.
Retweeted by The Nigga TitanLMFAOOOO I WIN. YALL LAUGHED AT ME BUT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED @312DARIUS__’s going on in soccer? @tatethebot @drizter1 @drizter1 They won’t know peace in that discord ever againRespawn: HERES MORE MAD MAGGIE @DarienBMG what the fuck is this video LMAOO
Retweeted by The Nigga Titanthis hurts man gn @DarienBMG one of the worst shit i've ever watched bro just watch the fights on youtube and its so much better
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @DarienBMG Can’t believe I said this malarkey, gotta chill out
Retweeted by The Nigga Titanmwah @DarienBMG That’s why Alexis Texas will never be my goat
Retweeted by The Nigga Titannah she mickey mouse she dont take black dick SHIT I AM TILTED!CLASSIC never changes, they stay hopping of ledges
Retweeted by The Nigga TitanThey fit a whole 2 arcs in 3 episodes lmaooo
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @NoshinOcean was so butt i forgot i watched it
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @silvasalavisa yeah the guy im with in dis said its godlikeGod of High School was SO ASSAmagi Brilliant Park so gas @tatertote_lemon thats johnny? LMFAOOOOOOO bruh im like why do i have two invites from this fall guys ass nigga manBMG never making out the mud with finishing like this
Retweeted by The Nigga TitanLFGMAKLFmak nigga named complex has invited me twice to play speedrunners i dont even know what that is. NO @kvrohs I have my moments but this one was hilarious cause I leaped. @iWINSANlTY metell me more @unterhay yesLMFIKANMFakjfa
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @DarienBMG @312DARIUS__ Darius before and after LMAOOO
Retweeted by The Nigga Titantwitter murdered the quality oml"Oh im out! HAHA!." - @312DARIUS__ i shoulda just finnessed it Tootie: YOU SHOULDA JUST SCORED IT @DarienBMG unserious lot. just sold my season tickets. been a holder for 10 years but this is the final straw. the…
Retweeted by The Nigga TitanBMG faithful Times at BMG stadium @silvasalavisa @DarienBMG brought out the messi in me, darien and i looked like prime messi and henry out there
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Retweeted by The Nigga TitanxChocoBars
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @silvasalavisa nohaunter been in our club for a week and still aint changed his number. los tonthoes culture#PS5Share, #FIFA21 LMAOOO
Retweeted by The Nigga Titanyou are fatherless tweeting him like he master chief LMFAO @shivisdumb LFGGGGGGGGGGWhat song shall be the BMG anthemoh my god PLAYING WITH THAT MAN GAWD KING HES BROKEN IN HALF he on a two way contract that dive decided if he eating ramen tomorrow or not.That nigga was watching too much wrestlemania LMFAO gave Russ that MVP man all bets off Steph need some votesalmost got kicked outta ML for my steph mvp arguments claims NOW @Mudaebot @drizter1 crine love curry man i love him so muchhome. time to roll for waifus it’s gunzo @DarienBMG
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It’s crazy how fast people will turn on you once you no longer have something they want
Retweeted by The Nigga TitanThis a warning buddy. @DarienBMG
Retweeted by The Nigga Titan @Boltsiola How did it escalate like this?????even when I play with full teammates I don’t get them so what is da point respawn.This the funniest night of apex ever and i aint gained an ounce of RP @312DARIUS__ utter shock