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Top 4 finalist from RuPaul's Drag Race season 6. Singer/dancer/flawless makeup artist/comedian. NEW BOOKING INFO:

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Two words that will give me PTSD are 2020 and Trump. Put them together, and it’s like mixing bleach and ammonia.
Is today @manilaluzon AND @NinaWest’s Birthday!?! Your dads stuffed your moms turkeys and nine months later you we… @DerekAitken @Ivy_Winters That too. But she was a rambunctious and crafty one.Now I’ll do the same tweet as if I was @TheBiancaDelRio: I worry about kids not getting as good an education throug… @DerekAitken @Ivy_Winters It’s not a joke. She did it when her parents were out for the night. Almost burned her kitchen.I worry about kids not getting as good an education through online learning, but then I remember that @Ivy_Winters @nasque My surgeon said that since we never see the sun here in Rochester, once it comes out, we (pasty whites) bur… @gaytimesmag ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t worry, I’m back to my old hateful self! 🤪😂🤣
Took a trip with the Davises (mrskashadavis @stevenlevins) & ambrosiasalad585 to the #mushroomhouse As per my previ…
@MUG4DAYZ @AlexisLives Player 3 has entered the game.
The USA bans @tiktok_us before it bans semi-automatic weapons
Retweeted by Darienne Lake @TheOnlyDetox Your horoscopes just keep getting weirder and weirder.Today the @rupaulsdragrace subreddit was hacked, and all the images were pro-Trump. I didn’t think they could more… you, my queens, for representing 🏳️‍🌈 while your homophobic President is sworn in. #Poland We’ve come so far,…
@IsSumTingWong If anyone knows how hard it is, it’s me. You’ll have good days and bad, but keep committing to yours… @haydenjames1994 Ugh. How weak. @haydenjames1994 Two walkers? @haydenjames1994 @robbrowatzke How did it end? @robbrowatzke @CodyCalafioreBB I love #BigBrother22!!! Was there a Canadian BB this year?
MARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we’re thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you…
Retweeted by Darienne Lake @rooslovesred So... you think I’m Skiiiiiiinnnnnnnyyyyyyyy!!!! @YuhuaHamasaki You mean to tell me... this isn’t you? we stop with the “I thought that was [Queen]” Just because we’re the same size/color/age/race? Get a new joke,… @KashaDavis @TheEllenShow @realDonaldTrump Can confirm.
@maryessencehall It’s not THAT bad. It makes your eyes water and want to sneeze. @Bhytes1 I’ve had half a dozen tests for work. I’m getting used to having the back of my eyeballs scraped with a qt… @MrPeanut “Baby Love” by Regina
@trixiemattel I’ve gotta get a refund from that voodoo queen. I paid for a service, dammit!
Looking back, I should’ve known this year was going to Hell when the @Pontifex slapped that woman.
@JSJdarling Happy Birthday!🎁🎂🎈 @maryessencehall @TrinityTheTuck Who has blocked you, and why? I only block people who say hateful shit to me. @TrinityTheTuck What happens when they end up as one of your “sisters”?It’s always such a great feeling when you go on a date, and it goes SOOOOOO well that your jaw is sore... from smiling. Yeah, smiling.
@SabrinaRWilhelm I used to go strawberry picking every June with a good friend and his family. Then we’d go to his mom’s house and make jam. @SabrinaRWilhelm just needs a mom to be like, “A new war? You got new war money? You never even finished the last two. We ha…
Retweeted by Darienne Lake @ritabagaz I’ll teach you how to tweet. More importantly, I’ll teach you how to block and report people.I got one of those packages with suspicious seeds in it. So I called my pot dealer right away and said, wtf man. @Dramatic_Land Stay safe. ❤️ @__babs_ Stay safe. ❤️ @melevendaqui 😔I’m curious, what state/province/country do you live in? And are gyms, salons, bars, or movie theaters open?
How am I just leaning about #BabyNut? I want #babynut all over my body!! balls are gay mistletoe. @Mrwhitesheep @manilaluzon I think 78 years is good.
@DerekAitken @Joslyn_Fox I’ve said too much!!! @manilaluzon Bambi’s mom was always fun at parties. She was always down for a few shots. @DesignerANT If it’s “Lake Grade” it’s got to be good.Happy Belated Birthday @Joslyn_Fox!! I miss you, and the times we had around the boardroom table, waiting to get our microphones. ❤️😚❤️If you’re not going to wear a mask, please wear a condom so we don’t have more idiots. @misterpan121 I’ll save that for my onlyfans when I never make one.I just saw a man so fine, I had to run home and give myself a “baby shower”😉 @VongolaVersace Why does that look like my avatar?They always say “you don’t have to wait until Monday to start a diet! Start now!” I say we start 2021 now. Why wait until January? @crystalwillseeu @KashaDavis Queens of the spelunking. The only rock I want to be inside of is Dwayne @TheRock Johnson.
I hate to be such a negative Nancy, @CBSSunday but licking a rubber glove?! 🦠 🤢
The man who expects the world to learn the name xeae🍆$$24= but can’t handle They/Them.
Retweeted by Darienne Lake @GayPimp ❤️❤️❤️ so sorry 😞
I’ve said this before, but it still applies.
9pm Tonight!
@VongolaVersace @Delta Like hotdog soup @Delta @IsSumTingWong Looks like my fans found you. 👯‍♀️
@charliehidestv The diva of disco, surrender to her crisco! 🤜🏼 @SheaCoulee @JamesAALongman I hate her and her husband. There, I said it. They are reckless and stupid.
Strange how some of the people who thought you could get the AIDS virus from a drinking glass have no problem in a… @AmberlyDanielle @vibalacy My google search us for a digital pride show on Thursday!!! Grab a ticket here 🌈🌈 @dariennelake
Retweeted by Darienne Lake @franchishabbo @Habbo @jackfalaheeshoe I just googled “hot man spread” @petalsforachel @courtneyact It’s from a google search. @TianaBiscuit I took it from Google search. We don’t have a subway in Rochester.Due to social distancing, I guess it’s ok to “man-spread” on the subway. And I’m ok with it!
My personality is like a show on Netflix. Either you love it episode one, or your friends will tell you to stick with it, it gets better.
2020 @notanothergay They all have me on mute so they wouldn’t see it anyway. @robbrowatzke 😂🤣😈A message from a lip sync assassin... @TheGingerMinj Stretch and oop
Apparently underage kids are wearing old lady disguises to buy booze and getting away with it. If kids have to live… @Peppermint247 @NYGovCuomo And every other state should be following our example of what works. Don’t say, “well my… @NYGovCuomo the parent who slaps your hand before you touch the hot burner on the stove, or the parent who lets… is worse?
Send some healing thoughts to #Chichidevayne
He forgot the prayer candle. But then again, prayer is only powerful and effective with a righteous man. if, like the characters on the tv show “Lost”, we’re actually all dead and 2020 is all of us working out our demons in Purgatory?
@TheNevStevens @Bhytes1 If I asked my cat, he would have his head in the gas oven. @misterpan121 And I would introduce them to my horrible, disrespectful, rude neighborhood beasts. Fuck them. Fuck everybody.I think kids should go back to school. Specifically the ones in my neighborhood. @YuhuaHamasaki It’s easier to do the dry version. Grate the bar and add the borax and washing soda. @YuhuaHamasaki @TrinityTheTuck Like so, like that. But that’s your business.
Currently making a time capsule for 2020 to scare the shit out of whoever finds it in the future.
2020 Umm... Magnolia hasn’t been seen since I slayed the LSFYL, so... technically, I may be the…
@trixiemattel @VongolaVersace Lasagna? Are you Garfield? I’ll join you if you have some garlic bread. @marymaryskaf 😂🤣😂Are you a @naomismallsduh, @VanessaVanjie, @trixiemattel, or @TheBiancaDelRio fan? @scottfrenzel_ has exposed you.